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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cheney’s Humiliating Defeat Is Another Sign That We Are Winning


This is why the Beltway Cowgirl's humiliation is so sweet. The people of Wyoming rejected her and her scuzzy papa wholly and unequivocally. They see her for what she is, a duty-dodging fraud wrapping herself in the American flag and pretending to be something other than just another swamp-dwelling hack who left America worse for her being here. 

We see through her, and there's nothing there. No talent. No brains. No achievements. Courage? What courage does it take to do what everyone knows will get her a daily media tongue bath and a permanent seat on the panel of that unwatched CNN show with Brian Stelter, who is a potato? It's OnlyFans for washed-up regime toadies. She will live on this fleeting fame for a while, then be forgotten. "Liz Cheney who?" the next generation of 20-something bookers will wonder aloud when she emails them to beg for a hit to comment on how those awful Republicans and their new DOJ are indicting Merrick Garland. 

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