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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Let the Left Own the Weirdos


... yet the Democrats are not distancing themselves from Team Toddler Curious. They can’t. They are trapped by their own ideology of transgression.

Everywhere the left is stuck saying “Yes” to what any sane person says “No” to. Take the exploding milk porn teacher, though he/she/zit is actually in Canada – as Canada goes, so next do New York and Cali. This scumbag with the thorax grocery bags is walking around in a classroom and the liberal administration cannot bring itself to say, “No, you can’t dress as a bizarre fetish porn character in our classrooms. You’re fired.”

Any sane person would do that, but by refusing to push back on any demand by any weirdo with an agenda and a gripe, the Democrats are trapped. They cannot say “No."

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