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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORN in San Bernadino - sex, prostitution, and murder: ACORN gives advice.

Not only willing to help the pimp and prostitute set up a whore house for under-age girls from overseas, but admitting to murder - and willing to kill again.

If this were a novel, you would not believe it.

Of course Charlie Gibson - the "reporter" who looked down his nose at Sarah Palin, tries to tell us that he is either clueless or lying.

Don: Ok here’s my question, Senate bill yesterday passes cutting off funds to this group called ACORN. Now we got the…we got that bill passing, we got the embarrassing video of ACORN staff giving tax advice on how to set up a brothel with 13 year old hookers. It has everything you could want corruption and sleazy action at tax funded organizations that’s got government ties. But nobody’s covering that story why?

Charlie Gibson: (laugh) I don’t even know about it. Uh, so you got me at a loss, I don’t know. Uh, uh, but, but My goodness if it’s got everything including sleaziness in it we should talk about it this morning.

Roma: This is the American way…

Charlie Gibson: Well maybe, maybe that’s one you just leave to the cables.

Roma: Well I think that this is a huge issue because there’s so much funding that goes into this organization and it’s a multi…

Charlie Gibson: Well, I know we’ve done some stories about ACORN before but uh, uh this one I don’t know about.

Roma: Jake Tapper did some blogging on it. I know he’s at least blogged once on this scandal.

Charlie Gibson: You guys, you guys are really up on the uh on the website.

Hey, Charlie, you stupid fuck, how does it feel to be revealed as totally clueless without selective editing? And "What's the ACORN Doctrine?"

From a commenter:

I listened to Don Wade and Roma this morning, and I was in shock when Gibson said that. What a total schmuck! Thank goodness that people are getting the word out that the so-called mainstream media don't report the news any longer.

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