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Sunday, April 05, 2015

No Insurance Available for Jewish Kindergartens in Belgium

Via Stacy McCain we find that Belgian insurance companies will not insure Jewish institutions.  Insuring Jews in Europe entails too much risk.  They are a magnet for terror attacks.

Nazi boycott_of Jewish_stores

Wait, I though we had defeated the Nazis?

Sixty years after the Allies defeated Hitler, why should European Jews have to live with this kind of fear every day? Why should Christian students in Kenya have to fear being shot or beheaded by a gang of bloodthirsty Muslim fanatics? And why should Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative have to fight court battles — and media smear tactics — to run its advertisements in Philadelphia?
You may say that European insurance companies are biased against Jews.  but you may be wrong. Dana leaves a comment:
Businessmen don’t have the luxury of thinking with their hearts; they use cold, hard facts in assessing their decisions, because if they don’t, they are very likely to fail in business. And when businessmen in much-more-liberal-Europe won’t sell insurance to a Jewish kindergarten, because the risk of a terrorist attack is too high, you know that that was the result of a cold assessment of the risks.
So, sixty years later, it's getting risky to be a Jew in Europe.  

Europe nearly “exterminated” all of its Jews, and chose instead to import tens of millions of Muslims. As country after country caves and cowers to Islamic supremacist demands, violence and hatred, the Jews, the most despised of people under Islam, are fleeing in droves — and those who stay must deal with situations like this.

Europe will reap what she has sown. The rampant violence and hate Muslims in Europe display towards Jews is never covered by the mainstream media. Instead, we are subjected to the non-stop fiction of of “islamophobia” and the mythical victimhood narrative employed by Islamic supremacists and their media quislings.

Christians, of course, will suffer the same cruel fate, and the same scourge that ushered in Europe’s Dark Ages will usher in the Modern Dark Age.

In the US where Muslims are a smaller part of the population, it's mostly Liberals who have begun the persecution of Jews and Christians.  All across academia Jews are despised and disinvestment in Israel is all the rage.  If you want to get death threats, your business shut down and the media gang up on you, tell the leaders of the the Church of What's happening Now you don't want to participate in a gay wedding, but only if you're Christian.  

The regular people of the US are still firmly opposed to persecuting Jews and Christians, and have contributed nearly a million dollars to the pizza shop family that was hounded by the media and the rest of the Left, but the Ruling Class is working to put a stop to that.

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