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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meet the Real Abortion Extremists

That is not some hypothetical, of course -- that just happened. An attacker stabbed a pregnant woman in her home, and left her for dead -- but not before cutting her baby out of her.

The baby died, the woman did not -- but this grisly murderer can't be charged with murder, because prosecutors claim the law doesn't permit murder charges involving a fetus. (Though I smell a strong whiff of "I don't want to" in this claim of "I can't.")

So some Colorado legislatures want to write the law so that it explicitly covers this situation.

But abortion extremists -- the real abortion extremists -- insist that cutting a pregnant woman's baby out of her and killing it, even against her wishes, should not be a crime in and of itself. You could charge this guy with assault for cutting the woman -- but the deliberate cutting out of her unborn child would support no further charges, because it's simply not a life. It's not even property that could be vandalized.

Not even that.

It's a slippery slope,see. If slitting a woman's belly open and removing her baby and killing it could lead some people to think that an abortionist doing it could be committing murder.

This law, by the way, explicitly exempts voluntary abortions. So it can't be claimed this is back-dooring a ban. Nope, abortions are outside the scope of this bill.

Ace notes that reporters are not interested in asking the tough questions about this case because reporters are, by and large, in favor of abortion and certainly are not about to raise questions about an abortion caused by a deranged woman who lured a pregnant woman to her home to steal her baby .. before it was born.

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