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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/23/2017

Editorial: Miscellaneous comments on NASA tracking Santa, complains about voting irregularities that affect Democrats, praises for the newly elected Democrat governor.

Op Ed: "Cities tell Airbnb, like Uber, to grow up."  Russian author calls for more government regulation.

Letters to the editor:

Bill  Reed: complains that Social Security and Medicare are called entitlement programs just because participants are entitled to them, wants to sue congress.

Nina Garry: claims new tax bill is a bad joke or a big lie.

Edward & Barbara Fowler: hates on Rep. Scott Taylor for voting for tax reform, refer to Trump as "dictator in training."

Tom Emory: complains about cuts in Medicare funding [what?].

Bob Powers: recommends you pay more in federal taxes so that you can pay less in state taxes.

Patrick Blake: says that only dictators ban words. [no comment on Obama's ban on "radical Islamic terrorism"]

Thanks to press organs like the Virginian Pilot is it any wonder that the majority of Americans believe their taxes will go up under the new tax law even as 80% will see a decrease in their tax bill?

I'm waiting for the next editorial page explaing why everyone died as the result of the tax bill.  From Ben Shapiro's tongue-in-cheek article:

Wednesday dawned to the horrifying cacophony of howling dogs mourning their dead masters — men, women and children killed in a mass slaughter by the Senate’s passage of a rather ordinary tax bill from the Republicans. Yes, the Republicans had been warned that their plan would cause a symphony of darkness to play across the land. They’d been warned that the streets would be strewn with bodies. Worse, they’d been warned that those dead people would then move to Chicago and vote Democratic.

But even Republicans, who are also dead, were shocked to find themselves inhabiting the bowels of Hell — in particular, inhabiting a special place therein reserved for women who did not vote for Hillary Clinton and voters who did not stand with Roy Moore.

And all of this thanks to President Trump, who had pitched the tax cut by stating that he merely wanted what was best in life: to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

It is somewhat awkward writing this piece from the afterlife. It’s even more awkward writing this for a news site that exists on the internet — you remember, the internet, that thing that used to exist before Republicans repealed net neutrality, resulting in the annihilation of entire populations and the end of the internet itself.


Anonymous said...

The above is why I stopped reading my hometown paper. I get all my local news from a radio station website now. I hope you aren't paying for that propaganda. If you are just consider your subscription a kind of abetting of a crime, because what they are doing is criminal deception.

Bigus Macus said...

We finally stopped our subscription, we were down to two days a week, Wednesday and Sunday. This last election cycle was the final straw.

We had been subscribing since 1984...

Moneyrunner said...

I would join you but my wife won't let me. She likes the coupons and the does the puzzles.