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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Coming Issue (Religious Freedom)

Bud Norman

Sometimes the big stories sneak up on a country, but in this case we have been duly forewarned by a remarkably candid Solicitor General. Whether or not any institution of freely associated Americans can continue to hew to a traditional ideal of sexual morality without penalty is going to be an issue. Most churches hew to a traditional ideal of sexual morality, as do most synagogues, and even the more moderate mosques are downright strict about it, which will raise all sorts of interesting multi-cultural issues for the sorts of people who concern themselves with such things, and many of the unchurched and apolitical are also reluctant to embrace the newly fashionable attitudes, so we expect it’s going to be quite an issue. There’s already a broader of issue about religious freedom, which includes another case awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision about Obamacare’s requirement that nuns purchase contraceptive coverage as part of their health care plans, and the debate about whether businesses should be compelled to participate in same-sex marriages, and elite opinion’s general disdain for Judeo-Christian western civilization, and a Solicitor General has made clear that there’s more coming.

Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" America.   You were warned.  Some promises he kept.

The Paradox of Dogma: How the Left Is Crippling Itself

Is the stifling orthodoxy of the left eventually going to cripple it?

Recently, for example, a gay New York businessman had the temerity to sponsor a “fireside chat” with Republican presidential candidate and arch-conservative Ted Cruz. He was, of course, required to repent the error, calling it “a terrible mistake” to actually talk to a politician who disagrees with him about gay marriage. We can assume that no gay businessman or activist will repeat that error any time soon, which is the whole point.

More recently, the actress Alice Eve got into trouble for stating the obvious fact that Bruce Jenner is not a woman. She, too, was forced to recant, concluding: “I felt confused and now I feel enlightened and like I know what education I need to move forward.”

What gives this a creepy totalitarian feel is the way she found it necessary, not only to change her views, but to express gratitude for her re-education....

The Onion, as usual, manages to encapsulate the whole thing in a headline: “College Encourages Lively Exchange of Idea: Students, Faculty Invited to Freely Express Single Viewpoint.”

If I were to come up with one idea for how the left could cripple itself over the long term, it would be: teach your young adherents that ideological debate is an abnormal trauma and that it is a terrible imposition to ever expect them to engage in it. It is a great way of raising a generation of mental cripples. And that is exactly what they have set out to do.

Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Joys in the Hood: Ramping Up for "The Long Hot Summer" of 2015

Vander Leun on the prospect for urban violence.

Baltimore 1968

When it comes to the left-behinds in urban black ghettos from coast to coast calling for "new" urban renewal at this point is indeed so much blah-blah; pure blather. If you've had urban reNEWal already "new renewal" is just a case of trying to find a way to chrome a turd. You might be able to spray something on but it will never survive buffing.

Billions upon billions of dollars and decades of effort have gone down the drain of the left-behinds to no effect other than enriching the scamsters of "urban renewal." Baltimore is good solid case study in the proposition that nothing other than firm and unwavering policing over decades will help a deserted population captive to its nature as much as its nurture.

The first job of government (free or fascist) is, after all, the maintenance of public order. Without public order nothing good can thrive and without public order, as we see in the burned out and trashed businesses of Baltimore, nothing good can survive.

Once the flames have become ashes and the new cars driving in to haul loot away have faded away there is one lesson that Baltimore's taught other urban ghettos watching the fun on their flatscreen TVs: The police are frightened of those they are asked to police and the politicians who rule the police are even more terrified of the ghetto population. What other ghettos from Brooklyn to LA learn from Baltimore is that if they appear as flash riot mobs in enough numbers they will be able to loot as they please. Baltimore's rulers have assured the left-behinds that the cops won't come in shooting. And they won't.

Until they do. Or until the National Guard does.

Or until someone else entirely does.

The head instigator of our current race riots, Barack Obama, has defined the red-hot Baltimore riots “a slow-rolling crisis.... This is not new, and we shouldn’t pretend that it’s new.” He might as well have added that under his leadership the race rioting will get worse since his minions cannot let "a slow-rolling crisis" go to waste. It will get worse and spread because what Obama and his cohort teach is essentially 'looting will be tolerated within zones that will be protected by the police we control.'

Read the whole thing, it gets worse.  Gerard is not hopeful; and I think his pessimism is, at least for now, warranted.

Truths about the media for consrvatives

Ten Media Truths for Conservative/Republican Legislators
  1. The Media hates you, and wants you to die in a grease fire.
  2. The Media will only reliably compliment you when you do things to help liberals and Democrats.
  3. The Media loves it when you attack other conservatives/Republicans.
  4. You will never, ever, ever be able to reliably buy off the Media by being a ‘good’ (i.e., self-hating) conservative/Republican.
  5. Every flaw that you have – real or perceived – will be magnified by the Media. You will get no slack at all.
  6. Every flaw that your opponent has – real or perceived – will be downplayed by the Media.
  7. If you get an endorsement from a major Media source, it’s probably because your opponent was caught in a horrific scandal. So don’t count on getting that endorsement the next time.
  8. The Media has no shame, no sense of guilt, and no institutional memory of its own faults, flaws, and prejudices. Do not appeal to its better nature: the Media could care less about your opinion of it.
  9. Do not whine about any of this: the truth is, this unrelenting hostility from the Media will (if properly handled) simply make you an unstoppable political machine.
  10. Most importantly: THE MEDIA DID NOT ELECT YOU. The voters did. Keep that in mind when you’re working out your legislative priorities.

I believe this with all my heart.  If I were ever to run for office, or advise someone I knew who's running for office I would run against the media.   I would ignore my political opponent in the knowledge that the media is his main base of support - apart from Yellow-Dog Democrats.  And the media is hated with a white hot hatred by the voters I want to attract.  The strategy is to attack the media while tying my opponent to the media.  My message: "the Fascist/Communist/Evil/Lying hacks who always want to raise your taxes, waste your money and tell you what to do are on my opponents side; you don't want to vote for the Evil One, do you?"   It's a slam dunk!

South Korean Immigrant looks at his looted store

Smashed, looted and burned by the mob - inside the destruction of Baltimore as shopkeepers tell how they fled burning shops and one says he called police 50 times - and nobody came
A friend of the bar owner helps survey the damage at The Oxford Taven, a bar on the corner of West North and North Fulton Avenues

Hope: Sun Tang had left his job at Johns Hopkins to build the Oxford Tavern - seen before last night's violence - into a successful business but it was badly hit by the riots

Meanwhile at Salon there are quite a few people cheering the destruction. Benji Hart is one.  It's strange in a way.  The Left runs these cities, they run the cops, they run the schools, no one on the Right has been withing shouting distance of the problems they have created.  But we're still to blame. We're Emmanuel Goldstein and they will have their two minutes of hate.

Make a note, 50 years from now New York will be like Baltimore.  Detroit will be open fields again.

Riot-Plagued Baltimore Is a Catastrophe Entirely of the Democratic Party’s Own Making

A few weeks ago, there was an election in Ferguson, Mo., the result of which was to treble the number of African Americans on that unhappy suburb’s city council. This was greeted in some corners with optimism — now, at last, the city’s black residents would have a chance to see to securing their own interests.

This optimism flies in the face of evidence near — St. Louis — and far — Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco . . .

St. Louis has not had a Republican mayor since the 1940s, and in its most recent elections for the board of aldermen there was no Republican in the majority of the contests; the city is overwhelmingly Democratic, effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department.

Baltimore has seen two Republicans sit in the mayor’s office since the 1920s — and none since the 1960s. Like St. Louis, it is effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department.

Philadelphia has not elected a Republican mayor since 1948. The last Republican to be elected mayor of Detroit was congratulated on his victory by President Eisenhower.

Atlanta, a city so corrupt that its public schools are organized as a criminal conspiracy against its children, last had a Republican mayor in the 19th century. Its municipal elections are officially nonpartisan, but the last Republican to run in Atlanta’s 13th congressional district did not manage to secure even 30 percent of the vote; Atlanta is effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department.

Yes, Baltimore seems to have some police problems. But let us be clear about whose fecklessness and dishonesty we are talking about here: No Republican, and certainly no conservative, has left so much as a thumbprint on the public institutions of Baltimore in a generation. Baltimore’s police department is, like Detroit’s economy and Atlanta’s schools, the product of the progressive wing of the Democratic party enabled in no small part by black identity politics. This is entirely a left-wing project, and a Democratic-party project....

The evidence suggests very strongly that the left-wing, Democratic claques that run a great many American cities — particularly the poor and black cities — are not capable of running a school system or a police department. They are incompetent, they are corrupt, and they are breathtakingly arrogant. Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore — this is what Democrats do.

Read the whole thing.

Whole Foods Blasted Online After Making Sandwiches for Members of the National Guard in Baltimore

This is tone-deaf, especially when thousands of school kids in Baltimore need lunch, @WholeFoods. 


Update on the Clinton Foundation

REPORT: Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose 1,100 Foreign Donations...

Hillary Avoids Press Question By Talking to Herself?



VT Sanders Ready...

How the Ruling Class lives

While rioters look and burn in Baltimore, the Ruling Class has a dinner party that would make the Sun King envious.

The first course, Toro Tartare and Caesar Sashimi Salad (pictured below), is wrapped in clear acetate and tied with a Mizuhiki cord, Yahoo! Food reports.

The second course, Vegetable Consomme En Croute and Shikai Maki, is a tribute to FLOTUS’s kitchen garden.‎ The main course is American Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Spring Vegetables and Maui Onion Veal Jus.

 State Dinner

State Dinner

The dinner will include a sake toast and three American wines, all from California: the 2013 Ryo-fu Chardonnay from Freeman Vineyard & Winery, founded by Ken and Akiko Freeman in Sebastopol; the 2010 Joli Coeur Pinot Noir from Morlet Family Vineyards in St. Helena; and the 2007 Russian River Cuvee sparkling wine from Iron Horse Vineyards, also in Sebastopol.

 State Dinner

There's a Bastille in there somewhere.

Thousands of new Lerner emails found

An inspector general investigating the IRS’s improper scrutiny of Tea Party groups has found thousands of emails from Lois Lerner, the agency official at the center of that controversy, according to committees involved in the probe.

Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration (TIGTA) said it found roughly 6,400 emails either to or from Lerner from between 2004 and 2013 that it didn’t think the IRS had turned over to lawmakers, the congressional committees said. The committees have yet to examine the emails, aides on Capitol Hill said.

The IRS said last year that Lerner’s computer crashed in 2011, leaving it unable to reproduce an untold number of her emails over the prior two years.

We want to see what's in all the "lost" e-mails.

DRUDGE on America as Baltimore

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DRUDGE on Baltimore Race Riots


City scrambles to save tourism, conventions...

Intel warning: Gang attacks on white cops might spread...

Schools closed...

Orioles games cancelled...

Team VP blasts 'militarized and aggressive surveillance state'...

Troops deployed...

KING: My Uncle MLK JR Would 'Be Heartbroken'...

VIDEO: Mother confronts son rioting...

Maryland Pols Walk Out on CNN Interview...

Jay Rosen thinks that the Press has a deep dark secret.

“The Washington press corps is like that big extended family with a terrible secret that cannot be confronted because everyone knows how bad it would be if the discussion ever got real.”
And what's the secret that' making them neurotic?

I’m sure you have your ideas. Here is mine. I know it will sound crazy (and provide a few chuckles) to those in the room tonight at the Washington Hilton, but I don’t care because the event is itself one gigantic neurotic symptom that begs for some interpretation.

The Washington press corps is like that big extended family with a terrible secret that cannot be confronted because everyone knows how bad it would be if the discussion ever got real. The event at the center of this neurotic system: the failure to detect a phony case for war in 2002 and 2003 and more generally to challenge the Bush forces after 9/11. And this wasn’t just any failure. For a press that imagines itself a watchdog, failing to detect a faulty case for war, then watching the war unfold into the biggest foreign policy disaster in memory… that is an event so huge and deflating that it amounts to an identity crisis.

Now add to that very specific failure a larger lesson that is also too painful to face: in Washington access journalism has been a bust. It doesn’t work. Its practices made possible the spectacular fall down in the run-up to the Iraq War. (Under Obama it’s been so thin that Politico is this week asking: is the White House press corps becoming obsolete?) After a maximal failure like 2002-04 there needed to be a critical reckoning with the whole idea of “access to inside sources as reliable route to scoops.” You can’t maintain that idea and think of yourself as a watchdog, an adversarial force. Not with what happened in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Got it? The thing that's making the press corps crazy is their guilt for failing to stop Bush from invading Iraq. Ever since then, the press has been dysfunctional.

When you read that you realize how deluded Rosen - a handy symbol of the press - really is.

After being challenged, Rosen gets testy. It's fun to read the comments.

Race and the riots in Baltimore

Bud Norman

Baltimore’s mostly black police force reports to a black police chief who reports to a black mayor, who in turn is held accountable in regularly scheduled elections by a mostly black population, and should that fail there’s always recourse to a federal Justice Department run by a black Attorney General who reports to a black President of the United States, who now apparently believes he is unaccountable to anyone. While the riots held a ballpark full of fans captive over the weekend the president was about 40 miles of interstate away regaling the White House Correspondents Dinner audience with a comedy routine about his attitude toward governance rhymes with “bucket,” and using some Comedy Central comic as an “anger translator” to convey his righteously black indignation with his critics, and all that apologia about the inherently racist nature of America seemed wildly out of date.
Come to think of it, a lot of the murder, mayhem and riots that happen outside of the US also involve Black or Asian or Arab cultures run by members of the same race.   Only in the US is it the fault of "Whitey."

Not wanting to sound paranoid or anything, but it's almost as if someone, or a group of people, want to set black against white ... for purposes of gaining even more political power.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Charity watchdog: Clinton Foundation a ‘slush fund’

The Clinton Foundation’s finances are so messy that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put it on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits last month.

The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.

The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.

That the exact definition of a slush fund. The Clinton foundation is a money laundering operation.

Business opportunity for Christian-friendly internet companies.

GoFundMe has determined that if Christians are accused of crimes, such as not baking cakes for gay weddings, they will not be able to use their service.

It appears that gay activists have objected to a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to keep the Sweet Cakes bakery in business or pay the fine, which could be as high as $150,000, for declining to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

It is, of course, the right of GoFundMe to deny service to anyone – even as Sweet Cakes is denied the same right – but it leaves a market for a competitor to GoFundMe who is willing to support fund raising efforts to Christians who run afoul of government agencies.

I doubt that GoFundMe has a business plan with high barriers to entry. One of its biggest fundraisers, for Memories Pizza, received over $800,000 due to publicity on conservative media, not because of any effort on the part of GoFundMe. GoFundMe does not provide publicity for any of the crowdsourcing it carries. It simply provides an internet platform, one for which they receive about 5% of the amount raised.

It seems to me that a conservative internet content provider like PJ Media could seize the opportunity to provide a service while creating a place where increasingly embattled religious groups could congregate. If someone questions the market potential, look at the success of FOX News which thrives on serving the information needs of the conservative community.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Is Why Real people Hate the Media - and Rightly So.

Sonny Bunch at the Washington Free Beacon..

As a decadent Beltway establishment RINO in good standing, I have to say: I don’t really have a problem with the White House Correspondents Dinner as a concept. [The way it's a meet-and-greet opportunity for the Ruling Class] Still. The parties beforehand, the parties after, mingling with people you would otherwise never get a chance to mingle with, hearing the president tell a few jokes. Good times!

However. Treating this evening as if it’s something the rest of the country should care about is, at best, tone deaf. Does anyone really care if the president tells a joke to a room filled with journalists who wish they were pretty enough to be celebrities and celebrities who wish they were smart enough to hold forth on the political issues of the day? Of course not. [The assumption that "journalists" are smart is one of those bits of self-puffery that's self-evidently stupid]

Which brings me to last night, when CNN was providing red carpet coverage (!) and interviewing president Obama’s joke writers and former body men while Baltimore—a city that’s about a half-hour away from D.C., sans traffic—burned. [It didn't burn, it was just a good old fashioned race riot brought to you by Obama/Holder] ...

Those of us who saw, say, this:

It’s a CNN host telling the audience to go f—k itself if they want to get news about riots in Baltimore, that they can check out local news reports or hop on Twitter to find out what was going on or wait until the morning. They were going to stick on “most powerful man in the world” who was going to tell some (awful) jokes.

Drone captures Peterhof Palace fountains springing to life

Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures

Has climate data been "adjusted" to correspond with the biases of man-made global warming advocatges?

Back in January and February, two items in this column attracted more than 42,000 comments to the Telegraph website from all over the world. The provocative headings given to them were “Climategate the sequel: how we are still being tricked by flawed data on global warming” and “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest scientific scandal”.

My cue for those pieces was the evidence multiplying from across the world that something very odd has been going on with those official surface temperature records, all of which ultimately rely on data compiled by NOAA’s GHCN. Careful analysts have come up with hundreds of examples of how the original data recorded by 3,000-odd weather stations has been “adjusted”, to exaggerate the degree to which the Earth has actually been warming. Figures from earlier decades have repeatedly been adjusted downwards and more recent data adjusted upwards, to show the Earth having warmed much more dramatically than the original data justified.

So strong is the evidence that all this calls for proper investigation that my articles have now brought a heavyweight response.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has enlisted an international team of five distinguished scientists to carry out a full inquiry into just how far these manipulations of the data may have distorted our picture of what is really happening to global temperatures.

For example, this graph shows global warming. but the actual data has been "adjusted."

An adjusted graph from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies

This graph shows no global warming; in fact a slight cooling. The data have not been "adjusted."

The raw data in graph form

For this the GWPF panel is initially inviting input from all those analysts across the world who have already shown their expertise in comparing the originally recorded data with that finally published. In particular, they will be wanting to establish a full and accurate picture of just how much of the published record has been adjusted in a way which gives the impression that temperatures have been rising faster and further than was indicated by the raw measured data.

Already studies based on the US, Australia, New Zealand, the Arctic and South America have suggested that this is far too often the case.

But only when the full picture is in will it be possible to see just how far the scare over global warming has been driven by manipulation of figures accepted as reliable by the politicians who shape our energy policy, and much else besides. If the panel’s findings eventually confirm what we have seen so far, this really will be the “smoking gun”, in a scandal the scale and significance of which for all of us can scarcely be exaggerated.

Race Riot In Baltimore - Fans Locked In Camden Yards

The details

Baltimore (AFP) — Protesters smashed police cars and shop windows in downtown Baltimore on Saturday when the biggest demonstration over the death of a young African-American man in police custody turned violent.

More than 1,000 people joined an orderly 90-minute rally at Baltimore city hall demanding justice for Freddie Gray, who died last Sunday from spinal injuries, a week after his arrest in the city’s impoverished west side.

But the mood shifted dramatically when several scores of protesters moved on to the Camden Yards baseball stadium, an hour before the scheduled start of a Baltimore Orioles-Boston Red Sox game.

Live images from local television news helicopters showed a youthful crowd hurling soda bottles and trash cans at police officers alongside the Sports Legends museum and Camden Yards ticket booths.

“Protesters are now breaking windows and throwing items at us,” the Baltimore police department confirmed on its Twitter feed. “We are asking everyone to remain peaceful.”

Others were seen smashing shop windows and blocked intersections, with one motorist getting a rock through her car window, CBS affiliate WBAL reported.

Five police cars were seen by an AFP photographer getting their windows smashed, before riot police moved in.
Inside the baseball stadium
11:19 PM: Boyle reports People were allowed to leave the Orioles’ Stadium at the end of the extra-innings game, right after Baltimore hit a walk-off home run. Seconds earlier, an announcement came over the loudspeaker at the stadium telling fans they were no longer going to be kept in the stadium.

9:58 PM: Investigative reporter Matthew Boyle reports that both he and a family member both tried to escape the scene of destruction and chaos, but were prevented by a forcible lockout. No one is allowed to leave Oriole Park at Camden Yards. There are at least 15,000 people trapped in the stadium — and it’s the bottom of the tenth inning.

This is what race relations look like in Obama's America.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Superquake Rocks Nepal

Paul Nungesser sues Columbia, it's President Lee Bollinger and Professor Jon Kessler

Embedded image permalink
This is what a lying feminist looks like

Robert Stacy McCain:
They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, and Nungesser has served up a buffet of revenge on Emma “Mattress Girl” Sulkowicz. She tried and failed to get Nungesser expelled from Columbia with what was, according to his lawsuit, a false rape accusation. When that failed, allegedly, Sulkowicz convinced two other Columbia students to accuse Nungesser of sexual misconduct and both of those accusations also failed. That’s when, with the approval Professor Kessler, Sulkowicz began her “performance art” project, carrying a mattress around the Columbia campus to publicize her accusations against Nungesser, despite the fact that he had been completely cleared of wrongdoing.

Here are a few of the items in the suit:

Paul’s relationship with Emma began platonically. They were just friends

On December 16, 2011, Emma sent private Facebook messenger messages as a friend to Paul, asking him to speak with Emma’s sexual partner, John Doe, on her behalf, to urge John Doe to use condoms when he had sex with women other than Emma.  The conversation, in relevant part, is as follows

Emma: John Doe and i are all cool - hahahah - i was excited.

Paul: oh thanks god good to hear - so wats da nuse

Emma: he and i went to an art opening and tacos tonight - and we talked it out - like im not gonna force him to be exclusive but i was like "just use condoms with other girls" - so yeah - he’ll use condoms if he fucks other girls.

Paul: . . . its just i mean im glad you talked it out and stuff and im not the one trying to kill the boner here but how are you gonna have any idea whether he actually uses a condom with other girls or not

Emma: yeah i realize that’s true - i mean there’s a lot of faith involved i feel like he needs another boy to tell him to use condoms can you, in like your next bro talk, just be like yo, use condoms when you fuck other girls

Paul: i have tried to talk to him - thats why i talked to you in the first place cause i felt i wasn’t gettin anywhere

Emma: oh forrealz? - goddamnit - yeah he’s totally not gonna do it then

Paul: :S

Emma: why can’t he just only love me

Paul:  • man i feel kinda bad as f-* * * puttin you through this.. its just i really dunno wat 2do hu?

Emma: hu2 no you should feel proud of being a good guy

Paul: naah not so sure meh

Emma: no seriously, i’m thankful

Paul: but yeah i guess, its just im kinda overwhelmed, thought John Doe was a good guy just acting tough you know

Emma: yr saying that you thought he was a good guy but now you’re seeing he’s a straight up had guy?

Paul: not straight up bad but like why is he doing this? like maybe at the end of the clay its none of my fukin business, but then again i feel like it is

Emma: I don’t knowwwww do you think lie’s going to be hooking up with more girls or is it a one time thing that he’s gotten over????

Paul: i have no clue, like really.


While they were still freshmen and before any physical relationship had begun, Emma broached the topic of anal sex with Paul by private Facebook messenger as follows:

Emma: fuck me in the butt

Paul: eehm maybe not? jk I miss your face tho

Emma: hahahah you don’t miss my lopsided ass?

Paul: ido. just not that much good I am actually too tired to choose a movie *god also to tired to spell apparently

Emma further communicated to Paul stories and allegations of sexual abuse that she had experienced from other sexual partners. She stated: "i've officially had sex with all of John Doe’ best friends. . . - did lotsa drugs jk just got very drunk - well anyways - now i have an std i actually hate John Doe like if a girl is about to puke - don’t put your unprotected dick into her. . . I realy don’t want to be known as the girl who contracted an std because she was drunk you know? it is more his fault for fucking me unconscious - i mean i was conscious but clearly not in my right mind. . . i was literally blackout. . . like i puked all over the place.

There is a great deal more including expressions of love from Emma to Paul:

"wuv youuuu, "- "i miss and love you btw" - "Paul i really miss you - "i really mis you - "Paul I wuv you so much. Please stay w me foevah" - "paul I miss you so much" - "like u know when you tell people you miss them and you don’t really mean it? - i actually mean it - i miss you so much - ahhh" - "pookie - i miss you - "I LOVE YOU - SO MUCH" - "I MISS YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING - "I love youuuu" - "and l would LOVE to have you here - omg - we could snuggle" - "PAUL I MISS YOU PAUL I MISS YOU PAUL I MISS YOU PAULLL" - "DUDE I MISS YOU SO MUCH" "I love you Paul!!!!!!."

They say that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

As is evident from Emma’s Facebook messages to Paul during the summer prior to their sophomore year, Emma’s yearning for Paul had become very intense. Emma repeatedly messaged Paul throughout that summer that she loved and missed him. She was quick to inquire whether he was in love with the woman he was seeing abroad. Thereafter, she continued pursuing him, reiterating that she loved him. However, when Paul did not reciprocate these intense feelings, and instead showed interest in dating other women, Emma became viciously angry.

Read the rest of the complaint. You will not be bored.

Back to McCain:
Now, if we ponder every possible avenue by which Paul Nungesser could (a) vindicate his reputation, (b) possibly collect a large cash settlement, and (c) deliver a brutal payback to Sulkowicz for her effort to destroy him, I doubt he could have done better than what he has done: Instead of suing Sulkowicz, he sues Columbia. Why?
  • Columbia’s endowment is reported at $9.2 billion — that’s billion with a “b” — which means they may (and probably should) decide that quietly paying Nungesser a couple of million bucks is a small price to pay for ridding themselves of this bad publicity.

  • Suing Columbia calls attention to how the university violated its own policy by permitting Sulkowicz to breach the confidentially requirements of the university’s sexual misconduct hearing process and, indeed, by endorsing this breach through Professor Kessler’s role in Sulkowicz’s “performance art” project.

  • Most of all, by not naming Sulkowicz as a defendant, this means that Sulkowicz does not have cause to respond to the allegations he makes against her in the Columbia lawsuit, and guess what? You can’t be sued for defamation because of allegations made in a lawsuit.

There will be other suits like this.  Watch out UVA!

Seven Big Failed Environmentalist Predictions

Over at The Federalist we are reminded that the environmental doomsayers have been spectacularly wrong too many times to be readily believed.  Here are a few excerpts, read the whole thing.

1) Global Cooling
A list like this has to start with the “climate change” catastrophe the environmentalists were all warning about in the 1970s: global cooling and a descent into a new ice age. “The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.”

As late as 1980, Carl Sagan was still presenting global cooling as one of two possible doomsday scenarios we could choose from.

2) Overpopulation
When environmentalists said that we were destroying the Earth, they meant it directly and literally. The biggest problem was the very existence of humans, the fact that there were just too darned many of us. We were going to keep growing unchecked, and we were going to swarm the surface of the Earth like locusts, destroying everything in our path until we eventually used it all up.

There were going to be an inconceivable seven billion people on Earth by the year 2000, and there was just no way we could support them all.

3) Mass Starvation
Predictions of global famine were part of the population growth hysteria, but they were such a big part that they deserve their own separate treatment.

My favorite failed prediction is this one, from Peter Gunter, a professor at North Texas State University, in a 1970 issue of The Living Wilderness.

Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions…. By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.

4) Resource Depletion
In addition to running out of food, we were also supposed to run out of natural resources, such as nickel and copper, and above all we were running out of oil.

Here’s our friend Kenneth Watt again, with his present trends continuing: “By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate…that there won’t be any more crude oil. You’ll drive up to the pump and say, ‘Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ and he’ll say, ‘I am very sorry, there isn’t any.'”

5) Mass Extinction
At the first Earth Day, its political sponsor, Senator Gaylord Nelson, warned: “Dr. S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, believes that in 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct.”

6) Renewable Energy
This isn’t a prediction about a disaster that didn’t happen. It’s a prediction about a solution that never materialized. Don’t worry about the fact that we want to shut down fossil fuels and dirty coal, we were told, because there’s a bright new future from “Renewable Energy.”

But all of the alternatives we were promised fall into two categories. There are those that are still too unreliable and expensive; Germany is about to be crushed by the massive cost of its renewable energy boondoggle. And then there are those which have gone from being the alternative championed by environmentalists to being the targets of the environmentalist anger. This is by far the most common trajectory. [Shale oil, hydroelectric, wind farms] Now, even large-scale solar energy is under attack. And I’m still waiting for environmentalists to figure out exactly what goes in to those solar panels.

7) Global Warming
Which brings us back to global warming. I noted last week that after a multi-decade plateau in global temperatures, they are now at or below the low end of the range for all of the computer models that predicted global warming.

If we go full circle, back to the failed prediction of global cooling, we can see the wider trend. After two or three decades of cooling temperatures, from the 1940s to 1970, environmentalists project a cooling trend—only to have the climate change on them. After a few decades of warmer temperatures, from the 1970s to the late 1990s, they all jumped onto the bandwagon of projecting a continued warming trend—and the darned climate changed again, staying roughly flat since about 1998.

But by now you can get an idea for the major outlines of an environmental hysteria. The steps are: a) start with assumption that man is “ravaging the Earth,” b) latch onto an unproven scientific hypothesis that fits this preconception, c) extrapolate wildly from half-formed theories and short-term trends to predict a future apocalypse, d) pressure a bunch of people with “Ph.D.” after their names to endorse it so you can say it’s a consensus of experts, e) get the press to broadcast it with even less nuance and get a bunch of Hollywood celebrities who failed Freshman biology to adopt it as their pet cause, then finally f) quietly drop the whole thing when it doesn’t pan out—and move on with undiminished enthusiasm to the next environmental doomsday scenario.

When men fail as entirely as they have—well, I’m not going to ask them to fall on their swords. But we might ask them to understand why, when they assure us their newest doomsday predictions are really, really true this time, we’re not inclined to believe a single word they say.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Death to Whitey!

Toni Morrison: "I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back.”

Now, maybe Toni Morrison is just a stupid person. But, she has been smart enough to play the skins game well enough to get rich as a colossally bad poet. No, I suspect she knows the truth of things. She just hates white people and would enjoy seeing more white people suffer and die. The cops could shoot a thousand white teenagers in the back tonight and Morrison will want more.

I don’t blame her, really. She’s old and no one really cares what she has to say about anything. She may as well let loose with what’s on her mind. She also must think the tide of history is on the side of non-whites. Look around and ask yourself if she is wrong. 

No one at Rolling Stone apparently found it curious that Erdely stumbled upon festering rape scandals at the 3 institutions that comprise the trifecta of left-wing hate objects—organized religion, the US military, and that bastion of male privilege, fraternities

Someone once said that you will always find what you're looking for if you look hard enough.  If no one said it, let me be the first.  The Rolling Stone article on the UVA rape hoax is a perfect example because the author, Erdely, has a perfect record of finding rape stories where the Left wants to find them.

The negligent party here is Coco McPherson, Rolling Stone’s chief fact-checker. From Columbia’s report: “McPherson read the final draft. This was a provocative, complex story heavily reliant on a single source. She said later that she had faith in everyone involved and didn’t see the need to raise any issues with the editors.”

She had faith in everyone involved. That’s code for “the story felt right.” It felt right because McPherson shared Erdely’s prejudices that fraternities are hives of sexual violence and Women Don’t Lie™.

Couldn’t they have gotten someone else to fact-check the piece? Someone who might, I don’t know, have checked some of the facts? I think a conservative might have done a better job of it, though not because conservatives don’t also suffer from confirmation bias. Everyone does. That being said, it doesn’t require a person with no blind spots at all to point out the holes in this story; it merely requires someone who doesn’t share the author’s.
Yet no one fitting that description could be found at Rolling Stone or most other publications for that matter—the Atlantic, the New Yorker, the New York Times, etc. And that’s the way they like it. The people who run big name media outlets, with few exceptions, have the same ideological bent. Holding all the most fashionable opinions is the price of admission to this hermetically sealed world. It actively resists change to the extent that even the embarrassing “Rape on Campus” debacle won’t precipitate a shakeup at Rolling Stone or even a reevaluation of policies and practices.

Of Teapot Dome, Watergate, and Uranium

Bud Norman gain, this time reminding us that high level corruption in days past did not involve selling our assets to the Russians.

Any readers old enough to have been sentient during the good old days before Watergate will recall that headline writers used to affix the suffice “Dome” rather than “Gate” to any scandal du jour, which every schoolboy understood was a reference to the shocking “Teapot Dome Scandal” in which some undeniably Republican Warren G. Harding administration officials back in the celluloid collar days enriched themselves by accepting money from an American company that wanted its hands on some American oil resources, but even that gold-standard scandal didn’t entail hostile foreign powers or the possibility of the lights going out in a fifth of the country or Tel Aviv being blown to bit with American resources.
Selling half of America's uranium production to the Russians for a bribe to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton foundation takes bribery and corruption to a new level.

Read the whole thing.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jeff Immelt, Crony Capitalist

So Jeff Immelt gave megabucks to the Clinton Foundation while Clinton was lobbying Algeria to give a multi-billion dollar contract to GE.
Justin Danhof, general counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research, asked Immelt at the Oklahoma City gathering: “While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lobbied foreign governments on behalf of companies including General Electric at a time when those companies were making donations to the Clinton Foundation. In late 2012, for example, Clinton urged the Algerian government to award a power plant contract to GE. GE contributed to the Clinton Foundation. Then in 2013, Algeria awarded the power plant contract to GE. By donating to the Clinton Foundation while receiving a huge favor from the secretary of state … [was GE exposed] to the risk of being charged with honest services fraud?”

Danhof then asked Immelt if he would make public all of GE’s written communications with the State Department during that time frame. And Immelt’s reply?

No, he said, NCPPR reported.

“That’s not something we would do,” he said.

Danhof, in a written statement, expressed dissatisfaction with Immelt’s reply.

“There is no evidence that GE did anything wrong – but that’s the point, there is no evidence, period,” he said. “When one of the world’s most powerful companies teams with the secretary of state and the end result is a massive donation going one way and a multi-billion foreign contract coming back the other way, the company’s investors are right to ask questions. … It is disappointing to see Immelt put GE in the same boat as Mrs. Clinton in hiding the company’s communications from public view.”

Does anyone wonder why GE has been doing so poorly under a crony capitalist like Immelt?

“The company’s actions are really the focus here, not Mrs. Clinton’s,” he said, in his written statement. “Lobbyists have been imprisoned under honest services fraud for far less than the sum that changed hands between GE and the Clinton Foundation.”

The Wall Street Journal listed the GE donations to a health partnership with the Clinton Foundation between $500,000 and $1 million.

“Clinton’s subsequent actions helped GE obtain a contact with the Algerian government to supply turbines for six power plants to the tune of $1.9 billion,” he said.

Welcome to the Hillary Show

The Weekly Standard's Jonathan Last reminds us what to expect from the Washington press corps as they cover "Hillary!"

Are you old enough to remember Dukakis, one of the most uninspiring political figures to ever run for president?  Here's an example of how it went.

Didion, who covered politics only sporadically, and as an outsider, wrote a fantastic piece for the New York Review of Books about the nature of press coverage during the '88 campaign. Her most telling example came on a morning in San Diego when Didion, as part of Dukakis' traveling press, witnessed the candidate briefly tossing a baseball on the tarmac, shortly after his plane landed. Here she is:

About this baseball on the tarmac. On the day that Michael Dukakis appeared at the high school in Woodland Hills and at the rally in San Diego and in the school-yard in San Jose, there was, although it did not appear on the schedule, a fourth event, what was referred to among the television crews as a "tarmac arrival with ball tossing." This event had taken place in late morning, on the tarmac at the San Diego airport, just after the chartered 737 had rolled to a stop and the candidate had emerged. There had been a moment of hesitation. Then baseball mitts had been produced, and Jack Weeks, the traveling press secretary, had tossed a ball to the candidate. The candidate had tossed the ball back. The rest of us had stood in the sun and given this our full attention, undeflected even by the arrival of an Alaska 767: some forty adults standing on a tarmac watching a diminutive figure in shirtsleeves and a red tie toss a ball to his press secretary.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Geroge Will at the Inaugural Disinvitation Dinner

Scott Walker's with the mainstream on immigration

Scott walker has come out as opposed to illegal immigration - which puts him at odds with Obama, the Far left and crony capitalists that like the low wages that a stream of illegals affords.  And he's for an a legal immigration policy  "
...that’s based, first and foremost, on protecting American workers and American wages  ..."
The Liberal press fainted. The Republican establishment accused him of flip-flopping, but that's where the American people are and that's the most sensible immigration policy imaginable.  As an immigrant myself, I have the ultimate moral authority on this subject and all you non-immigrants can just sit down and shut up.

Scott Walker is right up there with Ted Cruz as my favorite Republican candidate for President.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wisconsin's Neo Nazis

Bud Norman mentioned this Battering Rams in Wisconsin about the Nazi-syle reign of terror in Wisconsin against those who sided with Scott Walker.

This is America, where a citizen is free to express opinions and participate in politics without fear of retribution. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, but the ideal seems to be slipping away. The diminution of fresh speech is not just a matter of the increasingly confined parameters of polite opinion, enforced by boycotts and restricted career opportunities and the howling of mobs, or even the usual heavy hand of government, such as the harassment of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service or the politicized prosecutions by the Department of Justice or the extra regulatory scrutiny applied to those businesses donating to the wrong candidates. It has now come to the point that armed agents of the government have been invading homes, seizing property, and bullying ordinary citizens into silence for no reason other than their political beliefs.

If this sounds like the most far-fetched sort of paranoid right-wing fantasy, we’d urge you to read David French’s chilling article, headlined “Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought it Was a Home Invasion,'” at The National Review. Although there had already been scattered reports about the outrageous “John Doe Investigation” that a renegade prosecutor and a rubber-stamping judge had launched against various groups that supported Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to reform the state’s collective bargaining laws regarding public sector unions, a fishing expedition which was eventually halted by a higher court that rightly considered it a clear attempt to intimidate the prosecutor’s political opponents into silence, only now are those targeted in the investigation coming forward with stories about doors being broken down with battering rams, computers being confiscated, children being terrified, neighbors being scandalized, and dozens of heavily armed police officers shouting warnings that no lawyers were to be contacted and no was to be told. The descriptions evoke Nazi-era Germany or the Soviet bloc, but it happened in Wisconsin, the birthplace of the “progressive movement.”

Norman notes that even though there has been some coverage of these outrages against innocent citizens exercising their free speech rights, the media - never a supporter of conservatives - is either spiking this story or continues to spread the smears of wrongdoing against Walker and his supporters.  That's why the rogue prosecutors and judges in Wisconsin went ahead with this, the media had their backs.

The NR article itself is more detailed:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mark Steyn fillets and serves Garry Trudeau (Putz extaordinaire) on a platter.

Calling him a "contemptible man" is the nicest thing that can be said of Trudeau.  It's not quite clear of he's actually a man rather than some kind of a humanoid with a male appendage.

Reminding us that

The Polk Award is named after a journalist shot dead at point-blank range in 1948 while covering the Greek civil war. So you might have thought it would be in ever so mildly bad taste to use the opportunity of a Polk acceptance speech to piss on the graves of a group of journalists similarly murdered. Nevertheless, that's what Mr Trudeau did.

Trudeau masks his cowardice by claiming that making fun of Islam is "punching down" which is a pile of crap.

Is Islam, which will be the world's largest religion by mid-century and already controls a 58-member voting bloc at the UN attempting to impose a global blasphemy law, really "a powerless, disenfranchised minority"? Does even someone as blinkered and parochial as Garry Trudeau think Charlie Hebdo was "punching down"?...

Or is it just that a comfortable non-afflicted American celebrity couldn't be arsed even to look up the names of fellow artists and writers living under constant death threats for a decade? It's not just locally resident fanatics: an extraordinarily wide range of persons from Chicago, Illinois to Waterford, Ireland have been arrested for plotting to kill those cartoonists and their editors. While I was in Copenhagen for that second interview with Jyllands-Posten, a one-legged Chechen jihadist prematurely self-detonated in his hotel room while en route to blow up the paper.

A "one-legged Chechen jihadist" sounds pretty funny, right? Maybe Trudeau could put one in "Doonesbury". Oh, no, wait: he's not capable of drawing a one-legged Chechen jihadist, is he? Still, you gotta admit, every one-legged Chechen is pretty much surefire comedy gold ...until one of them gets through. At which point, even as you're lying on the floor in a pool of blood, Garry Trudeau will "punch up" at you, and flatter himself that he's brave to do so.

After my battles with Canada's "human rights" commissions, I wrote a book on free speech (personally autographed copies of which, etc, etc) and its remorseless retreat across the western world. And as a result I get asked from time to time to give speeches in various parts of the Continent. After accepting one such engagement for later this year, it occurred to me upon rereading the invitation that perhaps I was not the event organizers' first choice. But that's because Charb and his Charlie Hebdo colleagues are dead. And the Swedish artist Lars Vilks is living in hiding after the most recent attempt on his life a few weeks ago. And pretty soon the Rolodex is emptying out so fast there's no one to book but some obscure Canadian...

Lars Hedegaard, my host in Copenhagen, was shot at point-blank range, but fortunately by someone far more incompetent than George Polk's killer. My friend the Norwegian comedienne Shabana Rehman had her family restaurant firebombed by pals of some dimestore imam. The Dutch cartoonist Nekschot, who could only appear with me on stage disguised in a burqa lest anybody see his face, has been forced into "retirement". The American cartoonist Molly Norris has vanished from the face of the earth. I write about her in my latest book, but I doubt Garry Trudeau even knows her name. She was a by-the-book Cascadian liberal who discovered that, when you accidentally cross Islam, Trudeau and all the other bigshot "progressives" won't be there for you.

Charlie Hebdo dead, Vilks in hiding, Hedegaard shot, Rehman firebombed, Nekschot vanished, Molly Norris fled, Kurt Westergaard attacked by an Islamic axeman... But Garry Trudeau is on stage congratulating himself on "afflicting the comfortable". You can't "punch down" much lower than sneering at the dead and those no longer able to speak, can you?