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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Joe Biden's Call for Violence

 If someone starts talking about political violence, and you try to talk him down, he'll say "This country was founded upon revolutionary violence" and something like "The right of the people to rebel against a tyrant is written out in black and white in the Declaration of Independence."

And if you still want to talk him down, you'll inevitably say something like, "Well yes, the right of revolution exists, but we should reserve it for truly desperate situations when there is no longer any hope of rescue via political processes, such as when fascists are trying to take over the country."

So that's you, the guy trying to talk the more hot-headed guy down, conceding that in the case of fascist takeover, violence is in fact justifiable.

And I think this sort of line of demarcation between when violence is and is not acceptable is common. In fact, it's so common that it's trite.

And the left has a similar trite guideline.

But what happens when the head of a political party and the President starts talking up the political opposition as "fascists"? I'm sorry -- as "semi-fascists"?

That is the President himself giving his supporters the Go Code for political violence.

There is one nigh-universally recognized special circumstance justifying political violence, and that is the threat of "fascist" takeover.

And Joe Biden, who controls a party filled with arsonists, rioters, anarchist skull-breakers and murderers, just told them all that it's Time for the Boogaloo.

And the media, which is supposedly aghast at any suggestion of political violence, did not condemn this.

In fact, they said: Finally. He's showing "anger."

Biden will give a speech from Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence -- the document that made the moral case for political violence when faced with tyranny -- was signed, in which he brand his political opponents would-be tyrants and "threats to democracy."

In other words: It's time to declare WAR on our domestic political opponents.

Of course, antifa -- the Democrats' illegal-but-tolerated Street Paramilitaries and enforcers of their orthodoxy -- has already responded to that call, attacking the Seminole Republican Party offices, and leaving no doubt that they are answering Il Doucé's call for attacks on the "semi-fascists."

And he'll be giving a speech tomorrow night to incite his supporters to "fight" for the "soul of the nation," from Independence Hall in Philadelphia -- where the Declaration of Independence was signed!

Remember that bit about the Declaration of Independence laying down a moral case for political violence?

Biden intends to invoke that case. Through some very poorly disguised dog-whistling.

Flashback: Biden promised he'd "unite" the country, unlike Trump.

He meant "unite" in the Barackian sense -- you're invited to abandon all of your principles and aspirations and adopt those of the transnational, transgressive left -- or else you're an Enemy of the State.

Note that this practice -- of issuing a statement that no one sees, while refusing to give a prominent, well-covered statement on video, which is the only mediu that matters in the Age of Video -- is one beloved by Biden.

When a reporter asked why Biden was refusing to comment on the slaughter of 13 American soldiers at that gate in Afghanistan -- victims of his catastrophic bug-out -- Karine Jean-Pierre said, "oh, he issued a statement... on twitter."

He didn't appear on video. Because he didn't want to remind anyone. He just put out this empty statement as stealthily as he could, like a one-cheek sneak fart in a church.

Surprise! His media allies took the hint and did not report on the Kabul bombing.

When you don't actually want a message to get out in the Age of Video, the Age of Illiteracy, you "issue a statement" which requires reading, thus guaranteeing that its reach is self-limited.

And they do the same with Biden's -- and their own -- violent street paramilitaries, refusing to condemn them on video.

Oh, they'll attack "Extreme MAGA" on video.

But never, ever the people firebombing pro-life pregnancy crisis centers.

Never the people threatening Supreme Court Justices.

Those, they encourage.

No one will condemn Biden for inciting his shock troops to action, nor for refusing to tell them to not commit acts of violence.

Because they're all on the same page.

They want this.

Amazing video, linked by JackStraw. It has always been a communist strategy to label all opponents "fascists" -- before moving violently against them.

Zuckerberg’s admission reveals a deeper scandal: It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election from Donald Trump.


As the Washington Times reported earlier this year after the New York Times belatedly acknowledged the authenticity of the laptop: “Trump pollster John McLaughlin found that 4.6% of Biden voters would have changed their minds if they had known about it, easily enough to flip results in key states. Another survey by The Polling Company showed that even more Biden voters in seven swing states — 17% — would have switched their votes if they had been aware of the laptop and other stories.”

Those poll results confirmed what many conservatives had long thought — that by censoring the laptop story and the Biden family’s pay-to-play scandal, Big Tech stole the election from Donald Trump. 

But Zuckerberg’s admission on Thursday that Big Tech throttled the story at the behest of the FBI reveals a deeper scandal: It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election from Donald Trump. 

Read the whole thing. 

The Truth Hurts, And It Will Hurt Leftists Most


So, the media is really mad that conservatives publicized how a hospital that admitted – hell, that proudly put on its website – how it mutilates kids to conform them to their (or their Munchausen mommies’) gender delusions actually mutilates kids to conform them to their (or their Munchausen mommies’) gender delusions. No, it didn’t, we were told. But it did. Moreover, telling the truth – again, a truth the hospital admitted and even kind of bragged about – was actual, literal violence. Yes, stating what the abattoir masquerading as a hospital said it did publicly was terrorism or something because normal people were naturally repelled at this hideous continuing atrocity.

The truth is problematic because it contradicts the narrative which, in this case, is “Of course we don’t chop up children to make them into bizarre simulacrums of the opposite gender.” But the narrative doesn’t stop there – no, the narrative is also “And it’s a good thing to chop up children to make them into bizarre simulacrums of the opposite gender. Shut up, transphobes.”

See, they deny doing it even though they also think it’s a groovy thing to do. Then they tell you that you are evil for speaking the truth. It’s like the whole CRT shell game. “CRT? Why, that’s a graduate school theory that is not taught in schools despite those documents we prepared stating that we are teaching CRT. Also, CRT cannot be removed from schools because it is a good thing that we must teach. Shut up racists.”

And let’s not forget the delightful euphemism of late-term abortion. “Why no, no one ever aborts a fetus at eight months, three weeks. Also, it’s vital to women’s health to kill babies at eight months, three weeks. Why do you hate women?”

The truth hurts, so the left just sort of hand waves the truth into oblivion and accuses you for bringing it up. Why allow bourgeois concepts like objective truth to get in the way of the Official Approved Narrative?

Well, because the truth matters.

Peering at another world - the world of the VIRGINIAN PILOT

There really is another world out there.  It's a world of virtual reality.  It was created before VR headsets were invented. 

It's a world inhabited by people who call themselves the press.  They produce the VIRGINIAN PILOT.

A fair example is today's VIRGINIAN PILOT.

In this virtual VIRGINIAN PILOT reality world, Seal training goes too far.  In this virtual VIRGINIAN PILOT reality, the kind of men who are the toughest, the best, and the cream of the crop get there just by showing up, not by subjecting them to the kind of training that weeds out the people who fail to accomplish their mission under brutal circumstances.  In the VIRGINIAN PILOT virtual reality world, everyone gets a trophy until even overweight transgender women can qualify to be Seals.

And then there is the VIRGINIAN PILOT’s spirited defense of kiddie porn in schools.  We can't object to having our toddlers or primary school students read about sex acts - with illustrations for those who have not mastered reading yet.  In the VIRGINIAN PILOT virtual reality world, people who object to that are termed, crackpots and extremists.  In this virtual reality world of the VIRGINIAN PILOT, people who want to teach your children about sex are the good guys. 

In the VIRGINIAN PILOT's virtual reality world, saddling the carpenter, plumber, or factory worker in an assembly line with a college graduate's student loan is the right thing to do because "driving a tank into enemy fire" or something.  Like so many virtual reality simulations, you must read it to believe it.

Just one day's peek in the VIRGINIAN PILOT alternative universe.  

Kurt Schlichter illustrates how the VIRGINIA PILOT - and virtually all the rest of the media works with an example.

In the real world, normal people do not have others – often people in prestigious positions in politics or the media – so shamelessly lie to them about something right in front of their faces. It’s like walking out to a parking lot and, as you hit the UNLOCK button on your Ford, someone else says, “That’s my car.” You immediately think it’s a misunderstanding. “No, it’s my car.” But the other guy doesn’t back off. He insists that it’s his car. Okay, fine. You open the glove compartment and get out the registration. “Here, look, it’s my car,” you say. “No,” he says. “It says it’s my car. And you are a bad person for insisting it’s yours.”

What do you do? Because reason has stopped being the means of resolving the dispute. You cannot talk out an issue where the other side simply refuses to defer to objective, demonstrable reality and is accusing you for bringing up the truth. That leaves you two options.

Option One – Hand him the keys.

Option Two – Kick his butt and drive home.

Our society depends completely on the ability to demonstrate truth with objective evidence. You prove who you are with a driver’s license. You show you paid for merchandise with a receipt. You get the honors due a graduate by showing your University of College degree in Pansexual Interpretive Dance. We all rely on the deference of others to the objective truth, truth reinforced by evidence. And, in the past, we did not impugn others character for pointing to evidence. But this is a whole new level of chutzpah. This tactic undermines the very idea that there is truth, and that truth can be ascertained with relative certainty. 

Monday, August 29, 2022

If you're a small business owner, a hard-working American who pays their debts, or a concerned parent: the Biden Administration hates you.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Harvard To Pay Elizabeth Warren $400,000 To Teach Class On Why College Is So Expensive


"It's good to be back at Harvard where I can teach the leaders of the future about how the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer!" she shouted defiantly at reporters who were not arguing with her. "But if you want to know why college is so expensive you'll have to take my class!"

Redacted Affidavit Just Says 'Orange Man Bad'


U.S. — The Department of Justice has released the redacted affidavit leading to the search of former president Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago, and it appears every single word was blacked out except three in the middle: ORANGE MAN BAD.

According to Justice Department insiders, after looking into Mr. Trump's dealings and listening to his phone calls for the past four years, they were left with only one conclusion: the orange man is bad.

"We think this gives us sufficient reason to raid Mr. Trump's home, take his passports, and steal his wife's clothes," said Attorney General Merrick Garland. "The evidence is clear: the orange man is bad and must be stopped at all costs."

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Former Phoenix reporter who broke story of Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting found dead


Police said his death appeared to be a suicide. 

Hillary Clinton claims she has an alibi 

Wife Hands Husband Target Receipt With Classified Purchases Redacted


DAYTON, OH — According to sources, local woman Grace Barton committed to reveal her most recent Target receipt to her husband by noon today, but when she submitted the document, almost every word and line item on the receipt was redacted with a thick black bar.

Barton claims the redactions were for "security purposes" and that the purchases were on a "need to know" basis only.

"I'm being as transparent as I can at this time," she assured her husband as he looked over the receipt, which was almost entirely just black bars save for the Target logo and the cute little Target dog. Barton went on to claim she is the "most transparent wife" in marriage history, despite the redactions, and that she would look into declassifying more items as she is able.

Apple TV+ Announces New Show 'Clintons In Cars Killing Witnesses'


Each show will follow the Clinton ladies as they track down and kill someone who could possibly turn on them. "Watching them assassinate people is like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel," said cameraman Jan Blagojevich. "Absolute masters. Every week, you get to see a new way that the Clintons plant evidence to frame the death as a suicide, or perhaps a lover's quarrel. It's simply breathtaking."

Producers hatched the idea after seeing the ratings Clinton scored with her hanging of Jeffrey Epstein. "If you look at the demographic breakdown, Epstein's murder was nothing less than a crossover smash," said Apple showrunner Cory Gates. "This show has true crime, politics, everything. The best part is at the end of each episode when you get to see how the news reported on the apparent 'suicide'. Oh hang on, I'm getting a call! Looks like the Clintons are on the move again."

Meet Gender Studies Major Chloe And 7 Other Underprivileged College Grads Whose Loans You're Paying Off


Name: Chloe Martin

Pronouns: Hir/Sie

Age: 25

Major: Gender Studies, emphasis on trans issues

Bio: Chloe grew up in the Hamptons and chose to go to Boston University "because it was, like, pretty and stuff."

Hobbies: Smashing the patriarchy, smashing windows for racial justice, and smashing right on dating apps.

Career: N/A because "careers stand for a system of heteronormative, capitalist whiteness" - and the whiteness of most resumes makes hir shrink away hissing.

Debt: $127,000

Here's how Democrats in the Deep State and the Corporate Media collude: the FBI/CIA/DOJ leaks a lie to the Media, Media prints "unnamed sources say," FBI uses Media stories to get search warrant or FISA warrant, they accuse you of a crime and send you to prison. Rinse and repeat. This is the Deep State playbook.

Your Utility Bills Will Double - OR YOU COULD JUST FREEZE TO DEATH

The Problem in one Tweet

Heavily redacted Trump affidavit shows that US is now a banana republic

Today’s blacklisted American: Blacklisting is not enough, leftists now aim to get conservatives killed by police


Twice in the past two days Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) has been swatted, with the police coming to her house armed and ready to fire because they had received a false report saying that a shooting had occurred there and that the situation was dangerous.

Called swatting, such false reports are expressly designed to harass the victim, and even get them killed should the police over-react and fire at the house out of fear of the non-existent gunman.

That this happened twice in two nights strongly suggests the caller truly wants this murder to happen. The caller even admitted to as much in a later recorded call to the police, in which the caller also admitted the motive was for political reasons. Greene’s political positions were unacceptable, and thus she must be removed:

What is worse however is that it appears the police are making little or no effort to find this person. Their claim above that the call can’t be traced because the caller used a VPN is bogus. As noted here, the police simply have to issue a warrant, which in this case is entirely justified, and the VPN company will have to provide the information. That the police are not doing this strongly suggests they are cool with Greene getting swatted. It is of course fortunate that so far no one in the Rome police force has reacted poorly, and no one has been hurt. Yet.

Greene’s swatting however is not an exception that proves the rule. It is the rule. For the past few years swatting attempts of conservatives, or even left-leaning commentators willing to dissent from the knee-jerk leftist agenda, has increasingly become commonplace. 


 Joe Biden himself justified such evil tactics on Thursday when he called the modern Trump-influenced Republican Party and all its supporters “semi-fascists,” thus giving his most radical supporters justification for committing all kinds of violence.

Friday, August 26, 2022

God Saved My Life - Andrew Klavan

Selling children in Afghanistan

Biden's Give Away to Rich Kids

FBI corruption

Hate crime

Crime is a pandemic

FBI colluded with Facebook to rig the 2020 electdion

Biden hates you

Google censors the truth

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Can Anyone Explain the Appeal of Drag Queens and Why Lib Parents Bring their Kids to Watch Them?


Great Question.

Drag queens make a lot of money pretending to be women. If people want to pay to watch men gyrate their padded hips, that’s their business, but why are drag queens suddenly reading stories to young kids at libraries and schools? Lately, we’ve seen “family” drag shows, where young kids watch thrusting, half-naked men pretend to be women. This looks like grooming to me, yet some parents can’t wait to introduce their children to men who twerk for a living.

Homicide is a top cause of maternal death in the United States

It turns out homicide is the top cause of death among pregnant women.

On the basis of years of study, specialists in intimate-partner violence expect women who are already in abusive relationships to be at increased risk of homicide if they become pregnant. Wallace and her co-authors say that about two-thirds of the homicides recorded in their data occurred in the person’s home, suggesting that the woman was killed by her partner. It’s not a perfect indicator, Wallace says, “but it’s all we’ve got in these data”.

The team found that Black women in the United States who are pregnant or were recently pregnant have up to nearly three-fold higher risk of dying by homicide than those who are not pregnant — the highest increase reported among any racial or ethnic group. (The team reported rates only among Black, Hispanic and white women, because the sample sizes for other groups — such as Asian American women or Native American women — were too small to publish.)

Biden Lied, Americans Died

The Biden Afghanistan disaster is worse than you thought!

While Biden's panicked evacuation from Afghanistan was going on, it had failed so badly that staffers from his own wife’s office were contacting private rescue groups to get people out.

This is one of the many damning revelations in the report by Rep. McCaul for the Republican minority on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The interim report, "A Strategic Failure" was conducted despite every possible effort by the White House and House Democrats to stop it, including blocking information requests and keeping briefings unnecessarily classified

With the revelations that the State Department is actively refusing to cooperate with the Special Inspector General on Afghanistan Reconstruction, this report is more urgent than ever. 

Forced to rely on personal interviews and public non-classified testimony, the report reveals that Biden had made it a "priority" to maintain an embassy in Kabul even after he had withdrawn the troops and the country was on the verge of falling to the advancing Taliban terror forces. 

“POTUS was publicly making it clear that this was a priority. Ambassador Wilson began stating that ‘I am maniacal about the Embassy remaining in Kabul,’” a military officer described.

Secretary of State Blinken and other State Department officials in D.C. and in Kabul refused to consider the possibility of a Taliban takeover. Only Blinken and his department could order an evacuation, and they refused to seriously plan for one until a week before the fall of Kabul.

Military officials were prevented from even discussing an evacuation, being told, “don’t say NEO” and “This is not a NEO for Afghanistan.” NEO stands for Non-Combatant Evacuation.

Biden’s refusal to listen to advisers who told him to maintain a minimal military force on the ground almost led to an even worse disaster as the only remaining airport was overrun. 

With American forces under fire, Air Force pilots and maintenance personnel were handed guns and told to stand guard. Had the Taliban wanted to overrun the airport, they could have done so. 

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Absurd Lies the NY Times is promoting

Thomas Sowell on Environmentalism

The Government Wouldn't Lie, Would It?

Victor Davis Hansen: Disband the FBI

How to Mislead the Public, by Katie King, staff writer of the Virginian Pilot

 Katie King has written a front-page article blaming Governor Glenn Younkin for politicizing the closure of Virginia's public schools during the Covid epidemic.  

She admits that closing schools to in-person teaching hurt student grades.  She then quotes Younkin critics who say that everybody agrees with that.  But that's not true.  At the time, what was called "remote learning" was touted as a great substitute.  Here's an article from the Virginian Pilot that presents the "close the schools" approach to dealing with Covid.  The teacher's union was adamant that in-person teaching was not an option.  

That was then, this is now and we have to deal with the impact of school closings and lost educational opportunities that have put students behind for the rest of their lives.  What have we learned?  Katie King simply ignores the issue and uses the article to slime Younkin.

Here's the big thing that's missing from her article.  Nowhere in her article does Katie King cite actual studies that prove that closing schools had no measurable impact on spreading Covid or reducing deaths.  She refers to a CDC statistic that's totally irrelevant to the issue.  She glides over the fact that there is evidence that closing schools to in-person education only had negative effects and no measurable positive effects.  

The real reason for Katie King's article is that it's another in a long list of attacks but the Virginian Pilot on Governor Younkin and his policies.  

Finally, she quotes an academic - a member of Big Academia - to blame Younkin for a teacher shortage.  In Virginia, as in many other states, parents are taking their children out of public schools and enrolling them in private schools or homeschooling.  One of the reasons for Younkin's election was the fact that so many Virginia school districts actually put their students at risk, including the risk of rape, as well as introducing racism into schools via Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Parents, having seen what their children are being taught, are rejecting the public schools and educating their children in private schools that reflect their values and do a better job of teaching them how to think rather than what to think.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Andrew Klavan

The Babylon Bee Explains: Christian Nationalism


Christian Nationalism is a Satanic movement in which Christians love America and vote for Republicans. It is literally the evilest thing that has ever existed in this country, and the gravest danger the American church has ever faced. It is important to stop this wicked, depraved, idolatrous movement before they organize another insurrection — or worse, elect a Republican.

Origins: One day Trump had a meeting with Satan in his underground lair and concocted a diabolical plan to trick Christians into voting for him by banning abortion and helping all the people find jobs. Thus, Christian Nationalism was born, and millions of so-called Christians voted for Trump — even though he's a sinner. Despicable!

Beliefs: Christian Nationalists literally worship Trump. They think he's a god. They pray to him and stuff. At least some of them do. At least, we think. The rest worship Jesus but still voted for Trump... which is really no different than worshipping him. Shame!


  • Prayer
  • Voting for Republicans
  • Going to church
  • Having lots of kids
  • Being white
  • Can also be black or Hispanic, but voting for Trump automatically makes them white
  • Memorizing the Constitution
  • Building walls
  • Insurrection
  • Dancing around a golden Trump statue and sacrificing virgins in a roaring fire in the light of the full moon

Notable accomplishments: Making America the most racist country in the world, turning millions away from Christianity, overturning Roe v. Wade.

How to spot a Christian Nationalist: You can always tell a Christian nationalist by their MAGA hats. If they're not wearing a MAGA hat, you'll know by when they say things like "I love America," or "Gee, I'm not a fan of what Biden's doing." Just like the Nazis.

Famous Christian Nationalists: Hitler, Satan, and Trump, but we repeat ourselves.

Famous enemies of Christian Nationalism: AOC, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, David French.

Virginian Pilot Distorts the News

As a resident of "Tidewater" - the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Portsmouth- Suffolk area of Virginia which item would you think is the most important to residents?
  1. Seven people were shot - 4 fatally in Norfolk.
  2. Virginia Beach businesses trash talk each other with signs
  3. Student scores on standardized tests are up but lag pre-shutdown levels.
  4. Shortage of organ donors - Blacks worst hit.
  5. Relitigating the Mueller probe.
If you guessed that item #2 got the Front page headline and full-color picture treatment, you win.  Shootings and murders are now so common that the story isn't even about the violence.  It's about residents complaining that not enough is being done. Shootings are literally a daily occurrence in  Tidewater Virginia, many in broad daylight in business and residential areas.  

And then there's the headline on the abysmal state of public education.  Here's the headline on that story: SOL scores up in region  Here's the subhead: But results still lag behind levels from before pandemic.

Nowhere in the Virginian Pilot will you find an admission that closing the schools to in-person teaching has robbed an entire generation of students of an adequate education.  That's because the Virginian Pilot was at the forefront of those who demanded schools should be closed.  If you were for in-person teaching you were a monster who wanted to kill students, teachers ... and grandma.  

Did Donald Trump really collude with Putin to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton?  That's the default position of the Virginian Pilot.  Despite the Mueller probe's lack of evidence that Trump hired prostitutes to pee in the bed that Obama slept in, the Virginian Pilot is happy to give conspiracy theorists the ammunition to feed their fantasies.  To the editors, this is obviously a more important story than the daily massacre of residents relegated to the back pages.   

And here is the most important thing that readers of the Virginian Pilot should be interested in:

Signs say: Game on!
More than 75 Virginia Beach businesses battle it out in friendly war of words on marquees
Nick Grossner, assistant manager of Cinema Cafe in Pembroke, replaces the theater’s sign Thursday as part of the “sign war” waged by some in the area. Haygood Skating Center helped launch the “sign war” action in Virginia Beach. Stephen M. Katz/staff photos 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Presidential Records

Overly Broad?

Victoria Taft points out something crystal clear from the beginning, the search warrant was for anything that Trump touched since becoming President.  The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution says that "no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

A warrant that authorized police to seize anything I wrote, touched, or recorded since going to work, is prohibited by the Fourth Amendment.  But that's what the search warrant issued to raid Trump's home did.  

 Was this why the warrant was so vague and “overly broad”? How could a warrant that had under its aegis every piece of paper ever generated during Trump’s presidency not be overly broad? “Overly broad” is a legal term of art suggesting we are veering into unconstitutional territory. That’s a Fourth Amendment no-no and it goes to the very reason why patriots escaped to the colonies and declared their independence from the Crown.

It may answer the question of why the FBI combed through Melania Trump’s under lovelies and hired a safecracker. They didn’t seem to know what they were looking for.

This is why it appears this was a raid in search of a crime.

As I wrote at PJ Media shortly after the raid:

The warrant demands that agents remove binders of photographs, documents with classification markings on them, and, the coups de grâce, “any physical documents with classification markings, along with any containers/boxes (including any other contents) in which such documents are located, as well as any other containers/boxes that are collectively stored or found together with the aforementioned documents and containers/boxes.”

The warrant covers any documents that Trump touched between his first day and last day in office. This included, “information, including communications in any form, regarding the retrieval, storage, or transmission of national defense information or classified material, any government and/or Presidential Records created between January 20, 2017, and January 20, 2021.”

 Later, anti-Trump prosecutors showed atypical humility and admitted that, yes, they’d “over collected” documents such as Trump’s passports and privileged documents between Trump and his attorneys. This is no small thing. This is enough to get evidence and possibly the whole case thrown out by a judge. Fruits of the poisonous tree and all that. If agents had an appropriately tailored search warrant and had the judge bothered to look at the underlying documents, then privileged documents that were clearly out of the scope of the warrant wouldn’t have been confiscated. That is unless Trump and his attorneys were scoring crack, smoking meth, doing deals to get raw materials to make lithium batteries for the Chi-coms, and getting payoffs from the Ukrainians and Russkies. Wait, sorry, that’s Hunter Biden and The Big Guy.