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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

City run by Animals is overrun by Animals

More than 60 People Shot, 16 Killed, in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

I'm told that Black Lives Matter .... but I don't believe it.  If Black Lives Matter this would not be happening in a city run by Black Democrats.

On Monday morning, NBC Chicago reported the total number of shooting victims was over 60 for the weekend, with 16 people dead.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported one of the weekend’s fatalities was a 10-year-old girl who was inside a Logan Square home on the Northwest Side when she was shot in the head by a stray bullet. She was shot at 9:40 p.m. Saturday and pronounced dead just hours later.

A one-year-old boy riding in the car with his mom was also shot and killed Saturday. He and his mother were driving back from the laundromat when a car pulled up next to them and opened fire. The mother was shot as well, but her wounds were not life-threatening.

St. Louis Homeowner Speaks Out After Confronting BLM Militants with Firearm, ‘The Only Thing That Stopped the Mob Was my Rifle’

Mark McCloskey: We came back to the house. I don’t know what time it is, I’ve been up ever since. I’m a little, I’m a little blurry, but we were preparing dinner. We went out to the east patio, open porch that faces Kingshighway on one side and Portland Place Drive on the south, and we’re sitting down for dinner. We heard all this stuff going on down on Maryland Plaza. And then the mob started to move up Kingshighway, but it got parallel with the Kingshighway gate on Portland Place.

Somebody forced the gate, and I stood up and announced that this is private property. Go back. I can’t remember in detail anymore. I went inside, I got a rifle. And when they … because as soon as I said this is private property, those words enraged the crowd. Horde, absolute horde came through the now smashed down gates coming right at the house. My house, my east patio was 40 feet from Portland Place Drive. And these people were right up in my face, scared to death. And then, I stood out there. The only thing we said is this is private property. Go back. Private property. Leave now.

At that point, everybody got enraged. There were people wearing body armor. One person pulled out some loaded pistol magazine and clicked them together and said that you were next. We were threatened with our lives, threatened with a house being burned down, my office building being burned down, even our dog’s life being threatened. It was, it was about as bad as it can get. I mean, those you know, I really thought it was Storming the Bastille that we would be dead and the house would be burned and there was nothing we could do about it. It was a huge and frightening crowd. And they were they broken the gate

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Ghana Minister Invites African-Americans To Leave U.S., Resettle In Ghana: Leave ‘Where You Are Not Wanted’

Earlier this month, Ghana’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture extended an invitation to black Americans to leave the United States and resettle in Ghana, declaring that American blacks should “leave where you are not welcome.”

It will be interesting to see how many people move to Ghana.

FBI Needs Information to arrest these individuals


Snitches get riches

Political beliefs cured the Wuhan flu

I Got Fired From Vice

Thursday, June 25, 2020

My window blinds are racist

This is an actual quote from an article in the Wall Street Journal

Racism experts say nooses, even when they’re purportedly tied to serve another purpose, are still racist symbols of intimidation to African-Americans who encounter them. They also don’t believe that the definition of whether a noose is a hate crime should rest on whether it’s directed at a particular target, because of its ramifications.

“It doesn’t have to be aimed at one specific black person to be effective—and I’m talking about the effectiveness as a symbol of terror,” said Jeannine Bell, a professor at Indiana University’s law school and an expert in hate crimes. “It can be anyone or all black people who might encounter it.”

I just looked at the window blinds and at the end of the pull cord is a noose.  My window blinds are racist according to Andrew Beaton and Louise Radnofsky, Staff writers for the Wall Street Journal.


This isn't about justice, it's about destroying America.


Cockburn was initially reticent to compare Wallace to Smollett. Wallace was not the one who initially found the ‘noose’, and was merely reacting to what his team told him. He did not manufacture the incident himself. But the fanfare that followed, despite an ongoing investigation that had yet to find evidence of a hate crime, wilted any sympathy. Drivers and team members pushed Wallace’s car to the front of the field ahead of Monday’s race at Talladega. The infield grass was painted with #IStandWithBubba. It was an outlandish show of ‘solidarity’ that only took place because just waiting for an investigation to conclude before commenting on an alleged hate crime would have earned NASCAR allegations of racism.

Then, even after the FBI concluded that the ‘noose’ was anything but, Wallace doubled down on his alleged victimhood. In a Tuesday night appearance with CNN’s Don Lemon, Wallace asserted, ‘From the evidence that we have…it’s a straight-up noose’. Never mind the 15 — yes, 15! — FBI special agents who investigated the incident. Wallace, despite never having seen the rope in person, believes it’s a noose, and therefore it’s a noose.

Wallace apparently got a taste of the fame that comes with being a professional victim and thought it was much sweeter than letting his racing do the talking. He finished 14th at Talladega.

Media Buys Into Debunked Noose Hate Crime Story

From the comments:
If the "fans" have any self respect, they will stop going to races or supporting the racist organization NASCAR. Did I mention that NASCAR and Wallace are stone cold racists who deserve to be shunned? Just want to make that clear.

Bubba Wallace Is Straight-Up Lying: Videotape Shows That Many Garage Door Bays Have "Nooses" as Pull-Lines, Dating Back to 2016

Quick update.

Bubba Wallace said he's been driving for years and never saw a pull-line like the "noose" on his garage door.

Either he's a liar, or he's extremely selective in his Noose-Hallucinating.

Video below.

Tucker Carlson notes that while rioters were pulling down statues, the FBI sent fifteen fucking agents to investigate a string with a knot in it.

Animals: In Lansing, Terrorists Now Closing Off Roads and Threatening Motorists With Rifles if They Don't Comply With the Bandits' Orders

In wartorn countries in which all civil order has vanished, armed groups begin seizing roadways and bridges and denying entry to those who don't pay a "toll."

This is happening in America. In Lansing, Michigan.

Now. Today.

The police are present here -- but they just sit on their thumbs as armed terrorist paramilitaries threaten lawabiding citizens with a rifle.

What happens when the next motorist stopped by the bandits has a gun, and decides that he, too, would like to brandish it?

Letting the terrorists control the streets is not deescalating violence -- it is setting the state for a true conflagration of small action skirmishes that lead to civil war.

Here’s What the M.I.T. Catholic Chaplain Got Fired Over

From: Daniel P Moloney <[EMAIL ADDRESS OMITTED]>
Date: June 7, 2020 at 6:01:06 AM EDT
Subject: [TCCM] Blessed are the peacemakers
My brothers and sisters in Christ,

It pains me not to be able to preach at a time like this. The Gospel says one thing, and everyone else is saying partial truths, at most. George Floyd was killed by a police officer, and shouldn’t have been. He had not lived a virtuous life. He was convicted of several crimes, including armed robbery, which he seems to have committed to feed his drug habit. And he was high on drugs at the time of his arrest. But we do not kill such people. He committed sins, but we root for sinners to change their lives and convert to the Gospel. Catholics want all life protected from conception until natural death. The police officer who knelt on his neck until he died acted wrongly. I do not know what he was thinking. The charges filed against him allege dangerous negligence, but say nothing about his state of mind. He might have killed George Floyd intentionally, or not. He hasn’t told us. But he showed disregard for his life, and we cannot accept that in our law enforcement officers. It is right that he has been arrested and will be prosecuted.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, most people in the country have framed this as an act of racism. I don’t think we know that. Many people have claimed that racism is major problem in police forces. I don’t think we know that. Police officers deal with dangerous and bad people all the time, and that often hardens them. They do this so that the rest of us can live in peace, but sometimes at a cost to their souls. Some of them certainly develop attitudes towards the people they investigate and arrest that are unjust and sinful. We should pray that never happens, but we can see how it does. Many parts of our country have been experiencing a five-year crime wave, providing some context for why the police are trained in aggressive tactics. In 2019, 150 police officers were killed in the line of duty by the violent men they were trying to arrest. That number should be zero, we can all agree. But that context does not justify being overly aggressive — their public trust requires that they exercise great restraint. Criminals have human dignity, too. That’s why we Catholics are asked to work to abolish the death penalty in this country.

Today tensions are high, with charges of racism flying over social media, and countercharges of agreeing with domestic terrorists flying back. People are unfriending and cancelling each other. I hate this. Racism is a sin, as the Catechism says (#1937). So is rash judgment (#2478). Solidarity with our fellow human beings is “a direct demand of human and Christian brotherhood… sealed by the sacrifice of redemption offered by Jesus Christ on the altar of the Cross to his heavenly Father, on behalf of sinful humanity.” (#1939). Our solidarity with one another is deeply frayed now. Everything we say (or don’t say) is treated with suspicion, rather than charity. I hate this too. I’ve talked to multiple people in the Boston area who want the protests here to stop because they are afraid of more riots and looting. I’ve talked to others who want everyone to join the protests, but are uneasy about having police present. One group says that, of course racism is bad, but the riots are really bad — 18 people have been killed, including one police officer. Others say racism is what’s really bad — look at all the victims of police aggression — and to bring up the riots is to distract from the good the protests are trying to achieve. Still others are upset that all this talk about racism has pushed violence against women, institutionalized sexism, and other types of injustice out of the national consciousness. Everyone’s mind is made up, everyone’s angry with each other — even though everyone says they’re opposed to injustices and sins. In a different moment, people strongly opposed to public violence, racism, and sexism would admire each other, despite their different emphases.

Cardinal Sean has released two statements, one a week ago and one on Friday. I wrote something that, were we able to celebrate Mass together, might have been my homily for this week, a week which saw the feast of the Ugandan martyrs bookended by the Solemnities of Pentecost and The Holy Trinity. Members of the TCC have decided to append the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to the weekly Zoom rosary on Fridays, to pray for God’s “mercy on us and on the whole world.” The problems we face are the result of sin, as I said above. And the only way to conquer sin is with prayer, grace, and holiness, by which the Holy Spirit brings us more deeply into Christ’s New Covenant with the Father.

Blessed are the peacemakers, our Lord tells us. May we all be counted among them.

Fr. Daniel Patrick Moloney, Ph.D.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Thank Goodness for Hillsdale

The following is a statement from the leaders of Hillsdale College.

Amidst the events of recent weeks, a number of alumni and others have taken up formal and public means to insist that Hillsdale College issue statements concerning these events. The College is charged with negligence — or worse.

It is not the practice of the College to respond to petitions or other instruments meant to gain an object by pressure. The College operates by reasoned deliberation, study, and thought. The following observations, however, may be helpful and pertinent.

The College is pressed to speak. It is told that saying what it always has said is insufficient. Instead, it must decry racism and the mistreatment of Black Americans in particular. This, however, is precisely what the College has always said.

The College is told that invoking the high example of the Civil War or Frederick Douglass is not permitted. Perhaps it is thought that nothing relevant can be learned about justice and equality from the words and actions of great men and women in history. Instead, the College is guilty of the gravest moral failure for not making declarations about … justice and equality.

The College is told that it garners no honor now for its abolitionist past — or that it fails to live up to that past — but instead it must issue statements today. Statements about what? It must issue statements about the brutal and deadly evil of hating other people and/or treating them differently because of the color of their skin. That is, it must issue statements about the very things that moved the abolitionists whom the College has ever invoked.

It is told that failure to issue statements is an erasure, a complicity, an abandonment of principle. The silence of the College is deafening.

The College founding is a statement — as is each reiteration and reminder of its meaning and necessity. The curriculum is a statement, especially in its faithful presentation of the College’s founding mission. Teaching is a statement, especially as it takes up — with vigor — the evils we are alleged to ignore, evils like murder, brutality, injustice, destruction of person or property, and passionate irrationality. Teaching these same things across all the land is a statement, or a thousand statements. Organizing our practical affairs so that we can maintain principles of equity and justice — though the cost is high and sympathy is short — is a statement. Dispensing unparalleled financial help to students who cannot afford even a moderate tuition, is a statement. Helping private and public schools across the country lift their primary and secondary students out of a sea of disadvantages with excellent instruction, curricula, and the civic principles of freedom and equality — without any recompense to the College — is a statement. Postgraduate programs with the express aim of advancing the ideas of human dignity, justice, equality, and the citizen as the source of the government’s power, these are all statements. And all of these statements are acts, deeds that speak, undertaken and perpetuated now, every day, all the time. Everything the College does, though its work is not that of an activist or agitator, is for the moral and intellectual uplift of all.

There may be something deafening in the culture—certainly there are those who cannot hear — but it is not from the silence of the College.

There is a kind of virtue that is cheap. It consists of jumping on cost-free bandwagons of public feeling — perhaps even deeply justified public feeling — and winning approval by espousing the right opinion. No one who wishes the College to issue statements is assumed to be a party to such behavior. But the fact that very real racial problems are now being cynically exploited for profit, gain, and public favor by some organizations and people is impossible to overlook. It is a scandal and a shame that compounds our ills and impedes their correction. Hillsdale College, though far from perfect, will continue to do the work of education in the great principles that are, second only to divine grace, the solution to the grave ills that beset our times.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Atlanta Mayor: Morale Among Atlanta Police Officers Is Down ‘Tenfold’

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms lied when she said that her administration has had “a great working relationship with our officers.”

It's as if she had nothing to do with what happens in Atlanta.

Let's have an experiment. Let's see if Atlanta can get along without a police force.  Let's give the Democrats what they want in a city they control.

Romania Passes Law Banning Gender Studies, Following Hungary and Poland.

Sanity seems to be coming from former Communist countries.

Intelligence Analyst Is Going to Prison for Leaking Classified Intel to NBC. Is Comey Watching?

pour encourager les autres

"Creating" Slavery - and Ending It - Mark Steyn

November 1st 1868, in the Indian ocean near Zanzibar: British sailors under the command of Captain George Sullivan on HMS Daphne rescue 48 East African men, 53 women and 55 children from an Arab slave dhow.

The March of the Morons across the western world is deeply depressing. As soon as a new low is reached, some halfwit dives even deeper. On yesterday's Mark Steyn Show I played the audio of the contemptible Tim Kaine, Virginia senator and 2016 vice-presidential candidate, from a speech on the Senate floor:

The United States didn't inherit slavery from anybody. We created it. It got created by the Virginia general assembly and the legislatures of other states.

The thugs trashing American cities seem sincerely to believe this - that white Americans invented slavery a couple of centuries back. Whereas in reality, as I write below, for the entirety of human history slavery was an accepted fact of life, indeed as routine and ubiquitous a fact as the earth and sky....

"William Wilberforce," writes Eric Metaxas in his book Amazing Grace, "was the happy victim of his own success. He was like someone who against all odds finds the cure for a horrible disease that's ravaging the world, and the cure is so overwhelmingly successful that it vanquishes the disease completely. No one suffers from it again - and within a generation or two no one remembers it ever existed."

What did Wilberforce "cure"? Two centuries ago, on March 25th 1807, one very persistent British backbencher secured the passage by Parliament of an Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade throughout His Majesty's realms and territories. It's not that no one remembers the disease ever existed, but that we recall it as a kind of freak pandemic - a SARS or bird flu that flares up and whirrs round the world and is then eradicated. The American education system teaches it as such - as a kind of wicked perversion the Atlantic settlers had conjured out of their own ambition.

In reality, it was more like the common cold - a fact of life. The institution predates the word's etymology, from the Slavs brought from eastern Europe to the glittering metropolis of Rome. It predates by some millennia the earliest laws, such as the Code of Hammurabi in Mesopotamia. The first legally recognized slave in the American colonies was owned by a black man who had himself arrived as an indentured servant. The first slave owners on the North American continent were hunter-gatherers. As Metaxas puts it, "Slavery was as accepted as birth and marriage and death, was so woven into the tapestry of human history that you could barely see its threads, much less pull them out. Everywhere on the globe, for 5,000 years, the idea of human civilization without slavery was unimaginable."

This Leftist Tantrum Is an Information Operation and Trump Is Winning It

The long-term strategic objective of the leftists is to turn the United States into Venezuela, and they want to be Maduro. The major strategic objective that will put them in position to do so is victory in the November elections. Everything happening right now is part of their overall strategy to achieve that objective. But what kind of operation are they using to achieve that objective? There are two types of operations relevant here – kinetic and information. A kinetic operation is actual warfare. It’s violence designed to defeat the enemy and cause his surrender by either physically destroying him or occupying his territory and compelling surrender. An information operation is designed to affect the perceptions, and thereby the actions, of the target. Kinetic ops tend to do something to the enemy; and info op tends to get the target to do something to himself.

Elections are usually information operations. They attempt to build a narrative and play on perceptions and cause the target to take the action that will lead to victory. That is, get the target (the electorate) vote for the candidate the info operator wants elected.

Okay, so what is the 2020 elections, with the rioting, vandalism, violence and occupations?

Thursday, June 18, 2020

When the Democrats claim to care about black lives, they take them in horrifying numbers.

The Jonestowning of America is an act of brutal power by the Joneses and of despair by their followers.

Like Jim Jones, the Democrats have no vision or hope to offer. Utopia has been replaced with pain and death. The screams of hate and the wrecked blocks in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are the nation’s Jonestowns. The country’s biggest cities have become failed experiments in social justice where the socialist cant is preached all the louder even as things only get worse.

As the end approached, Jones took refuge in paranoid delusions and apocalyptic conflicts, inventing enemies and lashing out at them to evade responsibility for his corruption and crimes. All the radicalized Democrats have to offer are apocalyptic visions of environmental armageddons and perpetual racial atonement in a country that was irredeemably evil even over a century before its birth. Hope. Change.

The arc of history points not to progress, but to Jonestown. The Joneses are torturing their followers with pandemic lockdowns, rioting, economic destruction, environmental impoverishment, and cultural collapse to sate their own sadistic impulses and to divert attention from the failures of their ideas.

Jim Jones was the socialist son of a Klansman who exploited and killed hundreds of black people. The Democrats are the socialist party of the Klan who exploited and killed hundreds of thousands of black people. When the Democrats claim to care about black lives, they take them in horrifying numbers.

I'm Starting to see a Pattern

The National Pulse Publishes List of Google's Top 100 Pseudoconservative "Influencers" Who Rush to Defend Google Whenever Google Needs Them to Spin

Via Ace of Spades

White knights for Google.

Or is it... Green Knights? There are suspicions that many or even most of these people are "Google grantees" -- people paid grant money by Google....

They will be the last the crocodile eats. The crocodile has promised them that, and while the crocodile is a liar, he has no reason to break that promise: the Establishment Republicans are virtually liberals who join the left in almost all important controversies.

The Federalist is as far from "establishment Republican" as you can be (outside of us, of course), and in fact has been one of the only major sites warning, correctly, that the left had no intention of ever stopping its aggressive war on conservatives and traditionalists.

Now, Jonah Goldberg National Review, David French, The Bulwark, etc., have long insisted that claims the left would become more aggressive and violent in their determination to dehumanize conservatives and strip them of all incidents of citiizenship were mere "fear-mongering" by the "paranoid quarters" of the "far right."

But that's not The Federalist. (And, I assume based on general reputation, that's not Zero Hedge either).

I was one of the people sounding the alarm about Robert Spencer.

I agree with his sentiment that if only the establishment pseudo right had once told its very good leftwing friends that this unceasing campaign of aggression would not be tolerated, maybe they would have stopped advancing.

But the establishment pseudo right never did.

Here's the list via National Pulse.

Remember him?

We’ll build a big, beautiful wall, and we’ll get Seattle to pay for it!”

The occupied protest zone in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood known as the CHOP is getting some extra safety measures from the city.

Tuesday morning, the Seattle Department of Transportation replaced tent barriers with concrete barriers around the edges of the six-nine block protest zone surrounding the abandoned SPD East Precinct.

The barriers will help to prevent cars from driving through the protesters, which happened last week, while also leaving a travel lane for emergency responders.

Although the occupied protest has remained largely peaceful since it popped up more than a week ago, residents and business owners in the area have raised safety concerns over police response times tripling and officers not responding to calls inside the zone.

Mayor Jenny Durkan said Tuesday that the city is making changes to accommodate the protesters while still protecting nearby businesses and residents.

Class War

Where the Left goes, squalor follows.

The scene in militia-occupied Seattle is entirely familiar, the same kind of theatrical filth that has been a part of American counterculture from Woodstock through Occupy Wall Street. These are the idiot children of the American ruling class, toy radicals and Champagne Bolsheviks playing Jacobin for a while until they go back to graduate school. The actual poor, oppressed masses of the world may sometimes live in squalor, but they do not generally live in squalor by choice. For Caitlyn from Georgetown, playing poor is the woke version of playing cowboys and Indians, but playing cowboys and Indians would make you a Very Bad Person, even if, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, you chose to be an Indian.

The squalor is a sideshow. More to the point, it is class camouflage.

There is no revolution in these United States by the poor and the excluded against the rich and the powerful. Instead, there is a civil war among certain members of the broad affluent class against the adjacent affluent cohorts. There is no hatred in this world quite like the hatred of a $100,000-a-year man for a $200,000-a-year man, except maybe the hatred of a $200,000-a-year man for a $200,002-a-year man.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mark Steyn recalls why Trump won


Meanwhile, another old white man is destabilizing the Republican primary. Donald Trump would also be the oldest man elected president, but like Bernie he too seems to be reaching parts of the base the younger and prettier types can't. Six months out, no predictions are possible about the first states: I assume a George Pataki or Lindsay Graham or two will have fallen by the wayside by January, but a lot of the rest seem to have just enough cash to hang in awhile and it's not clear there aren't a couple more still to come. With a dozen or more candidates many of whom are all in the single digits and within the margin of error, you might be able to win New Hampshire with, say, 14 per cent of the vote. In an open primary, if the youth vote is over with the Dems voting for Bernie, an older culturally conservative Perot vote might well show up in the GOP to vote for Trump. Who knows?

But here's the funny and consequential thing. Trump is supposed to be the narcissist blowhard celebrity candidate: He's a guy famous for erecting aesthetically revolting buildings with his "brand" plastered all over them, for arm-candy brides, for beauty contests and reality shows. The other fellows are sober, serious senators and governors.

And yet Trump is the only one who's introduced an issue into this otherwise torpid campaign - and the most important issue of all, I would argue, in that ultimately it's one of national survival. And so the same media that dismiss Trump as an empty reality-show vanity candidate are now denouncing him for bringing up the only real policy question in the race so far.

The enforcement of ideological purity: how the topic of black-on-black crime is handled by the left

Leftist write Lee Fang quotes a black man about Black on Black crime.
During protests, he tweeted this interview with an African-American man named Maximum Fr, who described having two cousins murdered in the East Oakland neighborhood where he grew up. Saying his aunt is still not over those killings, Max asked:

“I always question, why does a Black life matter only when a white man takes it?… Like, if a white man takes my life tonight, it’s going to be national news, but if a Black man takes my life, it might not even be spoken of… It’s stuff just like that that I just want in the mix.”

Fang is denounced and forced to recant.

It’s what you’d expect, if you’re familiar with leftist thought on race. First of all, such talk is verboten because it’s an argument that the right sometimes uses, which of course makes it racist by definition because everyone knows that the right is racist. But it’s also racist because it blames black-on-black crimes on black people, as though they are at fault, which of course they’re not because everything seemingly bad that a black person does is a result of systemic racism at the hands of white people. So to mention black-on-black crime without blaming white people for it is to be racist. QED.

Forget about Maximum Fr, whose family is outraged and grieving at what happened to their loved ones. Maximum Fr is not to be blamed, though, because in the mind of the left he doesn’t know any better. He said what he said about black-on-black crime because he’s not educated as to the real causes. He’s not an anti-black racist, he’s just ignorant. His opinion does not count. It’s the young reporter Lee Fang, whose progressive credentials are peerless (ThinkProgress, The Nation) who’s to blame because he should know better.

Even the fact that Fang was quoting another person such as Maximum Fr rather than making the statement himself is no excuse, because such remarks must be censored no matter who utters them. They inflame the tender sensibilities – not of inner city black people such as Maximum Fr – but of Fang’s mostly white leftist colleagues. Fang (who I’m going to assume is most likely an American of predominantly Chinese heritage, which would give him no favored-group status at all) has transgressed and must be made to apologize or become an unperson. One never knows if the apology will be enough, but apparently in this case it was.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Op-Ed: To End Racism, We Need More Racism

Babylon Bee: Is this parody?  Would it surprise anyone to see this as an article in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Virginian Pilot?


Racism is bad. It’s not just bad, it’s the worst. It’s ridiculous that I even have to say that in 2020, yet here we are. Since nobody seems to want to say it, I will. We must end racism- like, right now.

We can end it, and it’s not even that hard. The only thing we have to do is separate everyone by their race and ethnicity and appoint strong leaders to ensure all the races receive equal treatment. Like, even though they are separate, they’re still equal. It’s a brilliant and much-needed strategy I just now thought of.

The other thing we have to do is eliminate all color-blindness from our society. We must ensure that people look at everyone else primarily through the lens of skin color. It’s the only way to defeat racism. If everyone thinks of their fellow humans as a skin color above all else, it will ensure we recognize and honor those skin colors according to how much oppression they have experienced.

Some say my proposals are racist, but that’s stupid because they are the racist ones. They don’t even realize that “not being racist” is actually the most racist thing you can do because it allows racism to continue.

The only thing big enough to defeat racism is a bigger, more powerful form of racism, like regular racism only a lot more of it and also reversed.

If America follows this simple plan, we will stop being racist, which will actually be racist, and will then require a new and innovative form of reverse-reverse racism to combat it.

But we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Death to America.

Writer Wants Applause For Destroying GWTW Book

Elizabeth Austin, writing for The Washington Monthly, would like you to know she just threw her copy of Gone With The Wind (a gift from her father, no less) into the garbage. She expects you now to throw her a parade. Or send her a fruit basket. Just shut up and acknowledge her magnificence already.

Not One More Girl!!
Bethyboo, verklempt by her own awokeiness, rips a bodice or two here:

I don’t think I’d ever thrown away a book before—at least, not one that was still intact. But this book was different. I didn’t want to be responsible for one more young girl reading Gone with the Wind. It is a pernicious book. It is an evil book. It weaves a spell that has perverted our national vision of slavery and warped our understanding of the Civil War and its long, vicious aftermath. Its sugarcoated white supremacy has inflicted grievous, lasting harm on our country for generations. Gone with the Wind is poison. And it is more toxic because the poison is concealed within a powerful—even feminist— story told in deathlessly lyrical prose.

… “deathlessly lyrical prose” …

Domestic Terrorists – Three New York Police Officers Poisoned By Shake Shack Employees…

I have eaten at Shake Shack and can find nothing there that would make me want to come back.  There is a lot of hype surrounding this chain that serves high-calorie food.

They are also corporate sponsors of the violent racist organization known as Black Lives Matter.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Backlash Is Coming

Geraghty’s piece is well written, but it is a perfect example of why Conservatism, Inc. has been losing for decades.  It is pastiche.  Partly a slam at middle America when he quotes Roger Boesche.  Partly an attack on the police and a defense of black grievances when he quotes Theodore Johnson.  But the real problem is that he sees normal American “rioting” by abandoning the Blue States and cities. 

As with so much of Conservative, Inc., there is the belief that by continuing to retreat, normal Americans will win.  It is reflected in the belief that people will be so revolted by Liberal governance that they will turn to the losers as their savior.  

How many years of one-party government in deep blue states and cities does I take to kill that foolish idea?  

To simply take one example: Detroit has been run into the ground by Democrats for generations, to the point where serious plans were proposed to bulldoze parts of the city and turn it into farms. 

Detroit filed for bankruptcy in 2013.  The mayor and every member of the city council are Democrats.  Where is the Detroit backlash?  Despite a wealth of evidence and experience, “thinkers” like Geraghty predict a “backlash” that will somehow be good for normal Americans. 

When Russiagate Conveniently Vanishes

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was at the red-hot center of the Robert Mueller probe into the phantom menace of Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 3.
You may not know that happened. ABC, CBS and NBC ignored it that night. PBS gave the story 55 seconds. NPR gave it 4 minutes, but those minutes sounded bizarre.

Anchor Mary Louise Kelly said: “May I start with an observation? Does this seem a little out of left field? With everything going on in the country right now, senators are focused today on the Russia investigation?”

Reporter Philip Ewing replied, “The short answer for that is, politics.”....

A politicized "air of criminality" still wafts over the Trump administration, thanks to the "objective" media. But they offer no apologies, no retractions, no admissions of fault on the overall Russia mess. Their drumbeat of collusion "news" turned out to be ... "fake news."

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Trump Enacts Tariffs, Travel Ban On CHAZ

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Trump has announced a new set of tariffs and a travel ban on CHAZ, escalating the trade war between the United States and the fledgling nation-state.


To enforce the travel ban, the president has ordered a wall built to protect the people of America from immigration from CHAZ. The wall will be "tremendous" and will have a moat and "maybe some sharks." All foreign aid will also be suspended effective immediately.

Ukrainian Law Enforcement Arrest Individual Allegedly Attempting to End Investigation Into Burisma and Hunter Biden with $6 Million Bribe

An individual was reportedly arrested by Ukrainian Law Enforcement who was attempting to bribe government officials with $6 million to end an investigation into Burisma and Hunter Biden.

McGruff The Crime Dog Put Down

NEW YORK, NY—In response to a growing anti-police sentiment, McGruff the Crime Dog has been taken to the vet and put down.

In other Babylon Bee news:

Antifa Member Lectures D-Day Veteran On How To Fight Fascism

“You’d better get on home, old man,” the anti-fascist warrior said, holding a brick. “It’s going to be a Night of Broken Glass, or as we like to say, a Kristallnacht. Down with Fascism!”

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Defund Conservatism, Inc. to Make America Great Again

It was fascinating to watch Tucker Carlson call out Heritage Foundation President Kay James for her recent op-ed at Fox News. James added her voice to the politically correct chorus, informing us that racism is “a cancer in America” and “our Achilles’ Heel that has afflicted us for 400 years.” Some people, myself included, would like to know, who are these racists James speaks of? Are they the people on the Heritage board who appointed her? Are they people who work for Heritage or are in the conservative movement, even people who identify with the America First agenda? She should name names.

To be fair, James condemned the rioting, but she sounded more like an adherent to the questionable New York Times “1619 Project” than a leading conservative who is supposed to believe in the fundamental principles of liberty and opportunity for all to which our nation has cleaved for centuries.

Those principles at one time were core to the mission of the Heritage Foundation. Now its leadership can’t seem to utter them, let alone espouse them.

Today some people, myself included, are rightly asking: if Heritage can’t support the most basic tenets of America’s founding and affirm its rise to exceptionalism, what is the point of Heritage at all? They claim to be conservatives, but what have they conserved? Where are their victories?

I get literally dozens of requests EACH DAY to give money to this or that "Conservative" organization and it all goes directly into the trash because I know of almost no "official" conservative organization that has ever advanced the cause of Conservatism. I give directly to candidates, and even those have betrayed me a lot; I'm looking at you Mitt Romney.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

In Chicago, Hispanic Gangs Protect Their Neighborhoods From Looters: “Get the F*ck Out! We Won’t Let Our Neighborhood Burn”

In the absence of elected leadership and in the face of police standing by and watching looting in Chicago, Latin gangs are protecting their local businesses and running would be looters out of their neighborhoods. It’s hard to fault them for it, but do we really want street gangs acting as law enforcement?

Because that’s what we can expect in cities that are considering abolishing their police departments—remember, the leftist and anarchist protestors want the police abolished, it’s the political wing, the Democratic Party, that substituted “defund” and is now walking even that back because it’s so vastly unpopular among their own voters.

Meanwhile, the Shithole Press is covering for the Left by claiming that "defund the police" doesn't mean "defund the police."

The Doctrine of Media Untruth

Victor Davis Hanson ... read the whole thing.

Nowhere has the Doctrine of Media Untruth been more helpful than in following Trump during the coronavirus epidemic. The media fixated on hydroxychloroquine because Trump said it might be a game-changer and he took it himself as a prophylactic. That ensured that the ubiquitous, long-tested, mostly safe, and cheap anti-malarial, anti-lupus household drug would suddenly be declared useless and deadly.

Would the media ever repent and empirically report that in some cases hydroxychloroquine is considered to be efficacious in treating the early symptoms of the disease by front-line doctors, in line with a series of pre-COVID-19 studies that it could be helpful against SARs-like viruses?

If tomorrow Barack Obama gave a press conference, and should confess that when he travels he takes the drug, given its general safety and scattered reports it might have prophylactic value against COVID-19, we would soon read headlines of a “miracle drug”

Monday, June 08, 2020

MAGA Reels - June 6 2020

50 million dead in largely peaceful disagreement over Poland.

How the media would report World War 2 today.

ACE of SPADES comments of the riots and more.

"BLACK LIVES MATTER!" shrieked Black Lives Matter as they assaulted and shot black police officers, vandalized black-owned businesses and gave money to Planned Parenthood so they could kill more black babies.
"THOSE ARMED WHITE MEN ARE DANGEROUS!" bellowed CNN as the pro-2A demonstrators in Virginia cleaned up the area after their day of protest and went home without anybody getting shot.

"IT'S ALL DONALD TRUMP'S FAULT!" declared Andrew Cuomo as he forced NY nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for Covid-19.

"WE'RE ANTI-FASCISTS" screamed the Antifa thugs as they vandalized cars, set buildings and businesses on fire, and assaulted random passers-by.

"BECAUSE OF COVID-19, WE NEED TO HAVE A LOCKDOWN!" proclaimed the activists trying to pass themselves off as public health experts.

"MASS PROTESTS ARE TOTES OK!" proclaimed the activists trying to pass themselves off as public health experts.

"ANTI-RACISM MASS PROTESTS? TOTES OK!" proclaimed the activists trying to pass themselves off as public health experts.

"ANTI-LOCKDOWN PROTESTS? NOT OK!" proclaimed the activists trying to pass themselves off as public health experts.

"WE HAVE TO HAVE A CIVIL WAR NOW!" thundered Tom Arnold from inside of his guarded and gated mansion.

"BUT I DON'T WANT BUSINESSES TO LEAVE CHICAGO!" squealed the Chicago mayor after she condemned business owners who defended their businesses from looting and only charged most arrested rioters with disorderly conduct.

"THE PROTESTS HAVE BEEN MOSTLY PEACEFUL!" declared the media as the cities burned.

"WHY ARE OUR STREETS FILLED WITH VIOLENCE, RIOTING, AND BAGS OF POO?" cried blue city voters as they continued to elect deep blue mayors, deep blue city managers and deep blue city council members.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

On arguing with a Leftist

I learned a new word today - BAIZUO - that will become part of my vocabulary

Bible thought for the day

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. 17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

Can this American version of the French Revolution bring change?

We're not seeing a revolution. We are seeing mob rule while ordinary people keep their heads down waiting for things to blow over.  We're seeing the underbelly of society, Black and white give in to the joy of destruction, hate, and theft.

That surreal feeling is likely even more pronounced among looting victims whose stores are left unprotected while politicians and experts excuse such crimes entirely. Socialist Seattle council member Tammy Morales dismissed concerns about looting, insisting that “what I don’t want to hear is for our constituents to be told to be civil, not to be reactionary, to be told looting doesn’t solve anything.” New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah Jones said that “Destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence” while, on CNN, Clifford Stott, a professor of social psychology at Keele University in England, said “looting is expression.”

Northwestern University journalism professor Steven Thrasher declared: “The destruction of a police precinct is not only a tactically reasonable ­response to the crisis of policing, it is a quintessentially American response ... Property destruction for social change is as American as the Boston Tea Party.” Of course, the patriots in Boston did not keep the tea for themselves, unlike the looters running out of Target stores with flat-screen TVs.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

The truth about race, crime, and Black Lives Matter

I will lose many friends over what I'm about to say.

I will possibly be called a racist or even a white supremacist (even though I'm a brown man, who's been beaten to a pulp by neo-Nazis wearing steel toed boots).

But maybe, just maybe, the fact that I am getting 100% of my information from the black scholars in the picture - The Great Thomas Sowell, Glenn Loury, Shelby Steele, John McWorther, Coleman Hughes, Kmele Foster and Thomas Chatterton Williams, allows me some room for thought?

I’ve been watching the narrative play universally over the heinous killing of George Floyd, and the complete and utter lack of facts about African Americans in The US has been infuriating.

Unfortunately, anyone who doesn’t submit to the dominant narrative will be called a heretic, a racist, a whites supremacist etc. Still, I can’t stop myself.

Violent Protest and the Intelligentsia

The similarities between this week’s riots and the Los Angeles riots of 1992 are obvious. Both were occasioned by appalling video images, and both divided the nation along partisan and ideological lines. The differences between the two events, however, are more revealing. The violence in 1992 came after a court verdict; the beating and arrest of Rodney King had happened more than a year before. This year’s riots came within days of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis officers. The riots of 1992 were mostly confined to poor and working-class areas of Los Angeles. This week saw mayhem all over America, and in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere the rioters targeted wealthy streets and neighborhoods.

But perhaps the most striking difference is the rationalization, and sometimes full-throated defense, of violence from left-wing elites: the glorification of havoc, the vilification of cops and their middle-class admirers, highfalutin defenses of vandalism. The sense of revolution and class warfare was everywhere this week: the cognoscenti and underclass arrayed against the petty bourgeois shop owners; the elite and those they claim to represent against everybody else.

Social distancing is over

One thing that the demonstrations and riots have made crystal clear: the past two months of shut down is based on an enormous lie that even the Left doesn't believe.
Megan McArdle - Columnist
June 5, 2020

In a few weeks, one of two things will have happened. Either covid-19 cases will abruptly reverse their decline in some of America’s largest cities, and we will know that they were seeded by the days of rage we are living through . . . or they won’t. Either way, social distancing is over.

In the happy scenario, the protests will have performed an enormous public service, even beyond agitating for justice. They are basically running a natural experiment that scientists could never have ethically undertaken: Do massive outside gatherings — including singing, chanting, screaming and coughing — spread covid-19, or not? Along with evidence from the Memorial Day weekend parties at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, they may well demonstrate, once and for all, that the risk of spreading covid-19 outdoors is negligible. At which point, throw open the bar patios and backyard barbecues! Bring on the beach-blanket bingo! Move church pews into the parking lot and sing away!

Unfortunately, it’s also grimly plausible that in a few weeks we’ll see new outbreaks that will soon surge out of control, taking many American lives. Because we’ll never be able to lock down our cities again; once you’ve let the cat out of the bag, kitty won’t allow himself to be stuffed back in.

One hears a great deal of magical thinking on this point: Public health experts who believe covid-19 will spread among protesters but assert that, on net, they’ll save lives, because systemic racism already cuts short so many black lives. This is wishful woo on the order of “tax cuts raise revenue.” Improving life expectancy is the work of a generation, not a week; at best, the protests might very slightly narrow those appalling gaps between white and black life expectancy. At worst, the virus will attack the people protesting and actually widen them.

The less fanciful experts acknowledge this, then add that the cause is worth it, unlike the earlier activities public health officials shut down. This, now, is a real argument: Some things are worth dying for. The equality of every American before the law certainly sounds like one of them to me.

But there are reasonable counterarguments: First, as was pointed out when red states were protesting, you may have every right to risk your own death, but with infectious disease, protesters also risk killing other people, who might not have volunteered to die for your cause. Which brings us to the second caveat: In a diverse and highly pluralistic society, authorities don’t get to declare some causes worthy and others worthless.

It may seem obvious to you that ending police brutality rises to a level of importance that, say, church services don’t. But the impossibility of rank-ordering competing ideas about what is “most important” is the reason liberal democracy had to be invented. If you were a religious believer, you might rank church higher; if you were about to lose your house unless your business reopened, you might put nail salons high up on the list.

As individuals, we can make those distinctions. But our authorities may not except on broadly neutral terms. Some public officials seem to imagine that if they can distinguish between selling food and offering Communion, they must also have the authority to make even finer distinctions: allowing people to exercise their First Amendment right to protest police brutality, while circumscribing their First Amendment right to worship in public. Legally, I doubt it, but I’m quite positive that courts won’t let governments distinguish between assembling to protest police brutality and assembling to protest public health policy.

One can, of course, argue that there’s a moral difference. But moral distinctions have no force outside the community that makes them. However satisfying it feels to call one sort of protest “suicidal,” “reckless” and “mind-bogglingly selfish,” while describing the other as a noble and necessary fight against injustice, this will not restrain the disdained. Indeed, the perceived hypocrisy will deafen them to anything said after that.

So if it turns out that covid-19 can spread outside, if enough people gather close together, it will be too late to do anything about it. Public health officials will have forfeited their legal authority; media outlets and cultural leaders who have been much more sympathetic to protests than other sorts of gatherings will never persuade anyone who differs to go back inside. The disease will spread unhindered by anything except private, prudential decisions to avoid other people.

I have every hope that this won’t matter, and that in a few weeks we’ll find out that covid-19 simply doesn’t spread much outdoors. But I also have lots of fear that we won’t, and that private, prudential decisions won’t be enough to stop the resultant outbreak. Because, as a society, we’ve now got nothing else left.

Michigan Supreme Court Unanimously Sides with 77-Year-Old Barber over Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

A small victory over Liberal Fascism

The Michigan Supreme Court rules unanimously in favor of Shiawassee County barber Karl Manke. Manke’s attorney, David Kallman, called it the “biggest, most lopsided victory of his career.” This court ruling shoots down Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel’s attempt to fine Manke and pull his license after he started to cut hair before lifting certain executive orders.

[Manke] said the response during the protest and the support for his stand was “overwhelming,” and called himself “a Michigan small town barber that just wants to work.”

“This is an oppressive move on this governor’s part,” Manke said, observing that it “reflects almost a police state.”

“I refuse to stand down on this,” he said.

“I wasn’t this rock star three weeks ago,” Manke told Breitbart News, but Whitmer made him one.

He thanked God for the development.

“I’m still standing up. I still have that courage,” Manke said.

Tucker Carlson Blasts Schiff, Slams Him For Spending Years Pushing Russian Collusion Theories

Scott Adams cartoon

Scott Adams on Current Events

It’s Saturday June 6th, 2020 and Barack Obama was the most corrupt President in US history.


Friday, June 05, 2020

Letter to Mattis from John Dowd


I slept on your statement and woke up appalled and upset. You lost me. Never dreamed you would let a bunch of hack politicians use your good name and reputation—earned with the blood and guts of young Marines. You did what you said you would—engage in this discourse. Marines keep their word.

The phony protesters near Lafayette park were not peaceful and are not real. They are terrorists using idle hate filled students to burn and destroy. They were abusing and disrespecting the police when the police were preparing the area for the 1900 curfew. Jim, this is the new nihilism. See Dan Henninger in WSJ today. Marines support the police in harms way.

Did you forget that President Bush used active duty Marines to quell the riots in LA? President Trump has countless cities and some snowflake governors and mayors wetting themselves in the use force to protect innocent lives and property. The AG of Massachusetts thinks burning property is good protest.

Three more policemen were stabbed and shot in NYC last night.

Think about it. Should he be upset about the obvious failure of leadership? Where are you Jim?

Marines go to the fight.

No one divided this country more than Obama. He abandoned our black brothers and sisters. He gave guns to the cartels. He apologized for our precious sacrifice and generosity overseas.

President Trump has done more to help our minority brothers and sisters in the three years than anyone in the last fifty. Ask the black pastors. Ask the leaders of the black colleges and universities. He got them funded. Ask them about the prison reform which ended the draconian sentences imposed on young black men by the laws enacted by Biden and his hacks. You need to bone up on your homework and stop listening to Uncle Leon.

I understand, you had to stick to the assigned narrative which did not include three years of corrupt investigations and evidence to destroy this President, his office, and his lawful free election. Nancy has no tolerance for dissent in the ranks—including those with stars.

You said nothing of the ugly, hate filled, disgraceful comments of Pelosi, Schumer, Perez and other Democrat hacks defaming the President and his office. You said nothing of the unlawful sanctuary cities and the unlawful release of hoodlums. You said nothing of the resistance movement to paralyze our courts and our government operations. You said nothing of the obstruction and subversion of our immigration laws. You said nothing of MS-13 killers and the drug cartels who own huge sections of our major cities. Jim, do you think that hateful rhetoric and those corrupt actions were inspiring and unifying? Do you think the DI’s at Parr’s Island would find such behavior as unifying?

Maybe, your problem, is a lot deeper. Perhaps you ought to explain how and why you (and John Allen), as CG Central Command, did not engage and take out Iranian Major General Soleimani who roamed the Middle East and wreaked havoc and death of American boys with his infamous IEDs?

Why did it take President Trump to have the instinct and balls to take him out (of course over the objection the geniuses in the Pentagon)?

Looks like the Persian mullahs were a one horse sleigh and Trump nailed the horse….forever. It has been quiet ever since. Perhaps, your anger is borne of embarrassment for your own failure as the leader of Central command. Did you applaud when the President recognized the central problem in the middle east? Did you applaud the President when he wanted to save American lives by bringing them home in one piece?

John M Dowd

As Rioters Destroy New York, Cops Kick Jewish Families Out of a Playground

Why does deBlasio hate Jews?
Jewish community leaders are condemning New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for a “blatant double standard.” He singled out the Jewish community in enforcing coronavirus restrictions, yet defended protesters who violated social distancing rules in order to protest the heinous police killing of George Floyd. In fact, videos showed police officers dispersing Jewish mothers and their children at a playground while a larger group of protesters gathered in violation of lockdown rules.

“The double standard is blatant and shocking,” Chaskel Bennett, co-founder of the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, told Haaretz. “For months, we have seen our community come under unrelenting scrutiny by ‘gotcha’ media coverage of Hasidic Jews not social distancing or wearing masks, while the overwhelming majority of religious Jews in New York City were doing all the right things.”

“After watching the thousands of protesters given free rein to exercise their constitutional right to protest, it begs the question: Isn’t religious freedom protected by the very same Constitution?” Bennett asked. “Is there one rule of law or selective enforcement? It seems the mayor thinks differently.”

Indeed, de Blasio struggled to defend applying the coronavirus restrictions to protesters and rioters, even while he still applies restrictions on the businesses getting torched and the churches getting burned.

Are the riots a cover-up for RussiaGate?

Just as the Justice Department investigation of RussiaGate begins to zero in on the Obama Administration crooks who tried to hijack an election, riots are breaking out ... nationwide. 

And the media which sold the story that Trump was a Russain agent focuses like a laser beam on marches and riots.

There have been too many "coincidences" for this to be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.  The entire Trump administration has been the focus of a conspiracy to overturn an election. 

And the Democrats are getting Russian and Chinese help;

When Russiagate Conveniently Vanishes

Rod Rosenstein – the former Deputy Attorney General at the red hot center of the Robert Mueller probe into the phantom menace of Trump collusion with the Russians – testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 3.

You may not know that happened. ABC, CBS, and NBC ignored it that night. PBS gave it 55 seconds. NPR gave it four minutes, but this part sounded bizarre.

Mary Louise Kelly, anchor: “May I start with an observation? Does this seem a little out of left field? With everything going on in the country right now, senators are focused today on the Russia investigation?”

Philip Ewing, reporter: “The short answer for that is, politics.”

The ABC, CBS, and NBC evening newscasts devoted 2,202 minutes of coverage to the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory from January 21, 2017 to February 10, 2019. When the Senate Intelligence Committee announced its conclusion on February 12 that there was no collusion? Zero on ABC, CBS, and NBC.

The short answer for that? Politics.

The New Normal and the Old Normal operate simultaneously

You must wear a face mask entering a store unless you are there to loot the store in which case face masks are optional.

You can't go to church unless you are there to torch the church in which case the police won't bother you.

Racism is wrong unless you're skin is white.  Then you need to go to your knees and ask forgiveness for your skin color. 

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: If You’re Attacked, Don’t Use a Gun, Call the 911…And Wait

Murder City, USA lived up to its well-deserved nickname over the weekend with 24 killed and scores more wounded. On Tuesday, Mayor Lightfoot acknowledged that a crush of 911 calls has overwhelmed both the system and Chicago Police Department. But she also told her city’s residents that, if trouble comes their way, they should call 911 instead of using guns to defend themselves.

Other Democrats called for the end of police altogether. This will not end well.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Powerful: Protesters Spell Out 'Love' With Burning Homes And Businesses

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In a powerful display of their care for love and justice, protesters in Minneapolis burned the word "LOVE" into the city, arranging the inspiring message with homes and businesses set ablaze by their riots.

Heartfelt and moving.

"We just really wanted to show how much we care about love and social justice by burning this community into a powerful reminder of what it's all about," said local protester Jake Hernandez, who had flown in from Portland for the event. "Now, when police and fire helicopters fly over to try to restore order, they'll be inspired by our message of love and harmony."

Antifa’s Call to Violence Gets Free Rein on Twitter While Trump is Censored

Twitter has twice muted the voice of prolifically tweeting President Donald Trump with a “fact-check” and another shielded post where he allegedly “glorified” violence against the thuggish rioters in Minneapolis (which he didn’t).

But groups and individuals who identify with Antifa, the anarchists who agitate for violence and destruction — most recently following the excessive police force death of George Floyd in Minneapolis — have been allowed to spread their destructive messages on Twitter.

Read more ...

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