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Monday, March 06, 2017

North Carolina State Senator Who Blamed Trump for JCC Threats Goes Silent

Rolling Stone published a February 28 story which featured North Carolina state senator Jeff Jackson (D) who vociferously blamed President Trump for the Jewish community center bomb threats around the nation. Bad timing for him because just three days later, on Friday, a suspect was arrested for the JCC threats. Very inconveniently for Jackson and many liberals the suspect, Juan Thompson, turned out to be an anti-Trump leftist. So what was the reaction of Jackson and the Rolling Stone? Contrition? An apology? Naw. Complete silence.

Like much of the rest of the mainstream media as pointed out by Newsbusters' Brad Wilmouth, Rolling Stone has avoided the topic of Thompson's politics by simply not even mentioning him despite the fact that they featured a story on the JCC threats just days earlier. Fortunately that publication did preserve Jackson's sick allegations against Trump in their earlier story

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