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Friday, March 03, 2017

Stupid Outrage

Ostentatious Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema nearly shat his progressive panties at the thought!

Also: Trump ordered a strip steak, which he ate per his preference, well-done and with ketchup, as if the entree would be accompanied by a sippy cup. (Insert a moment of silence for the cow, the condiment and what most chefs would call a forced marriage. Really, I feel the same way about masking the flavor of a $54 dry-aged steak as I do about guys who wear baseball caps indoors: Just don’t. And pity the new kitchen lead, chef de cuisine Brian Drosenos, who had to deal with the ultimate VIP in his first week on the job.)

Kevin Pang – the food editor of the A.V. Club was downright morally offended on the cow’s behalf, clutching his pearls in emasculated angst!

What asshole goes out to dinner at one of the nation capital’s most-acclaimed steakhouses, orders a 30-day dry aged New York strip, then asks the chef to cook it well done? And if that’s not enough, eats it with ketchup like a 5-year-old?

What kind of an asshole spends precious time publicly criticizing another person’s food choices?
Great question.

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