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Saturday, December 11, 2010

What’s more important: cutting spending or cutting the deficit?

What’s more important: cutting spending or cutting the deficit? Wait, aren’t they connected?

The story from the Washington Examiner polls the public and the political class and shows that where you sit is hwere you stand.

The survey found "that 57% of likely U.S. voters think reducing federal government spending is more important than reducing the deficit. Thirty-four percent (34%) put reducing the deficit first," according to Rasmussen.

But when the same issue was put before members of the two groups, the results were profoundly different:

"It’s telling to note that while 65% of mainstream voters believe cutting spending is more important, 72% of the Political Class say the primary emphasis should be on deficit reduction," Rasmussen said.

Here’s the reason why most voters believe that cutting spending is more important. If you cut spending, you accomplish two things: you reduce the deficit AND you reduce the impact that the government has on the individual. The Tea Party is about the gargantuan government as much as it is about the humongous deficit.

When the political class puts deficit reduction first what people hear is: tax increases. The ruling class continues to believe that the people will be willing to pay more of their money to the government if they can see the deficit reduced; and this has the added benefit – to the government – of being able to continue to give money to their favored constituencies.

The focus should be laser-like on spending reductions; cutting the size and scope of government. If we do that, the deficit will take care of itself.

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