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Monday, March 27, 2017

A Bried History Lesson on African Slavery

No, I recall quite clearly that the Arabs enslaved vast numbers of your sacred dindus, having most of them castrated along the way. That the dindus themselves retained some 80% of the slaves for their own use — Africa was a vast mass of murderous tribal despotisms riddled with slavery. That the Japanese enslaved Koreans, that the Alaska Skraelingr were mad at Abraham Lincoln for making them release the other Skraelingr they were keeping in bondage, that… well, you get the picture.
388,000 slaves were shipped to the United States. Those exploded into some 38 million today. Even allowing for some recent immigration, a 100-fold increase in population cannot be described as anything except a runaway biological success. Ah, such oppression, such a horror of racism.
At the same time, I suggest you go poke around the Middle East for dindus there. Huh, don’t see any. Wonder if cutting off their “courting tackle” as George McDonald Fraser called it has anything to do with that?
So, what we have in England is a case of a vile invader from a culture that was unabashedly slave-holding and in some countries STILL has slaves, killing people in a country that hasn’t had legal slavery for centuries — some of whom are descendants of a bunch (the British) who did their level best to quash the transatlantic slave trade in toto.
So yes, I do remember. The slave-trading, woman-torturing, murdering, primitive, barbaric enemy of the West — from a culture that took far more slaves — murdered a bunch of people from countries that abhor slavery and that, even during their participation in it, produced a bunch of rank amateurs compared to the skills of the Arabs and the Africans themselves in chaining up legions.
But it’s difficult to detach your lips from those brown posteriors long enough to glimpse the hazy outlines of truth, isn’t it?

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