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Sunday, March 06, 2005


Bringing Disrepute on the House

Thanks to Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom we have a truly bizarre reaction from some Leftist democrats who want to make a literal federal case out of poor Jeff Guckert. Click HERE for the link and read the story.

In response, I have written to a member of the House Ethics Committee:

The following is the first rule of the House:

A Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives shall conduct himself at all times in a manner which shall reflect creditably on the House of Representatives.

Members Conyers, Slaughter, Waxman, Rangel and Bennie Thompson have acted in a manner that brings discredit on the House. To wit, they have made the House look ridiculous in the case of Mr. Guckert. In a public statement they have engaged in misrepresentation of fact (Mr. Guckert, a right-wing activist with no press credentials), have accused another branch of the government of nefarious acts based on bizarre conspiracy theories without a shred of proof (Mr. Guckert's efforts as a propaganda machine for the White House), and have recklessly and demagogically implied that a majority of the American people (Mr. Guckert and his ultra-conservative organization) are outside what they perceive to be the mainstream. In so doing, they have not only exposed their personal prejudices but by their actions have made the House of Representatives a subject of self-parody and ridicule.

At a time when each American citizen finally has the power to speak out, via the Internet, and be his or her own reporter, editor, publisher and/or broadcaster it appears that the aforementioned members wish to create new barriers to the vigorous public debate of vital national interest by creating a "credentialed" priesthood of the press. They will not succeed. But in their efforts to reduce access to members of government, including not only the President, but also members of congress and other public officials; those who would try to impose a new, government "press guild," bring discredit on the House.

I am asking for a formal investigation of their actions and a vigorous condemnation of these actions. I want to know if they are acting in concert with powerful members of the commercial press, or other shadowy groups who have a vested interest in suppressing the free expression of ideas.

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