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Friday, April 03, 2015

HIDDEN CAMERA: Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakeries Read

Who thinks that the MSM will take off after Muslim bakers for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay marriage?  Tony Macrini, is that you?  Tony .... Tony?

Why is this not big news?  Because the gay wedding issue is not about gay rights.  If it was a rights issue the Muslim bakery refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding would be all over CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and PBS. 

This is about bashing Christians.  It's about shutting Christians up.  It's about forcing Christians to deny their faith, go force them to violate their morals and deeply held beliefs.   It's about showing the "God botherers" who's boss. 

Mark Steyn got a message from a reader:
Judge Napolitano on Fox News thinks the Supreme Court will rule against the religious freedom law in Indiana, because it is discrimination. Shepard Smith is also upset with this law. If these people want to see real discrimination, that is ignored by judges, and politicians, just go to Dearborn, Michigan.

I would like to see Smith, Napolitano, and the Supreme Court all wear a t-shirt with a crucifix on it, and attend some festival in this town. Maybe they could set up a gay pride booth at this festival, and hand out gay literature. If any of them attempted to do such a thing, they would need several marine divisions with them, it would be like taking Tikrit or Mosul back.

You can bet that Islamic discrimination will be totally ignored by all the gutless judges, news people, lawyers, and Democrat politicians. Women are not allowed in certain Islamic coffee shops, and certain Islamic restaurants in this country right now, the discrimination is occurring in Islamic neighborhoods, and our courts allow Islamic religious freedom to discriminate against women, go figure. A black guy on YouTube said he is not allowed in Dearborn, and a Muslim said that the black guy is from the crim- filled city of Detroit, and that Dearborn has very little crime. Just let a white Christian say the same thing, and see if this is called discrimination, and racism.

He replies:
Betrothed gays looking for wedding cakes and floral arrangements are not just carelessly stumbling into homophobic bakeries and florists. It's an organized campaign consciously targeting particular establishments. That's why no gay couples have wandered into a Muslim patisserie in Dearborn. As I said on The John Oakley Show, it's not about expanding "rights", it's about shifts in power - which is to say shifts in fashion. In Kenya and Indiana, the thugs know they can get away with targeting Christians and the world won't care - I mean, how often do you ever hear any of the timeserving hacks and panderers who head up America's "mainstream" churches ever say anything on either subject?

But the Big Gay enforcers know it would all get more complicated if they were to go after a Muslim pizzeria in Dearborn. And, if they did, they'd be the ones in hiding. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO who'll have no truck with hoosier homophobes, is happy to enrich Iran's mullahs so they can build fancier gay gallows on which to hang the sodomites. Muscle respects muscle.

Big Gay is on the ascendant in America. But in an Islamifying Amsterdam, once "the most tolerant city in Europe", gay-bashing is on the rise, and the gay moment is already passing.

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