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Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 This is going to be a long thread on the subject of the PRINCIPLES! Crowd and their insistence that DeSantis shouldn’t lead a charge against Disney, ‘Don’t call them groomers! That’s naughty!’ etc


And I’m going to use Dien Bien Phu as an example.

At Dien Bien Phu, the French Foreign Legion was slowly surrounded by the Viet Min. The Communists slowly took high ground position after high ground position. 

At first the French tried occasionally to push them out and occasionally succeeded.

But eventually the Viet had all the high ground with artillery sited on the base.

At first the shelling was a nuisance. Then it got heavier. More and more guns, more anti-aircraft. 

Eventually, the French were pounded into surrender.

The Left has been ‘boiling the frog’ for a long time, and it has mostly been by weaponizing empathy around ‘cultural issues.’

And as Breitbart pointed out, 'Politics is downstream from culture.' 


What Makes Christianity Different?

Today’s blacklisted American: Violence against churches and religious institutions skyrockets since 2018


The Biden administration has done nothing because it sees these attacks as politically advantageous. The attacks are being done by the militant brownshirts of the Democratic Party, and thus Biden and Harris are glad to see them occur. They want the religious — who almost always tend to be conservative — to live in fear. And these politicians also know that they have the support of a huge segment of the modern American population. Too many Americans no longer believe in free speech. Instead, they think that censorship and oppression are always justified to impose their own ideas.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans who still say they believe in free speech and religious freedom do nothing. Within the Republican Party is a small but significant faction that actually favors the repeated betrayal of its conservative wing, allying themselves with the Democrats to further these intolerant policies. The rest of that party does nothing, because it is like the American general public, largely willing to look the other way out of fear, self-interest, or cowardice.

And thus freedom dies.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions


Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.

None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.

What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.

More than merely spotlighting the failed predictions, this collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science.

While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited.

You may be too young to know that in the 1960s and '70s the "End of the World" was coming via FaminePollution, Ozone Depletion, Acid Rain, and a New Ice Age.  That was before Global Warning became The Thing.

Read the whole thing.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Harmful Language You Should Stop Using - And What To Replace It With


The Twitter Files are the Red Pill

 Matt Taibbi knew something strange was happening, but he could not put his finger on it.  Until he was able to read the Twitter Files.

Sometime in the last decade, many people — I was one — began to feel robbed of their sense of normalcy by something we couldn’t define. Increasingly glued to our phones, we saw that the version of the world that was spat out at us from them seemed distorted. The public’s reactions to various news events seemed off-kilter, being either way too intense, not intense enough, or simply unbelievable. You’d read that seemingly everyone in the world was in agreement that a certain thing was true, except it seemed ridiculous to you, which put you in an awkward place with friends, family, others. Should you say something? Are you the crazy one?

Matt was immersed in what was once called the "Mainstream Media," so he saw the world through the lens created by the people who made up a fantasy world by telling us the absurd, the malignant, and the bizarre were normal.  The "culture" was ripped apart and reshaped in ways that made no sense to normal people.  That has made a lot of people a little crazy.

I can’t have been the only person to have struggled psychologically during this time. This is why these Twitter files have been such a balm. This is the reality they stole from us! It’s repulsive, horrifying, and dystopian, a gruesome history of a world run by anti-people, but I’ll take it any day over the vile and insulting facsimile of truth they’ve been selling. Personally, once I saw that these lurid files could be used as a road map back to something like reality — I wasn’t sure until this week — I relaxed for the first time in probably seven or eight years.

Here's what allowed him to regain his senses.  He read the internal Twitter files that revealed a conspiracy so deep that most people are still unwilling to believe it.  He took the red pill. 

A group of us spent the last weeks reading thousands of documents. For me a lot of that time was spent learning how Twitter functioned, specifically its relationships with government. How weird is modern-day America? Not long ago, CIA veterans tell me, the information above the “tearline” of a U.S. government intelligence cable would include the station of origin and any other CIA offices copied on the report.

I spent much of today looking at exactly similar documents, seemingly written by the same people, except the “offices” copied at the top of their reports weren’t other agency stations, but Twitter’s Silicon Valley colleagues: Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, even Wikipedia. It turns out these are the new principal intelligence outposts of the American empire. A subplot is these companies seem not to have had much choice in being made key parts of a global surveillance and information control apparatus, although evidence suggests their Quislingian executives were mostly all thrilled to be absorbed. Details on those “Other Government Agencies” soon, probably tomorrow.

 Something tells me the coming year is going to be a better one. Happy Holidays, everyone. Enjoy your loved ones, ignore the rest, and see you all again soon.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Fat acceptance is a death cult

The Totalitarian dillemma - how do you change it peacefully?

 People tell me that most FBI agents are good people who bring criminals to justice. If that's true, where do you think they get people like the two dozen agents with machine guns and ballistic vests with FBI stenciled on them raiding the home of a pastor, his wife and his seven children at dawn?

 This is not an isolated instance. Recall the night-time raid on the home of the 70-year-old Roger Stone that involved not just a SWAT Team but helicopters, boats and a CNN News team conveniently primed to film the raid by the FBI. That's how totalitarians intimidate the population; you make examples, you highlight these arrests to let them know that it can happen to you.

As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when the Indian attacked: what do you mean “we” white man?”  Who do you think will “clean up” the FBI?  Christopher Ray, the man who’s run the place for the past 6 years?  Or Merrick Garland who labelled men and women who criticized school boards as domestic terrorists?  Do you think Joe Biden will change his mind about MAGA Republicans after calling them fascists?  

Keep in mind that these people have the power to send dozens of heavily armed men to arrest elderly men asleep in the middle of the night, or middle-aged pastors in front of their children.  Probably thousands of college-educated men – and women - would love to be in on these raids believing they are saving the country.  

Seriously, what is Jim Jordan going to do when Ray, or Garland tells him that he’s got a plane to catch and can’t stay to chat?  That’s what we got when the Left created a “cabal of powerful people” and decided to – the Time Magazine’s words - “save” the 2020 election. Mao wasn't kidding when he said that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Monday, December 19, 2022

The Nihilism of the Ruling Class Curtis Yarvin

David Rothkopf is the deep state made flesh. A sort of “Yung Kissinger,” Rothkopf has done the cursus honorum of journalism, government, philanthropy, and academia. Not that he is or ever was in charge of anything. No one is in charge of anything. There is only a way things work. But if anyone knows how things work, it is Rothkopf.

That’s why it’s worth reading his new masterpiece of airport nonfiction, American Resistance: The Inside Story of How The Deep State Saved the Nation. Or in case you have better things to do in the airport—my summary of the book’s argument:

The deep state does not exist.

The deep state is stronger than the president.

The deep state is the true democracy.

There is no deep state.

It is not my business to refute this remarkable logic—only to explain it.

What is the deep state? What does it think? Why does it do what it does? Where does it come from, and where is it going? Rothkopf is here to tell us—and yet, not. Like Kissinger, he loves nothing more than to say a thing and in the next breath deny it.

One random phrase caught my eye as a beautiful sample of his style. Rothkopf writes of “the alleged ties between Joe Biden’s son Hunter and the energy company Burisma in Ukraine” (my emphasis). Alleged! The fact that Hunter Biden was on Burisma’s board is as well-documented as the Holocaust. Yet with this one beautiful word, alleged, the commissar vanishes. Orwell was a rookie.

Read the whole thing.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Doomed to Repeat: Gender Ideology and the Repressed Memory Movement


A scant 30 years ago, therapists with (mostly) the best of intentions managed to ruin many people’s lives. Using recovered memory therapy, clinicians unwittingly participated in creating false memories of horrific abuse that in some cases permanently sundered relationships between parents and adult children and sent innocent people to jail for decades. Most importantly, this treatment also harmed the patients it was meant to help.

In the late 1990s there were numerous lawsuits in which therapists or psychiatrists were successfully sued or settled on charges of having propagated false memories of childhood sexual abuse, incest, and satanic ritual abuse. Fran and Dan Keller served 21 years in prison after young children who attended their daycare began making wild allegations after having been coaxed by a therapist. According to one child witness, the Kellers “had everyone take off their clothes and had a parrot that pecked them in the pee-pee,” and “came to her house with a chainsaw and cut her dog Buffy in the vagina until it bled.” The therapist construed these childish imaginings as literally true, and concluded her small patient was a victim of ritual abuse. The Kellers were finally freed in November of 2014 after the only witness who provided any physical evidence of abuse—a doctor—recanted.

The false memory and ritual abuse scares of the ‘80s and ‘90s now seem bizarre almost beyond imagining. Therapists, psychiatrists, government agencies, congressional committees, and the media bought into the belief that worldwide satanic cults had infiltrated society and were ritually abusing children on a significant scale.

Tragically, history is in the process of repeating itself. Something strikingly similar is now happening. The current trend to diagnose children as transgender bears an eerie similarity to this previous social panic. This matters because, as with the previous panic of the ‘80s and ‘90s, the current trend is harming those it is supposed to help, and forcing them to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Below, I outline the similarities—and differences..

 Transgender children fall prey to the bizarre belief that they are the opposite sex or neither sex. Taken away from the clamor and din of politics, the assertion that one is biologically one sex but of a different “gender” in some mysterious way makes no sense and is every bit as strange as asserting that daycare workers sacrificed babies and fed them to children.

Read the whole thing.

America, We Can Choose Not to Tolerate Weirdos


EXCERPT (read the whole thing);

Somehow we got to the point where we're expected to just nod politely when freaks, strangeos, and perverts turn up in positions of great responsibility. Well, that needs to change. Whether it's some "non-binary" bondage mutant who oversees America's nuclear waste betwixt bouts of luggage larceny or an Army colonel who – and yeah, this happened – masks up as a leather sex puppy in uniform on social media and who, along with junior officers, also dressed as carnal canines, forms what I guess would be an erotic litter. And then there's the everyday parade of creepy groomer oddities teaching our kids – actually, indoctrinating them – who are so proud of it that they go post videos of themselves bragging about the gender confusion and woke nonsense they spread. Time to stop accepting the idea that we need to pretend weirdos are not weird....

There is a solution, though. It's to reject false tolerance, the kind that is not about letting people alone to live their private lives but about forcing their intolerable strangeness upon the rest of us. We tried what they called "tolerance," and they started grooming our kids and unleashing kooks to command our troops.

It is high time we no longer tolerate nuts. No, if you are a nut, you do not get a position of responsibility. Too bad. You don't get an important job because you are crazy, and craziness does not stop when you leave your house, or doghouse, as it were. Let's reach far back to yesteryear – like 2017 – when it was understood that insanity is disqualifying.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Empowered woman - Babylon Bee

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The population implosion

 A couple featured in the NYTimes live in separate homes and do not have children.  Americans are not reproducing themselves and will eventually die out as a result.  The invasion of people crossing the Southern border could replace the children Americans are not having.  The problem is that the South American birth rate is only slightly above 2, which is not good enough.  However, the invasion is not just South Americans but also trekkers from Africa, where women have an average of 4.2 children. 

Demographics is destiny.  One of the reasons Russia is having military problems is that they are short of men.  Their fertility rate is 1.6, which means they are dying out and lack the manpower for sustained war.   They’re drafting retirees to fight.

The American fertility rate is roughly the same: 1.6.  This is not a big problem for today’s retirees.  But it is for people in their 20s or 30s who may want to retire and collect their social security benefits.  Sub-Saharan Africa has by far the highest fertility rate. If current trends continue, my grandchildren may depend on the benevolence of the grandchildren of Africans crossing the Southern border, who will continue to spend enough time together to reproduce.

Forget about global warming.  The end of Western Civilization will come from ideas born on the pages of the NY Times.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Who In the US Is Objectively Racist? The Left. As the Data Show Definitively.


The increase in gun homicides documented in the Emory University study is attributable almost exclusively to one factor: a nearly 60 percent increase in homicide fatalities among black men. Not over a period of many years–but in a little over one year.

And what year was that? 2020. And what happened in 2020? The death of George Floyd, and the subsequent revelation that black lives especially matter.

Yes, but not in the way intended. Not by a long shot. That death and revelation brought in its train myriad consequences. Defund the police. The war on cash bail and the release of numerous criminals. The demoralization of police, who were instructed explicitly and implicitly that arresting black male offenders was a career risk, and the subsequent surrender of the streets to the thugs. And on and on. (The release of many from jail because of COVID didn’t help either.)

This is as close to a natural experiment as can exist in social science. An exogenous shock–the death of one man–leads to a tectonic shift in law enforcement, especially with regards to a particular demographic. The result?: a hyperbolic increase in homicide rates in that demographic. (I note that the previous uptick observable in the chart in 2014 corresponds to the proto-Floyd event, the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, which was the catalyst for Black Lives Matter.)

This is as close to a definitive proof of causation as is possible in observational social science.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Dear Woke Corporation: Take a Hike!

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

When there's Racial Outrage, there's a Race Hoax. Depend on it.

American Stazi

Evidence of FBI spying on Trump’s allies for years before 2020 has emerged.  It’s telling that the FBI alerted Twitter and Facebook that the “Russians” were going to spread disinformation shortly before the New York Post printed the Hunter Biden laptop story.  They could only have known about the upcoming story because they were monitoring the emails of Trump attorney Giuliani and Steve Bannon.  It would be interesting to find out when they began spying on their domestic political enemies and what court order allowed them to do that.