WHITE FRIEND: Forgive me, Designated Friend of Color, for I have sinned. It has been two Macklemore singles since my last white confession.
WHITE FRIEND: I maybe did a racist thing.
FRIEND OF COLOR: Did you say the n-word during karaoke again?
WHITE FRIEND: No! I was definitely tempted to do “Formation” by BeyoncĂ© but did “Single Ladies” instead.
FRIEND OF COLOR: That’s growth, I guess. What did you want to talk about then?
WHITE FRIEND: So, the other day I couldn’t tell the difference between two Asian women. But that’s not necessarily racist, right?
FRIEND OF COLOR: Who were the women?
WHITE FRIEND: Does it really matter?
FRIEND OF COLOR: Who were they?
WHITE FRIEND: I realized my mistake right after!
FRIEND OF COLOR: Who did you think you saw?