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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Peering at another world - the world of the VIRGINIAN PILOT

There really is another world out there.  It's a world of virtual reality.  It was created before VR headsets were invented. 

It's a world inhabited by people who call themselves the press.  They produce the VIRGINIAN PILOT.

A fair example is today's VIRGINIAN PILOT.

In this virtual VIRGINIAN PILOT reality world, Seal training goes too far.  In this virtual VIRGINIAN PILOT reality, the kind of men who are the toughest, the best, and the cream of the crop get there just by showing up, not by subjecting them to the kind of training that weeds out the people who fail to accomplish their mission under brutal circumstances.  In the VIRGINIAN PILOT virtual reality world, everyone gets a trophy until even overweight transgender women can qualify to be Seals.

And then there is the VIRGINIAN PILOT’s spirited defense of kiddie porn in schools.  We can't object to having our toddlers or primary school students read about sex acts - with illustrations for those who have not mastered reading yet.  In the VIRGINIAN PILOT virtual reality world, people who object to that are termed, crackpots and extremists.  In this virtual reality world of the VIRGINIAN PILOT, people who want to teach your children about sex are the good guys. 

In the VIRGINIAN PILOT's virtual reality world, saddling the carpenter, plumber, or factory worker in an assembly line with a college graduate's student loan is the right thing to do because "driving a tank into enemy fire" or something.  Like so many virtual reality simulations, you must read it to believe it.

Just one day's peek in the VIRGINIAN PILOT alternative universe.  

Kurt Schlichter illustrates how the VIRGINIA PILOT - and virtually all the rest of the media works with an example.

In the real world, normal people do not have others – often people in prestigious positions in politics or the media – so shamelessly lie to them about something right in front of their faces. It’s like walking out to a parking lot and, as you hit the UNLOCK button on your Ford, someone else says, “That’s my car.” You immediately think it’s a misunderstanding. “No, it’s my car.” But the other guy doesn’t back off. He insists that it’s his car. Okay, fine. You open the glove compartment and get out the registration. “Here, look, it’s my car,” you say. “No,” he says. “It says it’s my car. And you are a bad person for insisting it’s yours.”

What do you do? Because reason has stopped being the means of resolving the dispute. You cannot talk out an issue where the other side simply refuses to defer to objective, demonstrable reality and is accusing you for bringing up the truth. That leaves you two options.

Option One – Hand him the keys.

Option Two – Kick his butt and drive home.

Our society depends completely on the ability to demonstrate truth with objective evidence. You prove who you are with a driver’s license. You show you paid for merchandise with a receipt. You get the honors due a graduate by showing your University of College degree in Pansexual Interpretive Dance. We all rely on the deference of others to the objective truth, truth reinforced by evidence. And, in the past, we did not impugn others character for pointing to evidence. But this is a whole new level of chutzpah. This tactic undermines the very idea that there is truth, and that truth can be ascertained with relative certainty. 

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