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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

I apologize for my white baby


I’m here to apologize to my brothers and sisters of color — my white daughter’s pale skin has brought me nothing but shame. I have failed as an ally.

For if whiteness is the root cause of systemic racism, then what does that make me for having a white child? How can I extol the virtues of anti-racism and dismantle white supremacy while simultaneously birthing another white person? These two seem incompatible. If I were truly honoring my commitment to decolonizing white spaces, I would have had my tubes tied or had myself euthanized and done the BIPOC community and the planet a favor. I’m such a coward.

My therapists will have their work cut out for them this week. “Love is love,” unless you fall in love with a cishet white male. Then love isn’t love — it’s white privilege.....

Could she follow the glowing examples of Rachel Dolezal and Jessica Krug and identify as Black? We’ll cross that bridge when her hair grows long enough to try box braids. I can already sense that she already feels uncomfortable in her body, what with all that squirming around. Fingers crossed she’ll be trans. I mean, they’ll be trans. We’re working on their speech so they can tell us in a couple of years. If not — well, good thing I’m in California and I still have time to decide if I want an abortion.

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