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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Welcome to John Murtha's Wonderland

Comment by Cassanda in Scrappleface

Sung got the tune of
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Army’s broke!-
(Zarqawi listening?)
Hand to mouth!
(That’s how they’re living!)
A pitiful sight
Yep - we’re defeated all right -
Welcome to John Murtha’s Wonderland

Gone away are those mean guys
Now we see them through *new* eyes
We’ll chatter and prance
With nations like France
Waltzing in John Murtha’s Wonderland

From the rear lines, we can smoke a peace pipe
Then we’ll all join hands and sing along.
If them freedom fighters come a-knockin’
We’ll just redeploy again
And pass the bong….

Later on
we’ll reach consensus…
Cause too much thinking
Just makes for tenseness.
Convene the Court at the Hague
Those durned Joooooooos are a Plague
They’re ruining our Peaceful UberLand

In the desert we can build a Straw Man
and pretend that he’s Father Saddam
He’ll bring back the good old days of rape rooms
And prove us right: Iraq is Vietnam

Next time the House
Gets mailed some anthrax
And monkeys round with the Patriot Act
We’ll just heave a big sigh
Kiss our fannies goodbye
‘Cos we’re living in John Murtha’s Wonderland

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