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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower’ Worked With DNC Operative Who Sought Dirt On Trump From Ukrainian Officials

The Federalist

A new report from RealClearInvestigations reveals that the anti-Trump “whistleblower” who prompted the current impeachment proceedings against President Trump is a registered Democrat who worked with a Democratic National Committee opposition researcher who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Federal documents reveal that the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, previously worked in the Obama administration with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan. RealClear reports that Ciaramella remained there into the Trump administration, and headed the Ukraine desk at the National Security Council, eventually transitioning into the West Wing, until June 2017.

Worked closely with the DNC. No surprise.

"We have a government class that despises the people".

From The Bookworm Room. Read the whole thing.
After thinking about homeless projects that magnify homelessness; military initiatives for victim classes, rather than America’s defense; high tax demands that will destroy a thriving economy; the insistence that grown men have access to little girl’s bathrooms; the fight to open our borders so that poor and working class people can lose jobs and housing to illegal immigrants; and all the other initiatives coming from the Leftist leadership in politics, in education, in entertainment, and in the news media, I have to ask: Just who do these people represent?

They certainly don’t represent the interests of the average American or the majority of Americans. We’ve come to the point at which we no longer have “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Instead, we have a government class that despises the people.


Back in 1992, when I was a Democrat, I remember that one of cheers that Bill Clinton liked to use at his rallies to get the audience revved up was, “It’s time for them to go” — with “them” referring to the Republicans who had held the White House for 12 years, to America’s tremendous social and economic benefit.

I don’t look back fondly on the Clinton years, and regret my votes at the time, but I like that theme. Across the world, as weary, beaten-down people look at a ruling class that sees them as despicable, dirty deplorables, these ordinary people, these normals, need to rise up and say, “It’s time for them to go.”

And here’s a word of warning to the ruling class: You managed to keep a lid on things for seven decades after WWII. The people’s discontent, though, is boiling. Bad things happen when the pressure from that boiling finally blows off that tightly pressed lid. I suggest that the Western world’s ruling class, as well as the ruling class in China and the Middle East, gracefully backs away from the levers of power before its members get their greedy, smug little hands blown off of those same levers.

Be assured that I’m not advocating a bullet-style revolution. I prefer my revolutions at the ballot box. But when a people become too discontent, the ballot box is suddenly no longer an option.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

AP Exclusive: Middleman helped Saudi give to Obama inaugural

Is it too late to impeach Barack Obama?

Schiff Directing Witnesses Not To Answer GOP Questions

This tells you all you need to know about the fake impeachment hearings.
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who is overseeing the ongoing illegitimate impeachment inquiry set in motion by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is reportedly telling witnesses testifying not to answer questions asked by Republican lawmakers.

Hero Dog

How Baghdadi's Death Reveals Trump's Clever Syria Strategy

Syria is now Russia's headache and one that they really can't afford.

President Trump made clear that U.S. forces would remain in Syria as long as necessary to combat ISIS and to protect the oil fields in northern Syria from ISIS or Iranian seizure. Neither Russia nor the Syrian Assad regime will be getting their hands on the oil fields either, so long as the U.S. maintains its military presence there. What exactly then will Russia be gaining from the U.S. withdrawal in northeastern Syria, where the Syrian Kurds had been relying on U.S. protection from Turkey’s forces? Not as much as President Trump’s critics think, according to Zev Chafets, a prolific writer who was a senior aide to Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and the founding managing editor of the Jerusalem Report Magazine. In an article entitled “Trump Outsmarts Putin With Syria Retreat,” Mr. Chafets wrote that Russia will, by necessity, have to take on more responsibility for fighting ISIS and other jihadists as well as reconstructing Syria.

“Sooner or later, al-Qaeda, Islamic State or the next iteration of jihad will break loose in Syria," Mr. Chafets wrote. “When that happens, the Russians will be the new Satan on the block. Their diplomats in Damascus will come under attack, as will Russian troops. More troops will be sent to defend them. Putin’s much-prized Mediterranean naval installations will require reinforcement. And so on. Soon enough, jihad will inflame Russia’s large Muslim population. Moscow itself will become a terrorist target.”

Russia will also have other headaches. Having saved the Assad regime from near collapse and claiming that it is now the main sheriff in Syria, Russia will have the burden of trying to coax Assad towards building a durable post-war government that may include some opposition elements. Russia will also be obliged to help with Syria’s reconstruction in order to avoid a breakdown of any restored order. “As the big power in charge, Russia…will be expected to help its Syrian client rebuild the damage from the civil war,” Mr. Chafets noted. “Physical reconstruction alone is expected to cost $400-500 billion. This is a bill Trump had no intention of paying — and one more reason he was glad to hand northern Syria to Putin. Russia cannot afford a project of this magnitude.”

Reagan's military build-up bankrupted the USSR which was trying to keep up. Trump is using economic power instead of military intervention to destroy America's enemies.

The Plot against the President

Max Boot: Trump Wrong For Speaking Bad About Dead Terrorist

Don’t speak badly about dead terrorists says Max Boot. The ink had hardly been dry on the Washington Post’s obituary fawning all over dead terrorist al-Baghdadi when Max Boot decided it was time for yet another anti-Trump lecture.

For those who need a reminder (or don't know who Max Boot is), he's a Never Trumper who was once a thought leader on the Right. Since Trump's election, his true colors are visible and he's revealed as an enabler and ally of the Left that hates you.

And this:
The U.S. media has rarely reported in detail on the actual atrocities of ISIS. And in fact, goes overboard to NOT identify terrorists because, you know, we are supposed to think all these bombings and massacres were committed by Baptists.

So a dead terrorist, one responsible for an estimated 8,300 deaths since 2013, should be sympathized with according to Max Boot, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Bill Kristol among others.

Trump’s praise for the dog that helped capture al Baghdadi was a psy-ops classic

That's what I thought at the time.

Muslims, you see, are taught that dogs are unclean. Have al Baghdadi taken down by an “unclean” animal is an extra dose of humiliation, somewhat akin to the perhaps apocryphal story of General "Black Jack" Pershing ordering Muslim terrorists he was fighting in the Philippines in the late 19th century buried with pig carcasses in order to prevent their entry into heaven.

Trump Gets Dems To Interrupt Baseball, Condemn Dogs, Side With Terrorists All Within 24 Hours

It may read like satire, but it's 100% true.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Racist Princeton Professor accuses Indian students yelling racial slurs of "acting white."

Nell Irvin Painter

You have to really, really hate white people to believe this and state it in print.

While it’s tempting to see the reported ethnicity of the boys suspected in the assault as complicating the story and raising questions about whether the assault should be thought of as racist, I look at it through a different lens. Instead of asking what the boys’ reported racial identity tells us about the nature of the attack, we should see the boys as enacting American whiteness through anti-black assault in a very traditional way. In doing so, the assailants are demonstrating how race is a social construct that people make through their actions. They show race in the making, and show how race is something we perform, not just something we are in our blood or in the color of our skin.”-Dr. Nell Irvin Painter

Do racists like this ever reflect on their sickness in the dark of the night?

Trump's Vindication May Lead to Restoration of the Constitution

Via Instapundit

We thought the Mueller Report might bridge our lamentable partisan divide, since it found no evidence of the president’s purported collusion with Russia, but, weirdly, that report was spun to suggest a lack of presidential cooperation with that probe that was somehow the criminal act of obstruction of justice. Oddly, that notion dissipated quickly, and, before we knew it, we were in the current impeachment frenzy with the president accused of using the power of his office to intimidate a foreign leader into venally serving the president’s personal political ends.

The impeachment and removal effort, nakedly political as it is, is doomed to failure. This is because the president’s exercise of diplomatic relations is protected by the Constitution itself, and as even the great liberal criminal law scholar Alan Dershowitz has made clear, it cannot possibly amount to a high crime or misdemeanor. Moreover, the signs are now evident (from the fact that 50 Republican Senators have condemned the secretive and one-sided proceedings now underway in the House), that a Republican-controlled Senate will never vote by a two-third’s majority to remove Mr. Trump.

And, here's the Hail Mary pass
If the revelations of wrongdoing are as dramatic as expected, they just might shock Americans into realizing that the 2020 elections ought to be about returning this country to more honest, and, perhaps, more modest federal government, and restoring the original Constitutional doctrines of federalism and separation of powers.

One can only hope.

The Walls are Closing In — but Not on Trump

Then there are Joe Biden’s numerous pay-to-play scandals involving China, Ukraine, and Romania. As these occurred while Biden was vice-president in the Obama administration, this begs the question of what Obama knew and when did he know it.

Lastly in an interesting coincidence, at the same time AG Barr announced the pivot to a criminal investigation, fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe dropped his wrongful termination case against the DoJ. Has he turned whistleblower? Is he about to be indicted for his role in Spygate? This is all to be determined but the walls seem to be closing in on him too.

It’s clear that Team Trump is now on offense. Grand juries hand out indictments like candy. Impeachment talk is just that, a lame attempt to discredit Barr and Durham before they unleash the hounds of hell on those conspiring to thwart and then overturn a presidential election.

Lots of walls are closing in, but not on President Trump. The reckoning may now be underway as the Storm blows into Washington, D.C., heralded by Trump’s Lone Ranger and Tonto, Barr and Durham. Obama and his deep state players are on the Edmund Fitzgerald, when the gales of November come early.

Will the Democrats Miss Middle America Again?

Yes.  Next question.

Here is what most of Trump’s critics don’t understand about why this new conservative populist coalition voted for Trump over not just Clinton but also 17 very qualified, distinguished, mostly establishment Republican candidates in the party’s primary battle.

It was never about Trump. It was always about their communities. Trump was the symptom, not the cause.

These voters aren’t going to budge. It’s not that everyone who voted for him considers his first term a massive success that has improved America’s economy and made us safer. It’s that Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans have done nothing to reflect on why they lost to this guy. They’d rather make fun of the voters—it is easier and makes for great sport on Twitter—than admit their contribution to this flee from normalcy.

Obama Successfully Hunted Trump Campaign Aides Instead of Terrorists

Obama spent his time spying on his political opponents including Donald Trump instead of going after terrorists.

But in 2016, rather than successfully hunting down terrorists including Mueller’s captors, Obama and his top national security officials hunted down Trump campaign aides. Baghdadi’s death should be a reminder—an infuriating one at that—of how the Obama administration, particularly the CIA and FBI, squandered vital resources in service to a politically motivated investigation into Trump and his presidential campaign rather than focusing their efforts on the legitimate threats facing the country.

Trump alluded to that malfeasance in his press conference on Sunday. “When we use our intelligence correctly, what we can do is incredible,” Trump said while commending intelligence operatives who helped locate the ISIS madman. “When we waste our time with intelligence that hurts our country because we had poor leadership at the top, that’s not good.”

AG Barr Might Just Laugh His Head Off at This Request From Dianne Feinstein

Via Bad Blue

Attorney General William Barr has shown that he clearly has a dry wit and can enjoy a good joke.

But he must have been really amused at the letter that he received from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats.

Feinstein and the group sent a letter asking Barr to recuse himself from the investigation of the Russia probe and anything to do with investigations related to Ukraine.

I believe it was Feinstein who had a Chinese spy on her payroll for 20 years 
Read the whole thing.

Replacement for Drudge: Bad Blue

It's BadBlue

AG Barr Might Just Laugh His Head Off at This Request From Dianne Feinstein   redstate 
This Is the Military Working Dog That Helped Take Out the Leader of ISIS   military 
Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: "It was all a Set-up" - Sara A. Carter   saraacarter

And lot's more, just like Drudge once was. 

Washington Post To Run All Headlines By In-House ISIS Marketing Rep

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In order to ensure all headlines about Islamic terrorism are culturally sensitive and do not offend any brave freedom fighters in the Middle East, The Washington Post has retained an ISIS marketing representative.

All headlines published about terrorism will be run by the marketing rep. The PR rep was immediately put to work as headline writers worked to come up with a sensitive take on the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

"Do you think we should call him an extremist terrorist leader or is that considered offensive?" one intern asked the representative, Aarif al-Samarrai, in a brainstorming session Sunday.

An angered Samarrai began firing his AK-47 into the air and screamed, "ALLAHU AKBAR!" at this suggestion, apparently not happy with the angle. Post writers frantically tried to come up with different headlines to appease him, such as the following:

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, mischevious rapscallion, passes away of entirely natural causes and definitely not a raid ordered by Trump. Also Trump is bad.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, noted firearm and explosive enthusiast, dies at 48.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, prophet of God and all-around swell guy, rewarded with 72 virgins.
Evil Americans kill innocent Middle Eastern farmer.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48

He was finally appeased with the last suggestion, and the Post was able to run it. "This should make everybody on the internet happy," said one writer, excited to see what Twitter's reaction would be.

Always Appeals To Men With Pads Featuring Pictures Of Monster Trucks, Pro Wrestlers

CINCINNATI, OH—Always is appealing to the company's male customers with its new "Always Macho" series of menstrual products.

The pads and tampons' packaging will feature pictures of monster trucks crushing each other, AR-15s, and John Cena dropkicking people.

"We want to welcome all people who menstruate, whether you are a cisgender woman, a transgender man, or a dude who really likes monster trucks," said a Procter & Gamble representative. "And you can't go wrong with monster trucks. Monster trucks are big. Monster trucks are cool. Monster trucks go boom."

Various pictures on the products include the following:

A nuclear weapon decimating a city
A 1978 Trans Am with fire coming out of the pipes
Aragorn chopping off an Orc's head
A T-rex with Gatling guns for arms

Though the product was initially targeted at people who menstruate but don't necessarily identify as a woman, the company is discovering that men who are forced to buy their wives' menstrual products prefer the packaging as well.

"Men are able to go to the check stand and hold their head high, proud to pick up a product with Cena elbow-dropping some fool or a bazooka blowing something up," said the rep. "You're welcome, men."

Monday, October 28, 2019

Mark Steyn: "Baghdadi Bagged"

This weekend, half a decade after that shameful image, US special forces arrived at the door of the wannabe caliph. After dragging three kids and two missuses down into a dead-end tunnel, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blew himself and his family to Virgin Central. He left his head, more or less intact, which I wouldn't be averse to Trump putting on a spike across the street from The Washington Post. The Post's obituaries department, to general derision from the Internet, marked the Caliph's unexpected self-detonation with the headline "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48".
Four months after Kayla Mueller's execution, Donald Trump came down that escalator. He is not to everyone's taste stylistically but he is a more serious man than his predecessor, and than many of his GOP rivals, who simply assumed that a Republican restoration would mean a return to Bush-style "war on terror". Trump grasped a simple truth but one apparently beyond Bill Kristol & Co - that there are no takers for ineffectual warmongering. If "shock and awe" had actually shocked and awed, things might be different. But it didn't. As I wrote in The Spectator a little over sixteen years ago, or about six months after my mixed grill in post-Saddam Rutba - October 11th 2003:

In a nutshell, Iraq is the last war. That's to say, the last war in which the Bush Administration will spend the months beforehand amassing a quarter of a million troops on an enemy's borders. Doing it that way gives the enemy too long to enlist his own forces — the Western media, the UN and the moth-eaten French pantomime mule of Messrs Chirac and de Villepin. All these parties are dedicated to ensuring that even when the Americans win, they lose. The speed with which they've managed to taint victory in Iraq is impressive, though it bears no relation to anything so tiresome as reality. So from hereon in engagements in the war of terror will be swift, sudden and as low-key as can be managed. The US will depend not on multilateralism but bilateralism — the many agreements the Americans have signed for base rights and training missions and other below-the-radar stuff from the Middle East through old Soviet Central Asia to the Pacific. There will be, faute de mieux, a reliance on light and mobile configurations and special forces.
If you're an old-school imperialist such as myself, one might wish it were different. But America has not an imperialist bone in its body and, without it, long-term occupation, ever more confined to Iraq's "Green Zone" or Afghanistan's "crusader forts" (as an Aussie PM described the allied bases to me), is a fool's errand. So we have to figure out how to win with "light and mobile configurations".

Thus Trump these last two-and-a-half years: When he took the oath of office, the Islamic State was a nascent Saudi Arabia, bloodsoaked and oil-rich and merely awaiting diplomatic recognition. Month by month, he shrunk it, and reduced it from a caliphate back to a terrorist group - but without committing vast numbers of American infantrymen: low-key shock and awe. That culminated this weekend with a brilliantly executed raid on the holed-up Caliph - and with his head as a highly apt trophy of war.

With their usual unerring timing, NBC's "Saturday Night Live", winner of thirty-seven Emmies for Best Toothless Committee-Written Satire, opened this weekend with a sketch in which Trump's Syria pullout, widely derided by all sides in Washington, is credited with "bringing jobs back" ...for Isis. I wonder how many comic geniuses it took to come up with that rib-cracker.

Nevertheless, thanks to Trump (the real one, not Alec Baldwin), the leaden jest came true - at least in the sense that Isis now has an opening for Caliph, no previous experience required. For good measure, even as the President was giving that remarkable and masterful one-hour Sunday press conference, news came that the Islamic State's Number Two guy is unlikely to be promoted:

Likely Successor to Dead ISIS Leader Also Reported Killed

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Codevilla Tapes

Small excerpt:

Yet it is possible to accept all of this, and to posit that the reason that the American ruling class seems so indisputably impotent and unmoored in the present is that there is no such thing as America anymore. In place of the America that is described in history books, where Henry Clay forged his compromises, and Walt Whitman wrote poetry, and Herman Melville contemplated the whale, and Ida Tarbell did her muckraking, and Thomas Alva Edison invented movies and the light bulb, and so forth, has arisen something new and vast and yet distinctly un-American that for lack of a better term is often called the American Empire, which in turn calls to mind the division of Roman history (and the Roman character) into two parts: the Republican, and the Imperial.

While containing the ghosts of the American past, the American Empire is clearly a very different kind of entity than the American Republic was—starting with the fact that the vast majority of its inhabitants aren’t Americans. Ancient American ideas about individual rights and liberties, the pursuit of happiness, and so forth, may still be inspiring to mainland American citizens or not, but they are foreign to the peoples that Americans conquered. To those people, America is an empire, or the shadow of an empire, under which seemingly endless wars are fought, a symbol of their own continuing powerlessness and cultural failure. Meanwhile, at home, the American ruling elites prattle on endlessly about their deeply held ideals of whatever that must be applied to Hondurans today, and Kurds tomorrow, in fits of frantic-seeming generosity in between courses of farm-to-table fare. Once the class bond has been firmly established, everyone can relax and exchange notes about their kids, who are off being credentialed at the same “meritocratic” but now hugely more expensive private schools that their parents attended, whose social purpose is no longer to teach basic math or a common history but to indoctrinate teenagers in the cultish mumbo-jumbo that serves as a kind of in-group glue that binds ruling class initiates (she/he/they/ze) together and usefully distinguishes them from townies during summer vacations by the seashore.

The understanding of America as an empire is as foreign to most Americans as is the idea that the specific country that they live in is run by a class of people who may number themselves among the elect but weren’t in fact elected by anyone. Under whatever professional job titles, the people who populate the institutions that exercise direct power over nearly all aspects of American life from birth to death are bureaucrats—university bureaucrats, corporate bureaucrats, local, state and federal bureaucrats, law enforcement bureaucrats, health bureaucrats, knowledge bureaucrats, spy agency bureaucrats. At each layer of specific institutional authority, bureaucrats coordinate their understandings and practices with bureaucrats in parallel institutions through lawyers, in language that is designed to be impenetrable, or nearly so, by outsiders. Their authority is pervasive, undemocratic, and increasingly not susceptible in practice to legal checks and balances. All those people together comprise a class.

Another thing that residents of the broad North American expanse between Canada and Mexico have noticed is that the programs and remedies that this class has promoted, both at home and abroad, have greatly enriched and empowered a small number of people, namely themselves—while the broader American population continues to decline in wealth, health, and education. Meanwhile, the American Empire that the ruling elite administers is collapsing. The popularity of such observations on both the left and the right is what accounts for the rise of Donald Trump, on one hand, and of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the other hand, among an electorate that has not been historically distinguished by its embrace of radicalism. Add those voter bases together, and perhaps 75% of Americans would seem to agree that their country, however you think of it, is in big trouble, and that the fault lies with the country’s self-infatuated and apparently not-so-brilliant elite.

Every student of history has their own theory about how and why empires fall. My theory is this: The wealth of any empire flows disproportionately to the capital, where it nourishes the growth, wealth, and power of the ruling elite. As the elite grows richer and more powerful, the gulf between the rulers and the ruled widens, until the beliefs and manners of the elite bear little connection to those of their countrymen, whom they increasingly think of as their clients or subjects. That distance creates resentment and friction, in response to which the elite takes measures to protect itself. The more wealth and power the elite controls, the more insulation it must purchase. Disastrous mistakes are hailed as victories or are made to appear to have no consequences at all, in order to protect the aura of collective infallibility that protects ruling class power and privilege.

What happens next is pretty much inevitable in every time and place—Spain, France, Great Britain, Moghul India, you name it: Freed from the laws of gravity, the elite turns from the hard work of correct strategizing and wise policymaking to the much less time-consuming and much more pleasant work of perpetuating its own privileges forever, in the course of which endeavor the ruling elite is revealed to be a bunch of idiots and perverts who spend their time prancing around half naked while setting the territories they rule on fire. The few remaining decent and competent people flee this revolting spectacle, while the elite compounds its mistakes in an orgy of failure. The empire then collapses.

President Trump Announces The Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…

Trumpland vs. Clinton Archipelago


Now for something totally unexpected: Kanye West raps Closed on Sunday!

Closed on Sunday, you’re my Chick-fil-A
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
Hold the selfies, put the ’Gram away
Get your family, y’all hold hands and pray
When you got daughters, always keep ’em safe
Watch out for vipers, don’t let them indoctrinate
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
You’re my number one, with the lemonade
Raise our sons, train them in the faith
Through temptations, make sure they’re wide awake
Follow Jesus, listen and obey
No more livin’ for the culture, we nobody’s slave

Stand up for my home
Even if I take this walk alone
I bow down to the King upon the throne
My life is His, I’m no longer my own
I pray to God that He’ll strengthen my hand
They will think twice steppin’ onto my land
I draw the line, it’s written in the sand
Try me and you will see that I ain’t playin’
Now, back up off my family, move your hands
I got my weapons in the spirit’s land
I, Jezebel don’t even stand a chance
Jezebel don’t even stand a chance


This is huge!

Fake News people are not serious, but that doesn't mean they are not dangerous

Derek Hunter at Townhall

... unserious people with serious power are a danger. These people have votes in Congress or millions of people who believe what they say, no matter how absurd, wrong, or biased they may be. When they add their twist to a story, it has the ability to become “truth” to their audience. That’s a lot of power.
The NY Times busy framing the story that the criminal probe into the Russia hoax is illegitimate:
“For more than two years, President Trump has repeatedly attacked the Russia investigation, portraying it as a hoax and illegal even months after the special counsel closed it,” the Times story opens, as if a closed investigation could not be a hoax or how the whole thing came into being should not even be wondered about because it was over.

The “news” story continues, “The opening of a criminal investigation is likely to raise alarms that Mr. Trump is using the Justice Department to go after his perceived enemies.”

“Likely to raise alarms” with who? Why? Who, after the promises made that were exposed as lies by the Mueller probe, wouldn’t want to know how it happened, if only to avoid it happening again?

The fact of the matter is these self-appointed arbiters of truth have no interest in knowing how this fraud began. How it was the spy apparatus that is supposed to be aimed at the rest of the world to keep us safe was directed at American citizens, something expressly forbidden without extreme cause by the laws that govern it.
Andrea Mitchell does the same:
“Serious journalist” Andrea Mitchell, the chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News and also has a show on MSNBC where she opines on domestic politics, opened her discussion on the investigation by declaring the concept “tracks closely” with what is being discussed “in right-wing media.” Again, curious, narrative-enforcing framing.

Mitchell then brought on two guests, both former Obama administration officials (for balance, naturally) who proceeded to dismiss the idea as a “debunked conspiracy theory” and lamented how those being questioned would have to hire lawyers because it will cost them money. Mitchell has expressed no such concern for any of the people who’ve had to drain their savings while being dragged before the Special Counsel and Congress countless times for the sin of having worked for the Trump campaign.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Getting Up to Speed with Douglas Murray On the Death of Europe and the Madness of Crowds: An Important Interview

“If a culture pretends that it is this cheap, ridiculous, highly sexualized, race-obsessed, totally evidently self-contradictory thing, then it’s hardly surprising if it doesn’t survive, and it doesn’t particularly deserve to.”

Why It’s Not Surprising Voters Don’t Think Trump’s Rhetoric Is Disqualifying

Because they are not stupid. 

It’s very, very true that so much of what passes for “civility” in the center-left consensus in This Town is anything but. Official Washington Civility™ is more often than not a cloak for the backstabbing petty “Mean Girls” nonsense that’s really going on over lunch at The Palm...
 They saw what was going on but were afraid prevented from saying it
And because media and major institutions all lean left and apply most of the pressure in civil society, it tends to be one group of people disproportionately biting their lips. Those same people snapped in 2016.
Why did they snap? Well, Barack Obama was a well-spoken, generally nice guy. He also sued nuns to make them pay for abortions. Everyone in his orbit spent months in 2012 calling Mitt Romney — Mitt Romney! — a racist felon who gave people cancer. Obama brought a mobbed-up Chicago banker to the White House and emphatically endorsed that mobbed-up banker’s run for his old Senate seat. He made excuses for the Internal Revenue Service going after his political enemies. He lied repeatedly about health care. He gave cash to terrorists and guns to cartels, and his own “wingman” at the Justice Department said people were racist for asking questions about the latter.
 And don't get us started about that pant-suited criminal:

 After Obama, Hillary Clinton came along — we’re going to elide a lot of historic Clinton lowlights and skip straight to the 2016 campaign — and said half of Trump’s voters belonged in a “basket of deplorables.” (This line got her laughter and applause, by the way.) She then went on to say they were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic – Islamophobic – you name it.” Worst of all, she said many of them were “irredeemable.” Unlike Trump, she is not known for pro-wrestling levels of hyperbole.

The cretins on the Left all thought the same way, real people saw it differently.

Supporting Voter ID does not make you racist. Being against abortion does not make you sexist. Wanting border security does not make you xenophobic. And thinking that baking cakes at the point of a gun is a bad idea does not make you homophobic.
I have no illusions about Trump’s way of engaging and debating people and why it coarsens politics. But discrediting and even dehumanizing your opposition was the dominant form of politicking before Trump came along, and that was obvious to voters no matter how much the media and administrative state tried hide it or give it a patina of respectability.

All-Seeing Eye Of Sauron Unveiled At Facebook Headquarters

MENLO PARK, CA—In the midst of a scandal involving the unauthorized transfer of its users’ data for political purposes, Facebook proudly unveiled a brand new, giant Lidless Eye of Sauron atop the company’s Menlo Park headquarters.

The Eye of Sauron will be used to examine Facebook users’ every action, online and off.

Much too close ot reality for comfort.

Progressive Utopia Of California Becomes First State To Eliminate Electricity Entirely

Babylon Bee - giving you the news from tomorrow, today.
SACRAMENTO, CA—California is being heralded as a progressive utopia after eliminating electricity entirely.

Working by candelight at his desk, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law that bans electricity, propelling the state into a progressive futuristic paradise. Newsom said he got the idea while experiencing the latest round of rolling blackouts in the state. He decided to make the blackouts the law of the land.

"Other, backward states still use carbon-heavy electricity, gas for heating and cooking, and wasteful air conditioning," he said proudly as people applauded around him. "But not on my watch. California has progressed beyond these archaic concepts."

The law also bans vehicles, forcing pedestrians to use innovative new horse-driven carriages.

Next on the legislative docket? The elimination of water-wasting toilets, to be replaced by just going on the sidewalk. A pilot program in San Francisco has been very successful, according to the homeless population there.

Satire, but is it?

Randy Quaid - Wake Up You Sleeping Giant!

Modern Journalism

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Mittens, the Deep State, and the Ongoing Coup Against POTUS

Fascinating; a must-read!

Donald J. Trump is not a RINO or DC insider. He’s a tough-guy billionaire from Queens, New York and a street-fighter. When the Democrats realised last week that Trump was actually heading up his own investigation rather than leaving it to their Deep State apparatchiks—and doing so directly with the leaders of Ukraine, Australia, and Italy (and perhaps the U.K.)—they did the political equivalent of starting a fire in a theatre. House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, announced impeachment proceedings against the president just three hours after stating in a speech that she would not. Speaker Pelosi had zero evidence, cause, stated reason and lacked the required vote of the House of Representatives to do so, but announced it anyway.

Strangely enough…and what caught my attention… Mitt Romney jumped on the “Impeach Trump” train that same day. How did Nancy go from “There will be no impeachment proceedings,” that morning in New York to announcing impeachment proceedings that afternoon when she got back to Washington, DC? Meet the Grand Master of the Deep State in America. Admitted Communist, John Brennan, who has some serious explaining to do now that his attempted coup of U.S. President Donald Trump has been exposed…and continues! So why did Romney want to shut down any investigation of Ukraine’s role as well? That’s the question that got this investigation started and it’s shocking.

Romney’s National Security Advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, sits on the Board of the same Burisma Holdings that was being investigated for corruption back in 2014, and the Vice President and Obama Administration demanded be shut down. Why? Because Burisma was/is their vehicle for corrupt practices in Eastern Europe. And CIA Director, John Brennan’s 9/11 Deep State partner, Cofer Black, is still the link to all that goes on there. In fact, I can state unequivocally that Burisma is the centre of Ukraine corruption and the Democrats’ shadow organisation for corrupt activities.

Read the whole thing

Hillary Clinton Accidentally Posts Condolences For Tulsi Gabbard's Suicide One Day Early

Babylon Bee is satire.  But it's now the paper of record.

U.S.—Oops! A social media scheduling error apparently caused Hillary Clinton to post her condolences for Tulsi Gabbard's suicide one day early.

This morning, Clinton posted that she felt "great sadness" at hearing that Gabbard had killed herself. In subsequent tweets, she detailed how "tragic" it was that Gabbard had broken her own kneecaps, stuck her feet in concrete, then tossed herself off the docks near a seedy warehouse.

"It's just terrible what happened, and though we disagreed, I hope we can all take a few minutes to send thoughts and prayers to the family," Clinton concluded.

Stephen Miller is spot on when he says that permanent bureaucracy is a mortal threat to America.

Miller explained:

It is best understood as career federal employees that believe they are under no obligation to honor, respect, or abide by the results of a democratic election. Their view is, ‘If I agree with what voters choose, then I’ll do what they choose. If I disagree with what voters choose, then I won’t, and I’ll continue doing my own thing. So basically it’s heads I win, tails you lose.

If you elect Hillary Clinton, then I’ll implement all of her policies very faithfully, and if I see massive evidence of corruption on Hillary Clinton’s part, then I’ll keep it all a secret. If you elect a candidate I disagree with, then I’ll lie, I’ll leak, I’ll cheat, I’ll smear, I’ll attack, I’ll persecute, and I will refuse to implement, and I will obstruct at every single step of the way.

We’ve made clear that your leaks will backfire and your sabotage will fail, and we’ll simply implement the policy doubly. Not only will you not change the outcome, but the more that you try to leak and disrupt, the more determined the president will be in his course to accomplish that which he was sent here to do.

The same people who made wrong judgment calls in Iraq, with respect to strategy in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, too … the people who made all these decisions now are so utterly convinced that they alone know what the right policy is.

Never has someone occupied the Oval Office who is more undeterred and undaunted in executing the task that he was brought here and has pledged to execute.

A lot of us thought, if you go back many years before Donald Trump ever declared for president, we might never live to see the day when somebody would have the audacity to promise to fundamentally change a broken status quo then get to Washington and proceed to execute on every single thing that he promised to do no matter what was thrown his way. It is truly a miracle to behold.
There is something providential about this.  It reinforces my belief in God.

Stephen Miller: ‘Permanent Bureaucracy is a Mortal Threat to America’

Two thousand years ago, Cicero said that a nation can survives its fools, and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard, Stephen Miller, President Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser, recently uttered similar words. Miller said that “anonymous efforts by anti-Trump federal bureaucrats to thwart the White House agenda through leaks and complaints to friendly reporters and congressional allies are a mortal threat to the American system of government.”

Miller explained:

It is best understood as career federal employees that believe they are under no obligation to honor, respect, or abide by the results of a democratic election. Their view is, ‘If I agree with what voters choose, then I’ll do what they choose. If I disagree with what voters choose, then I won’t, and I’ll continue doing my own thing. So basically it’s heads I win, tails you lose.

If you elect Hillary Clinton, then I’ll implement all of her policies very faithfully, and if I see massive evidence of corruption on Hillary Clinton’s part, then I’ll keep it all a secret. If you elect a candidate I disagree with, then I’ll lie, I’ll leak, I’ll cheat, I’ll smear, I’ll attack, I’ll persecute, and I will refuse to implement, and I will obstruct at every single step of the way.

An interesting statistic: China now burns more coal than all other countries put together

Where is Greta Thunberg when you need her?  "HOW DARE YOU?"

 Image may contain: text

Freshman Rep. Katie Hill’s ‘throuple’ uncovered amid bitter divorce

We have the most debauched Ruling Class in the world.

A freshman California [Democrat] congresswoman reportedly carried on a long-term “throuple” with her husband and a younger female staffer — which has come to light amid her contentious divorce.

[This is "swinging" California at its finest.]

The conservative outlet backed up its claim with photos of Hill and the staffer — who was not identified by name — embracing and locked in a kiss.

Another photo posted by the site shows a nude Hill brushing the staffer’s hair.

Who doesn't brush her lover's hair in the nude?  

CIA-armed militias are shooting at Pentagon-armed ones in Syria

This is the same establishment brain trust that is desperately trying to drive Trump out of office.  Thank you, Obama-era geniuses. 

And how's Libya coming now that Khaddaffi' overthrown?  Oh, they're selling black Africans as slaves now?  Never mind.

We have the worst Ruling Class in history.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Mark Steyn: "Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves"

"This term 'lone wolf' is a cop-out...the idea that they somehow have to have a membership card in Islamic State or in al Qaeda for it to be official, fully-credentialed terror, like getting a hairdresser's license in New York State, is completely preposterous" he stated.

Steyn added that the rhetoric of "lone wolf" terrorists allows those who do not want to admit that radical Islam is a problem to brush off terror as isolated incidents, saying "all jihad is local. That actually suits them, to say, 'oh no this is just some mentally ill guy in Ottawa and this is another guy who's a bit goofy in New York and there's no connection between the two.' Because otherwise you have to treat it like your other big story. You have to treat it like ideological Ebola and you have to stop the infection..."

All the stories are different - for the dead and the broken families they leave behind. And yet they are all the same, with respect to the killers and their motivations. I have been writing for almost two decades about the west's wannabe jihadists, often born and raised in Canada and America and Britain and Australia and Europe, some of them converts - or "reverts". Throughout that period, the multiculti delusionists have insisted that Islam's contribution to the diversity mosaic is no less positive than that of Poles or Italians. So we have pure laine Quebeckers and Nigerian South Londoners converting to Islam because it's the coolest gang on the planet.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cash-Strapped CNN Now Just Recycling Old Articles But Replacing 'Russian Collusion' With 'Ukrainian Scandal'

Babylon Bee:
ATLANTA, GA—Strapped for cash and failing in ratings, CNN has discovered an innovative new way to cut costs: simply rerunning articles from a year or two ago and replacing the phrase "Russian collusion" with an updated term, "Ukrainian scandal."

"This is a green, Earth-friendly way to recycle news stories," said a CNN rep. "We have discovered a completely carbon-neutral way to produce indefinitely renewable outrage."

CNN technical experts simply searched their website for any article about the Russian collusion hoax and replaced all references to Russia with references to Ukraine.

Leftists have praised CNN's move, saying it is the most environmentally conscious way to report news stories. "Other news organizations are spending lots of resources and generating a ton of carbon by actually reporting on things that really happened," said one climate activist. "But CNN recycles their wild conspiracy theories every couple years, allowing us to reuse our old, beat-up sense of outrage for years to come."

Learn To Play By The Rules Of Politics So Democrats Can Destroy The Country

Satire by Andrew Klavan:
If there’s one thing that’s important for every American to know, it’s how to play by the rules of politics. Playing by the rules allows you to maintain an atmosphere of civility and dignity while the Democrats run roughshod over every norm of behavior and destroy everything good and true about America.

So let’s learn some of the rules.

When someone completely unassociated with Donald Trump produces a video in which Trump shoots his enemies in the Democrat Party and the media, it proves that Trump is degrading public discourse and inspiring violence.

When a sportswear company puts an enormous billboard in Times Square showing a woman tying Trump up and stomping on the president’s face, then it’s time to buy some new sportswear.

When Arizona’s lady Governor Jan Brewer pointed a finger at President Barack Obama and told him she needed some border security, that was called “Fingergate” and was an example of Brewer’s racist disrespect for our first black president – who, did I mention, was black?

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stuck out her finger at Donald Trump, that was an example of feminist independence and courage and time to buy some new sportswear and stomp on the president’s face.

When Barack Obama’s Justice Department and Intelligence Agencies spied on the opposing party’s campaign, that was our heroic deep state protecting Americans from their incorrect decisions.

When Donald Trump suggested Ukraine examine corruption that might include opposition candidate Joe Biden, that was worse than Watergate in which a president spied on the opposing party like Barack Obama did to Trump.

Finally, when the news media lie and distort in order to support a deep state coup, that’s freedom of speech. When Americans speak out freely against the media’s corruption, that endangers the First Amendment.

You must follow these rules carefully or else you could wake up and find yourself telling a power-obsessed bunch of baby-killing Communist Democrats and media to kiss your butt and then go straight to hell.

And we wouldn’t want that.

Mexico is in a state of collapse, and Americans need to realize that the crisis underway south of the Rio Grande won’t stop at the border.

Last Thursday in the city of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state, a battle erupted between government forces and drug cartel gunmen after the Mexican military captured two sons of jailed drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The elder son, Ivan, was quickly freed by his men, who overpowered government forces and secured his release. Ivan then launched an all-out siege of the entire city in an effort to free his younger brother, Ovidio.

The ensuing scene could have been mistaken for Syria or Yemen. Footage posted on social media Thursday showed burning vehicles spewing black smoke, heavily armed gunmen blocking roads, dead bodies strewn in the streets, and residents fleeing for cover amid high-caliber gunfire.

Armed with military-grade weapons and driving custom-built armored vehicles, cartel henchmen targeted security forces throughout Culiacan, launching more than one dozen separate attacks on Mexican security forces. They captured and held hostage eight soldiers, then kidnapped their families. Amid the fighting, an unknown number of inmates escaped from a nearby prison. At least eight people were killed and more than a dozen were injured.

The eight-hour battle ended when government forces, outgunned and surrounded, without reinforcements or a way to retreat, received an order directly from Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to release their prisoner and surrender. ...
The idea that a nation of 120 million people with whom the United States shares a 2,000-mile border and ever-increasing economic ties might spiral into collapse has not seriously occurred to the American people. We’ve had a century of relative peace on our southwest border, and aside from dealing with an occasional surge of illegal immigration, we have assumed that it will continue. It will not.

Culiacan should be a wake-up call that the war now underway in Mexico will not stay there, and that we’d better start thinking about what that will mean for America.

Monday, October 21, 2019

CNN: 'Our Ratings Are Only Tanking Because Trump Is Killing Off Viewers By The Millions'

ATLANTA, GA—CNN host Brian Stelter blamed President Trump for the network's falling ratings Sunday, accusing the president of killing millions upon millions of people that otherwise might have tuned into CNN.

"If Trump weren't killing off most of America by the millions, we'd still have a pretty solid viewer base," Stelter bellowed at the three viewers watching Reliable Sources. "Airports, lobbies, waiting rooms, and gas station pumps are now playing CNN to absolutely no one, since Trump has killed them all."

A guest on Stelter's show suggested that Trump has killed more people than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin put together, and Stelter had to agree. "I'd probably put his death count at somewhere near 7.7 billion," he said after doing some simple math on one of those giant novelty calculators he keeps handy for such an occasion. "We can't overstate the damage this president has done to this once-great news station."

Politics Now Nation's Fastest Growing Religion

U.S.—A study released by Pew Research Center Thursday morning revealed a new fastest-growing religion in the country: politics.

Unlike many religions that only meet once or twice a week, adherents to the religion of politics worship every day, doing their devotionals in front of Fox News, CNN, or their carefully cultivated Twitter feeds. There is a major sectarian dispute among politics' followers, as to whether the one true god is a donkey or an elephant, but otherwise, their methods of practicing their faith are remarkably similar.

Political worshipers come in all forms, from casual believers who faithfully vote each election but don't regularly attend rallies or argue about politics online to crazed people who mail bombs to people they disagree with. But most political believers reject these violent zealots as radicalized extremists, insisting that politics is a "religion of peace."

Read the whole thing and subscribe to Babylon Bee.

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed

After allowing a flood of culturally unassimilable Muslims from North Africa into Germany Merkel admits that she was totally wrong.  She not only allowed this influx of people who had no interest in becoming "Germans" but implemented it and called anyone who opposed it a racist.  Now German women are afraid to leave the house alone and female refugees in camps are often the subject of attacks by the overwhelmingly male migrants.

These people were supposed to substitute for the children native Germans did not have.
POTSDAM, Germany (Reuters) - Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society has “utterly failed,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, adding fuel to a debate over immigration and Islam polarizing her conservative camp.

Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democrats (CDU), Merkel said allowing people of different cultural backgrounds to live side by side without integrating had not worked in a country that is home to some four million Muslims.

“This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,”

Who could have seen this coming?  Just about everybody who is normal and not blinded by Liberal ideology.

Ilhan Omar: 'If Israel Is So Innocent, Then Why Do They Insist On Being Jews?'

WASHINGTON, D.C.—When Israel responded with airstrikes to over 600 rockets fired at them from Gaza, many defended this as a justified act of defense. Representative Ilhan Omar lashed out against this view, saying on Twitter about Israel, “If they’re so innocent, why are they Jews?”

Omar pointed out how many in Israel continue in the extremely hostile act of being Jewish, provoking all of the people around them. “They want people to feel sorry for them,” Omar said, “but they’re just out there, every day, being Jews. It’s almost like they’re taunting everyone.”

ABC News Reports Trump Nuked Entire World, Later Clarifies He Just Microwaved A Burrito

.... ABC News reporter Brian Ross broke the erroneous story, describing in great detail how Trump had finally decided he’d had enough and launched over 4,000 nuclear warheads at every single country on the planet. The White House quickly disputed the story, however, pointing out that in reality, the only thing Trump had nuked was a microwavable burrito “for 90 seconds on High.”

“We apologize for the minor error,” an ABC News spokesperson said Monday after the clarification had been issued. “One of our reporters did seem to suggest that Donald Trump instigated a nuclear apocalypse, destroying nearly all of humanity, and we recognize that is a minor factual error when compared with the actual event that occurred, that being the simple microwaving of a frozen snack.”

Hillary Clinton Asked To Leave Costco After Repeatedly Accusing Sample Lady Of Being A Russian Asset

...  Whatever the case, the sample lady had apparently offered the failed presidential candidate a small paper cup of orange juice and told her the packs were on sale for $9.49 when the incident occurred.

"Orange... orange like Trump!" Clinton screamed suddenly, frightening the poor food demonstration worker. "You're in league with him, aren't you!?" The failed presidential candidate lunged across the cart and attempted to pull off her face mask, certain the lady was actually Vladimir Putin in a skin suit.

When that failed and the woman shooed her off with a plastic glove, Clinton turned for help and began screaming, "Security! Margaret in the frozen foods aisle is a Russian asset! Help, help, our elections are being meddled with!"

Read the whole thing. In view of recent news, can anyone confirm that this is actually satire?

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Is Hillary Clinton the real Putin Puppet?

Hillary’s accusations that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian tool and Jill Stein is a “Russian asset” is so bizarre, so wild, that it leads me to wonder:
(a)is she is mentally ill, or
(b) is she a Russian asset; Putin's puppet?

Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton has been a major public figure for decades.  She was First Lady of Arkansas when her husband Bill was governor.  Bill was President for two terms while Hillary was in charge of reforming health care.  She was elected Senator from New York and appointed to the post of America's Secretary of State.  She ran for President twice and won the Democrat Party nomination for President once.  She's as big as they come in Washington DC.  Her opinion has clout.  So if she opens a discussion about the Kremlin controlling leading American politicians and accuses some of them of furthering Putin's interests the subject is now open for discussion.

Speculation on this subject is now no longer out of bounds since her accusation is being amplified in the "respectable" media. Millions of Democrats believe her. Making accusations that politicians are Russian assets, or “puppets,” now mainstream.  They are widely believed by the press and other Democrats ever since the charge was leveled against Donald Trump.

Until just the other day it never occurred to me that Hillary is Putin’s puppet. But out of the blue, she accused two women in her own party of doing Putin's bidding, and a light went on. Suddenly Hillary was no longer simply a corrupt, venal politician who hated normal Americans, calling them deplorables, racist and bigots. Hillary's more than a chardonnay sucking loser.  It’s suddenly clear that if Vladimir Putin wanted an American President as his puppet, that puppet would be Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is perfect for the role because she has demonstrated countless times that she can be bought. The Clinton Foundation was the bank for Clinton, Inc. She took graft and corruption to an entirely new level, making it tax-deductible. She accepted money from anyone who was willing to give with the implicit understanding that she would return the favor. The sale of 20% of America’s uranium reserves to Russia led to a $140-million-dollar gift to her foundation. Andy McCarthy provides the details here. The cast of characters includes Bob Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Eric Holder, and Andrew Weissman who would later all participate in a scheme to annul the 2016 election and throw Donald Trump out of office.  And Putin has the goods on Hillary.  All Putin has to do is threaten to confirm the story and Hillary (and large parts of the Obama regime, up to and including Obama himself) could face prison.

Hillary is perfect for the role because she was going to be President. The polls, the pundits and the press never gave Trump a chance. How many times were we told that there was no way that Trump could get to 270 electoral votes? Hillary's victory was guaranteed, even many Republicans expected it.  The party was planned and the champagne was on ice.  If you’re Putin, why would you back a sure loser when you could buy a sure winner? To stack the deck even more, you had your minions provide information to Hillary’s spy, Steele, to create the impression that you, Putin, had compromising information on Trump.

Like any good plan, there's always a back-up plan.  And Putin had one.  What if that long-shot Trump actually won? Sure, it’s a Black Swan event, but accidents happen. Call it an insurance policy like FBI Agent Strzok did. For Putin, the second-best outcome of the election if, by some miracle, Hillary loses is that America is torn into two warring camps.

That requires Putin puppet, Hillary, and her devoted followers to overturn the election.  Starting with massive, violent street demonstrations, plan “B” was to frame Trump as a tool of the Russians. That takes an organized effort by Putin puppet Hillary plus the drive-by media and their fake news, the Obama appointees in the FBI, CIA, NSC, IRS and all the other members of the Deep State whose entire lifestyle and power are derived from keeping Trump out of the White House.

It doesn’t take much organization.  Government offices are the province of the Left, and a wink is as good as a nod.  They know what is expected of them and they are generally of one mind.  The Left resembles a hive of bees and is often as brainless.

How else does a rational person, or a visitor from Mars, explain thousands of middle-class women marching while wearing hats designed to resemble vaginas?

How does anyone explain to an outside observer that after The Mueller Report states that there is no evidence of coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, millions who looked to Mueller for the truth still believe in the imaginary conspiracy?

How does anyone explain roving gangs of masked youths beating up Republicans on the street calling themselves anti-fascist when their actions are the essence of fascism. And how does one explain to a sane person that a so-called "impartial" press agrees with them?

And how does anyone explain Hillary Clinton accusing members of her own party, Democrats running for the Presidency, being stooges for Putin?

We are tempted to rely on an analysis that Hillary has lost her marbles. But there is now evidence that Hillary is a Putin tool seeking the destroy the United States.

And so far, Plan “B” has been remarkably successful.

Robert Mueller is portrayed as running an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 American election. Not true.  Then we were told that Mueller was tasked with finding out if the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to rig the election. That was also false.  In reality, Mueller was looking for an excuse to impeach Donald Trump. In that, Team Mueller failed.  But that was only because Trump finally found an Attorney General, Bob Barr, who was honest and understood the game that was played.

No genuine effort was made to examine if Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the beneficiary of Russian resources to aid her campaign. I believe the Clintons and the Russians had little reason to believe that she would lose, so I suspect that little effort was made to aide Team Clinton. There is reason to believe that Russians were behind the exposure of Paul Manafort, one of Trump’s campaign managers, of having corrupt dealings with officials in Ukraine in an effort to smear Donald Trump.

There is reason to believe that the events following the election had logistical and financial assistance by foreign governments designed to divide America.

Now that Chardonnay Hillary has opened the Overton Window wide enough so that we can begin asking what foreign governments are infiltrating American institutions, influencing American culture and affecting American elections, we need to see if some top Democrats are secretly in the pay of Russia … or China.

Friday, October 18, 2019

James Carafano: Syria cease-fire follows completely appropriate actions by Trump – Avoids needless bloodshed

All the best people told me that there would be a horrible bloodshed. 

By the way, other than long shots of artillery fire, has the press actually shown the mass atrocities that were predicted? 

And how about the establishment of the ISIS Caliphate?  

All the horrors that were predicted have so far failed to show up.   They still may, but so far all we have is the people around Washington with their hair on fire because Trump pulled some troops out of harm's way.

Babylon Bee: "Congress Claims Situation In Syria Is Bad But Not Bad Enough For Them To Actually Declare War"

Republicans and Democrats crossed the aisle in the Senate to slam the withdrawal, saying the grim, tragic situation over there was "devastating" but "not quite devastating enough for us to actually do something about it."

"It's really bad over there and Trump is really evil for not sending more troops and fighting Turkey," said Senator Mitt Romney. "I mean, just to clarify, it's not bad enough for Congress to actually do its job and declare war. But still, it's pretty bad."

"Did I mention Trump is evil?"

Don Surber: "How the media blew the Syria story"

This morning at 8, BBC posted a story, "Turkey's Erdogan 'threw Trump's Syria letter in bin.'" It was Fake News.

This afternoon at 2, President Donald John Trump announced Erdogan agreed to a cease-fire along the Syrian border.

Once again, the press got the story all wrong. President Trump knew what he was doing and succeeded where his predecessors had failed. He removed American troops in order to bring peace to a section of the Middle East. He used tariffs, not soldiers, to force the issue.

The Washington press corps covering President Trump is incompetent and corrupt as it violates the public trust by deliberately trying to sabotage the man the American people elected president.

President Trump's mediation of the Kurd-Turk dispute is award-worthy. The press blew the story by attacking our president. Amid all the false reports of coming calamity and impending genocide, I advised readers to Trust Trump. He earned it.

And of course I was right because getting President Trump right is the easiest thing in the world to do. Just accept that he is better informed than the press, and he knows what he is doing.

But the media is a bunch of garbage peddlers. You have your garbage collectors who help keep America clean and safe, and then you have your garbage producers at CNN and the like.

The fog of war expelled by the American media was a historic embarrassment to anyone who is now or has ever been a member of the Fourth Estate. Obamanauts -- including generals -- were allowed to say whatever they wanted to try to undermine President Trump's peace efforts without bothering (in most cases) to allow the Trump administration to respond.

Crazy talk of genocide filled the cable airwaves.

ABC was caught using training footage from Kentucky to depict a non-existent "Slaughter in Syria."

Has it issued an on-air apology or correction yet?

Now that a deal has been cut, I expect the media to take potshots at it before dropping the subject entirely. Once again, President Trump has achieved the impossible and the media will deny him credit because they did everything they could to prevent peace from breaking out.

Read the whole thing.

FAKE NEWS: Liberal Media Falsely Claims White House Admitted to Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine

While Mulvaney did not himself use the term “quid pro quo,” when he was told by a reporter during a White House press conference that the situation of withholding aid to get Ukraine was in fact a quid pro quo, Mulvaney said, “We do that all the time.”

“You’re saying the president of the US can’t ask someone to help with an ongoing public investigation?” Mulvaney said.
During a July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky — at a time when the White House was withholding military aid from Zelensky’s country — Trump asked Zelensky to “get to the bottom” of questions about the 2016 election.

None of this is new information. We knew from the transcript that President Trump asked for Ukraine's help in the ongoing investigation into the 2016 election. We also know that Ukraine didn't even know that the military aid was being withheld until a month after Trump's call with President Zelensky.

“I have news for everybody," Mulvaney said. "Get over it. There’s going to be political influence in foreign policy ... that’s going to happen. Elections have consequences.”

This is true. Obama threatened to cut off aid to Nigeria over anti-gay legislation in the country in 2011, and again in 2013 over corruption issues. Joe Biden and the entire media argue that his threat to withhold a billion-dollar loan to Ukraine unless they fired their head prosecutor was not a quid pro quo because, they say, the prosecutor was corrupt.

Despite this, the media is claiming, falsely, that the White House has admitted to a quid pro quo. Other outlets like HuffPost, The Daily Beast, Washington Post, have all echoed the claim. The New York Times falsely claimed in a tweet that Mulvaney admitted aid was cut off to Ukraine to pressure them to investigate Democrats. Adam Schiff is claiming Mulvaney's statement has made things "much, much worse."

Yeah, not at all.

Even FOX News suggests that this was a gaffe that needed to be "walked back."    That's bullshit.

Furious Farmers Defy Army Roadblocks in Dutch Anti-Green Protest

Farmers in the Netherlands have reacted with fury to government demands they cull their herds to help Holland meet their nitrogen emission targets.

Telling farmers to cull herds built up over generations, destroy their own livelihoods, just to please some bureaucrats in the EU and meet absurd nitrogen emission targets. Yep, that was always going to work.

The EU nitrogen targets are a heavy handed out of touch bureaucratic effort to tell farmers how to manage their fields. Just as it was in Soviet times, city based EUSSR bureaucrats believe they have a much better understanding of farming than the people who actually work the land, and have no qualms about setting unrealisable targets and making unreasonable demands.

The Writer in Black “Not True Communism/Socialism”


Whenever one points out the horrors of communism and socialism historically, folk pushing the latest round always dismiss them saying they weren’t “true communism” or “true socialism.” First let’s dispose of the difference which is mainly in how you get there. They both involve seizure of control of the means of production for what they profess to be the “common good.” The only real distinction is communism generally involves armed overthrow of the existing system and socialism does so through lawfare.

But let’s go with the idea that it wasn’t “true communism/socialism”:

Lenin: “Let’s do Communism/Socialism.”
Russia: “Okay.”
Horrors follow.
“That wasn’t true Communism/Socialism.”

Mao: “Let’s do Communism/Socialism.”
China: “Okay.”
Horrors follow.
“That wasn’t true Communism/Socialism.”

Ho Chi Minh: “Let’s do Communism/Socialism.”
Vietnam: “Okay.”
Horrors follow.
“That wasn’t true Communism/Socialism.”

Castro: “Let’s do Communism/Socialism.”
Cuba: “Okay.”
Horrors follow.
“That wasn’t true Communism/Socialism.”

Kaysone Phomvihane: “Let’s do Communism/Socialism.”
Laos: “Okay.”
Horrors follow.
“That wasn’t true Communism/Socialism.”

Pol Pot: “Let’s do Communism/Socialism.”
Campuchea: “Okay.”
Horrors follow.
“That wasn’t true Communism/Socialism.”

Chavez: “Let’s do Communism/Socialism.”
Venezuela: “Okay.”
Horrors follow.
“That wasn’t true Communism/Socialism.”

While Elites Gnaw on Stale Agendas, the Future Is Full of Things We've Yet to Imagine

Today the political elites are in a crisis resulting from an expected future that didn't happen. The End of History didn't pan out; Russia and China failed to join the liberal democratic club; the EU fell apart. The global world failed to last. But Brexit and the defeat of Hillary did not spur them to listen; instead, it inspired frantic efforts to reimpose absolute control via Chinese 5G, facial recognition, Google surveillance, G7 pacts against hate speech, and the NYT witch hunt against white supremacy.

Is it any wonder they are failing? That depression is rising among youngsters and social tensions are increasing? Not only are they jamming themselves, they are suppressing the small still voice that whispers in the heart of undiscovered genius. As the political elites gnaw at the ends of their stale agendas it is hard to remember that the future is still full of hope, danger, love, opportunity and things yet undreamed of. Will we send ourselves an interocitor? Maybe. But if we're not free to listen for the signal then the world will most certainly be stuck with a politically correct and strictly rationed turboencabulator.

Richard Fernandez; read the whole thing.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Can You Afford the Green New Deal?

The madness of Extinction Rebellion

Yesterday, in London, I witnessed an eerie, chilling sight: I saw a death cult holding a ceremony in public.

The men and women gathered outside King’s Cross station and formed a circle. They swayed and chanted. They preached about End Times. ‘What will you do when the world gets hot, what, what?’, they intoned, conjuring up images of the hellfire they believe will shortly consume mankind. They sang hymns to their god – science. ‘We’ve got all the science / All that we need / To change the world / Hallelujah’, they sang, rocking side to side as they did so.

They demanded repentance. ‘Buy less, fly less, fry less’, said one placard. Catholics only demand the non-consumption of meat on Fridays, as an act of penance to mark the day of Christ’s death. This new religion demands an end to meat-consumption entirely, as penance for mankind’s sins of growth and progress.

And like all death cultists, they handed out leaflets that contained within them ‘THE TRUTH’. The leaflets foretell floods and fire: ‘We are in trouble. Sea levels are rising… Africa and the Amazon are on fire.’ The only word that was missing was locusts. They can’t be far behind these other ghastly visitations to sinful mankind.

And if you question their TRUTH? Then, like those heretics who were hauled before The Inquisition 500 years ago, you will be denounced as a denier. A denier of their revelations, a denier of their visions. ‘Denial is not a policy’, their placards decreed. Spotting me filming their spooky, apocalyptic ceremony, one of the attendees waved that placard in my face. A warning from the cult to a corrupted outsider.

 This is an upper-middle-class death cult and we should ridicule it out of existence.