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Saturday, September 03, 2022

AP vs. Epoch Times - Compare and Contrast

 The raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home by the FBI is reported by two news organizations. What I found fascinating is that the AP report is not nearly as informative as the Epoch Times report.  I have published both articles [AP] and [Epoch Times]to allow you to compare. 

The AP article by Eric Tucker implies without evidence that Trump secretly stole dozens of government secrets because empty covers were seized with nothing in them.  According to the AP, there is no hint that the FBI took anything except government secrets that Trump had no right to have.  

If you read the Epoch Times article by Zachary Stieber you will find that 

FBI agents seized over 11,000 documents and photographs without classified markings from the home of former President Donald Trump, according to an inventory released on Sept. 2.

The Epoch Times  presents a much more informative view of what the FBI actually hauled away from Trump's home, including items of clothing and gifts:

The more detailed receipt also shows that the government seized 1,673 magazines/newspapers/press articles and other printed media, some dating back to 2008; 48 empty folders with classified banners; 42 empty folders labeled “return to staff secretary/military aide”; 19 articles of clothing/gift items; and 33 books

It's just another example that the Virginian Pilot, which printed the AP article verbatim, misinforms its readers.  It's also the reason that the readers that still get the Virginian Pilot and depend on it for their news are terribly misinformed; explaining why the letters section of this awful paper.   

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