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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Race and the riots in Baltimore

Bud Norman

Baltimore’s mostly black police force reports to a black police chief who reports to a black mayor, who in turn is held accountable in regularly scheduled elections by a mostly black population, and should that fail there’s always recourse to a federal Justice Department run by a black Attorney General who reports to a black President of the United States, who now apparently believes he is unaccountable to anyone. While the riots held a ballpark full of fans captive over the weekend the president was about 40 miles of interstate away regaling the White House Correspondents Dinner audience with a comedy routine about his attitude toward governance rhymes with “bucket,” and using some Comedy Central comic as an “anger translator” to convey his righteously black indignation with his critics, and all that apologia about the inherently racist nature of America seemed wildly out of date.
Come to think of it, a lot of the murder, mayhem and riots that happen outside of the US also involve Black or Asian or Arab cultures run by members of the same race.   Only in the US is it the fault of "Whitey."

Not wanting to sound paranoid or anything, but it's almost as if someone, or a group of people, want to set black against white ... for purposes of gaining even more political power.

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