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Saturday, November 19, 2016



As fun as it is to watch those anti-Trump demos on which white people carry placards slagging off white people, and to read white columnists raging against white rage, and to see white women in the press tearing their hair out over white women who voted for Trump, it’s time to take down the modern left’s obsession with white people.

For following Trump’s shock ascendancy to the White House – another WHITE institution – it’s become clear what all this ‘white people’ talk really represents. It’s not a radical, post-racist attempt to expose where power lies in society and discuss how it might be challenged. On the contrary, it’s a racially charged, dehumanising expression of class contempt by well-connected white people, and some non-whites, for the wrong kind of white people: bad whites; unthinking whites; the dim or undeserving poor; or what used to be known, in times when vile elitism at least had the decency to be honest, as ‘the underclass’....

When commentators talk about ‘low-information white people’, and those obsessed with gun rights, and those who aren’t sure about immigration, do you think they’re talking about the rich white guy in a suit in Florida who voted Trump? Please. We know very well who they’re talking about. They’re talking about the same people who ... are the objects, not the subjects, of every modern political initiative, be it ‘nudge’ policy, the nanny state, or education schemes on how to have sex, how to raise children, how to treat women, and basically how not to be scum. They’re talking about those people. Them. Those whites. The other whites. The inhabitants of the Dark Heart of America, the gruff speakers and unhealthy eaters of the north of England. The insensitive, the ungrateful, the unlearned. Oh for the honesty of the old elitists, who said what they meant: the racially inferior, morally inferior underclass. That’s who they’re talking about.
For all the hysterical talk about Trump being a Nazi, the real believers in the "superman,"  the "master race"  who are here to rule their inferiors, are the mobs in the streets, the demonstrators on college campuses who shout down those who have the "wrong" ideas, the reporters and editorial writers who lined up with Hillary to defeat Trump because he gave voice to the "underclass."  

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