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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kevin Williamson, who is a jerk, gets this one right.

The Democratic party is an odd apparatus in which most of the power is held by sanctimonious little old liberal white ladies with graduate degrees and very high incomes — Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Randi Weingarten — while the manpower, the vote-power, and the money-power (often in the form of union dues) comes from a disproportionately young and non-white base made up of people who, if they are doing well, might earn one-tenth of the half-million dollars a year Weingarten was paid as the boss of the teachers’ union. They are more likely to be cutting the grass in front of Elizabeth Warren’s multi-million-dollar mansion than moving into one of their own.


Truth.  the MSM would not recognize it if it kneed them in the groin.

Mainstream corporate media outlets in America have been suffering from a slow bleeding loss of viewership for years. A critical mass of their audience is leaving in search for integrity and truth. The exodus away from news outlets who have traditionally lied by omission and purposely abused their viewers with a variety of manipulation techniques appears to be hitting a crescendo on many fronts....

Listening solely to mainstream media, the public would be made to believe that Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was the epitome of health. News outlets and independent sources that said otherwise were continually discredited. As Clinton continued to have numerous health episodes on camera, corporate media still attempted to cover for her by doctoring videos and gas lighting their audience in realtime. The new ‘truth’ media used the cavernous gap in mainstream coverage regarding Hillary’s true health issues to surge forward by simultaneously converging to expose the reality of the gravely ill candidate. ...

At the present moment, mainstream corporate media outlets appear to be left as placeholders while their dishonest spirit makes the jump to the false realities and fictional stories of Hollywood. After being exposed for her unfair coverage on the presidential campaign, Julien Assange and the murder of Seth Rich, Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly will now be producing a new scripted series following a presidential campaign trail and the embedded journalists who cover it...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Last Communist City

Cuba was one of the world’s richest countries before Castro destroyed it—and the wealth wasn’t just in the hands of a tiny elite. “Contrary to the myth spread by the revolution,” wrote Alfred Cuzan, a professor of political science at the University of West Florida, “Cuba’s wealth before 1959 was not the purview of a privileged few. . . . Cuban society was as much of a middle-class society as Argentina and Chile.” In 1958, Cuba had a higher per-capita income than much of Europe. “More Americans lived in Cuba prior to Castro than Cubans lived in the United States,” Cuban exile Humberto Fontova, author of a series of books about Castro and Guevara, tells me. “This was at a time when Cubans were perfectly free to leave the country with all their property. In the 1940s and 1950s, my parents could get a visa for the United States just by asking. They visited the United States and voluntarily returned to Cuba. More Cubans vacationed in the U.S. in 1955 than Americans vacationed in Cuba. Americans considered Cuba a tourist playground, but even more Cubans considered the U.S. a tourist playground.” Havana was home to a lot of that prosperity, as is evident in the extraordinary classical European architecture that still fills the city. Poor nations do not—cannot—build such grand or elegant cities.

But rather than raise the poor up, Castro and Guevara shoved the rich and the middle class down. The result was collapse. “Between 1960 and 1976,” Cuzan says, “Cuba’s per capita GNP in constant dollars declined at an average annual rate of almost half a percent. The country thus has the tragic distinction of being the only one in Latin America to have experienced a drop in living standards over the period.”

Communism destroyed Cuba’s prosperity, but the country experienced unprecedented pain and deprivation when Moscow cut off its subsidies after the fall of the Soviet Union. Journalist and longtime Cuba resident Mark Frank writes vividly about this period in his book Cuban Revelations. “The lights were off more than they were on, and so too was the water. . . . Food was scarce and other consumer goods almost nonexistent. . . . Doctors set broken bones without anesthesia. . . . Worm dung was the only fertilizer.” He quotes a nurse who tells him that Cubans “used to make hamburgers out of grapefruit rinds and banana peels; we cleaned with lime and bitter orange and used the black powder in batteries for hair dye and makeup.” “It was a haunting time,” Frank wrote, “that still sends shivers down Cubans’ collective spines.”

By the 1990s, Cuba needed economic reform as much as a gunshot victim needs an ambulance. Castro wasn’t about to reform himself and his ideology out of existence, but he had to open up at least a small piece of the country to the global economy. So the Soviet subsidy was replaced by vacationers, mostly from Europe and Latin America, who brought in much-needed hard currency. Arriving foreigners weren’t going to tolerate receiving ration cards for food—as the locals do—so the island also needed some restaurants. The regime thus allowed paladars—restaurants inside private homes—to open, though no one from outside the family could work in them. (That would be “exploitative.”) Around the same time, government-run “dollar stores” began selling imported and relatively luxurious goods to non-Cubans. Thus was Cuba’s quasi-capitalist bubble created.

When the ailing Fidel Castro ceded power to his less doctrinaire younger brother Raúl in 2008, the quasi-capitalist bubble expanded, but the economy remains heavily socialist. In the United States, we have a minimum wage; Cuba has a maximum wage—$20 a month for almost every job in the country. (Professionals such as doctors and lawyers can make a whopping $10 extra a month.) Sure, Cubans get “free” health care and education, but as Cuban exile and Yale historian Carlos Eire says, “All slave owners need to keep their slaves healthy and ensure that they have the skills to perform their tasks.”

Even employees inside the quasi-capitalist bubble don’t get paid more. The government contracts with Spanish companies such as Meliá International to manage Havana’s hotels. Before accepting its contract, Meliá said that it wanted to pay workers a decent wage. The Cuban government said fine, so the company pays $8–$10 an hour. But Meliá doesn’t pay its employees directly. Instead, the firm gives the compensation to the government, which then pays the workers—but only after pocketing most of the money. I asked several Cubans in my hotel if that arrangement is really true. All confirmed that it is. The workers don’t get $8–$10 an hour; they get 67 cents a day—a child’s allowance.

The maximum wage is just the beginning. Not only are most Cubans not allowed to have money; they’re hardly allowed to have things. The police expend extraordinary manpower ensuring that everyone required to live miserably at the bottom actually does live miserably at the bottom. Dissident blogger and author Yoani Sánchez describes the harassment sarcastically in her book Havana Real: “Buses are stopped in the middle of the street and bags inspected to see if we are carrying some cheese, a lobster, or some dangerous shrimp hidden among our personal belongings.” Perhaps the saddest symptom of Cuba’s state-enforced poverty is the prostitution epidemic—a problem the government officially denies and even forbids foreign journalists based in Havana to mention. Some Cuban prostitutes are professionals, but many are average women—wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers—who solicit johns once or twice a year for a little extra money to make ends meet.

The government defends its maximum wage by arguing that life’s necessities are either free or so deeply subsidized in Cuba that citizens don’t need very much money. (Che Guevara and his sophomoric hangers-on hoped to rid Cuba of money entirely, but couldn’t quite pull it off.) The free and subsidized goods and services, though, are as dismal as everything else on the island. Citizens who take public transportation to work—which includes almost everyone, since Cuba hardly has any cars—must wait in lines for up to two hours each way to get on a bus. And commuters must pay for their ride out of their $20 a month. At least commuter buses are cheap. By contrast, a one-way ticket to the other side of the island costs several months’ pay; a round-trip costs almost an annual salary.

As for the free health care, patients have to bring their own medicine, their own bedsheets, and even their own iodine to the hospital. Most of these items are available only on the illegal black market, moreover, and must be paid for in hard currency—and sometimes they’re not available at all. Cuba has sent so many doctors abroad—especially to Venezuela, in exchange for oil—that the island is now facing a personnel shortage. “I don’t want to say there are no doctors left,” says an American man who married a Cuban woman and has been back dozens of times, “but the island is now almost empty. I saw a banner once, hanging from somebody’s balcony, that said, DO I NEED TO GO TO VENEZUELA FOR MY HEADACHE?”

Housing is free, too, but so what? Americans can get houses in abandoned parts of Detroit for only $500—which makes them practically free—but no one wants to live in a crumbling house in a gone-to-the-weeds neighborhood. I saw adequate housing in the Cuban countryside, but almost everyone in Havana lives in a Detroit-style wreck, with caved-in roofs, peeling paint, and doors hanging on their hinges at odd angles.

Education is free, and the country is effectively 100 percent literate, thanks to Castro’s campaign to teach rural people to read shortly after he took power. But the regime has yet to make a persuasive argument that a totalitarian police state was required to get the literacy rate from 80 percent to 100 percent. After all, almost every other country in the Western Hemisphere managed the same feat at the same time, without the brutal repression.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pope Francis grieves, prays for atheist revolutionary Castro

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis said the death of Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was "sad news" and that he was grieving and praying for his repose.

Francis expressed his condolences in a Spanish-language message to Fidel's brother, President Raul Castro on Saturday.

The pope, who met Fidel Castro when he visited Cuba last year, said he had received the "sad news" and added: "I express to you my sentiments of grief."

Fidel Castro, who was a professed atheist, was baptized as a Catholic and educated in schools run by the Jesuits, the religious order of which the pope is a member.

Asking the eternal question : Is the Pope Catholic?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Refusing To Serve Customers You Don’t Agree With Is Suddenly Cool Again

To the many things the Trump administration in waiting has made cool again, add private businesses refusing service to customers based on moral objections.

Friday, fashion designer Sophie Theallet, who has dressed the current first lady Michelle Obama, offered a preemptive refusal to hypothetically dress the next first lady, Melania Trump, should she ask for some of her clothes— presumably not the ones available at The Gap. In her unsolicited letter, Theallet informed the world that a person who did not ask for any of her clothes would not be getting them.

I can't wait for the DOJ to investigate this.

Murdering prick.

“Che Guevara, Havana, Cuba, 1964 [469x704] Photo credit: Elliott Erwitt Check this blog!
Murdering prick.
Che Guevara, Havana, Cuba, 1964 


Words to live by


True dat.

I just don’t know anymore

I grew up in pre-ironic, pre-racial healing America, in the 1950s, in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. It was a high-trust, wonderful place to live - shopping centers, golf courses and the sound of sprinklers. Women stayed home, by and large, and raised the family - dads worked. Kids were everywhere and no one wore a bike helmet. Ike was in the White House. The sky was blue. It was fabulous. I went to a high school with 2500 other kids. The school had a principal, two assistant principals, a nurse and three ladies who worked in the office - no metal detectors, no cops, no trouble to speak of. I’m not even sure the principal had a four-year degree. If he did, it was from some cow-college in North Dakota. We laughed at him (behind his back) because his first name was Milo. But Milo certainly wasn’t confused about what his job was. School was orderly and fun. Everyone got a decent education in the basics (and then some) and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Teachers were not called educators. Lunch was 30 cents.

And then my generation took over.

Student’s Reaction to Trump Win: ‘Suck It Up, Pussies.’ Police Are Investigating This Hate Crime.

Parents, don't send your kids to Edgewood College:

At Edgewood College, police are investigating a post-it-note that was deemed a "hate crime" by college officials.

The post-it-note says "Suck it up, pussies!" Whoever wrote it also drew a winking, tongue-out smiley face, like this:


The message is evidently one student's response to the Madison, Wisconsin, college's overwhelming dejection following Donald Trump's election to the presidency.

Students had been invited to express their feelings about the election by writing them on post-it-notes and placing them on a designated table. The post-it-note in question appeared in the window of the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion instead, according to Campus Reform.

College Vice President Tony Chambers sent a letter to campus condemning this "act of cowardly hatred" and "intimidation." He wrote:

A group of cross-functional college staff representing campus security, student conduct, human resources, Title IX enforcement, and diversity and inclusion measures convened Tuesday morning to discuss how to address the hateful message. This group determined that the message constituted a Hate Crime…

College officials informed the Madison police, and now the cops are investigating. They are investigating a post-it-note. With a non-threatening message and a smiley face on it. After inviting students to express their feelings via post-it-note.

That's hate for you, I guess.

Edgewood is asking anyone with knowledge of this hate crime to come forward and help the police catch the perpetrator, because it's such a very serious matter.

Administrators did not respond to a request for comment.

For Democrats to recover, Nancy Pelosi and her team should go

From the Washington Post:
Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, will be 77 next year.

Steny Hoyer, her deputy, will be 78.

Jim Clyburn, the No. 3 Democratic leader, will be 77.

Their current ages, if combined, would date back to 1787, the year George Washington presided over the signing of the Constitution.

It is time for them to go.

The Democrats have not had a new idea since FDR. In fact, they have been recycling the New Deal ever since.  The problem is that they now  beleive that their new leaders should be young Muslin communists.

Antarctic Sea Ice Has Not Shrunk In 100 Years

Why Trump won Florida

Robert Stacy McCain explains:

Somewhere in Florida:

Donald Trump got 61% of the vote in this county, winning it by a margin of 40,000 votes. Considering that Trump’s statewide margin in Florida was only 120,000 votes, that means he got a third of his win right here.

We can explain this in four words: Rich, old, white people.

This county is nearly 90% white, about 30% of the population is 65 or older, and the median value of homes is over a quarter-million dollars. About a third of the residents have a bachelor’s degree or more.

For all the talk about the economic woes of the white working class, which supposedly explains how Trump won the “Rust Belt” states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, the fact is that middle- and upper-class voters, and especially older white folks with money, were the core of Trump’s 62 million voters. This was clearly evident in the Florida exit polls, where Trump got 57% of voters 65 and older, and 56% of those with incomes of $100,000 or more.

While progressives are trying to frighten people with the “Alt-Right” bogeyman, there are no neo-Nazis marching down the palm-tree-lined streets here. Trump won Florida by getting the votes of the same kind of people who always Republican — not angry skinheads, just regular middle-class people and, of course, old white folks with money.

There are a lot of old white folks with money in Florida, and thousands more of them move here every year. This county’s population is growing at about a 2% annual rate, and if you think about it, who retires to a Florida resort community? People with money, that’s who. OK, so go back about 20 years, to when today’s newly retired Floridians were in their 40s, what was happening? Republicans in 1994 took control of Congress for the first time in 40 years, and Newt Gingrich was leading the conservative opposition to Bill Clinton’s policy agenda.

Death rates among white middle-aged Americans have soared 'due to the decline in factory jobs and laid off workers turning to drugs or alcohol or committing suicide'

Free trade is literally killing middle-age white men.

A shock rise in mortality rates for middle-aged, white Americans has been driven by a rise in suicides, drug and alcohol poisonings and liver disease. In 2011, poisonings overtook lung cancer as a leading cause of death in this group and suicides is poised to do so, Princeton researchers said
Increasing competition with China for trade has been blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans.

A silent 'epidemic' of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning within that faction was first highlighted last year.

But scientists were baffled as to why white, middle aged Americans were bucking the national trend of decreasing death rates. Now two economists believe they have found the answer.

Justin Pierce and Peter Schott believe they can trace back the uptick in suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related deaths to 2000, when President Bill Clinton decided to relax the rules on major imports....

American factories, which couldn't compete with China's cheap labor force, shut down in droves, while thousands upon thousands of middle-aged white Americans, without college degrees, were laid off.

Unable to cope, many turned to drugs, alcohol or even took their own lives, according to the research....

The surge in deaths amidst white, middle aged Americans was so significant that Dr Anne Case and Dr Angus Deaton, of Princeton University, compared the 'silent' epidemic to the Aids epidemic in the US.

Case and Deaton were the first to highlight the worrying increase in mortality rates last year in separate research.

Between 1978 and 1998, the study reveals the mortality rate for US whites aged 45 to 54 fell by an average of two per cent each year. This was reflected in other rich countries, including France, Germany, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Sweden.

After 1998, these nations saw mortality rates for this group steadily continue to fall, by two per cent every year.

But, in the US, mortality rates rose by half a per cent a year.

The authors wrote: 'No other rich country saw a similar turnaround.'

They estimate that had the white mortality in the US rate held at its 1998 value, 96,000 lives would have been saved between 1998 and 2013.

And had it continued to fall as it had between 1978 and 1998, 488,500 deaths would have been avoided from 1999 to 2013.

This figure is comparable to the number of deaths caused by the Aids epidemic in the US.

While death rates related to drugs, alcohol and suicides have risen for middle-aged whites across the board, the largest surge are seen among those with the least education.

For those with a high school degree or less, deaths caused by drug and alcohol poisoning rose four fold, suicides increased by 81 per cent, and deaths caused by liver disease and cirrhosis jumped 50 per cent.

All-cause mortality rose by 22 per cent for this least-educated group.

Among those with some college education, researchers noted little change in overall death rates.

While among those people who achieved a bachelor's degree or higher, death rates fell.

A rise in suicide and drug overdoses in midlife, is a recognised trend across the world.

However, the authors note 'that these upward trends were persistent and large enough to drive up all-cause midlife mortality, has, to our knowledge been overlooked'.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Word to the Criminal Migrant

Gulag, Western Style

The oligarchic agenda can be detected in the disastrous nationalization of the health care system; the decadence of an academy which indoctrinates rather than educates; the rise of destructive feminism and the feminization of the culture; the transgendering of everyday life—in Canada, for example, Bill C-16 has been tabled, making “gender expression” a prohibited ground of discrimination and potentially mandating non-binary pronouns such as zhi or hir, as is already the case in New York City where astronomical fines are levied for contravention; the special status ascribed to the incursions of anti-democratic Islam; the “abolition of the family,” as Marx and Engels urged in The Communist Manifesto; and the regulatory strangling of the free market economy and the conjoint attrition of the middle class. Additionally, the leftist project is materially facilitated by the growing prevalence of kangaroo courts run by committed activists of every conceivable stripe and in which no provision whatsoever is made to assist those too often falsely accused of discrimination or being in violation of some obscure code or policy of sanctioned conduct. The judgments handed down against those who have offended the sensibilities of favored identity groups will often involve harshly punitive forms of retribution that may cost a defendant his employment and his livelihood.

A Romanian friend who suffered through Nicolae Ceaușescu’s dictatorship in his home country tells me that in many ways the situation in the “freedom loving” West is actually worse. In Romania, as in the Soviet Union and the rest of the Eastern Bloc, most people knew that the regime was founded on lies and that the media were corrupt, time-serving institutions. Here, on the contrary, people tend to believe that the government is relatively, if not entirely, trustworthy, that the judiciary is impartial, and that the media actually report the news. Citizens are therefore susceptible to mission creep and are piecemeal deceived into a condition of indenture to socialist governance, an activist judiciary, a disinformative, hireling press corps, and left-wing institutions. People will vote massively for the Liberal Party in Canada and the Democrats in the U.S., not realizing they are voting themselves into bondage, penury and stagnation. The process operates insensibly and takes longer to embed itself into the cultural mainstream, but the result is alarmingly effective and durable. My friend has never read F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom or George Orwell’s 1984, but his layman’s insights and practical experience bear out Hayek’s scholarly analysis and Orwell’s dire warnings.

The press doesn't get it and never will. But at long last it's no longer important.

The mountain of Mr. Remnick’s adulation gives birth to a tiny, squeaking mouse. His explanation of Mr. Trump’s success, the tedious screed about Trump the psychotic, extremist dumbbell, is just a jangling echo of the Democratic campaign: a coast-to-coast, wall-to-wall smear job in the absence of any argument for the reelection of the Democrats. It would have been no less fair for the Republicans to have tied Mr. Obama hand-and-foot to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

Mr. Trump won because the United States has had the 15 worst years of misgovernment by all branches and both parties, and the only period of absolute and relative decline, in its history. The new president will have a clear mandate for reform of taxes, spending, health care, immigration, and campaign financing; for a workfare program to address decrepit infrastructure; and for a redefinition of the national interest between George W. Bush’s mindless interventionism andMr. Obama’s Panglossian crusade to make friends of America’s enemies.

Donald Trump is the oldest and wealthiest person elected president, the first not to have had a public office or high military command, the first to pay for his own campaign, and the first since Washington to waive his salary. He has defeated the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, and almost all the dishonest, myth-making national press (including David Remnick). The national political press has declined even more precipitously than the political class, and the president-elect was elevated despite the animosity of both, a signal achievement whose significance those who have been vanquished show no signs of grasping.

Obama goes ‘Full Bernie’

It's never his fault even after he laid his legacy on the line ...
In each revealing interview, the outgoing president drifts a little further away from the politically disciplined and magnanimous reflection he first presented in the intervening days after the historic election.

In his latest analysis found in the next issue of The New Yorker, Obama appears to have let a bit more of his true feelings about Hillary Clinton and her campaign show than he has up to this point.

“Hillary may have been more vulnerable because she was viewed as an insider. And the reporting around the Goldman speeches”—speeches given to Goldman Sachs executives—“might have reduced her advantage, the normal Democratic advantage, in the eyes of working people, that we were standing for them. I don’t think it was fair, but that’s how it played itself out.”
Here we see the beleaguered president, watching his legacy fade into the sunset, settling into his natural habitat. They same Bernie Sanders-like instincts that allowed him to defeat Clinton so easily in 2008. He has known from the beginning that Clinton was a seriously flawed and vulnerable candidate and he instinctively highlights the high-priced Goldman-Sachs speeches and the greedy, money-grubbing narrative that went along with it.

Trump's Thanksgiving Message

It's Thanksgiving in America

Let us thank God for delivering us from evil. 

There is new hope in America. 

God has not given up on us yet, but we need to straighten up and fly right.

Racial healing in Obama's America

Queens man cuffed for trying to push straphanger onto Harlem subway tracks; yelled, 'I hate white people'

Monkey incident sparks clashes in southern Libyan city of Sabha, 16 dead

Liberals preach to us that all religions are the same (and all people who believe in God are deluded).  That there's really no difference between a Baptist, a Jew and a Muslim.  They all pray to the same god.  And that Islam is THE "Religion of Peace."

Unfortunately, reality intrudes.  Which brings us to the story in the headline.

According to residents and local reports, the latest bout of violence erupted between two tribes after an incident in which a monkey that belonged to a shopkeeper from the Gaddadfa tribe attacked a group of schoolgirls who were passing by.

The monkey pulled off one of the girls' head scarf, leading men from the Awlad Suleiman tribe to retaliate by killing three people from the Gaddadfa tribe as well as the monkey, according to a resident who spoke to Reuters.

At this point 16 are dead and over 50 wounded in fighting that included tanks and mortars.  All because a monkey pulled a girl's headscarf off.

I'm not aware of anything that would cause any Baptists and Methodists to go after each other like this.


Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm almost ashamed to posts this.

Hymn of Thanksgiving for Our Deliverance

The Bubble

Morning update via Ace

It turns out that the stories about "fake news" are FAKE NEWS

The fake news study is fake.
The presidential election proved to be fertile ground for the growth of fake news stories. As people became annoyed by tall tales such as “Pope Francis Endorses Donald Trump for President” popping up in their Facebook feeds, the mainstream media decided it was time to fight back. As calls for action from Facebook grew louder, Buzzfeed released a bombshell report: Fake news outperformed real news on Facebook in the final months of the election. This was then widely taken as fact, but it turned out to be, well, untrue.

And then there's this: The Post-Election Pauline Kael Award Goes to. . . . The Left in which the NY Slimes believes that calling Trump a Nazi is the work of his supporters.
The Times editorial continued: “Explicit expressions of bigotry and hatred by Trump supporters were common throughout the campaign, and they have become even more intense since his election. On a department-store window in Philadelphia, vandals spray-painted ‘Sieg Heil 2016’ and Mr. Trump’s name written with a swastika.” Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t the “Sieg Heil” have most likely been sprayed by anti-Trump vandals comparing the president-elect to Hitler? Just asking. One usually doesn’t write “Sieg Heil” as a compliment, except in the insular world of New York Times editorial writers, where Trump voters are viewed as capable of anything.
For "real news" we have to go to the NY Slimes who "reported" that Clinton was a sure winner leading up to the election: All the News that’s Fit to Fake
“The surge is real, and it’s big. It could be enough to overcome Mr. Trump’s strength among white working-class voters in the swing states of Florida and Nevada. If it does, it will almost certainly win her the election,” the Times reported.

Hispanics represented 11 percent of the electorate in 2016, the same as its 2012 share of the vote. Trump performed better with those voters than Mitt Romney did in 2012, according to exit polls. The election results were no better for the other groups that Times promised its readers would flock to Hillary and rebuke Trump: he won 8 percent of black voters, not the 4 percent that the Times said he would. Hillary also failed to garner the 20-point edge among women the Times suggested she would win, nabbing only 54 percent of the female vote.

The daunting poll numbers Trump faced led the Times to ask “Is This Election Over” on an Oct. 18 podcast, as Clinton’s chance of victory creeped up to 91 percent. The podcast came the same day the Times reported that the Clinton campaign aimed to turn a sure-fire victory into a blow-out with “its most ambitious push yet into traditionally right-leaning states.”

The GOP was in danger of losing statehouses across the country, while Clinton hoped a mandate and coattails would give Democrats control of the House and Senate. North Carolina was in play. So was Texas. Democrats were instructed “don’t gloat,” while reporters wondered how Republicans would address the “crucial and onerous decisions” to stonewall or negotiate with Clinton because “Mrs. Clinton is also viewed as someone capable of breaking the ice with congressional Republican leaders.”

With the race already decided, the Times turned its focus to the biggest storyline of the last two weeks of the election: Trump supporters rioting in the streets prompted by the billionaire’s insistence that the vote was rigged.

Washington Post Writer: 'The Greatest Thing That Happened to the Republican Party Is Barack Obama'

Saturday, November 19, 2016


As fun as it is to watch those anti-Trump demos on which white people carry placards slagging off white people, and to read white columnists raging against white rage, and to see white women in the press tearing their hair out over white women who voted for Trump, it’s time to take down the modern left’s obsession with white people.

For following Trump’s shock ascendancy to the White House – another WHITE institution – it’s become clear what all this ‘white people’ talk really represents. It’s not a radical, post-racist attempt to expose where power lies in society and discuss how it might be challenged. On the contrary, it’s a racially charged, dehumanising expression of class contempt by well-connected white people, and some non-whites, for the wrong kind of white people: bad whites; unthinking whites; the dim or undeserving poor; or what used to be known, in times when vile elitism at least had the decency to be honest, as ‘the underclass’....

When commentators talk about ‘low-information white people’, and those obsessed with gun rights, and those who aren’t sure about immigration, do you think they’re talking about the rich white guy in a suit in Florida who voted Trump? Please. We know very well who they’re talking about. They’re talking about the same people who ... are the objects, not the subjects, of every modern political initiative, be it ‘nudge’ policy, the nanny state, or education schemes on how to have sex, how to raise children, how to treat women, and basically how not to be scum. They’re talking about those people. Them. Those whites. The other whites. The inhabitants of the Dark Heart of America, the gruff speakers and unhealthy eaters of the north of England. The insensitive, the ungrateful, the unlearned. Oh for the honesty of the old elitists, who said what they meant: the racially inferior, morally inferior underclass. That’s who they’re talking about.
For all the hysterical talk about Trump being a Nazi, the real believers in the "superman,"  the "master race"  who are here to rule their inferiors, are the mobs in the streets, the demonstrators on college campuses who shout down those who have the "wrong" ideas, the reporters and editorial writers who lined up with Hillary to defeat Trump because he gave voice to the "underclass."  

Fake news and the Washington Post

Facebook's Zuckerberg is trying to eradicate "fake news" from his product.  The problem is deciding what news if "fake."

For example is this fake or real: "Trump has no idea what’s going on in Syria." No idea? Doesn't know that there's a war going on?

It just happens that this headline is on the Washington Post website just below the story about fake news on Facebook.

Forget about Facebook which is devoted to cat pictures, how can we protect the American public from the fake news in the Washington Post?

My Little Girl Almost Became a Human Sacrifice!

A nice, Liberal Jewish family befriends an Iranian family next door.  The children become close friends.  The Nirvana family goes back to Iran for a few weeks and this ...
It was a sunny Sunday morning and Amy went out right after breakfast and met Amir in his backyard. We watched as they began to play and turned away to read the Sunday paper. We were surprised when Amy came back inside a short while later. She walked by us with her head down and started up the stairs to her room. We had expected to have to call her in for lunch so it was odd that she came back so early. I called after her and asked her what was wrong. She told me how little 5-year-old Amir had matter-of-factly informed my innocent 5-year-old daughter that because she is a Jew it is his duty to kill her.

Read the whole thing. It's one of the reasons Trump won the election.

More ...

I wandered back to my bed and lay down. What kind of culture, I wondered, puts ideas like this into the mind of a little boys? How was it, even with parents like my friends Hamid and Haideh, the racket and stink of genocidal hatred could so easily stick to him and be carried so quietly and so deep into the heart of our safe little suburban neighborhood.

And what kind of culture leaves its own citizens so uninformed and unprotected as we are?

Only now, more than thirty years later, I see what is most frightening about what happened to my family. It was never truly about Islam. It is that I could never have anticipated or defended against this threat because, as a liberal I was blinded by the “The Narrative”. The modern liberal/progressive movement with its high priests in the media and its Royal lineage of progressive leaders, starting with Eugene McCarthy and culminating in Carter, Obama, Kerry, and Clinton, intentionally advocates that we agree to be defenseless against the cultural and behavioral dangers that we face. It was my internalization of Political correctness that prevented me from understanding the role of Islam. It was multiculturalism that blocked my ability to see that not all cultures are equal or peaceful. It was “diversity” that encouraged me to want to accept alien cultural influence as beneficial. And it was , “social justice” that encouraged me to want to ignore obvious dangers.

Political Correctness, multiculturalism, diversity and social justice are, after all. intellectual constructs. They are purposefully meant to disarm us- to divorce us from reality and make it impossible to question “The Narrative”.

Trump had 'an unerring instinct for the weaknesses of his opponents'

Listen to Mark Steyn being interviewed by New Zealand radio

Friday, November 18, 2016

P.C. silliness at U.Va.

Donald Trump’s victory has so delighted the U.Va. community that several hundred of its members have already begun working to get him re-elected. The other day 469 faculty members and students sent a letter to university president Teresa Sullivan rebuking her for quoting Thomas Jefferson, the university’s founder.

This paroxysm of political correctness was described by the psychology professor who drafted the letter as an attempt “to start a conversation with our administration regarding ways to be more inclusive.” In the modern university, being inclusive generally means silencing any voice that does not swallow the canon of liberal identity politics whole. Trump’s election was in no small part a reaction against such nonsense.
Read the whole thing.

The Democrats Won’t Autopsy Their Own Corpse

Now, you and rest of the unshaven she-beasts and spindly femboys could take this opportunity for reflection and introspection following the election instead of retreating to your campus safe spaces for vegan cookies and awkward hugs. You could try to figure out where you went wrong losing so many voters who you used to have sewn up. The idea is to figure out how you might be able to prevent similar results in the future. Some call it a “post-event analysis.” In the Army – for the goatee n’ scarf gang, that’s the one that fights on the ground – we call it an “after action review.” Coroners call it an “autopsy.”

And you’ll never, ever do it. Why? Because you are liberals and you already have your answers.

Everyone is racist.

Everyone is sexist.

Everyone is stupid.

Everyone but you, that is. You, the ones the racist, sexist, stupid people beat like a NFL player’s wife.

And speaking of the NFL, have you noticed how its own autopsy of its own dying ratings also seems to have a predetermined outcome, one that studiously avoids any unwelcome conclusions?

Oh, it’s too many ads.

Oh, it’s too many penalties.

Oh, it’s the election.

Anything missing? Anything significant to, say, the kind of people who used to like football? I dunno, maybe the NFL’s coddling of spoiled jerks who disrespect the flag?



Yeah, I played the #Science card. Case closed. Who needs to even talk to the idiots who are clearly too stupid to understand that their role is to rubberstamp the political manifestations of liberal fads and urban mysticism. I mean, some of those people work in fracking and just don’t understand that despite the ever-growing series of “This is it, we’re doomed, we really, really mean it this time” milestones falling back in society’s collective rear-view mirror, the weather obsessions of blue city neurotics are much, much more important than them feeding their families.

Read the whole thing.

The ultimate conservative

The ultimate conservative is the cloistered academic or bureaucrat, who sees danger in the freedom of others to act out of their control, and whose income is secure no matter how slowly the economy grows.


There are still poisoned, prejudiced hearts that retain the hatred of people solely for their race or religion, but far fewer of them, and they are not in power — even under President-Elect Donald Trump. Bannon is no simple hater, but Breitbart’s tolerance for ugly commenters and attacks on political correctness can easily be seen by the paranoid as tarring both Bannon and Trump by association. Feeding this contamination theory of morality where failing to condemn the bad actors often enough makes you guilty by association suits the propagandists of the crony capitalist machine, which has gained nearly complete control of public education and the media in the West. The populist movements that have sprung up are indeed reactionary — reacting to the suppression of dissenting thought and speech. While some of the people supporting them are “deplorable,” the majority is not — and half the US voted for Mr. Trump despite all his flaws, wanting a change from the business-as-usual machine which systematically loots the middle class to support its credentialed nomenklatura and increases the fortunes of the financial industry and the 1% while pretending to care about income inequality.

What those voters want is an end to the condescension and being told what to do by people who think their education entitles them to direct the lives and even the simplest behavior (plastic shopping bag and lightbulb use, for example) of other less enlightened people. We now know from Wikileaks that Obama’s first cabinet was almost literally dictated by a Citibank employee, that Clinton campaign operatives hired people to disrupt Trump rallies then blamed Trump for inspiring violence, and that nearly all media broke journalistic ethics to try to elect Hillary Clinton after they had given Trump so much exposure that he won the Republican nomination. This story quoting a long-time New York Times editor gets at their behavior: the Times wrote to promote a narrative, selectively choosing facts to support it. Stories which did not support their desired narrative weren’t reported at all or were consigned to back pages.

The administrative state has malfunctioned and produced a bureaucracy that cannot build anything at a reasonable cost, or provide the best standard of healthcare for veterans or anyone else. There is little accountability, with even criminal and negligent employees shielded by government employee unions and Civil Service rules. The union of administrative state apparatchiks and the media elite has controlled what the people are allowed to see, but social media now reveal the lies and inconsistencies.

Which is the source of the anger that fed Breitbart’s growth. Citizens who strive to make a living for themselves and their families find themselves denigrated and blocked by bureaucrats. They want to see a return to rewards for the intelligent application of labor and an end to bailouts for losing bankers, subsidies for connected businessmen, and government-enforced monopolists charging too much and limiting their choices.

Donald Trump may end up being a terrible president. But what’s clear from the hysterical reaction to his victory is that the media-academic-bureaucratic forces will sacrifice their credibility to demonize him and try to erode his legitimacy even before he takes office. The new administration would be doing the citizens of the country a great favor if they help Congress take back much of the rule-making and enforcement authority delegated over the years to the executive branch agencies, staffed largely by partisans and entitled hacks. Reforms to Civil Service and government employee unions are necessary to reduce their corrupt and deadening influence on government productivity. Citizens are not getting their money’s worth and are getting tired of the agencies ruling against growth and business, which has created the stagnation that has half of our youth underemployed and the lowest rate of new business formation in post-Depression history. The return of accountability and popular control of government means some incompetent bureaucrats, teachers, and law enforcement personnel will have to find other things to do.

As for me, I retired from running a family office for a wealthy high-tech friend around 2003, when I realized none of the extra money I was making for his family by clever investment was going to do the world any good. Quite the opposite — his wife began donating large sums to causes like the National Resources Defense Counsel (NRDC), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and Democratic politicians. More than likely they gave a large sum to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Emily’s List. These organizations actively harm the people and the future of humanity through promotion of anti-free-market and anti-limited-government propaganda, and are staffed by lawyers living well by doing good, if good is defined as blocking other people’s projects and regulating some businesses to death while awarding others that support their agenda monopolies and subsidies. Because the core support for the Progressive bulldozer is elite, educated people who work in academia and government jobs, where business to be curbed and hindered. The ultimate conservative is the cloistered academic or bureaucrat, who sees danger in the freedom of others to act out of their control, and whose income is secure no matter how slowly the economy grows.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Remember what Trump said about winning?

Here's ACE

Trump said we'd be #winning so much we'd be sick of #Winning.

Well so far there's a lot of #Winning -- but I'm not sick of it yet. So I guess he lied.

But I do just sit around sometimes and smile at I-don't-even-know-what. Oh wait, I do know: It's the #Winning.

Sometimes I feel so filled with bliss and contentment I wonder, "Is this how God feels all the time? Because if it is -- Lucky Ducky!"

I don't know which parts of the #Winning I like the most. The being right all the time? Sure, that's good. The gains? I think I might have mentioned my GAINZZ on one or two occasions, right?

Being one of the people laughing in joy as so many around us cry like little babies?

That's pretty good too.

Oh, and there's this: US Geological Survey thinks it has discovered the largest deposit of oil ever known in America.

The US Geological Survey said Tuesday that it found what could be the largest deposit of untapped oil ever discovered in America.
An estimated average of 20 billion barrels of oil and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas liquids are available for the taking in the Wolfcamp shale, which is in the Midland Basin portion of Texas' Permian Basin.

Based on a West Texas Intermediate crude oil price of $45 per barrel, those deposits are worth about $900 billion.
Gee I wonder if President "I'm gonna make you rich" Trump and the Governor of Texas Greg Abbot -- who is known to hate animals and human beings -- will permit oil companies to actually exploit these Resources of #Win?

I think they will.

So: What are you most thankful for, as far as your ever-growing pile of #Wins and vanquished enemies groveling at your feet for you to give them a quick death, which you absolutely won't give them, because you have an hour to kill before you head over to the 21 Club to eat sushi wrapped in gold flake off the bodies of the finest Asian glamour models and European Formula One racers with really good abs but like not so well-defined that they look like they work at like one of those vain gymrat types but just were born with great genetics like maybe they even have prince-blood in them?

The Borking of Bannon — or Why Trump’s Breitbart Pick Bests the New York Times’ Arthur Sulzberger

Bannon is a good guy.  Sulzberger, on the other hand is a racist antisemite.

If Hillary had been elected and Sulzberger had been appointed as her assistant here's how that would have gone ...

Critics are furious about President-elect Clinton’s appointment to a top White House post of the publisher of the New York Times, a publication that kept its bureau open in Nazi Germany with a swastika flag flying out front while downplaying the news of the Holocaust being committed against the Jews of Europe.

In more recent days, the Times has editorially advocated for a deal that would give $150 billion to the government of Iran, which denies the Holocaust and has promised to wipe Israel of the map while funding terrorist groups that target Israeli civilians and Jewish targets overseas.

Sulzberger’s newspaper repeatedly dwells on the Jewish background of criminals; has called for cutting aid to the Israeli military, a position far outside the American bipartisan political mainstream; recently apologized after likening a drug dealer to a rabbi; described a character in a news feature as a “decorous Jew”; and editorialized against accommodating Orthodox Jewish women in New York public swimming pools by complaining about their “strong odor.”

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Moderate Massacres

Recounting the stupidity that caused the Mullahs to take over Iran is enough to make grown men weep.

This is the pattern of American interventionism. Our leaders get it into their heads that an industrialized and secular but repressive country in the Middle East doesn’t sufficiently resemble Burlington, Vermont. They seek out the nearest AK-toting, kaffiyeh-clad street tough who speaks enough English to say, “The Islamic republic will be like the French republic.” Elated to have found an enlightened (not to mention hunky!) young upstart amid all these drab handlebar mustaches, they chuck fistfuls of cash and munitions at him until he deposes the old regime, ideally with bayonets. And when, in a cruel and truly inexplicable twist of fate, our friend Muhammad al-Guevara turns out to be a bloodthirsty terrorist, we just scratch our heads and go home. When he starts massacring Christians, Jews, and gays, we do our best not to think about it. When his sympathizers kill our Christians, Jews, and gays, we quietly remind ourselves that anyone who reads too much into it is an Islamophobe.

Islamophobia is a myth, and the “backlash” against moderate Muslims after terrorist attacks has never come to pass. But that doesn’t mean the West doesn’t treat moderates poorly. It does. It kills them whenever they gain power in the Middle East and replaces them with genocidal fanatics. We make life unbearable for any Arab or Persian whose idea of a hot date night doesn’t include sipping lemon water at the beheading of a woman who exposed her eyebrows in public. Much as our elites might feel for moderate Muslims in the West, they’ve done everything in their power to make them unwelcome in their homeland.
Read the whole thing.

Trump forces black family from home


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cognitive dissonance and the Hillary riots.

Scott Adams has made me think … again.

Viewing the riots across the country of violent Hillary supporters attacking Trump supporters, the police and any private property that they find handy has disgusted me. I suspected that most of the riot crowds were Rent-a-Mobs paid for by Soros and the DNC.

But if Adams is right, many of these people are not paid rioters but volunteers. So the question then becomes, why are they reacting so violently to a Presidential election that they lost?

Republicans don’t take to the streets when they lose. What’s going on? Here’s Adams explanation.

Earlier this week listed 24 different theories that pundits have provided for why Trump won. And the list isn’t even complete. I’ve heard other explanations as well. What does it tell you when there are 24 different explanations for a thing?

It tells you that someone just dropped a cognitive dissonance cluster bomb on the public. Heads exploded. Cognitive dissonance set in. Weird theories came out. This is the cleanest and clearest example of cognitive dissonance you will ever see. Remember it.

This phenomenon is why a year ago I told you I was putting so much emphasis on PREDICTING the outcome of the election using the Master Persuader Filter. I told you it would be easy to fit any theory to the facts AFTER the result. And sure enough, we can fit lots of theories to the facts. At least 24 of them by CNN’s count.

Generally speaking, the greater the persuasion, the more cognitive dissonance you get. Trump is – in my opinion – the greatest persuader of my lifetime. I expected this level of cognitive dissonance. Next time you see a persuader of this magnitude, you can expect the outcome to be cognitive dissonance in that case too.

This brings me to the anti-Trump protests. The protesters look as though they are protesting Trump, but they are not. They are locked in an imaginary world and battling their own hallucinations of the future. Here’s the setup that triggered them.

1. They believe they are smart and well-informed.

2. Their good judgement told them Trump is OBVIOUSLY the next Hitler, or something similarly bad.

3. Half of the voters of the United States – including a lot of smart people – voted Trump into office anyway.

Those “facts” can’t be reconciled in the minds of the anti-Trumpers. Mentally, something has to give. That’s where cognitive dissonance comes in.

There are two ways for an anti-Trumper to interpret that reality. One option is to accept that if half the public doesn’t see Trump as a dangerous monster, perhaps he isn’t. But that would conflict with a person’s self-image as being smart and well-informed in the first place. When you violate a person’s self-image, it triggers cognitive dissonance to explain-away the discrepancy.

So how do you explain-away Trump’s election if you think you are smart and you think you are well-informed and you think Trump is OBVIOUSLY a monster?

You solve for that incongruity by hallucinating – literally – that Trump supporters KNOW Trump is a monster and they PREFER the monster. In this hallucination, the KKK is not a nutty fringe group but rather a symbol of how all Trump supporters must feel. (They don’t. Not even close.)

In a rational world it would be obvious that Trump supporters include lots of brilliant and well-informed people. That fact – as obvious as it would seem – is invisible to the folks who can’t even imagine a world in which their powers of perception could be so wrong. To reconcile their world, they have to imagine all Trump supporters as defective in some moral or cognitive way, or both.

As I often tell you, we all live in our own movies inside our heads. Humans did not evolve with the capability to understand their reality because it was not important to survival. Any illusion that keeps us alive long enough to procreate is good enough.

That’s why the protestors live in a movie in which they are fighting against a monster called Trump and you live in a movie where you got the president you wanted for the changes you prefer. Same planet, different realities.

If this is correct, then we have to ask ourselves the question: why do these people believe the Trump is Hitler and that the people who voted for him want to vote for Hitler?

You don’t have to go far to find the answer. Every four years the Republican candidate for President is Hitler. Bush is Hitler ... or the Devil himself. McCain was Hitler. George Romney was a dog abusing, wife killing Hitler. Trump is obviously a spray tanned Hitler.

The Democrats tell us he’s Hitler. The media agrees that he’s Hitler and interview anyone who will validate that belief. Professors will teach you why he’s Hitler reincarnated.

If you read the major newspapers, watch the news at night, listen to your professors and attend any Democrat campaign rally you can’t help but understand the Republican running for President is Hitler and is going to kill you and blow up the planet.  One person even told me that Trump will start a nuclear war with Putin even though he believes that Putin put Trump into office. 

Hillary got applause and laughter when she told her audience that Trump’s supporters were “deplorables.” Worse yet, they are “irredeemable.” That means they are not able to be saved, improved or corrected. In so many words, they are Nazi scum who can’t be reasoned with but must be destroyed. She has cast half the country into outer darkness where not even Jesus saves.

Think I’m exaggerating? Not a bit. Here are pictures of Hillary supporters and their signs.

And here’s the Associated Press November 12:

 NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump may take a victory tour to states that elected him president, an aide said Saturday, as boisterous protests unfolded outside the tower where he holed up with members of his transition team and fielded calls congratulating him.

Note the editorial in these words: Gangsters and people like Hitler HOLE UP, respectable Democrats MEET WITH their aides after a stunning election victory.  

And the Virginian Pilot is giving the voters of Virginia Beach a tongue lashing for voting down multi-million dollar light rail boondoggle to connect up with the worst light rail system in the country, Norfolk’s TIDE with the Beach.  They even hinted that voting against an electric trolley would mean that Virginia Beach would stop being a tourist destination.  It looks like the real estate developers and media moguls in Tidewater Virginia won’t be getting multi-million dollar rake-offs from the residents of The Beach.

The bottom line is this: the Democrats are in disarray thanks to the repudiation of its anointed leader.  But they have told a lot of their gullible followers that the man elected President by the country is Hitler.  The media are echoing that lie.  The destruction, injuries and even deaths that will result from this epochal lie is the responsibility of the Democrats in office, in the media and in academia.

Democrats in and out of the press have done great damage to the American Melting Pot.  In fact they reject the melting pot, denying that there is anything that's quintessentially American.  To them we are hyphenated, tribes living next to each other, in constant conflict.  Their narrative, their disdain for the heartland - the working middle class - the political correctness that told everyone who differed from them to shut up and sit down, was Donald Trump biggest electoral asset.

The children are not to blameless but the adults have so much to answer for.  

A Liberal gets it (F-word warning)

How easily the college-educated go barking mad.

The most reliable “safe space” is a padded cell. The least reliable ought to be on campus.

The new administration might want to consider “transitioning” several Ivy League universities into mental homes to serve an urgent public need.

It is said that the President-elect scares people; foreigners especially. This is the good news. The more they fear him, the better chance of peace.

Have you noticed that people who accuse him of hate crimes are frothing at the mouth? … No? …

I have.

Anti-Trump protesters the real deplorables

I would like to address all of you rioting hippies, fifth-generation welfare leeches and assorted illegal immigrants who are currently looting, burning and carjacking your way across the college campuses and free-stuff districts of America.

First of all, can we describe these civil disturbances for what they really are? These are not “anti-Trump” riots, they are “pro-Hillary” temper tantrums.

Tuesday was the revolt of the working classes. Now we have an ongoing insurrection of the non-working classes.

All the same Occupy vermin who camped out on the Greenway to protest the corrupt patriarchy of Wall Street one-percenters are now protesting the fair-and-square defeat of the corrupt candidate who was supported by 99.99 percent of Wall Street one-percenters.

Go figure.

I beseech you snowflakes. Put down your therapy puppies and your Molotov cocktails.

President-elect Trump has asked me to personally reassure you that he has no plans to compel anyone to actually get jobs in this new post-Trumpocalaypse America.

Nobody will intrude on your safe space — the couch in front of the wide-screen TV in your mom’s Sect. 8 apartment.

Dudes, look on the bright side of what happened Tuesday — your midterms have been canceled, and weed is now legal.

They’re not bright, obviously — have you seen the photo of the protester with the sign demanding “Deport Fashiosm”?

Apparently they’ve already deported Spell Check.

But I think I’ve figured out why the Young Democrats are so distraught. They believed, and apparently continue to believe, that post-election, we were planning to do to them what they were planning to do to us.

Read the whole thing.

Progressives then and now


Podesta Friend At DOJ Led Cover-Up Of IRS Scandal

Part of the swamp that needs draining:

Senior Department of Justice official Peter J. Kadzik, newly exposed by WikiLeaks as colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, is the same Obama appointee who helped cover up the Internal Revenue Service’s deliberate targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups. ...

[Lois] Lerner refused to testify at congressional hearings, instead invoking her Fifth Amendment rights to avoid possible self-incrimination. Congressional investigators found that the IRS targeted right-of-center 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy groups during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. They determined that Lerner organized an unprecedented crackdown on Tea Party and conservative groups and then attempted to scapegoat those nonprofits, blaming them for the harsh treatment they received at her instigation. ...

At DOJ, Kadzik also put the kibosh a year ago on any possible criminal prosecution of Lois Lerner. ... Kadzik was dismissive. "Ineffective management is not a crime," he wrote. "The Department of Justice's exhaustive probe revealed no evidence that would support a criminal prosecution. What occurred is disquieting and may necessitate corrective action — but it does not warrant criminal prosecution."

Kadzik wrote there was no proof of bad intent on Lerner's part and that she seemed to try to correct the inappropriately tough scrutiny on conservative and Tea Party nonprofits once she "recognized that it was wrong." "In fact, Ms. Lerner was the first IRS official to recognize the magnitude of the problem and to take concerted steps to fix it," he wrote. ...

Kadzik is tied to the Democratic Party Establishment and is a donor to Democrat candidates. Using his private Gmail account, on May 19, 2015, Kadzik tipped off John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman and former White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton's administration, about an upcoming hearing, according to a WikiLeaks document dump. ...

Earlier this year, WikiLeaks published a Sept. 8, 2008 email from Podesta, then serving on the Obama transition team, to Cassandra Butts of the Obama campaign. Podesta boasted in it that Kadzik — who represented him when he was accused of procuring a job for Bill Clinton paramour Monica Lewinsky as a way to keep her quiet — was a "fantastic lawyer" who "kept me out of jail."

Media still struggles with the difference between a protest and a riot

My hopes for a media postmortem after the election concluded appear to have been (mostly) dashed. For the third day in a row now I’ve woken up and turned on the news only to see CNN and MSNBC talking heads speaking in earnest tones about the “protests” taking place in response to Tuesday’s victory of President Elect Trump. There are always a few exceptions, but most of the coverage I’m seeing once again takes the same tone we’ve grown used to during the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, Chicago and beyond. The words stand in stark contrast to the scenes playing out on the screen as roadways are blocked, bottles are hurled, fires break out and “peaceful protesters” smash up police vehicles.

This is a riot


This is a protest.
Tea Party Rally

This is a riot

This is a protest
Tea Party Rally 2


Glenn Reynolds on the new media and rioters after the Trump election victory.



Stop the insanity!

Days after Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the presidency, liberal America remains in the throes of a massive mental and emotional meltdown.

Anti-Trump protests have spread to more cities and continue to turn violent. In Portland Thursday night, rioters stoned police and vandalized businesses and cars.

Anyone expressing support for Trump has become the target of unrestrained venom: There are calls to boycott New Balance — its sneakers have been publicly burned — because an official said Trump would be better on trade issues.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Grubhub, the online food-delivery service, demanded that employees who agree with Trump resign, because “you have no place here.” (He had to retreat: His lawyers read him the First Amendment and noted that political discrimination also violates California law.)

This is just vicious stuff. But for pure pathos crossing into the absurd, we turn (as usual) to the college campus. Consider:

  •  The University of Michigan offered its traumatized students coloring books and Play-Doh to calm them. (Are its students in college or kindergarten?)