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Thursday, November 17, 2016


The Borking of Bannon — or Why Trump’s Breitbart Pick Bests the New York Times’ Arthur Sulzberger

Bannon is a good guy.  Sulzberger, on the other hand is a racist antisemite.

If Hillary had been elected and Sulzberger had been appointed as her assistant here's how that would have gone ...

Critics are furious about President-elect Clinton’s appointment to a top White House post of the publisher of the New York Times, a publication that kept its bureau open in Nazi Germany with a swastika flag flying out front while downplaying the news of the Holocaust being committed against the Jews of Europe.

In more recent days, the Times has editorially advocated for a deal that would give $150 billion to the government of Iran, which denies the Holocaust and has promised to wipe Israel of the map while funding terrorist groups that target Israeli civilians and Jewish targets overseas.

Sulzberger’s newspaper repeatedly dwells on the Jewish background of criminals; has called for cutting aid to the Israeli military, a position far outside the American bipartisan political mainstream; recently apologized after likening a drug dealer to a rabbi; described a character in a news feature as a “decorous Jew”; and editorialized against accommodating Orthodox Jewish women in New York public swimming pools by complaining about their “strong odor.”

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