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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

New York Times Claims to Support Free Speech on Campus, Then Proceeds to Blame Violence on Campuses on Right Wing "Narrative" of Phony Oppression

When a newspaper can no longer simply denounce a violent black bloc mob's assault on men and one woman without trying to excuse it away as somehow the fault of the victims of the attack, then I would say we're pretty close to the edge.

The left is now in war mode, where violence in the service of tribe is sometimes (by which I mean "almost always") excusable.

I've been told for years about the growing threat of right-wing extremism and how right-wing leaders have to police and denounce their own to keep from encouraging extremists to commit violence, and this is the New York Times' response to left wing violence?

To encourage it and excuse it away, precisely as they've (erroneously) accused right wing "leaders" of doing for years?

I heard the media shriek and whine that Trump supporters would jeer and mock Katy Tur. That was a threat to Democracy Itself, they lectured.

Now their Shock Troops are beating people in the street, and their response is to claim right-wingers are making up sob stories and thereby... provoking their own beat-downs?

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