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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Western Cultural Marxism

 Maoist cultural Marxism is now Western Cultural Marxism.  Critical Marxism criticizes the entirety of the existing society—Marxist conflict analysis.   The working class is no longer the base of the revolution.  Marxists no longer have to be responsible to the working class because they have captured the corporations.  The bosses are no longer the enemy; they’re an opportunity.  To Marxists, the working class is irrelevant.  The energy is in the racial minorities, the sexual minorities, the feminists, the outsiders, and the LGBTQ+.  Marxists have abandoned the working class.  They now rule the culture industry that commoditizes culture and sells it back to the people stripped of what it is.  They sell racial, sexual, gender, sexuality; debased agitprop as if that were actual culture.  It’s all provided as a mockery of what’s really going on.  So, we ended up with Woke.  An identity-based Marxism.  With a whole bunch of – what Germans called “folk.”  LGBTQ is a folk; the Black community is a folk; Antifa is a folk.  They even have flags, carry them as banners, hang them on buildings, and paint them on walls. 

You don’t realize that Mao used identity politics to take over China because the history of Communism is not taught in American schools.  Like the Woke in America today, Mao characterized people into bad and good categories. The young – who believed him - led the Chinese Revolution.  We tell our children that white is bad, but if you become queer, we celebrate you.  In schools, this is done behind the parent’s back.  We are experiencing Maoist techniques to destroy Western culture and control the country.  It’s using American identity politics to subvert American individualism and individual freedom.  We are subjected to middle-level violence by gangs in the streets, ransacking stores, creating “Autonomous zones,” throwing fireworks instead of bombs, stopping traffic and jumping on the roofs of cars, and encouraging hoodlums to sucker-punch pedestrians.  In many major cities, the District Attorney allows criminals back on the street to steal, rob, and assault citizens multiple times, creating a current of fear among the law-abiding population.   


The Culture War; what is it and how must we fight it.



7 Gun free tactics to defend your home

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Fifth Wave: The Golden Age of Substack

The ideology of the news business proclaims that it holds powerful interests accountable to the public. Courageously, at great risk to themselves, investigative reporters protect democracy by exposing the crimes and corruption of elected leaders. The iconic example of this brave truth telling is, of course, Watergate, in which Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post, assisted by a shadowy film noir character called Deep Throat, blew open the misdeeds of the Nixon administration. We all saw the movie. It has to be true.

Yet even in the heyday of the newspaper, the relationship of journalism to power was closer to the opposite of that cherished ideal. Reporters were minor players in the games elites played. The news business as a whole reflected a narrow range of elite interests and cultural signaling. Misdeeds at the top were exposed when it suited other elites, never otherwise. John F. Kennedy’s sexual predations were apparently astronomical in number, but we never heard about them—at least while he was alive. He was a protected man. Nixon, a dark and troubled soul, committed the political equivalent of suicide by cop. The media played a small part in his execution—Woodward and Bernstein, an insignificant one.

In any case, the fantasy of the relentless muckraker has been quietly discarded in the digital age. Journalists are now meek handmaidens to the elites and bland deniers of scandal. Democracy, in their view, demands the public’s permanent genuflection before the ruling class. Any other posture smacks of populism or even fascism. The hero is no longer the investigative reporter but the “fact-checker”—a dull but peevish beast whose task it is to count the lies of Donald Trump and dismiss reports of corruption in high places as “conspiracy theories” and “disinformation.” Such naked prostration before the establishment, it should be noted, has less to do with journalistic principles than with a desperate need to attract a paying audience.

Read the whole thing.

If you are looking for current news, check out Twitter.

If you are looking for long-form investigative reporting check out Substack. 

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 20, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot promotes putting all kinds of books in school libraries.  I can hardly wait for Mein Kampf, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Communist Manifesto, and the illustrated Joy of Sex to be added.  Yet, for some reason, the author only refers to LGBT+ books.  Guess the orientation of the writers and the editors at the Virginian Pilot.  
  • Abolishing the Second Amendment is the focus of the Editorial Page today.
  • Racial hatred is redefined as diversity in the Virginian Pilot.
  • If abortion is health care, so is killing the elderly when they become inconvenient.
  • After a leaker exposes America's secret shooting war with Russia, the corporate press demands more government secrecy.
  • Stories you won't find in the Virginian Pilot:
    • Senior IRS Agent Comes Forward, Says Biden is Blocking Criminal Prosecution of His Son
    • Trump was ahead in all six battleground states in 2020 when the counting was halted for a long while. The next morning Biden was ahead in all six states. What the heck happened?
    • Teams continue working towards Thursday, April 20 for the first flight test of a fully integrated Starship and Super Heavy rocket 
    • ActBlue exposed as secret Democrat money laundering scheme.
    • A transgender man says that any woman who tries to stop him from entering a woman’s bathroom “will be making the last mistake you’ve ever made.”
    • Former Director Of National Intelligence Admits That Fauci Lied About Gain Of Function Research
    • Don Lemon says, “When you have black skin and you live in this country, then you can disagree with me.” 
    • Biden is making responsible people who pay their bills on time and have high credit scores pay higher mortgage rates to subsidize loans for people with low credit ratings who don’t pay bills on time. 
    • 65% of US likely voters think it is likely that undercover agents provoked the Capitol Riot.
    • At a screening of  Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman” at the University of Iowa, Antifa & far-left extremists tried causing attendees to fall down the stairs by dumping marbles all over the ground.
    • Akron Police deployed pepper spray at a group of BLM rioters who hurled bottles at the officers. The dispersal angered leftists & biased journalists, who believe the rioters should be able to riot & attack with impunity.
    • Testicular injuries in women's sports skyrocket.
    • Virginia discovers nearly 19,000 dead people on voter rolls
    • After FBI busts Chinese ‘police station’ in NYC, six more exposed in US
    • Tucker Carlson's Team Tried To Get Recordings Of Any 911 Calls Made From The Jail In NY The Day Epstein Died.  The Recordings Have Been Deleted
    • In a new interview, Ghislaine Maxwell states she believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 19, 2023

  • Virginian Pilot suddenly discovers military service that is not tied to a crime.
  • Virginian Pilot suddenly discovers that patriotism isn't Toxic whiteness or all about old white men.
  • Virginian Pilot suddenly discovers that the weather has stayed the same for 30 years.
  • Virginian Pilot suddenly discovers that all police shootings of black criminals are not murder.
  • Virginian Pilot suddenly discovers that Republicans will occasionally resist Democrat rules changes.
  • Stories you won't find in the Virginian Pilot:
    • Stories about the riots in Chicago last week where rioting hoodlums attacked tourists, smashed up cars, started fires, & were involved in shootings. 
    • The fact that Rachel Levine's real name is Richard Levine, and he dumped the mother of his two children because "his truth" was more important to him.
    • The fact that Lia Thomas's real name is Will Thomas. He changed it because he has an autogynephilic fetish and enjoys humiliating women.
    • Harvey Marcelin a serial killer who raped and dismembered women over decades.  Harvey claimed to be "female" to gain entrance to a women's shelter. Then he killed again. The New York Times wants you to respect Harvey's pronouns.
    • A precious 8-year-old girl was found at our Border with 67 different traces of DNA inside her. In JoeBiden’s America, little girls get raped by 67 different men. 
    • Pedophiles are rebranding themselves as “minor-attracted persons” (MAPs). They’re also rebranding children that supposedly want to “have sex” with adults as “adult-attracted minors” (AAMs).  They plan to make the “oppression” of MAPs and AAMs a civil rights issue. 
    • Joe Biden’s education secretary comes out against Pell Grants
    • Democrats in Kansas are demanding a black Democrat lawmaker resign or be punished for breaking rank & voting in support of HB 2238, which would require athletes to compete in divisions based on their biological sex. 
    • In 2009 Nobel Prize Laureate Al Gore said there was a 75% chance the Arctic would be ice-free by 2016.  It's now 2023, and the Arctic is not ice-free.
    • Portland Police conducted a rare retail theft sting at the Eastport Plaza Shopping Center on 82nd & uncovered a number of other crimes. They made 19 arrests and found 5 stolen vehicles, meth, and fentanyl. The plaza is where the now-shuttered Walmart is.
    • An Illegal Alien Is Charged with Running Over and Killing a Six-Year-Old Boy on His Bike in Watford City, ND
    • Twitter removes woke policy against ‘misgendering’ and ‘deadnaming’ transgender people.
I have yet to refresh the first Twitter page and have more current news delivered to my eyes that you will find in several years of the Virginian Pilot. The truth is that Twitter, under the ownership of Elon Musk, is the country's best source of news.



Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Fisking the Budweiser ad

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 18, 2023

  • In a story about DA Alvin Bragg, Virginian Pilot gaslights its readers by claiming that New York is not crime-ridden. 
  • Virginian Pilot gaslighted its readers by blaming the debt standoff on Republicans. 
  • Virginian Pilot devotes part of its front page to a local high school group that will compete in a robotics competition in Houston.  
  • No mention of Biden's corruption accusations.
  • Opinion Page hails drugs used to counter the effects of fentanyl poisoning.  Virginian Pilot knows its readership.
  • Virginian Pilot has Coors Light's back as it promotes men dressing up as women.
  • Actual news you won't find in the Virginian Pilot:
    • Twitter labeled CBC "Government-Funded media."
    • Twitter labeled PBS "Government-Funded media."
    • NYC Mayor Eric Adams declares war on meat and dairy
    • World Economic Forum wants people to eat bugs.
    • 18,000 dairy cows burned in a Texas fire last week.
    • In the Bronx, NYC, on April 17, a man hits a female officer’s weave, and she runs away in fear, leaving her partner behind.
    • FBI recruiting people to spy on the Catholic church.
    • Since Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney pact sparked outrage, Anheuser-Busch sheds over $5 billion in value.
    • 44% of childless individuals ages 18 to 49 say it is unlikely that they will ever have children.
    • Population collapse is a massive threat to civilization.
    • NPR leaving Twitter ▪️ CBC leaving Twitter ▪️ Swedish state radio leaving all because they correctly got labeled "publicly funded media."
    • Rep. Comer Claims Six More Members Of Biden Family May Have Benefited from Hunter's Business Dealings
    • 32 shot, multiple children dead in Chicago's gun-free zones this past weekend alone.
    • Planned Parenthood has a toolkit for schools to teach kids ages 10 and under that prostitution is a normal interpersonal relationship. 
    •  A transgender person attacked three people with an axe.
    • Woke outerwear clothing brand REI announced it is shutting down its flagship Portland store amid rampant theft.
    • Liberal newspapers are not covering the Biden family business deals with foreign countries.
By going to Twitter, the Virginian Pilot could fill a 100-page paper and still have room for sports and comics.  Instead, it provides Democrat-approved talking points that are old before they ever reach the paper they are printed on.  The internet is awash in the news, making newspapers a waste of time and money.  Their usefulness is actually in their advertisement for coupon clippers and businesses wishing to attract customers.

Washington Poop


Monday, April 17, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 17, 2023

  • News you won't read about in the Virginian Pilot:
    • 10% for the Big Guy
    • Hunter Biden's laptop
    • Lies from the American Government about the war in Europe
    • Riot in Downtown Chicago
    • The Manifesto of the transgender woman who killed Christians in Nashville
    • Gender transitioning surgery on children
    •  Pro-life high school students kicked out of the Smithsonian for wearing Pro-Life hats.
    • Buttigieg calls roads racist.
  • What you will find on the front page of the Virginian Pilot
    • Virginian Beach man sets record for dumbbell curls.
    • Archeological digging in Williamsburg
    • Governor Younkin not running for President.

Sunday, April 16, 2023


The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 16, 2023

  • Virginian Pilot says Democracy's doomed because Black legislators leading riot in State assembly are temporarily expelled.
  • Virginian Pilot claims Black history is not taught the right way.  True.  Blacks are not taught that Black tribes in Africa were the ones who originally captured the slaves that were sold to white and Muslim slave traders.  They were not told that the Black slaves in Muslim countries were castrated before being set to work.  They were not told that Muslims raided Europe to capture and enslave millions of white slaves.  Slavery is not really taught accurately from a historical perspective. In the U.S., it's a branch of grievance studies.
  • Virginian Pilot viciously attacks Black Supreme Court Justice with whom it disagrees.  Straight out racism.
  • A drunk female college student complains about being groped at a drunken frat party.  She and Virginian Pilot blame college.
  • Virginian Pilot lies about war in Ukraine, and NATO and tries to cover its hatred for normal people.  

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Transgender Teacher Who Threatened to Shoot Students Gets Booted from School

 Alexander Renczkowski, who goes by Ashlee, admitted to having suicidal thoughts and wanted to shoot some students, according to Fox 13. In a Hernando County Sheriff's Office report from March 24, Renczkowski told the guidance counselor being upset after learning "about a social media post where people were talking negatively about [Renczkowski's] sexual orientation."  Renczkowski also revealed to be in possession of "three handguns at home" and wanting "to shoot some students due to them not performing to their ability."


When they say they want you dead, believe them.



The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 15, 2023

  • Virginian Pilot uses the NRA convention as an opportunity to call January 6th an "Insurrection," that President Trump has been arrested, to drag Stormy Daniels's name into the story, to attack the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, to accuse the Republicans of hunting and killing children, and to suggest that Republicans didn't care about murder.
  • This may be a good time to remind everyone that the Virginian Pilot was a leading advocate of the
    Russia Hoax spread the lies of the "Steele Dossier," supporting killing children in the womb (calling it birth control), supporting the medical mutilation of children confused about their sexuality, publishing racist attacks against white people, praising the Biden administration's disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, ceaselessly print attacks on Black Conservative Justice Thomas (the victim of a High Tech Lynching by a Senate panel head by Joe Biden).  
  • The Virginian Pilot has been a leader in spreading lies about the Covid virus, its origin in China, drugs used in its treatment, the efficacy of the vaccines, the number of deaths, the misinformation spread about mitigation, and defended the government's draconian regulations that forced people to wear ineffective masks, closed small businesses while keeping the large business open, closing churches, closing beaches, closing parks, closing schools, with little regard about the economic destruction the government caused as it flailed to this very day about a virus that mostly affected the elderly, obese and those who had other medical conditions.  It exposed the Virginian Pilot as a shill for the government instead of a bulwark against tyranny.
  • The Virginian Pilot supports Democrats who disrupt government proceedings when they do it while attacking Republicans who do the same thing.  The editors are political thugs.
  • Have you noticed that so many people who go out to kill multiple victims are on some kind of drug?  Not illegal drugs but prescription drugs for mental problems.  Tucker Carlson has noticed, but the people who produce the Virginian Pilot have not.  

Friday, April 14, 2023

Ex-Obama Staffer: Joe Biden Conducted ‘Malfeasance in Office to Enrich His Family’

McCormick wants to testify before the grand jury in the case against Hunter regarding his business dealings.

McCormick said if U.S. Attorney David Weiss doesn’t have him testify, then it’s “a fraudulent grand jury” and a fraudulent use of the American judicial system to cover for Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s crimes in office.”


Thursday, April 13, 2023

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan Gets Basic Facts Wrong on DHS Content Moderation Partners

NOTE: MSNBC is a fount of lies and false accusations. 

MSNBC pundit Mehdi Hasan, in a series of tweets over the last five days, has repeatedly claimed that Matt Taibbi “deliberately & under oath misrepresented” the facts when he testified to Congress last month. 

Hasan linked to a video of Taibbi's testimony, in which the Racket News journalist noted that "Twitter executives did not distinguish between [the Department of Homeland Security] or [the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency] and this group [the Election Integrity Partnership]" and that emails show and EIP worked in concert with CISA to flag content for moderation. Hasan claimed this is a lie, that Taibbi conflated a private nonprofit with a government agency during his testimony, and that EIP only worked with the Center for Internet Security, or CIS, a private sector organization with a similar acronym, not CISA.  

It’s a serious charge and federal crime to make false statements to Congress, one punishable with prison time. 

But the record shows that CISA, the government agency, was involved in the very formation of EIP and was one of the most important government partners to the group in its bid to influence content moderation decisions at firms such as Facebook and Twitter. EIP’s own leaders have said as much, and there is endless documentation – from publicly available websites, to discovery from litigation, and from the “Twitter Files” – that all confirm this relationship and CISA’s role in assisting EIP.

In other words, Hasan is wrong and presents a deeply distorted view of the mechanics of this process. Taibbi’s testimony, especially the video excerpted by Hasan, is accurate. 

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 13, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot doubles down on the lie about the amount of tax money that flows to NPR.
  • Tries to pretend that NPR doesn't stand for National Public Radio which was founded specifically as a taxpayer-funded radio network by President Johnson.
  • NPR feuding with Twitter about being labeled "State Affiliated Media," stamps feet, says it won't play.
  • Virginian Pilot outraged that a Black man on the Supreme Court takes vacations.
  • Virginian Pilot and other Democrats organs smearing the Supreme Court because they see it as an obstacle to their totalitarian rule.
  • Virginian Pilot Public Editor calls President Trump "Judas."
  • Anything that inhibits killing babies in the womb assets the Left's hair on fire.  Pray for the nation.
  • According to the Virginian Pilot's contributors, Russia has always been bad.  Hating Russia is the Left's obsession.  But it only started when Trump was elected.  Before then, the Left defended Russia under the Communists.  Bernie Sanders went to Russia on his honeymoon.  The NY Times covered up the millions who died from hunger as Stalin wiped out farmers in Ukraine who defied him.  
  • American writer Lincoln Stefens went to Soviet Russia and proclaimed, "I have seen the future, and it works."
  • Why the 180-degree turn?  It was all about Trump and the Russian Collusion hoax.  As suddenly as Trump was elected, the "official" view of Russia switched.  Obama, asked his friend Vladimir to help with his re-election bid, but Trump made Russia the enemy.  It's like 1984: "Russia has always been the enemy."  

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

This will not stop until women want it to stop


The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 12, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot defends school libraries' collection of pornographic books for children and calls requests for age-appropriate books in school libraries censorship.  By this logic, school libraries that don't have every book ever published are censoring.  And this would be technically correct.  School libraries are not designed to have every book on their shelves.  But the Virginian Pilot's editors and school librarians vigorously defend books that are pornographic and specifically those that depict gay sex ... some with graphic pictures.  School librarians and the people who produce the Virginian Pilot defend these books.  And an indication of who they are and their morals.
  • Virginian Pilot accuses Representative Jordan of playing politics and defends DA Bragg from the charge of playing politics.
  • The Virginian Pilot is your source of news about abortion and ways of killing children in the womb.
  • The Virginian Pilot is your source for criticism of Governor Glenn Younkin, whose current crime it not pardoning enough felons.
  • Reading the Virginian Piloit's editorial page makes you despair of this country, especially the level of education.  How did these people leave school?  Escape?  Especially those who include their educational credentials.


Gender Insanity Ends Only When Women Decide to Stop Tolerating It

 Until women get together collectively and form a consensus that they deserve their own spaces and their own ability to compete and their own ability to be women without some dude pretending to be a chick horning in on the action, there’s not a damn thing any of us men can do about it. When women stop allowing it, great. We will be happy to back them up 110% when they say “No, if you’ve got a penis, you aren’t one of us.” But until they do that, until they make a collective decision to not allow this nonsense to continue, there’s not a damn thing men can do about it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Informantion about murder and gun violence you won't read in the Virginian Pilot

 The people who produce the Virginian Pilot are not smart, so they are probably unaware of these statistics, but even if they were, they would not print them because that does not fit their story line.

Democrats think they can win on this issue because the Media is biased and misinforms the public about “gun violence.”

Crime is a people problem. If you understand nothing else about crime, you must understand this — crime is committed by people. It is not committed by inanimate objects, and while data on criminal activity can be charted as a trend over time, trends don’t commit crimes, people do. There is a word for people who commit crimes; we call these people “criminals” and, if anyone is interested in investigating trends, one trend is fairly consistent — most violent criminals are repeat offenders, and will not stop this behavioral pattern unless they are locked up in prison.

 Democrats do not want to discuss crime as a people problem, but rather as a gun problem, because (a) most gun owners are Republicans and (b) most criminals are Democrats. Or, that is to say, the violent crime problem in America is largely concentrated in urban areas where Democrats get the majority of the vote.

Research by John R. Lott Jr. highlights just how geographically concentrated the murder problem is in the United States. Of the more than 3,000 counties in the country, 52 percent had zero murders in 2020, while the 31 counties with the highest murder rates (the worst 1 percent) had 42 percent of the nation’s murders. Expand the focus to the worst 2 percent (62 counties), and these accounted for more than half (56 percent) of U.S. murders in 2020. Lott concluded: “Murder isn’t a nationwide problem. It’s a problem in a small set of urban areas …”

Yes, but what about “gun violence”? What about the inflammatory rhetoric of Democrats demonizing the National Rifle Association (NRA) as somehow to blame for America’s crime problem? Among other things, Lott took into account rates of firearm ownership, and found an inverse relationship between the prevalence of murder and rates of gun ownership: “According to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey, the household gun ownership rate in rural areas was 79% higher than in urban areas. Suburban households are 37.9% more likely to own guns than urban households. Despite lower gun ownership, urban areas experience much higher murder rates.”

So much for the correlation between gun ownership and crime. What do we know about the correlation between politics and crime? The five U.S. cities with the highest per capita murder rates are St. Louis (69.4 per 100,000 population), Baltimore (51.1), New Orleans (40.6), Detroit (39.7), and Cleveland (33.7). In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden got 82 percent of the vote in St. Louis, 87 percent in Baltimore, 83 percent in New Orleans, 94 percent in Detroit and 80 percent in Cleveland. In other words, the most dangerous cities in America are all Democratic Party strongholds.

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 11, 2023

  •  Bottom of page 7: Pentagon admits publicly lying about the War in Ukraine.
  • Six Christians killed in Nashville get mentioned in a story about a Democrat killer in Lousiville.  Still no interest in the manifesto written by the transgender killer who planned the mass murder in Nashville.
  • Months after the 6-year-old shoots his teacher, the Virginia Pilot tells more of the story.  Failure to report when the story is inconvenient is one of the biggest failures of the news media.
  • Did you know that Trump is being tried for rape?  The Virginian Pilot wants you to know.

An Ominous Jobs Report


While the primary pieces of the report seem sound, a closer look at some of the underlying trends paints a far less rosy picture.



That is very woke


Monday, April 10, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 10, 2023

  •  According to the Virginian Pilot, the problem with the world is white people.
  • According to the Virginian Pilot and other Democrats, the bad thing that happened in Nashville just days ago was not the murder of three nine-year-old children and three adults in a Christian school by a transvestite who carefully planned their murders.  No, the real crime was the expulsion of two legislators for disrupting the proceedings in the State capital during a riot there.  The killer and the six people she killed have been expunged from memory.  The story is racism because the people expelled were black, and the people expelling them were Republicans.  The killer is shielded because Christians are not worthy of respect.  Te subject, according to the Left is always Racism, Racism, Racism.
  • To prove the point, the front page announces that people buried in Williamsburg in the 18th century were Black.  "Now the congregation can move forward."  Pitch perfect.

Critical Race Theory


Saturday, April 08, 2023

When someone identifies as a gender different from their biological sex, more often than not, that is a sign & symptom that they are suffering from a mental illness

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 8, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot teams up with the New Times in a pitch-perfect Bhagdad Bob story about the Trump indictment and its aftermath.  The lies never end, but the story ends with the ridiculous claim that the "Defund the FBI" slogan is actually a result of his indictment.  The truth is that many normal people have long viewed the FBI, the DOJ, and the IRS as dangerous because they have been weaponized by the Democrats to harass, arrest and imprison their political opponents.  
  • Virginian Pilot mentions then covers up the sexualization of second-grade students in Portsmouth.
  • North Caroline Republicans announce bill to stop child abuse.  According to the news media, sexually confused children with a high risk of suicide should have their sex organs removed and injected with life-altering hormones to treat their adolescent confusion.  They call this "gender-affirming care."  Normal people call it child abuse.
  • Global warming will push hurricanes to the coast, says the Virginian Pilot and climate scientist with a large government grant.  Is there anything that global warming can't do?
  • Many Americans now see college as a financial rip-off and a danger to the nation, where impressionable children are indoctrinated to hate each other and their country while accumulating hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  
  • The press lives sexual perversions, men who make a mockery of women by competing in their sports and dressing up like hookers.  They supported a mentally challenged man who told Black people that they were not Black unless they voted for him.  And they can't get enough of the FBI arresting people who went to a Trump rally in Washington, DC.  But they can devote to whole columns to attacking Marjorie Taylor Green, a vigorous defender of traditional American values and not afraid to do so in public.  
  • The NHL is questioning whether to continue its support of sexual perversions as more players and teams are opting out.  The Virginian Pilot finds a professor who thinks that's a bad thing.
  • The Public Editors slipped up and actually printed one letter that made sense.
  • Still no mention of the $30 million passed on the Obama re-election campaign by Asian criminal mastermind.

Friday, April 07, 2023

Robots read the news: Still Better than Baltimore schools


Anger Management


Our French Revolution

 We are in a Jacobin Revolution of the sort that in 1793-94 nearly destroyed France. And things are getting scary.

The Democratic Party vanished sometime in 2020.


Elites run this revolution, and is a top-down operation.

University deans all but prompt students to disrupt invited campus speakers. District attorneys release violent arrested criminals without bail. Woke generals call their Chinese counterparts to warn them against their own commander-in-chief.

The Pentagon lectures the country on its supposed innate racism - even as the United States continues to lose wars abroad, abandons billions of dollars of equipment to terrorists, and allows communist China to surveil domestic American military bases with impunity.

Words change their meanings. "Racist" now means "don't dare object." "White" became the pejorative stereotype used by racists. "Diversity" means tired orthodoxy. "Equity" is a synonym for bias. "Inclusion" ensures exclusion.

Institutions are no longer recognizable. The FBI as we knew it no longer exists. Three former FBI directors either lied under oath to federal investigators or pleaded amnesia in congressional testimonies.

Our highest former national intelligence officers lied under oath to the Senate. The IRS is weaponized against political opponents of the Democrats. The Department of Justice is more likely to send the FBI after grammar school parents than mobs threatening the homes of Supreme Court justices.

Still, to thoroughly erase America, our Jacobins must radically alter our customs and traditions.

So under the cover of the COVID-19 quarantines, Election Day was made irrelevant. In the new America, 70 percent did not vote on the designated day but, fueled by third-party vote harvesting and relaxation of audits of non-Election-Day ballots, extended the vote over a period of several weeks.

Like the Jacobins, names, and dates had to be radically transformed. 1619, not 1776, is now America's birthdate, and, we are told, it was an ignominious one.

Statues are toppled, and careers Trotskyized.

Biological males suddenly have hijacked women's sports - destroying five decades of women's hard-won efforts to achieve equal treatment and respect in athletics.


Another Democrat mass shooting attack was thwarted.  This time in Colorado.


 Colorado authorities arrested a 19-year-old suspect for allegedly planning to shoot up multiple schools in Colorado Springs.

The 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office on Thursday said the defendant, William Whitworth, who identified as "Lilly" and – according to a DA spokesman – was in the process of transitioning to female. ...


During questioning, Whitworth admitted to planning a school shooting, with the suspect's former middle school, Timberview, being a "main target," according to the affidavit. 

Arrest papers say deputies found a drawn layout of the school and a manifesto filled with "schizophrenic rants" and mentions of serial killers, politicians, and entertainers, including the Columbine shooters and former President Donald Trump. 

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 7, 2023

  •  Joe Biden, the President supported by the Virginian Pilot,  blamed the unmitigated disaster of the evacuation from Afghanistan on Trump.  More fake news from the Fake News media.
  • Virginian Pilot claims, without evidence, the judge presiding over the Trump case in New York has received threats.
  • Virginian Pilot smears Justice Clarence Thomas for taking trips paid for by a Republican friend; impugns his ethics in a reprint of an accusation by a Left Wing smear merchant.  
  • Failed to report on illegal gifts to Obama by Asian criminals.
  • Virginian Pilot reprints NY Times puff piece on billionaire George Soros who bankrolls the election of Leftwing District Attorneys like Alvin Bragg, Larry Krasner, and  Chesa Boudin, who was recently recalled in far-Left San Francisco, for releasing violent criminals.  The article smears critics of Soros as anti-semites.  Soros gave over $125 million to influence the 2022 elections and gave $4 million to a PAC that financed the election of crooked New York DA Alvin Bragg, who made a campaign promise to jail President Trump.
  • NPR, National Public Radio, established by the US Government, dislikes being labeled as "state-affiliated media" by Twitter.  The left-wing organ hates the truth.
  • Virginian Pilot announces that mortgage rates dropped four-hundredths of a percent (0.04%) to 6.28%.  Neglects to mention that rates were 3.11% in 2020 when Trump was president.  The rates to buy a home have doubled since Biden became president.
  • Virginian Pilot runs two articles on the same page.  One predicts slower economic growth and growing hunger worldwide.  The second touts Biden Administration's push to use corn and soybeans to make gasoline.
  • Virginian Pilot fills its editorial page with attacks on Republicans.  In other news, the sun rises in the East.

Thursday, April 06, 2023

Headline you won't find in the Virginian Pilot: Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies Obama Received Millions in Stolen CCP Cash From Fugees Founder 'Pras' Michel

 Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free Administration’ Is a Myth.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio took the stand and testified in the federal trial of Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, founder of the hip hop band Fugees, and his alleged involvement in a money laundering scheme that included a huge — and illegal — donation to Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

DiCaprio recalled a conversation with Malaysian financier Jho Low, who mentioned that he was looking to donate millions of dollars to the Obama campaign by giving the money to Michel and having him pass it to Obama’s people.

Fast Facts:

  • Low was sentenced — in absentia — to a 10-year sentence in a Kuwaiti court for his role in laundering roughly $1 billion of the almost $4.5 billion worth of Chinese currency he allegedly swindled in what’s known as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal.
  • Low claimed he wanted to donate between $20-$30 million dollars to Obama.
  • it is illegal for American presidential candidates to accept donations from foreigners.
  • The DOJ charged Low for trying to donate money to lobby the Trump administration, hoping to have the charges against him relating to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal dropped.
  • Low is on the lam and is believed to be hiding in China or Macau. China denies harboring him.

“It was a significant sum, something to the tune of $20-30 million,” DiCaprio testified in court. “I said, ‘Wow that’s a lot of money!’”

Additional witnesses testified that they were wired money from Low and asked to forward it to the Obama campaign.

Michel allegedly took the mad stacks from Low and used them to lobby Obama’s government on behalf of Low and the Chinese Communist Party.

He distributed $21.6 million to American straw donors who would then donate it to the Obama campaign, concealing the fact that the money came from Low.

Idiots Convened


The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 6, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot becoming ever more desperate to prove that the sea will swallow Norfolk because of Global Warming, predicts that we're all going to drown.
  • Meanwhile, beachfront property values rise, proving that sane people do not believe those who write for the Virginian Pilot.
  • Former Portsmouth city manager suit against corrupt council members proceeds.  The Virginian Pilot should be an unindicted co-conspirator for aiding in the cover-up because they deliberately avoided reporting on the Democrat Party's corruption in this notoriously corrupt city.
  • Nobody is above the law except Democrats. First Crackhead buys a gun when he’s a drug addict and does not have to worry about being arrested or indicted.  Actor Leonardo DiCaprio testified on Monday in Washington, D.C. that the financier, Jho Low, told him that he wanted to donate $30 million to Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.  Enter Pras Michel of the music group “The Fugees” to allegedly help make those donations to the Obama campaign since it would be illegal for Low to do so.
  • Virginian Pilot hates it when Democrats receive the same treatment as Republicans when they act up. In Tennessee, when those savages who excused the murder of six Christians invaded the legislature, aided by some Democrat members, these insurrectionists found themselves booted off their committee and might get booted out of the body entirely.
  • I want to see the next GOP DOJ investigating how Nancy Pelosi did so well in the stock market, how Maxine Waters got so rich, and how close Ted Lieu and his boy Ed Buck were.
  • Joe Biden’s indictment writes itself – too bad storing classified documents in your garage just got illegal again. Enjoy the New Rules!
  • EPA makes new rules, bypassing Congress, driving up the price of electricity, but it's for your own good, claims EPA. 
  • Virginia Beach spending $2 million on a music concert by a politically well-connected music mogul, hoping for fewer murders than last time.
  • The Virginian Pilot editorial page is an unending Jeremiad against normal people.  It pushes war in Ukraine, celebrates Donald Trump's arrest, and advises Republicans to commit suicide by reducing Medicare payments.
  • The cartoon page is an insult to normal people.
Kurt Schlichter writes about the New Rules:
Is this the kind of country we always wanted? Nah. I greatly prefer the rule that you are reluctant to jail your political enemies and to use the law to squash your opponents’ ability to compete. But you know what? The Dems decided they wanted different rules. I warned them. I opposed their changes. But no one can deny that the changes happened. We do live in a country where you jail your political enemies and use the law to squash your opponents’ ability to compete. And we will live in such a country right up until the moment that us doing it to them causes them so much pain that they beg us to change the rules back again.

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot April 5, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot celebrates as America joins other Banana Republics and Communist Dictatorships in arresting and prosecuting political opponents.
  • Three-year-old dies of a gunshot in a mostly peaceful Portsmouth shooting.
  • FBI continues a round-up of military personnel accused of supporting President Trump.
  • Environmental terrorists win court victory in fight to deny natural gas to consumers.
  • Russia follows the US by imprisoning dissenters.
  • Military claims drone stroke kills Senior ISIS commander instead of a family on a picnic.
  • Rush to "Green Energy" threatens oceans, according to "scientists."
  • Biden spending billions to teach miners how to code.
  • Virginian Pilot lies about the lies it tells, Promises to tell more lies to regain trust.
  • Promptly prints unhinged rants about Evil Republicans and Orange Man Bad.
  • Virginian Pilot claims no one is above the law except the Clintons (who paid for the Russia hoax), the Bidens (Hinter and "10% for the Big Guy"), and other leading members of the Democrat party (Obama who set the FBI to spy on candidate Trump).

Sensitivity training


Tuesday, April 04, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot, April 4, 2023

  •  Teacher shot by 6-year-old files $40 million lawsuit.  Amazing: the article goes into detail, referring to the abject failure of the school administration and board to maintain discipline in the classroom.
  • AP article in the Virginian Pilot claims without evidence that the 2020 election was not stolen.
  • New York City Democrats denounce demonstrations in favor of Republicans.
  • The press and social media have been fanning fear and hatred of Christians by people who have mental problems and believe they occupy the wrong body.  They encourage them to get guns and y finally gets one to plan her murder for months and kill 6 children and adults in a Christain school.
  •  Press claims that they are puzzled about her motives.  
  • The press and the rest of us know the motive, but they shield the people they urged to do the killing.
  • After cutting oil and gas production in the US and giving more power to OPEC, the Biden team, with the help of the press, claims to be outraged by the rising gas price when that was the objective all along.
  • Virginian Pilot finds three more people who believe that killers had nothing to do with the murders; it was all the guns' fault.  

Wearing him like a skin suit


Clever reference to the AOC's racist, violent, and profane burner account.

Sensitivity training


Monday, April 03, 2023

Are Black people insensitive?


The world according to the Virginian Pilot, April 3, 2023

  • The US is the stormiest place on Earth because of Global Warming, and it's all because of the racist South.
  • Murder, arson, looting, and riots in 2020 were downgraded by the Virginian Pilot to "unrest."  Minneapolis mayor hardest hit.
  • Thanks to Biden's policies, Saudi's back in control of oil prices.  Raising prices.
  • Virginian Pilot editorial page turning away from racism, racism, racism, DEI, DEI, DEI.  
  • The article claims that all Black people don't think alike, that lowering standards for Black people is a form of racism, and that White Liberal outrage for Black people breeds racist hoaxes.
  • An article claims that DEI is counterproductive.
  • Is it a miracle? Did the sun rise in the West? No. The people running the Pilot realize they are leading a parade that no one is following.  They have lost too many normal people for the product they are selling.  Even their cartoon pages are lame.  

Sunday, April 02, 2023

And that's how the Covid Scare got started .....

 Political Pitch Meeting Proposal:

Producer: So, I hear you have a new control device for me.

Writer: Yes, sir, I do. It's a virus called Covid.

P: Ooo, sounds interesting. Is it like a plague?

W: It's more like the flu.

P: But really bad, right? Like your organs melt and it's almost 100% deadly if you catch it?

W: It's more like the flu.

P: Oh. So why are people going to be scared of it?

W: Well, we're going to tell them to be.

P: And they're just going to go with it?

W: They won't have a choice. We're going to lock everything down for two weeks and keep everyone at home. Ya know, to really show how deadly this virus can be.

P: Two weeks doesn't seem like very long.

W: That's because two weeks really means indefinitely.

P: Huh. I like the sound of that.

W: We're also going to scare everyone into wearing these stupid face masks all the time to prevent the spread of this virus.

P: Do these masks actually do anything?

W: Nothing at all.

P: Won't it be hard to get the entire population on board with wearing masks to prevent the spread of a virus?

W: Actually, it's going to be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

The world according to the Virginian Pilot, April 2, 2023

 This explains what the Virginian Pilot is all about and why it's dangerous.  The Virginian Pilot is part of the media complex that has now appropriated Ronald Reagan's term "Evil Empire."

  • Virginian Pilot promotes policies that get women out of the home caring for children and into the workforce.  They don't like women who sacrifice to stay home and care for their families. 
  • Virginian Pilot hates the fact that you can legally own guns.  Uses the mass murder of Christain children and adults by the transgender killer as the reason to take away your right to self-defense.  
  • Virginian Pilot's favorite dictator, Ukraine's president, imprisons a Christian church leader.  
  • Virginian Pilot supports the murderer next door the right to vote after he's released.  Supports the NYCity model of criminal injustice.
  • The news media is an industry that deserves to be distrusted and sometimes despised. Things are so obviously true only a Twitter-addled psychopath would attempt to deny it. Alas, that describes most journalists these days.
  • Example after example of the media's indefensible behavior—Hunter Biden's laptop, the freakout over Tom Cotton's New York Times op-ed, the Cuomo brothers' comedy hour on CNN, Joy Reid's "hacked" blog, NBC's refusal to upset Harvey Weinstein, the false narrative surrounding "Hands up, don't shoot!" in Ferguson, Mo., and basically everything related to COVID-19, especially the shameful treatment of the "lab leak" theory. Oh, and the time a CNN reporter described Mount Rushmore as "a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans."
  • This is the Virginian Pilot as it fills its pages with NYTimes reprints and AP opinion pieces disguised as news.  
  • And don't get me started on its in-house staff, exemplified by a young, Black female reporter caught in a shoot-out while partying after midnight at a downtown Norfolk bar and made into a martyr for the brave press.

Saturday, April 01, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot, April 1, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot reports unfounded rumors about Trump indictment.  This is how fake news is created.  4000 words and based on anonymous sources.
  • This week they indicted their top political opponent, convicted a dissident, and one of their nuts shot up a school full of Christian children.
  • Does the ideology of the mass killer mean anything?  The Virginian Pilot writes about this when it can be used to accuse the Right of criticism. 
  • News recap from this week that you did not read about in the Virginian Pilot Trump was indicted for a 7-year-old hush money payment. Trump supporter convicted for sharing a meme about Hillary Clinton. 6 Christians slaughtered by a transgender, White House defends transgenders. Rand Paul staffer stabbed. BRICS countries developing their own currency will challenge the U.S. dollar. China and Saudi Arabia make landmark deals with the Yuan. Tennessee insurrection. Twitter users suspended for calling out trans event. Biden is busy talking about eating Jeni’s chocolate chip ice cream.