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Thursday, September 01, 2022

Why calls for "wealth equality" via "participatory democracy" never work.

 Anyone who has ever been part of a group quickly finds out who the leader and decision-makers are.  They are the ones who make the proposals, who have an “iron bottom” and are willing to sit and talk until all hours.  And that’s how they get their way.  

That’s why a statement like:  “… increasing wealth equality will result in a society that is more decentralized, more multicultural, more participatory, more ecological, and will have “an electoral and media system that cannot be controlled by money.”  is nonsense on stilts.  

Decisions will have to be made about how a society functions and those decisions will be made by groups. Those groups will have leaders, and those leaders will run the show.  And suddenly we are in Animal Farm where the “leaders” - because they spend so much time “working for us” – need the good things in life.  The nicest places to live, the best food, medical care, transportation, exclusive resorts to rest because they work so hard, etc.   Just as Stalin and the Russian communists became indistinguishable from the Czars and the nobility of the system they overthrew.  

It’s amazingly similar to Academia and the US Government which rewards its thought leaders and  “public servants” so richly.  

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