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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Why does the Virginian Pilot want teachers to talk about their love life?

When I was a toddler in school my teachers never discussed their love lives. 

In fact, I don't recall my teachers ever talking about their private lives in grade school, high school, or college. 

 Why would any teacher talk about their private lives or discuss their sexual preferences with a class of children? Oh, wait, I can think of a reason. It may have something to do with what some priests did with young boys who came to them for instruction. 

When my kids were that age, I didn’t talk to them about my love life, even. What in actual fact is wrong with these crazy people?

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Teachers Who Insist They're Not Teaching Your Kid About Sex Also Weirdly Outraged By Ban On Teaching Your Kid About Sex


The people who put out the Virginian Pilot are absolutely outraged that your object to their kids being taught about sex even as they say they're not teaching your toddlers about sex.  It's a satirical article, but the Editors of the Virginianjh Pilot under the leadership of Kris Worrell are calling the lawmakers of Florida bad for saying that Kindergarten through third graders should not be given lessons in sexual orientation.

Since they and their LBGTA+ cohorts are incensed about this, we have to ask what motivates them to want to introduce sexuality, transgenderism, and any number of perverse sexual kinks to children who still lack basic reading, writing, and math skills.  Perhaps the Virginian Pilot editorial and reportorial staff can enlighten us.  Feel free to send us a letter.  

On July 1st, teachers throughout Florida will no longer be permitted to encourage discussions about sex with children in grades kindergarten through grade 3. Florida teachers have been adamant that they've never encouraged such discussions in their classrooms but they are weirdly outraged that they will no longer be able to.

"I have never once told a boy they are really a girl, or a girl they are really nothing, or a man that they should be comfortable loving children. Not once. BUT IT'S OUTRAGEOUS THAT I CAN'T," said Ms. Feilershiek, a kindergarten teacher at Chickasaw Elementary, while picketing in front of her school instead of teaching children.

One third-grade teacher, Mx. Pat Frumouge (ze/zir), had begun teaching zeir students about LGBTQ culture full-time ahead of the July 1st deadline.

"Look, I don't groom any kids. But I have to constantly explain why I look like a porcelain fish-being," ze said, visibly shaken. "This law is going to erase me as an individual. My sexual identity and favorite kinks are my entire identity... if I can't share that with children—which I don't—then I don't know what I'm going to do. Teach math?"

Children at Chickasaw Elementary School are reportedly failing at math and science but excelling at peer-pressuring other children to switch genders at will. Teachers insist the kids are doing that on their own, however.

According to sources, teachers are preparing for the next year by abandoning all subjects entirely in favor of full-time LGBTQ lectures to make up for the fact they won't be able to indoctrinate children next year—even though they don't do that.

A Group of Virginian Pilot Adults us Very Interested in Your Child's Sexuality

 Let's ask Kris Worrell

Why would an adult who is not a parent want to talk to a 1st grader about sex?

 Question for the Virginian Pilot editors. What's your answer, Kris Worrell?

Virginian Pilot Supports Sexual Grooming Your toddler


The Virginian Pilot headline: Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs "Don't Say Gay" bill into law.  

In keeping with its far-Left advocacy stance, the editors at the Virginian Pilot joined sexual perverts who want to "groom" toddlers by calling the bill the "Don't Say Gay" bill.  The bill says nothing about "gay" and never uses that language. That is the way the issue is being framed by pedophiles and advocates of transgender surgery for young people.  

Apparently, there are not enough sexually disturbed people to go around so these advocates believe that indoctrinating toddlers is a way of increasing their victims.  

The sponsors of the bill, Governor DeSantis, and the vast majority of the American people don't think that classroom instruction in Kindergarten through third grade about subjects such as sexual orientation and gender identity is appropriate.  

Apparently, the editors of the Virginian Pilot and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community believe that it's perfectly proper.  The Virginian Pilot is on the side that says that parents have no right to protect their children from being taught that little Johhny could become Little Susie with the proper surgery and the proper hormone treatments before he's old enough to learn to read, write and do long division.  

One has to wonder how many sexually disturbed people work at the Virginian Pilot and whether you would entrust your children to them.   I believe that they will soon reap the whirlwind of an angry public.  As the last election in Virginia demonstrated, you don't mess around with people's children.  That gets people angry, and angry people stop being nice.  

Found in the Virginia Pilot, Tuesday, March 29, 2022, page 7.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Mark Steyn

American rulers imitate Roman corruption

 The American ruling class has managed to internationalize corruption in ways that boggle the imagination.  It’s weird that such a poor country as Ukraine has so many financial connections to so many members of the American political class and their relatives who have received hundreds of millions of dollars in return for selling their country out.

These are the people who have spent four years falsely accusing Donald Trump of being in Putin’s pocket while they got rich peddling American government favors to Russians, Ukrainians, and Chinese Communist organs.  

For students of history, this is how Roman rulers became fabulously wealthy, by taking bribes from foreign rulers in return for influence peddling.  

How Bill Barr’s Silence Impacted the Outcome of an Election


On May 18, 2020, then-Attorney General Bill Barr made a statement to the media, declaring that special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russiagate hoax wasn’t focused on either former President Barack Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden, stating that “I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man.”...

Barr’s May 18 claim is an often underappreciated statement, the fallout of which was felt throughout the 2020 presidential election. Although Barr now claims that he issued his statement from a position of fairness, what he actually did was insert himself and the Department of Justice (DOJ) into the presidential campaign, and in doing so, he set the stage for the media’s whitewashing of questions of corruption that swirled around Biden throughout the campaign...

More importantly, Barr’s May 18 statement stands in stark contrast to his decision to remain silent after the second presidential debate in October 2020, when Biden falsely blamed the story about his son Hunter’s laptop on a “Russian plot.”...

By first speaking out and then remaining silent, Barr very directly put his thumb on the scale, leading to material ramifications for our country—including the geopolitical landscape we now face.

Question: is Bill Barr the most wily Deep State political operative who helped defeat Trump in the 2020 election?  Many Trump supporters like Barr.  I wonder if they are just as gullible as the Conservatives who are gulled into voting for Republicans like Mitt Romney who said all the right things but who wore Conservatism like a skin suit over the Uniparty carcass.

Just a reminder: you can't be paranoid enough.

Read the whole thing.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Life Lessons With Doctor Bob: Project Veritas Founder James O'Keefe


Doctor Bob welcomes Project Veritas Founder James O'Keefe for a riveting discussion about what O'Keefe's organization has been up to since its inception over 10 years ago. From FBI Raids at his front door, to posing as a pimp to go undercover to expose and defund the government agency ACORN, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

When Big Business Went Woke

The purveyors of the COVID response are merchants of evil

Jack Kerwick in Frontpage writes about The Death of Outrage over COVID

Asking why Republicans have lost the trust of so many of us who called ourselves Republican, he says:  

Frankly, it’s astonishing that, at this date, traditional Republican voters are still willing to vote Republican at all.

It's worth reading the whole thing, and here's the bottom line: 

 The purveyors of the COVID response are merchants of evil, for the incalculable pain, of every conceivable sort, that this response visited upon the Earth was all avoidable. Those who could’ve spoken out but refused to do so are accomplices to these crimes. Republicans and their apologists in the Big Conservative media subscribed to COVID Orthodoxy.

Will they redeem themselves now? After all, the verdict is in. The last two years have been an unmitigated disaster, both in reality and, critically, relative to the tenets of COVID Orthodoxy itself. The “two weeks” that the Experts told us they would need to “flatten the curve” and “save lives” has turned into two years—despite “social distancing,” mask mandates, the interning of society, and a mass vaccination campaign the likes of which the world had never known.

On their own terms, Anthony Fauci and his fellow partisans everywhere have proven themselves to be colossal failures. Whether through incompetence or dishonesty (doubtless a combination of both), they failed.

Unless and until Republicans and Big Conservative media actors spare not a moment to hammer this point home, they deserve the trust of their constituents about as much as the public health officials of places like Israel and America deserve the trust of the public.

There must be a reckoning for this much evil.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Virginian Pilot lies about The Parental Rights in Education bill

Do the Virginian Pilot writers, editors, and cartoonists support grooming?  

Do you think it's appropriate for teachers to teach your toddler about sex instead of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic?  

For perspective: they’re losing their minds over teachers being forbidden from discussing sex with kids in third grade and under.  Think about this for a moment. Just a moment. Try not to reach for the pitchfork.

 It's called The Parental Rights in Education bill,

The bill states: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

Ask yourself what kind of people think that getting your toddlers to question their sexual identity, sexual orientation, or any of the many permutations of sexual perversions is the right thing to do? 

Then call the Virginian Pilot, ask why they use a cartoon to lie about the bill, ask about their sexual orientation and cancel your subscription.  

Saturday, March 19, 2022

New York Times reported that Poland invaded Germany in 1939.

 How the New York Times has published lies to serve a biased narrative.  

The NY Times has twisted the facts to serve a larger narrative, from Hitler to Trump, according to a new book.  

NY Times reported that Poland attacked Germany starting WW2.


The paper’s coverage of Adolf Hitler’s Germany in the decade before World War II is an early example of its narrative manipulation, Rindsberg writes. 

So glowing was its picture of the regime that the Nazis regularly included New York Times reports in their own radio programs. “That’s because the Times bureau chief in Berlin, Guido Enderis, was a Nazi collaborator,” Rindsberg said. 

Under Enderis, bureau reporters won Pulitzer Prizes as they drew on Hitler’s propaganda to cover the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the 1938 Munich Conference, when Britain and France tried to appease the fuhrer by giving him a chunk of Czechoslovakia. Enderis even parroted the Nazis’ claim that Poland invaded Germany to spark the war in Europe in 1939, not the other way around. ...

The Times lied about the Holodomor because the Times owners supported Communism.  The Times owners knew that Durante was covering up for Stalin and approved. 

 “Duranty was instructed by his higher-ups to cover the Ukraine famine in that way,” Rindsberg said. “At the time, The New York Times was actively pushing for American recognition of the Soviet Union,” he explained. The US business establishment, led by the Chamber of Commerce, was on board, and Soviet rhetoric meshed with the Ochs-Sulzberger family’s leftist politics. 

Friday, March 18, 2022

Lia Thomas Wins NCAA Division I Title, Robbing Tokyo Olympian Silver Medalist Emma Weyant of First Place Win


On Thursday night, William "Lia" Thomas, a biological male who competes on the women's swimming team at the University of Pennsylvania was lauded by the mainstream media for winning an NCAA Division I title after finishing first in the women's 500-yard freestyle event on Thursday evening that took place in Atlanta.

Brought to you by the same demographic that touts "Science"


​​From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

 Americans tend to vastly overestimate the size of minority groups. This holds for sexual minorities, including the proportion of 

  • gays and lesbians (estimate: 30%, true: 3%), 
  • bisexuals (estimate: 29%, true: 4%), and 
  • people who are transgender (estimate: 21%, true: 0.6%). 

It also applies to religious minorities, such as 

  • Muslim Americans (estimate: 27%, true: 1%) and 
  • Jewish Americans (estimate: 30%, true: 2%). 
And we find the same sorts of overestimates for racial and ethnic minorities, such as 

  • Native Americans (estimate: 27%, true: 1%), 
  • Asian Americans (estimate: 29%, true: 6%), and 
  • Black Americans (estimate: 41%, true: 12%).

A parallel pattern emerges when we look at estimates of majority groups: People tend to underestimate rather than overestimate their size relative to their actual share of the adult population. For instance, we find that people underestimate the proportion of American adults who are 
  • Christian (estimate: 58%, true: 70%) and the 
  • the proportion who have at least a high school degree (estimate: 65%, true: 89%). 

The most accurate estimates involved groups whose real proportion fell right around 50%, including the percentage of 
  • American adults who are married (estimate: 55%, true: 51%) and 
  • have at least one child (estimate: 58%, true: 57%).

Misperceptions of the size of minority groups have been identified in prior surveys, which observers have often attributed to social causes: fear of out-groups, lack of personal exposure, or portrayals in the media. Yet consistent with prior research, we find that the tendency to misestimate the size of demographic groups is actually one instance of a broader tendency to overestimate small proportions and underestimate large ones, regardless of the topic. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

The FBI plots the Whitmer kidnapping

Looking for the Off-Ramp


All the Warmongers want to fight to the last Ukrainian.  

The ladies at the Virginian Pilot are cheerleading Armageddon.  

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn prefers to stop before the nukes or bioweapons are launched.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advised Ukraine to destroy any dangerous pathogens being kept in research laboratories to prevent "any potential spills" that could harm the public, an official told Reuters news agency on Thursday.

Like other countries, Ukraine has public health laboratories that study dangerous diseases in humans and animals, including Covid-19. Some of these labs have received support from the US, EU and WHO in the past.

Nothing to see here, move along.  (Start Mark Steyn's comments and interview at 6:45)  

(For predictions of a billion dead see the interview starting at 32:50)

Thursday, March 10, 2022

The "Worst ruling Class In History" is asking us to sacrifice for Ukraine. No thanks. Go by yourself.

The Worst Ruling Class in History used your tax dollars to pay for the development of viruses that infected the whole world, killing millions.  They lied about it, and to cover up their crimes they gave you lock-downs, vaccines that kill, masked toddlers, closed schools, ruined businesses, wealthy American oligarchs, stolen elections, empty store shelves, high utility bills, millions of illegal surging through our borders, a lying press, political prisoners, men claiming to be women and women claiming to be men, burning cities, mobs in the streets,, criminals released from jail, two-tier justice, widespread censorship, secret bioweapons labs, virulent racism taught in schools, record inflation, $9 gas, and a President that's mentally impaired. 

Now they want to start a nuclear war.

Kurt Schlichter has a better idea.

No, we’ve sacrificed enough to the foreign policy screw-ups of Ivy League incompetents. Who got us into the Vietnam War? Who got us into Iraq? Not a lot of guys with high school diplomas, but those guys got asked to fight those wars. The same is true here. I see a lot of Twitter tough guys with the yellow and blue flag in their bios and not a lot of them seem to be accepting Ukraine’s appeal for fighters and enlisting in the Bill Kristol Brigade.

Hey, don’t worry – these same neo-commandos will cheer you and your kids on when we go make Ukraine safe for Ukrainians. Your sacrifices will be appreciated, plebs, right up until it’s convenient to start calling you racist, Jesus knuckle-draggers again. 

Now, the regime media’s polls tell you a whole bunch of Americans would support a “no-fly” zone over Ukraine. ...

These people are fools who talk big but think little. ... Instead of polling “Would you support making the Russians stop acting like Russians always do in wars?” maybe we ask “Would you risk Putin – who we are told is crazy and evil – retaliating by detonating a nuclear weapon over your hometown and potentially melting your kids into radioactive goo in order to resolve a border dispute on the dismal side of the globe?”

I anticipate a significantly smaller “Yes” percentage when you ask the right question. ...

We need to reject the idea that we must sacrifice according to the dictates of our elite’s fetishes. We owe the Ukrainians nothing. We have no treaty with them – please do not quote vague promises of protection by Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit’s husband that were never ratified as a treaty by our Senate – and let’s be frank about the reality of the situation. Ukraine is on Russia’s border. Our lousy ruling class’s meddling in Ukrainian politics was going to be seen by the Bear as a threat. Saying so is not somehow backing Russia; it’s reality, something in short supply. Try knowing your enemy – it helps beat him....

You can still want the Ukrainians to repel the invaders without also buying the notion that we should sacrifice blood, treasure, and our rights to do it. This unjust war is the Ukrainians’ to fight. I hope they win. Most of us do. But the idea that we Americans must “sacrifice” our lives, money, and freedoms is itself as great a danger to our country as this border war on the other side of our planet. 

We are Americans. Our first priority is America. And our terrible ruling caste should step up and sacrifice its own graft and power in order to defend it.

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Joe Biden promised to kill the energy industry. He's delivered.

Serious talk about slavery

Jen Psaki Is A Lying Liar Who Lies: Insane Gas Prices Edition


President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to evade White House responsibility for soaring gas prices Monday, casting blame solely on overseas turmoil in Ukraine.

Gas prices hit a national average of $4.06 a gallon, according to AAA, this week reaching a new high not seen since 2008 when prices reached their all-time peak at $4.11.

“The increase,” Psaki said, “is a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine,” adding “there was an anticipation” of rising prices. ...

Despite Psaki’s blame on Russian aggression for the spike in energy costs, gas prices began to soar upon Biden’s first days in office after the president’s inaugural orders shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and unilaterally suspended new oil and gas leases on public land.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), American gas prices eclipsed an average of $3 per gallon by May as President Biden unleashed a cascade of taxes and regulation on the industry while moving to lock down lucrative reserves. In other words, gas prices have been rising since Biden took office, not since Russia launched its invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

Our elites are either corrupt and evil or corrupt and totally incompetent....or both.


U.S. in talks with Poland on deal to send fighter jets to Ukraine

Here's how it works: The Poles and other former Russian satellites have air forces full of old Soviet MiGs. So Warsaw would give its MiGs to Kiev, because Ukrainian pilots already know how to fly them.


The US media have enthusiastically reported the above developments as the latest example of the new Nato "unity", so Blinken has now moved on to do the same deal with the Baltics. Alas, the only people who don't seem to be on board are Warsaw, as befits the government of a country whose national anthem begins "Poland is not yet lost..." From the Prime Minister on Sunday:


Poland won't send its fighter jets to #Ukraine as well as allow to use its airports.

We significantly help in many other areas.

I have no idea why whoever controls "the Biden Administration" is so anxious to bring on World War III. But, even if you thought World War III was a good idea, are you really sure you want these guys running it? As Rochelle Wolensky's mea sorta culpa suggests and the released Pfizer documents confirm, for the last two years we have been governed by elites that are either corrupt and evil or corrupt and totally incompetent. Whichever you opt for, they're entirely relaxed about ruining millions of lives - and then ruining them all over again if it suits their mad ambition.

Tomorrow, or maybe even later today, the number of refugees from Ukraine will reach two million. That's the biggest number of displaced persons in Europe since the end of World War II. Poland alone has taken in over a million: That may be enough to destabilise the place even without the US Government leaking to their media poodles that Polish MiGs will now be going full Red Baron on the Russian Air Force.

Monday, March 07, 2022


 In George Orwell’s 1984, the Ministry of Truth is decorated with party slogans that include, “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.” The organization was based on the actual British Ministry of Information which Orwell had a great deal of experience with while working for the wartime BBC even while his wife worked for the Ministry’s censorship division.

Orwell would not have been in the least surprised by state media trotting out an academic who regularly appears on state media (including that of totalitarian nations such as Qatar) to explain that freedom is really a very naughty thing even as the state crushes a “Freedom Convoy” using emergency powers that were meant to deal with wartime emergencies, not peaceful protests.


 Long before the Freedom Convoy, media in this country had begun vocally insisting that Gov. Ron DeSantis was an “authoritarian” for refusing to impose onerous regulations on Floridians.

“Ron DeSantis is creating a paradise of authoritarianism,” a Washington Post column argued.

An authoritarian paradise, like a place where tyranny is the right not to be told what to do, is a contradiction in terms, but in a backward world where freedom is a threat, elected officials who don’t force people to do things are authoritarians, while politicians who take away rights are liberators. The greatest tyranny is making your own choices and the ultimate freedom comes from government regulation. Only by giving up freedom to the government can we be free.


The WEF Dark Lord and His Underling

The Biden

 What’s going on in Joe Biden’s mind? asks Neo : And then Neo notes, and I strongly now concur, that:

“he does have
some cognitive ability left
and some feistiness as well
and that although he has lost a lot of whatever sharpness of mind he ever had
[Check and double check]
he still has enough to follow things, give opinions, and give orders that at times are obeyed.”

All true but I think that this Golem [if you actually had to –shudder– encounter it in, say, the Oval Office] would radiate the macabre — to look at it in the flesh would be to see a thing from the Uncanny Valley.

Joe Biden, whatever there once was of him, is gone; has been dissolved in a vat of seething corruption bean soup while bobbing for poached pork chunks years back. Whatever whiffs of soul that remained in Joe’s skull bowl were evaporated by the campaign. What shows up in our here and now is not the Joe but “The Biden.”

The Biden is real but remotely operated; The Biden is A Something. . . a something that is manipulating a real body. As such a golemesque presence The Biden possesses limited but adequate physical functionality for the life form it is replicating. Better still The Biden can emulate free will, can reliably perform many political rituals, and dependably recite all sacred canons, traditional or spontaneous, as needed. The Biden can even present as a dithering old geezer every so often to complete the illusion for the groundlings among us.

If The Biden had an operating system it would be named: OuroborOs.

The Biden is both life and not-life 9 (both matter and doesn’tmatter) sloshing inside one onion-skinned vessel and that is why The Biden is so, in the final analysis, strange and unnerving. The Biden backfills the uncanny valley. The Biden triggers your inner cringe.

That The Biden functions at all I find astonishing. Once I accept that The Biden does function I find The Biden very, very creepy-crawly. Very slithering indeed.

WE (The US) Started This War

 Here's one man's opinion.  Read the whole thing ...




  • We, the United States, repeatedly promised Russia when the Iron Curtain came down and the Warsaw Pact dissolved that we would not expand NATO eastward toward the Russian border.  Go look at the nations our Senate admitted by formal treaty in 2004.  We did this.  We deliberately and intentionally lied and by doing so proved to Russia that we were not to be trusted and our word was worthless on the international stage.

  • We, the United States, formally and openly supported the shooting revolution at Maidan Square during the 2014 timeframe which included the killing of civilians and installation of Zelenskyy.  There was a serious sniping incident during that time.  Not one person who was involved in same was arrested and prosecuted.  This ought to inform you as to which side committed said offense since the other side, the sitting government at the time, was deposed.  If you're so ****ing stupid as to believe that the sitting government of the time committed that atrocity and Zelenskyy's government then "forgave and forgot" about the snipers rather than arresting, prosecuting and executing them you are so ****ing stupid you deserve to be nuked, especially considering that Ukraine just summarily executed one of their peace negotiators who they deemed "disloyal."  The current Ukrainian government certainly has no problem with capital punishment, even when employed summarily without triaRea d
  • We're risking a nuclear war to protect a corrupt piece of **** named Zelenskyy and an entire ******ned family of corrupt *******s who was proved long ago have sucked off that source of corruption, the head of which is currently the President of the United States and who directly and personally profited from it.

Sunday, March 06, 2022


PETER HITCHENS: One glorious day in Sevastopol 12 years ago, I saw what was coming. That's why I won't join this carnival of hypocrisy

Excerpt; read the whole thing:

I cannot join in it. I know too much. I know that our policy of Nato expansion – which we had promised not to do and which we knew infuriated Russians – played its part in bringing about this crisis.

I know that Ukraine's current government, now treated as if it was almost holy, was brought into being by a mob putsch openly backed by the USA in 2014.

I know that the much-admired President Zelensky in February 2021 closed down three opposition TV stations on the grounds of 'national security'. They went dark that night. I know that the opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk was put under house arrest last year on a charge of treason. Isn't this the sort of thing Putin does?

I know that Ukraine's army has used severe force against Russian civilians in the Don Basin since 2014. The Russians have done dreadful things there, too, but there are plenty of people who will tell you that. The point is that this is not a contest of saints versus sinners, or of Mordor versus the Shire.

I also find it awkward that, when Britain and the USA rightly denounced Putin's illegal invasion of a sovereign country, they seemed to have forgotten that we gave him the idea, by doing this in Iraq in 2003. Unlike them I can truly claim to have opposed both these actions.

I tire of being told that Nato is purely defensive alliance when we know it bombed Serbia in 1999, incidentally killing civilians, when Serbia had not attacked a Nato member. 

I also don't recall Libya attacking a Nato member before that 'defensive' alliance launched the air war on Tripoli which also killed civilians, children included, and turned that country into a cauldron of chaos, benefiting nobody.

And then there's the other thing that sticks in my gullet. The countries of the West have egged Ukraine on into a confrontation with Russia which has predictably ended in Putin's barbaric invasion. 

How much of the death, destruction, and suffering is the fault of the American political crooks who got rich using this poor country as their personal piggy bank? 

Team Biden is lying about the reason for high gas prices


Saturday, March 05, 2022

Army Strong

Jordan Peterson on Evil

1) The next part is here: 2) The last part (is here):

Don't be neoconned again

 Looks like the people who now bankroll National Review want a bigger war.

The lesson of Afghanistan has not sunk into the soft-boiled brains of the neocons yet. No one trusts Democrats on foreign policy any more, as there is always a 50/50 chance of a Democrat president.

But National Review is pimping war again.

The neocon rag proclaimed a few hours ago, "Putin’s War Has Isolated America’s Neo-Isolationists."

The neocons are gloating losers. No one in Congress is calling for our military to intervene. There are things we can do, but bombing another country into the stone age is not discussed. 

The people who bomb for a living don't want to, as NATO is showing some sense in the early stages of this Russo-Ukrainian War.


NATO was formed to stop the Soviet Union from taking over Europe.

The Scandinavians stood on the sideline.

Now they want in?

No thanks. We already have too many countries to defend because NATO doubled its size since the USSR dissolved on December 25, 1991, collapsing under the weight of its own economic and social failure.

The United States should firmly tell Finland and Sweden to take a hike. In the face of evil, they stood on the sidelines while the Czechs, the Hungarians, the Poles and others trapped in the clutches of the USSR fought bravely from within.

We should have dissolved NATO by now. Presidents Bush and Clinton failed us. Bush kept it. Clinton expanded it. I want to discard it.

Friday, March 04, 2022

The dangerous narcissism of American liberals


with cascading beachy locks and furrowed brow, noted peace bringer and foreign-policy ace AnnaLynne McCord (formerly of teen drama 90210) made a heroic intervention into the biggest Eurasian crisis since the 1990s. In a two-minute-long poem she apparently wrote, recorded and posted to Twitter on Thursday, she tells ‘Mr President Putin’ and the rest of the world, that if only he had been hugged more as a child maybe he would not have felt the need to invade another country. As Russian tanks rumbled across the Ukrainian plains and people fled for their lives, McCord bravely reached out to the Russian president from her sofa and put herself directly in the firing line of global derision and scorn.

She deserves every minute of it.

We are doomed!

Thursday, March 03, 2022

The "New" Neocons


Kevin Downey, Jr. has a fed thoughts (read the whole thing)

I believe that in order for our country to heal there needs to be a reckoning. Hillary and her crew of blood-suckers need to be perp-walked on every news station. Hunter needs to bite the biscuit and tell the world what a trash bin his “10% for the big guy” daddy really is. Call me “wicked” and “unChristian,” but I believe an eye-for-an-eye is just an appetizer. Burn the Democrat party to the ground.

We are starting to see real guts from some Republican politicians, people like Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), and Lauren Boebert, (R-Colo.), just to name a few. We need the entire party to jump on board. Being nice has gotten us to where we are today, which is borderline communism. Hunt RINOs. Vote for REAL Republicans.

It took a war to free the Democrats’ slaves. Let’s hope we can spank the libs again, just without all the bloodshed. The writing is on the wall once more: Democrats are a wart on the booty of society. Old-school conservatives and new Republicans need to excise them once and for all.

Some of us may be “neocons,” new to the conservative side, but we bring our beliefs, dedication, anger, and ammo to the Republican party. Let us in the loop, and may peaceful justice against tyrants begin. You can trust us.

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Putin the Apostate


Matt Taibbi on Putin.  It helps to have some background.  Read how the Ruling Class in America and the West fawned of Putin.

The president of the Council of Foreign Relations, Richard Haass, made an extraordinary statement over the weekend. “Just days ago much of the world was focused on the unwanted prospect of regime change in Ukraine,” he tweeted. “Now the conversation has shifted to include the possibility of desired regime change in Russia.” ...

I would like to point out that we already tried regime change in Russia. I remember, because I was there. And, thanks to a lot of lurid history that’s being scrubbed now with furious intensity, it ended with Vladimir Putin in power. Not as an accident, or as the face of a populist revolt against Western influence — that came later — but precisely because we made a long series of intentional decisions to help put him there.

Once, Putin’s KGB past, far from being seen as a negative, was viewed with relief by the American diplomatic community, which had been exhausted by

Putin’s spiritual destiny

 Though the West thinks of Christianity as something enfeebled and declining, in the East it is thriving. Back in 2019, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, boasted that they were building three churches a day. Last year, they opened a Cathedral to the Armed Forces an hour outside Moscow. Religious imagery merges with military glorification. War medals are set in stained glass, reminding visitors of Russian martyrdom. In a large mosaic, more recent victories — including 2014’s “the return of Crimea” — are celebrated. “Blessed are the peacemakers” this is not....

At the heart of this post-Soviet revival of Christianity is another Vladimir. Vladimir Putin. Many people don’t appreciate the extent to which the invasion of Ukraine is a spiritual quest for him. The Baptism of Rus is the founding event of the formation of the Russian religious psyche, the Russian Orthodox church traces its origins back here. That’s why Putin is not so much interested in a few Russian-leaning districts to the east of Ukraine. His goal, terrifyingly, is Kyev itself.

He was born in Leningrad — a city that has reclaimed its original saint’s name — to a devout Christian mother and atheist father. His mother baptised him in secret, and he still wears his baptismal cross. Since he became President, Putin has cast himself as the true defender of Christians throughout the world, the leader of the Third Rome. His relentless bombing of ISIS, for example, was cast as the defence of the historic homeland of Christianity. And he will typically use faith as a way to knock the West, like he did in this speech in 2013:

“We see many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilisation. They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities: national, cultural, religious and even sexual. They are implementing policies that equate large families with same-sex partnerships, belief in God with the belief in Satan.”

Putin regards his spiritual destiny as the rebuilding of Christendom, based in Moscow.

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Putin’s Attack on Ukraine Is a Religious War

Interesting essay:
(long but worth a read)

Russia’s aggression against its neighbor isn’t just power politics and geostrategy, it’s about core issues of faith and identity

It’s finally happened. Early today, after weeks of will-he-or-won’t-he speculation, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on his neighbor and launched a major, multi-pronged invasion into Southern, Eastern, and Northern Ukraine. This is just the first military phase of many to come, only a small amount of the vast forces that Moscow has marshalled on Ukraine’s frontiers have entered action yet. Any judgements about the progress of the war would be premature (though this newsletter will be providing regular assessments on this conflict, Europe’s most important war since 1945).

What needs to be established is why Putin has done this. Unleashing full-scale war here represents an enormous political gamble – failure in Ukraine could unravel his two-decade rule over Russia – from a leader who’s generally been tactically adventurous yet strategically cautious. Most Western “experts” got this wrong and many seem stunned that the Kremlin has really started a major war. As Top Secret Umbra previously noted, this represents a collective failure of the Western elite, which so misread Putin, despite his being plain about his contempt for the United States and NATO for 15 years, as well as his dismissive attitude towards Ukraine as more a “region” than a bona fide country: