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Monday, April 27, 2015

Business opportunity for Christian-friendly internet companies.

GoFundMe has determined that if Christians are accused of crimes, such as not baking cakes for gay weddings, they will not be able to use their service.

It appears that gay activists have objected to a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to keep the Sweet Cakes bakery in business or pay the fine, which could be as high as $150,000, for declining to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

It is, of course, the right of GoFundMe to deny service to anyone – even as Sweet Cakes is denied the same right – but it leaves a market for a competitor to GoFundMe who is willing to support fund raising efforts to Christians who run afoul of government agencies.

I doubt that GoFundMe has a business plan with high barriers to entry. One of its biggest fundraisers, for Memories Pizza, received over $800,000 due to publicity on conservative media, not because of any effort on the part of GoFundMe. GoFundMe does not provide publicity for any of the crowdsourcing it carries. It simply provides an internet platform, one for which they receive about 5% of the amount raised.

It seems to me that a conservative internet content provider like PJ Media could seize the opportunity to provide a service while creating a place where increasingly embattled religious groups could congregate. If someone questions the market potential, look at the success of FOX News which thrives on serving the information needs of the conservative community.

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