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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Russia and the Democrats

You remember the Democrats, don’t you? They were the party who for decades would gaslight anyone concerned about Soviet communism as being some paranoid dupe of propaganda, sneering at them coastal-elite-style as some low-info true believer in the “Red Scare.” Mind you, this was when Russians actually were infiltrating US government and media. It’s also when they were slaughtering millions of their own citizens and injecting psychiatric medication into anyone whose brain even dared to burp up the mildest “reactionary” thought....

These gullible empty vessels who blame Russia—rather than, oh, Clinton—for Clinton’s loss are the same deluded blockheads that for generations have worshiped government power and media authority to the point where they scoffed at the mere mention of “conspiracy theories.” Yet suddenly—with, as far as I know, not even one tiny teenage female hamster pubic hair’s worth of evidence—they are convinced beyond all doubt that the Russians, rather than disgruntled American voters, decided this election?

Ninety-nine percent of the American media tried desperately to influence the election, and they lost—hence the delusional and fact-free Russian deflection.

Read the whole thing.

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