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Friday, August 12, 2022

Criminalizing Opposition in a Pseudo-Republic


Here's Mark Steyn's prediction three days after the last election:

It's my view that after the Biden regime takes power, as in many coup situations, they will want to have the previous leader arrested. I'm being perfectly serious here. It is the intention of the Democrat Party to put Trump in jail. So, when he launches the 'Trump News Network', it's gonna need to be based out of Costa Rica or the Turks and Caicos or somewhere.

Does that sound a little extreme? Well, here was The Washington Post's recovering "conservative" columnist Jennifer Rubin round about the same time:

It's not only that @realDonaldTrump has to lose, his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them. Because if there are survivors....they will do it again.


 In our first Clubland Q&A after the "insurrection" I put it this way:

In the early hours of November 4th, the Dems made it plain that Trump was no longer going to be president.

What they've done this last week is's not enough for him not to be president, they don't want him to be a former president either. They don't want the Grover Cleveland scenario, where he comes back in four years. So it's important to them, as I said this morning, that he be the most ex ex-president ever, more ex- than Nixon. Nixon they still invited when they had these photo ops in the Oval Office, where all the presidents get together and stand around the desk with the incumbent. They're not gonna be inviting Trump to that. They want Trump to be an ex-president, they want to put him in jail... The Paul Ryan view of conservatism is never let a victory amount to anything, whereas the Democrats' view is never let a crisis go to waste. So they weaponized, they seized their moment with what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday, and they are determined to make Trump the most ex ex-president in American history...

He's going on the nineteenth, he's leaving a day early, the entire family are flying to Mar-a-Lago. And we're told this is because he wants to be able to fly out on Air Force One, whereas the departing president on the twentieth usually leaves on what's designated as Air Force Two... If I were him I would fly on my own plane, because I don't entirely trust, I'm not sure I'd entirely trust anyone, anything operated by the federal government, if you know what I mean.

They actually would like to get him in jail... The district attorney in New York would like to put Trump in jail... It's nothing to do with Trump, it's way beyond Trump, it's to teach you guys the lesson, the same lesson that the European Union has tried to teach some of its member states, that you can't do this...

In the modern era you get a choice between a left-of-center party and an ever so slightly, barely discernible, right-of-left-of center party. So you guys, you losers, you didn't play by those rules, you supported Trump and you let him hijack the ineffectual, ever so slightly right-of-left-of-center party that had basically outstayed its welcome for whatever it is, two generations now. And that's not gonna happen again... You stay within the house-trained choices because the Trump moment is never gonna happen again.

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