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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Summary of Virginian Pilot Editorial page 12/30/2017

Editorial: Support for Chesapeake city ordinance designed to stop panhandlers on busy streets.

Op Ed:  Inane column by Ann McFeatters as she hates on: A. Donald Trump, B. Donald Trump, C: Donald Trump

Letters to the editor:

Mitchell Copeland:  likes new tax bill, dislikes Bobby Scott

Diane Sinclair: accuses judges who allowed disputed ballot of partisanship.

Richard Whalen: split the disputed delegate seat between the two contenders.

Jeanie Ribble: opposes immoral behavior, rudeness, lying, winning at any cost ... for the children.  [hint: she's not referring to "you can keep your plan," weaponizing IRS, Fast & Furious, "acted stupidly," sending pallets of unmarked bills to Iran, lying about Benghazi, wiretapping political opponents, etc.]

Don't thank me, I'm making the sacrifice of reading the Virginian Pilot  [motto:  "True to the Democratic Party in victory or defeat."]   so you won't have to.

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