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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cost of being indoctrinated at Wellesley: $63,390 per year.

H/T to Glenn Reynolds.

Wellesley profs offer to act as censors to keep students from any thoughts that are not Politically Correct.

The committee recommends that those inviting any future speakers “consider whether, in their zeal for promoting debate, they might, in fact, stifle productive debate by enabling the bullying of disempowered groups,” adding that the committee would be “happy to serve as a sounding board when hosts are considering inviting controversial speakers, to help sponsors think through the various implications of extending an invitation.”

Here are the people who have turned Wellesley into a $63,390 baby sitting service.

Diego Arcineagas
Diego Arciniegas square
Beth DeSombre

Brenna Greer
Brenna Greer
Soo Hong
Soo Hong, urban organizing, education, Wellesley
Michael Jeffries
Michael Jeffries square portrait
Layli Maparyan
Layli Maparyan

Fascist come in all sizes, shapes, colors and genders.

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