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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tribal customs surrounding genitalia

A pink knitted beanie, known as the "pussy hat," became a symbol of solidarity among protestors. Knitting parties organized in the weeks before the march.
In 2017 America genitalia reclaimed its importance in tribal gatherings.  Understanding the importance of displays of sexual prowess, American women decide to wear their vaginas on their heads.

The koteka, horinm, penis gourd or penis sheath is a phallocrypt or phallocarp traditionally worn by native male inhabitants of some (mainly highland) Papuan people ethnic groups in New Guinea island to cover their genitals. >

Journalism is all about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.

Part of Trump's interview with the NY Times
But there is tremendous collusion with the Russians and with the Democratic Party. Including all of the stuff with the — and then whatever happened to the Pakistani guy, that had the two, you know, whatever happened to this Pakistani guy who worked with the D.N.C.?

Whatever happened to them? With the two servers that they broke up into a million pieces? Whatever happened to him? That was a big story. Now all of sudden [inaudible].

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/30/2017

Editorial: Support for Chesapeake city ordinance designed to stop panhandlers on busy streets.

Op Ed:  Inane column by Ann McFeatters as she hates on: A. Donald Trump, B. Donald Trump, C: Donald Trump

Letters to the editor:

Mitchell Copeland:  likes new tax bill, dislikes Bobby Scott

Diane Sinclair: accuses judges who allowed disputed ballot of partisanship.

Richard Whalen: split the disputed delegate seat between the two contenders.

Jeanie Ribble: opposes immoral behavior, rudeness, lying, winning at any cost ... for the children.  [hint: she's not referring to "you can keep your plan," weaponizing IRS, Fast & Furious, "acted stupidly," sending pallets of unmarked bills to Iran, lying about Benghazi, wiretapping political opponents, etc.]

Don't thank me, I'm making the sacrifice of reading the Virginian Pilot  [motto:  "True to the Democratic Party in victory or defeat."]   so you won't have to.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/29/2017

Editorial: Virginian Pilot calls for more money for teachers.  [what makes you think that the Pilot writers seem to be married to teachers?]

Op Ed:  Trump has been successful even though he's "Crazy."

Letters to the editor:

Kenneth Powders:  hates the tax bill and Republicans.

Daniel Cannon: hates the tax bill and Republicans.

Don Murri: hates the tax bill and Republicans.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/28/2017

Editorial: Virginian Pilot realizes there's an opioid epidemic.  [Don't tell me that you can't get the latest news from the newspaper.]

Op Ed: Trump is even more "vile and duplicitous" than Liberals imagined.  It's time for them to begin to fight now that they've purged their ranks of sexual predators. [Sigh.  Pussy hats anyone?]

Letters to the editor:

Michael Sabol:  wonders what Kaine and Warner did to deserve the Virginian Pilot's wet kiss.

John R. Barr: deplores the excesses of feminism. [How did this get printed?]

Robert B. Gregory: is substituting fist bumps for hugs to his female friends and acquaintances.  

Carolyn Long: likes the Muslim Santa Claus.

Albert Burckard: believes that the Belgians sending a female ambassador to Saudi Arabia is an exercise in bravery. 

Keeping Track: 100 Racist Things

Tucker Carlson via Vanderleun

1. Tamarisk trees in Palm Springs, California.
2. The ice cream truck song.
3. Credit scores.
4. Car insurance.
5. Crime statistics.
6. Halloween costumes.
7. Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”
8. Most of the better Disney movies.
9. Dr. Seuss.
10. White flight.

Read the whole thing.

“They say“ I’M A WHITE SUPREMACIST, partly because “they say so.”
“They say“ I’m a white supremacist, partly because they say writing and speaking properly is white privilege.
“They say“ I’m a white supremacist, partly because they say acting in a civilized manner is “acting white” and thereby racist.
“They say“ I’m a white supremacist, partly because they point to advanced civilization (not limited to mathematics, fine arts, etc…but you get the idea) as “white supremacism.”
“They say“ I’m a white supremacist, partly because they say intelligence is “white oppression” and “systematic racism.”
So, I’m a white supremacist, simply because they acknowledge my mind, behavior and culture are better than they and theirs are…and, who am I to argue?!?

I'm also old enough to remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism

Via Ace of Spades:

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is reportedly assisting special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, boasted of his successful resistance to the Trump administration in a Tuesday Medium post.
Schneiderman, who could play an essential role in the disposition of Mueller’s investigation, has effectively branded as a public anti-Trump litigator during the president's first year, in keeping with the history of hostility between the two men.

Tuesday's Medium post accompanied a profile of Schneiderman in The New York Times, which noted that the AG lodged 100 legal or administrative challenges to administration policies during Trump's first year in office. Such challenges include lawsuits contesting the travel ban and rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, an Obama-era amnesty policy that grants temporary status to illegal immigrants who entered the country as children.

"We try and protect New Yorkers from those who would do them harm," Schneiderman told TheNYT. "The biggest threat to New Yorkers right now is the federal government, so we’re responding to it."


Why, I'm old enough to remember when claiming the federal government was the "biggest threat" was considered Taliban terrorism!

I'm also old enough to remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism, and then when dissent became the basest form of treason, before polymorphing once again to the highest form of patriotism.

I wonder what accounts for these whipsaw changes?!


Daniel Greenfield on A last ditch effort by the establishment to wrest control from the president.

The original civil war was fought by farmhands and factory workers, freed slaves and young boys turned soldiers; the new civil war is being fought by lawyers in blue or gray suits not with bullets, but with bullet points.

From the Mueller investigation to Federal judges declaring that President Trump doesn’t have the right to control immigration policy or command the military, from political sabotage at the DOJ by Obama appointees like Sally Yates to Patagonia’s lawsuit over national monuments, the cold civil war set off by the left’s rejection of the 2016 election results has been a paper war largely waged by lawyers.

“The biggest threat to New Yorkers right now is the federal government,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of New York recently declared. The radical leftist pol who had once vowed to do everything possible to elect Hillary Clinton was explaining his hundred lawsuits against the government on everything from net neutrality to the travel ban meant to keep out the Islamic terrorists running over tourists near Ground Zero and bombing commuters in the tunnels off Times Square.

Islamic terrorists have killed thousands of people in New York City in the last two decades. Net neutrality’s current death toll hovers around zero. The Federal government is far less of a threat to New Yorkers than their own government which insists that Islamic terrorists should be able to kill them. But it is a great threat to a class of political lawyers whose ranks include AG Schneiderman, Hawaii’s Judge Derrick Watson, Mueller’s team, Sally Yates, the ACLU and countless other #resistance combatants.

And ...

Will the American people govern themselves? Or will Mueller, Schneiderman, Watson, Yates and ten thousand other elites with law degrees be allowed to turn elections into a meaningless farce?

Federal judges have seized previously unimaginable amounts of power by not only blocking orders that had always been considered an essential part of presidential authority on flimsy premises that when dissected amount to a critique of President Trump’s character (not to mention the sovereign entitlement of the University of Hawaii to set national immigration policy for the entire country based on its urgent need for Syrian grad students), but by demanding that agencies under the control of the President of the United States enact their orders, such as accepting transgender military recruits.

The absurd outcomes of these rulings, that the University of Hawaii can set national immigration policy, but not the President of the United States, and that fitness to serve in the military can be determined by a Federal judge, but not by the military or the commander in chief, are only an irrational side effect of a conflict between the elected branches of government and an unelected class of political lawyers.

The Mueller investigation has to be seen in the context of a battle between the democratic powers of the people to choose their own representatives and the lawyers who actually run the government. Elections are being replaced by investigations and litigation as the engines of government. You don’t need to win an election to investigate elected officials. You don’t need public support to sue either.

Read the whole thing.

The 'Swamp' Trump Is Trying To Drain Isn't Really A Swamp — It's An Ocean

Investors Business Daily

The nonprofit watchdog group Open The Books has put out a new report, "Mapping The Swamp," that seeks to flesh out what has, until now, merely been a metaphor. What it found is eye-opening, and shows the size of the challenge that lies before President Trump as he seeks to drain it.

"We found small and large agencies across the federal government gaming the system for personal gain — and it's expensive for the taxpayer," said Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of "Congress should hold hearings to bring transparency to all the information we're still missing, including performance bonuses and pension payouts. It's time to squeeze out waste from compensation and stop abusive payroll practices."

It's hard to get your arms around just how big our government is — and how wasteful. But "Mapping The Swamp" does a good job of it in just 35 pages.

Start with the cost. The work force that the government directly employs costs just over $1 million per minute, or more than half a billion dollars a day. And that doesn't include the more than two million people employed by the Defense Department or on active duty.

All told, in 2016, no doubt a peak year for the swamp, there were 1.97 million people on the federal payroll with a total compensation cost of $136.8 billion a year.

When you tote it all up, including the military, it's a huge sum: nearly four million employees with a total annual cost of $221 billion a year.

No Hidden Agenda: Get News From A Pro-Free Market, Pro-Growth Perspective
We all know military pay isn't high, but bureaucrats don't come cheap. The average benefit package includes 10 federal holidays, 13 sick days and 20 vacation days — that's four weeks — a year. The benefits alone cost taxpayers just under $23 billion a year.

The report even suggests that the government has an unofficial minimum wage: $100,000 a year. That's the minimum average salary for 78 out of 122 federal departments and agencies, although some individuals make less. Even so, the report notes, "29,852 federal employees out-earned each of the 50 state governors receiving more than $190,823."

It used to be people went into government to do good. Now, apparently, it's to do well.

Here's what those "selfless" government employees earn:

1. The federal government pays its disclosed workforce $1 million per minute, $66 million per hour, and $524 million per day. In FY2016, the federal government disclosed 1.97 million employees at a cash compensation cost of $136.3 billion.

2. Over a six-year period (FY2010-2016), the number of federal employees making $200,000 or more has increased by 165 percent; those making $150,000 or more has grown by 60 percent; and those making more than $100,000 has increased by 37 percent.

3. On average, federal employees are given 10 federal holidays, 13 sick days, and 20 vacation days per year. If each employee used 13 sick days and took 20 vacation days in addition to the 10 federal holidays, it would cost taxpayers an estimated $22.6 billion annually.

4. In FY2016, a total 406,960 employees made six-figure incomes – that's roughly one in five disclosed federal employees. Furthermore, 29,852 federal employees out-earned each of the 50 state governors receiving more than $190,823.

5. At 78 out of the 122 independent agencies and departments we studied, the average employee compensation exceeded $100,000 in FY2016.

6. With 326 employees at a total cash compensation of $28.8 million, we found a federal agency in San Francisco – Presidio Trust – paid out three of the top four federal bonuses including the largest in the federal government in FY2016. The biggest bonus went to an HR Manager in charge of payroll for $141,525.



For a great many liberals, the only important thing is race, and therefore sports stories are important only to the extent that they can be twisted into racial narratives. I’m so old, I can remember when everyone thought sports were a powerful force for racial integration and mutual respect. Actually, in those days, they were. But, courtesy of liberals, those times are gone.

Why do liberals ruin everything they touch?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DID THE FBI CONSPIRE TO STOP TRUMP? Pat Buchanan: 'One need not be a conspiracy nut to conclude the fix was in.

The original question the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign was to answer was a simple one: Did he do it?

Did Trump, or officials with his knowledge, collude with Vladimir Putin’s Russia to hack the emails of John Podesta and the DNC, and leak the contents to damage Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump?

A year-and-a-half into the investigation, and, still, no “collusion” has been found. Yet the investigation goes on, at the demand of the never-Trump media and Beltway establishment.

Hence, and understandably, suspicions have arisen.

Are the investigators after the truth, or are they after Trump?

Set aside the Trump-Putin conspiracy theory momentarily, and consider a rival explanation for what is going down here:

That, from the outset, Director James Comey and an FBI camarilla were determined to stop Trump and elect Hillary Clinton. Having failed, they conspired to break Trump’s presidency, overturn his mandate and bring him down.

Essential to any such project was first to block any indictment of Hillary for transmitting national security secrets over her private email server. That first objective was achieved 18 months ago.

On July 5, 2016, Comey stepped before a stunned press corps to declare that, given the evidence gathered by the FBI, “no reasonable prosecutor” would indict Clinton. Therefore, that was the course he, Comey, was recommending.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, compromised by her infamous 35-minute tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton – to discuss golf and grandkids – seconded Comey’s decision.

And so Hillary walked. Why is this suspicious?

What do YOU think? Did the FBI conspire to stop Trump? Sound off in today’s WND poll!

First, whether or not to indict was a decision that belonged to the Department of Justice, not Jim Comey or the FBI. His preemption of Justice Department authority was astonishing.

Second, while Comey said in his statement that Hillary had been “extremely careless” with security secrets, in his first draft, Clinton was declared guilty of “gross negligence” – the precise language in the statute to justify indictment.

Who talked Comey into softening the language to look less than criminal? One man was FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, whose wife, Jill, a Virginia state senate candidate, received a munificent PAC contribution of $474,000 from Clinton family friend and big bundler Terry McAuliffe.

Also urging Comey to soften the fatal phrase “gross negligence” was key FBI agent Peter Strzok. In text messages to his FBI lover Lisa Page, Strzok repeatedly vented his detestation of the “idiot” Trump.

After one meeting with “Andy” (McCabe), Strzok told Page an “insurance policy” was needed to keep Trump out of the White House.

Also, it appears Comey began drafting his exoneration statement of Hillary before the FBI had even interviewed her. And when the FBI did, Hillary was permitted to have her lawyers present.

One need not be a conspiracy nut to conclude the fix was in, and a pass for Hillary wired from the get-go. Comey, McCabe, Strzok were not going to recommend an indictment that would blow Hillary out of the water and let the Trump Tower crowd waltz into the White House.

Yet, if Special Counsel Robert Mueller cannot find any Trump collusion with the Kremlin to tilt the outcome of the 2016 election, his investigators might have another look at the Clinton campaign.

For there a Russian connection has been established.

Thank President Trump for all his accomplishments during his first year in office. Send him a FREE card of your choice. Go to

Kremlin agents fabricated, faked, forged or found the dirt on Trump that was passed to ex-British MI6 spy Christopher Steele, and wound up in his “dirty dossier” that was distributed to the mainstream media and the FBI to torpedo Trump.

And who hired Steele to tie Trump to Russia?

Fusion GPS, the oppo research outfit into which the DNC and Clinton campaign pumped millions through law firm Perkins Coie.

Let’s review the bidding.

The “dirty dossier,” a mixture of fabrications, falsehoods and half-truths, created to destroy Trump and make Hillary president, was the product of a British spy’s collusion with Kremlin agents.

In the Dec. 26 issue of the Washington Times, Rowan Scarborough writes that the FBI relied on this Kremlin-Steele dossier of allegations and lies to base their decision “to open a counterintelligence investigation (of Trump).” And press reports “cite the document’s disinformation in requests for court-approved wiretaps.”

If this is true, a critical questions arises:

Has the Mueller probe been so contaminated by anti-Trump bias and reliance on Kremlin fabrications that any indictment it brings will be suspect in the eyes of the American people?

Director Comey has been fired. FBI No. 2 McCabe is now being retired under a cloud. Mueller’s top FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, and lover Lisa, have been discharged. And Mueller is left to rely upon a passel of prosecutors whose common denominator appears to be that they loathe Trump and made contributions to Hillary.

Attorney General Bobby Kennedy had his “Get Hoffa Squad” to take down Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. J. Edgar Hoover had his vendetta against Dr. Martin Luther King.

Is history repeating itself – with the designated target of an elite FBI cabal being the president of the United States?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Back in February Bill Kristol, founder of the Weekly Standard tweeted, “Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.” The once-stalwart conservative spent the rest of the year harrumphing Trump’s policies, and predicting in August, “Tax reform won’t even get a vote in Congress this year. I’d be surprised if it made it through committee in either house.” During a late October tweetstorm spotted by Bryon York of the Washington Examiner, Kristol labeled “those who fail to denounce Trump ‘collaborators’ and ‘fellow travelers.’”

Which brings us to the latest issue of Kristol’s magazine...

Read the whole thin, especailly Mark Steyn's take on Philip Graham' "suicide."

The Age of the Nothing Burger

Worth a read.

Van Jones, now at CNN, famously referred to the Trump/Russia collusion scandal as a “nothing burger,” in other words, a fantasy designed to serve a political agenda. But that particular scandal is only a kind of subset, a mere franchise of a much more comprehensive enterprise -- namely, the ideologically driven perversion of fact. The nothing burger is the Big Mac of the Western appetite for dissembling truth in the interest of institutional deception.

Consider a representative few of the major issues and preoccupations of the contemporary era: global warming, gender fluidity, the Palestinian nation, rape culture, and Islam as the “religion of peace.” None of these entities exist in the way in which we have been instructed to understand them and none can justify the righteous fury they apparently inspire. They are all nothing burgers.

Christmas Is the Perfect Time to Mock Liberals, and Other Random Thoughts

Kurt Schlichter

When we gather together this Christmas, it’s going to be super-awkward since everybody is dead because Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Scam, repealed net neutrality, and cut taxes. The depredations of Genghis Khan, the Black Plague, and the repeal of the Obamacare mandate – these are pretty much the same thing. Santa Claus and all of our dreams are dead too....

Now, as your late family gathers together, all dead because of Trump’s authoritarian reign of terror, try to remember that in the spirit of the season, you should mock your liberal friends and family unmercifully. It’s a painful time for them. The economy is booming, ISIS has been beheaded, and Mueller hasn’t found Schiff. That’s why it’s so, so very important to kick them when they are down. Because Christmas is a time where we celebrate giving, so give them grief. Because it’s the only way they’ll ever learn.

Read the whole thing.

[link fixed]

Embattled FBI admits it can’t verify dossier claims of Russia, Trump campaign collusion

From the Washington Times:

The FBI is declining to repudiate the Russia dossier on which it partially relied to start an investigation into the Trump campaign, but it concedes the document’s major core charges of election collusion remain unsubstantiated....

Republicans believe they have unearthed a scandal inside the bureau’s top echelons over its determination to target Trump associates based on flimsy evidence and improper Justice Department contacts.

Republican committee members pressed Mr. McCabe about a dossier that was financed by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign based on gossip-tinged information from paid, unidentified Kremlin operatives.

Mr. McCabe declined to criticize the dossier’s 35 pages of salacious and criminal charges against Donald Trump and his aides, but he said it remains largely unverified, according to a source familiar with ongoing congressional inquiries....
Fox News and the Washington Examiner reported that Republicans asked what parts of the dossier the FBI had confirmed. Mr. McCabe said the only substantiated collusion-related incident was that Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page traveled to Moscow in July 2016.

The answer surprised Republicans: Mr. Page’s trip to deliver a speech at a university was widely publicized at the time....

Most recently, The Washington Post reported that James Baker, the FBI’s general counsel and a close associate of fired FBI Director James B. Comey, was being transferred. Politico reported that Mr. Baker during the election had contact with the Mother Jones reporter who interviewed Mr. Steele via Skype and gave much credence to his dossier.

“This is really problematic for the FBI and DOJ right now,” said the source familiar with the congressional investigations. “They realize stonewalling is not going to work anymore, but they haven’t decided on a new strategy to manage the deluge of information spilling out about top officials’ conflicts of interest, their use of the Steele dossier and their own connections to Fusion GPS.”

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/26/2017

Editorial: A soppy love letter to Virginia's two Democrat senators, Kaine & Warner

Op Ed: "Trump plays Reagan's game on trade, taxes."  Trump following in the footsteps of that Evil-Tax Cutting-Protectionist-Reagan.  [Trump's been upgraded from the new Hitler, to the new Reagan]

Letters to the editor:

Robert Armour:  points out that when you cut taxes, the people who pay taxes get cuts.

Gloria Halslip: predicts Democrats will take over government and will be blamed by evil Republicans for tax increases and more welfare.

David Watson: hates on Airbnb

Marie Meehan: cheers female Alabama voters for voting against misogyny.

Matthew Olds: sixth grader believes the solution for gun control is to make them less lethal, more expensive.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas


Obama Was a State Sponsor of Terror

Without question.

It should not surprise or shock anyone that President Barack Hussein Obama has been revealed to have derailed the investigation and prosecution of Iran’s terrorist sock puppet, Hezb’allah, and its drug-running operation in order to complete the fatally flawed Iran nuclear deal. Obama gave aid and comfort to terrorist groups and their state sponsors from the day he was sworn in, to the point of actual criminality....

So with Obama’s turning a blind eye to the terrorist threats posed by the Taliban, Ansar Al-Sharia, and ISIS, even offering material aid and comfort to the Taliban, should we be surprised that he flew pallets containing $1.7 billion in cash to Iran, cash used to fund terrorist groups like Hizb’allah whose drug-running he excused and ignored?

Just as he was an accomplice to gunrunning in Operation Fast and Furious, which got Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and many others killed, now we know Pressident Obama was so intent on getting any kind of nuclear deal with the state sponsor of terror known as Iran that he was willing to derail efforts that were about to shut down Hizb’allah’s drug running activities inside the United States.

Nearly Half of Likely Voters Think FBI Anti-Trumpers Broke the Law

Need to get that number up.

Wife of Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Knew About Attack, Said Husband ‘Liked Homosexuals’

Is anyone surprised?

Noor Salman, the wife of the Pulse nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen, has admitted to knowing about her husband’s plan to launch an attack. Days before the massacre that killed 49 people at the gay club, the 31-year-old mother said she “knew an attack was close” and said she drove past the location with her husband who told her it was a “target.”

Green Beret Training Standards Now Lower than Army ROTC Camp in the 80’s

It may take quite a while for this kind of crap to flush its way though the system.

"Students can no longer fail SFOC except for Voluntarily Withdrawing or getting injured."

(read the whole thing)

The army’s leaders, which in 2017, consist mainly of social justice warriors, flaming liberals and back-stabbing ticket-punching, perfumed princes, have consistently demonstrated that they possess neither the warrior ethos nor the moral courage to challenge the social engineering insanity invading the lean green machine.

Our country’s national security is being damaged every day and the army’s senior leadership is more focused on political correctness and diversity than war fighting.

Making young, male ROTC cadets parade around in red high heels to show empathy for some asinine feminist cause is bad enough. Forcing male soldiers from the famous Big Red One or 1st Infantry Division, a unit that landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, to wear pregnancy simulators to show empathy for some asinine feminist cause is bad enough. The Secretary of the Army ordering officers and troopers worldwide to balance lactation support and readiness is bad enough…

But, when the Green Berets, one of the greatest fighting forces of all time, completely abandon all physical standards for soldiers hoping to serve in Special Forces, you know that the Hour of the Clusterf**k is not approaching, but has indeed arrived.

NBC News Thinks Free Speech Should Be Regulated Because Nazis!

I think NBC should be shut down because it's a threat to the constitution. 

Daily Caller's Twelve Days of Christmas

Gov’t Website Claims Santa Will Move To The South Pole To Escape Global Warming

Canada is still in the grip of the Global Warming hoaxers.

A Canadian government website claims Santa Claus signed an international agreement to relocate his workshop to the South Pole to escape the effects of man-made global warming in the Arctic.


From World Net Daily
Here’s the growing BIG LIST of companies reacting to the tax cuts with bonuses, more pay and expansion leading directly to new jobs:
  • U.S. Bank of America employees making up to $150,000 per year in total compensation – about 145,000 teammates – will receive a one-time bonus of $1,000 by year-end.
  • PNC Financial Services will give $1,000 bonus to about 47,500 workers.
  • New Braunfels-based Rush Enterprises of Texas is giving each of its 6,600 employees a $1,000 bonus – a total of $6.6 million. Chief Financial Officer Steven Keller said: “You’ve got a choice – we could’ve kept it and stuffed it in the company bank account or coffers, or we can share it with the people.”
  • Associated Bank in Wisconsin boosted its minimum hourly wage to $15 and paying workers a $500 bonus.
  • Idaho health-care and home-products company Melaleuca Inc. is providing its 2,000 employees $100 bonuses for every year they worked for the company. The company has 147 employees who have worked for the company for 20 years or more.
  • In Hawaii, Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry plans to open up three more shops – in Honolulu, in Kauai and Maui in addition to its existing three shops.
  • Washington Federal in Seattle will increase wages for most of its workers by 5 percent and is adding 25 people to its information-technology staff.
  • Aquesta Financial Holdings in Cornelius, N.C., will raise hourly pay to $15 and will be giving $1,000 bonuses to all of it workers.
  • Canary LLC announced it will hire new employees and purchase more equipment.
  • First Hawaiian Bank said it will give out $1,500 cash bonuses to 2,264 employees, or all but 11 members of its senior management team. The state’s largest bank also will increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour from $12.75 an hour for 613 employees.
  • Bank of Hawaii, the state’s second-largest bank, said it will give out $1,000 cash bonuses to 2,074 employees, or 95 percent of its workforce. The bonuses affect all employees below the senior vice president level. The bank also will increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour from $12 an hour.
  • American Savings Bank, the third-largest bank in Hawaii, said it will award $1,000 bonuses to nearly all of its employees. In addition, the bank said it was increasing its starting wage to $15.25 an hour from $12.21 an hour.
  • AT&T expanding its bonus program to an additional 200,000 staffers getting $1,000 apiece.
  • Boeing gift of $300 million in investment in its employee-related charitable program “to support our heroes, our homes and our future.”
  • Wells Fargo raises minimum wage to $15.
  • Fifth Third raises minimum wage to $15 and offering bonuses of $1,000 to 13,000 employees.
  • Comcast NBC Universal anted up $1,000 bonuses to more than 100,000 non-executive employees.


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/24/2017

Editorial: A summary of natural disasters that occurred in the last year and a demand for government to do more.  

Op Ed: "Nature can help if you are feeling burnt out."  A call for city dwellers to take a walk in the woods because science.

Letters to the editor:

Douglas Kuett:  celebrates angular momentum and hates on all religion.

Elizabeth Harris: thinks there's a good chance that the tax reform bill can create more jobs.

John Kellogg: calls for reducing the size of the tax code.

Bruce McKenna: likes the tax bill and hates on Democrat leaders.

Debbie Meadows: demands Shelly Simonds be declared the winner of the 1 vote election because rules.

Bundy Mistrial Highlights Why the Right Distrusts the Feds

Debra Saunders at Townhall

As Washington conservatives question whether partisan FBI officials working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller have stacked the deck against President Donald Trump, a criminal case in Las Vegas points to the sort of federal prosecutorial abuses that give the right cause for paranoia.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the infamous 2014 Bunkerville standoff case against rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, and co-defendant Ryan Payne, on the grounds that federal prosecutors improperly withheld evidence.

Conservatives were once unquestioning supporters of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. When it became painfully obvious that many of these agencies are now staffed by the Left, and are willing to use their police powers to punish their political enemies (see the IRS and DOJ), that trust has evaporated. And rightly so.

There are rules designed to create trust that people with police powers,the power of the gun, the power to imprison, will treat the people fairly and equally.  Anything else is oppression.

Pelosi goes wild!

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Saturday, December 23, 2017

DOJ Opens Probe Into Bundy Prosecutors Who Hid Evidence TIM PEARCE

"Clean up on aisle DOJ"

Top FBI official linked to reporter who broke Trump dossier story

James Baker, the FBI's recently reassigned general counsel, was in touch with David Corn of Mother Jones in the fall of 2016, GOP sources said.

Former FBI Director  James Comey thinks this was all part of a FBI's job.

Sadly, we are now at a point in our political life when anyone can be attacked for partisan gain. James Baker, who is stepping down as FBI General Counsel, served our country incredibly well for 25 years & deserves better. He is what we should all want our public servants to be.

From Politico:

The GOP sources said the documents — made available recently to lawmakers by the Department of Justice — revealed that James Baker, the FBI's general counsel, communicated with Mother Jones reporter David Corn in the weeks leading up to the November 2016 election. Corn was the first to report the existence of the dossier on Oct. 31 and that it was compiled by a former high-level western spy.

We now get a better view of "The Swamp" when the curtain gets pulled back and Democrats are no longer fully in charge of covering up. 

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/23/2017

Editorial: Miscellaneous comments on NASA tracking Santa, complains about voting irregularities that affect Democrats, praises for the newly elected Democrat governor.

Op Ed: "Cities tell Airbnb, like Uber, to grow up."  Russian author calls for more government regulation.

Letters to the editor:

Bill  Reed: complains that Social Security and Medicare are called entitlement programs just because participants are entitled to them, wants to sue congress.

Nina Garry: claims new tax bill is a bad joke or a big lie.

Edward & Barbara Fowler: hates on Rep. Scott Taylor for voting for tax reform, refer to Trump as "dictator in training."

Tom Emory: complains about cuts in Medicare funding [what?].

Bob Powers: recommends you pay more in federal taxes so that you can pay less in state taxes.

Patrick Blake: says that only dictators ban words. [no comment on Obama's ban on "radical Islamic terrorism"]

Thanks to press organs like the Virginian Pilot is it any wonder that the majority of Americans believe their taxes will go up under the new tax law even as 80% will see a decrease in their tax bill?

I'm waiting for the next editorial page explaing why everyone died as the result of the tax bill.  From Ben Shapiro's tongue-in-cheek article:

Wednesday dawned to the horrifying cacophony of howling dogs mourning their dead masters — men, women and children killed in a mass slaughter by the Senate’s passage of a rather ordinary tax bill from the Republicans. Yes, the Republicans had been warned that their plan would cause a symphony of darkness to play across the land. They’d been warned that the streets would be strewn with bodies. Worse, they’d been warned that those dead people would then move to Chicago and vote Democratic.

But even Republicans, who are also dead, were shocked to find themselves inhabiting the bowels of Hell — in particular, inhabiting a special place therein reserved for women who did not vote for Hillary Clinton and voters who did not stand with Roy Moore.

And all of this thanks to President Trump, who had pitched the tax cut by stating that he merely wanted what was best in life: to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

It is somewhat awkward writing this piece from the afterlife. It’s even more awkward writing this for a news site that exists on the internet — you remember, the internet, that thing that used to exist before Republicans repealed net neutrality, resulting in the annihilation of entire populations and the end of the internet itself.

Friday, December 22, 2017

HEY, WHERE IS EVERYBODY?: Republicans Pass Tax Reform, Everyone DEAD

Ben Shapiro

Wednesday dawned to the horrifying cacophony of howling dogs mourning their dead masters — men, women and children killed in a mass slaughter by the Senate’s passage of a rather ordinary tax bill from the Republicans. Yes, the Republicans had been warned that their plan would cause a symphony of darkness to play across the land. They’d been warned that the streets would be strewn with bodies. Worse, they’d been warned that those dead people would then move to Chicago and vote Democratic.

But even Republicans, who are also dead, were shocked to find themselves inhabiting the bowels of Hell — in particular, inhabiting a special place therein reserved for women who did not vote for Hillary Clinton and voters who did not stand with Roy Moore.

And all of this thanks to President Trump, who had pitched the tax cut by stating that he merely wanted what was best in life: to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

It is somewhat awkward writing this piece from the afterlife. It’s even more awkward writing this for a news site that exists on the internet — you remember, the internet, that thing that used to exist before Republicans repealed net neutrality, resulting in the annihilation of entire populations and the end of the internet itself.

And it’s supremely awkward to write it from underwater, given that President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords doomed huge cities to the realm of Aquaman.

What makes things even crazier is that everything is on fire despite being underwater, since Trump’s decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem angered the Arab street so much.

By my count, I’ve died several dozen times since President Trump’s election, according to the warnings issued by media and Democrats. Yet I’ve never been able to rest in peace, because dead Republicans just keep on passing legislation that affects dead Americans and dead Democrats and dead media members keep resisting dead Donald Trump.

It turns out that the afterlife looks exactly like regular life.

Except, of course, that Justin Bieber hasn’t released any new songs in the Great Beyond. So that’s nice.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Did President Obama Read the ‘Steele Dossier’ in the White House Last August?

Very interesting version of what and who is responsible for the Russia investigation.

Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed

According to the White House, the 81 accomplishments are in 12 major categories and include well over 100 other minor achievements.

The unofficial list helps to counter the impression in the mainstream media and among congressional Democrats that outside the approval of Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch and passage of the tax reform bill little was done.

Administrations typically tout their achievements broadly at the end of each year, but Trump plans to list jobs added, regulations killed, foreign policy victories won, and moves to help veterans and even drug addicts.

And in a sign of support for conservatives, the White House also is highlighting achievements for the pro-life community.