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Monday, February 27, 2017


Your mother and the press

There is no doubt it is best to have a fair and independent press, just as there is no doubt it is best to have a sober and kind mother.

But what if the press is unfair, biased, incompetent, and lies like an actual propaganda outfit?

Wouldn't you prefer they recognized the problem and reformed themselves?

Similarly, yes, you'd like a sober and kind mother. But what if a mother is a chronic junkie and abusive to her children? Shouldn't she de-toxify herself both chemically and psychologically?

And if you don't insist on that -- but just babble on about how important a mother is, no matter how unmotherly she may be -- aren't you just a damn enabler to evil?

A lot of "conservatives" -- Crocservatives, let's call them -- seem to be defending the media while the media still refuses to admit it's done a damn thing wrong, and in fact is just doubling down on all its sins.

Mollie Hemingway makes this point a lot. She's often badgered, "Don't we need an adversarial media?" She says yes, but then points out the need to reform.

No one in the media, nor the Democrats, nor the Establishment GOP, wants a reformed media. Not now, certainly.

They want it in full partisan War Room mode, because they are short of generals in their armies at the moment.

So to avoid conceding the very real need for media reform and reflection, they dodge the question by framing the only question as "Isn't the media important?"

Why yes, yes it is. And a mother is important too.

But when I tell her to get off the crack, she shouldn't keep telling me that mothers are important and that it's unamerican to criticize moms (or apple pie or baseball).


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