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Sunday, April 12, 2015


When you've got a corrupt attorney-general and a corrupt revenue collector, you don't really need much else.

A republic has by definition to be virtuous - or it's a banana republic. This country has a chief law enforcement officer who prosecutes Senator Menendez, a Democrat senator who made the mistake of crossing the President, but won't prosecute Lois Lerner, a member of the supposedly "non-partisan" civil service who used the bureaucracy to target the President's enemies. When you've got a corrupt attorney-general and a corrupt revenue collector, you don't really need much else.
But you really have a lot more:

Nevertheless, even in the murk of the Obama sewer, the case of the retiring Senate Minority Leader is curious. Harry Reid is apparently now blind in one eye because of an accident with his "resistance band" while "working out" on New Year's Day. If this is true, why are Democrats not calling for federal regulation of resistance bands and mandatory licensing of resistance-band users after three years of training?

Reid's story is obviously bunk, and always was. And then, three months after somebody takes the resistance band to him, the second most powerful Democrat in Washington, and the very definition of the careerist timeserving hack who'll stay in "public service" until they carry him out by the handles, mysteriously decides it's time to hang up his boots. So whoever did this to him managed to take out the Senate Minority Leader.

The Capitol Police, who transported Reid to his local hospital and then - presumably because of the severity of his injuries - to a larger medical facility, are supposed to work for the American people but they're stonewalling on Breitbart News' routine requests for information - and none of the legacy media are even bothering to ask. Harry Reid is in the fortunate position of so many career politicians who, after a lifetime of "public service" at relatively modest rates of remuneration, has emerged a remarkably wealthy man. And now a powerful Beltway operator has just been resistance-banded into early retirement. Isn't there a great story here for a Washington Post or New York Times reporter minded to dig a little?

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