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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Joe Biden's Call for Violence

 If someone starts talking about political violence, and you try to talk him down, he'll say "This country was founded upon revolutionary violence" and something like "The right of the people to rebel against a tyrant is written out in black and white in the Declaration of Independence."

And if you still want to talk him down, you'll inevitably say something like, "Well yes, the right of revolution exists, but we should reserve it for truly desperate situations when there is no longer any hope of rescue via political processes, such as when fascists are trying to take over the country."

So that's you, the guy trying to talk the more hot-headed guy down, conceding that in the case of fascist takeover, violence is in fact justifiable.

And I think this sort of line of demarcation between when violence is and is not acceptable is common. In fact, it's so common that it's trite.

And the left has a similar trite guideline.

But what happens when the head of a political party and the President starts talking up the political opposition as "fascists"? I'm sorry -- as "semi-fascists"?

That is the President himself giving his supporters the Go Code for political violence.

There is one nigh-universally recognized special circumstance justifying political violence, and that is the threat of "fascist" takeover.

And Joe Biden, who controls a party filled with arsonists, rioters, anarchist skull-breakers and murderers, just told them all that it's Time for the Boogaloo.

And the media, which is supposedly aghast at any suggestion of political violence, did not condemn this.

In fact, they said: Finally. He's showing "anger."

Biden will give a speech from Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence -- the document that made the moral case for political violence when faced with tyranny -- was signed, in which he brand his political opponents would-be tyrants and "threats to democracy."

In other words: It's time to declare WAR on our domestic political opponents.

Of course, antifa -- the Democrats' illegal-but-tolerated Street Paramilitaries and enforcers of their orthodoxy -- has already responded to that call, attacking the Seminole Republican Party offices, and leaving no doubt that they are answering Il Doucé's call for attacks on the "semi-fascists."

And he'll be giving a speech tomorrow night to incite his supporters to "fight" for the "soul of the nation," from Independence Hall in Philadelphia -- where the Declaration of Independence was signed!

Remember that bit about the Declaration of Independence laying down a moral case for political violence?

Biden intends to invoke that case. Through some very poorly disguised dog-whistling.

Flashback: Biden promised he'd "unite" the country, unlike Trump.

He meant "unite" in the Barackian sense -- you're invited to abandon all of your principles and aspirations and adopt those of the transnational, transgressive left -- or else you're an Enemy of the State.

Note that this practice -- of issuing a statement that no one sees, while refusing to give a prominent, well-covered statement on video, which is the only mediu that matters in the Age of Video -- is one beloved by Biden.

When a reporter asked why Biden was refusing to comment on the slaughter of 13 American soldiers at that gate in Afghanistan -- victims of his catastrophic bug-out -- Karine Jean-Pierre said, "oh, he issued a statement... on twitter."

He didn't appear on video. Because he didn't want to remind anyone. He just put out this empty statement as stealthily as he could, like a one-cheek sneak fart in a church.

Surprise! His media allies took the hint and did not report on the Kabul bombing.

When you don't actually want a message to get out in the Age of Video, the Age of Illiteracy, you "issue a statement" which requires reading, thus guaranteeing that its reach is self-limited.

And they do the same with Biden's -- and their own -- violent street paramilitaries, refusing to condemn them on video.

Oh, they'll attack "Extreme MAGA" on video.

But never, ever the people firebombing pro-life pregnancy crisis centers.

Never the people threatening Supreme Court Justices.

Those, they encourage.

No one will condemn Biden for inciting his shock troops to action, nor for refusing to tell them to not commit acts of violence.

Because they're all on the same page.

They want this.

Amazing video, linked by JackStraw. It has always been a communist strategy to label all opponents "fascists" -- before moving violently against them.

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