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Friday, August 19, 2022

“Debunked” this and “false” that – and “deniers”

 No doubt all you news junkies have noticed that the MSM has taken to putting modifiers such as “debunked” and “false” in front of any statement they don’t like. It’s so commonplace it’s become a sort of bitter joke on the right, like “Republicans pounce!” when the Democrats mess up and the right criticizes them.


It certainly is a form of editorializing, but it differs in that it masquerades as a hard cold fact. “Debunked” doesn’t mean “I don’t believe it” – and in fact it’s an open question as to whether those making the “election fraud in 2020 has been totally debunked” claim believe what they are saying or just don’t care or actively would support election fraud by Democrats if it had occurred because it was all in the worthy cause of getting rid of Trump. The “debunked” claim about election fraud claims to be relying on absolute empirical knowledge when of course the way the election was designed there is no way to know for sure, and the court cases that dealt with it simply decreed that lack of standing and then later laches barred any real inquiry into the question, or that it simply was unanswerable.

So it’s not editorializing in a supposedly factual piece, it’s more than that and worse than that. And it works, whatever you call it.....

At another site (can’t remember where) I saw not only the phrase “election deniers” for the right but also “pro-democracy” for the left. The free, fair, perfect 2020 election has become a Truth that cannot be challenged without heretical apostasy, and in contrast its defenders are holding up the pillars of democracy itself. But of course, if fraud was indeed committed by the Democrats in 2020, then this nomenclature becomes especially Orwellian.

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