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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Are You A Fascist? 12 Signs To Look For


  1. You want people to make their own decisions about their kids' education and what things they inject in their bodies and crazy stuff like that: This is hard-line Nazism – individual responsibility instead of state control. Terrifying.
  2. You wear a tiny mustache and goose-step everywhere: honestly, you should probably get yourself checked for fascism if you have any kind of mustache…
  3. You give a speech flanked by marines in front of an ominous red background, accusing your political opponents of being enemies of the state: Wait a minute, is this list taking a turn?
  4. You use federal law enforcement to intimidate and attack political opponents: Only a dictator like Trump would do this!
  5. You use the media as a puppet to spread great propaganda: For example: "The Afghanistan withdrawal was the greatest military accomplishment since the Berlin airlift."
  6. You dehumanize the other party to the point that your followers are literally trying to mow them down in the street: Trump again! Obviously.

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