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Saturday, September 24, 2016


The mystery of Hillary's doctor

Jay Michaels reveals Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain

When Dr. Lisa Bardack was asked to become Hillary Clinton’s personal physician in 2001, it had to have been a crowning moment in the career of the Mt. Kisco internist. Dr. Bardack could have anticipated little downside. She already had the responsibility -- and legal obligation under HIPAA -- to protect the privacy of her patient. She and her staff would have to be especially scrupulous in the case of a senator with presidential ambitions, but this should not have posed a serious problem.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton corrupts everyone who serves her. And this year Bardack encountered difficulties she could not have foreseen in 2001:

1. Clinton developed serious medical issues.

2. The candidate was being videoed, not only during campaign stops, speeches, townhalls, and the rare press conference, but before and after events -- by individuals with cell phones who were under no obligation to obey orders given to servile journalists to turn off their cameras.

3. The internet not only permitted the mass distribution of these videos and photos, but it enabled those who were curious to check Bardack’s reports against information available on reputable medical sites. It also enabled skeptical physicians to share their doubts with hundreds of thousands of readers.

In July 2015, the Clinton campaign asked Bardack to give the candidate a clean bill of health. She was to disclose, selectively, some of her patient’s medical history. But the letter was not widely analyzed until after the disturbing September 11 video by Zdenek Gazda, the Zapruder of 2016. It was no longer possible to dismiss those asking questions about Hillary’s health as right-wing conspiracy theorists, and the campaign now requested a second letter from Dr. Bardack explaining the event. The physician duly issued a report on September 14. Now her real problems began.

Let’s take a look at the two letters and some of questions doctors have asked about the diagnoses and treatment.

Read the whole thing.



When will the Virginian Pilot stop lying about voter fraud?

The Virginian Pilot says that voter fraud doesn't happen. They lie.

People know that people cheat if given the chance.  That's why they support voter ID laws.  People care about their vote, and don't want it cancelled out by fraudsters.  

Here is a story from Colorado about dead people voting.  

The truth is that the Virginia Pilot approves of voter fraud, just as it approves of giving convicted felons the right to vote.  

The reason's simple.  They believe that people who commit voter fraud and convicted felons are probably Democrats.  And they want Democrats to win elections, preferably honestly, but by fraud if necessary.  The writers, editors and management of the Virginian Pilot are Democrat operatives with a printing press.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016


I Was RFK’s Speechwriter. Now I’m Voting for Trump. Here’s Why.

... We simply cannot fight the entire world, Russia and China and all the nations of the Mideast, and fight a war at home all at the same time.

And therefore we citizens must not be silent, we must speak as with one great overwhelming voice, a voice as powerful as Washington, as Jefferson, as Lincoln, as Martin Luther King:

Return to the wisdom of the founders, who fought necessary wars to defend the Union, but sought no foreign conquests.
Do not step over the threshold of a new Cold War, a new nuclear arms race with Russia and China, but seek to enlist them in common ventures to resist the forces of terror and chaos that threaten all civilization.

Commit to our own domestic peace and security, rather than persist in a vain effort to control the lives and affairs of 200 foreign nations.

This, as I understand it, is the platform of Donald Trump. It was not the Republican Party platform, and he had to overcome much opposition within his party to gain the nomination. But it is his platform. It is the platform he has restated again and again, with determination, and with the courage and persistence to outlast his critics. It is a platform that, even in these troubled days, could fulfill the hopes of the greatest Americans of all parties.

Well may we seek reassurance whether Mr. Trump has the kind of cool judgment and self-possession that the presidency requires; the judgment that comes to the fore in crisis, that saves a nation or perhaps a world. No one can ever truly know how a future president will react to such enormous pressures. But Trump has given some evidence. He set himself a unique course toward the office, disdaining conventional wisdom, speaking more truth about politics and about America than any conventional consultant or adviser thought prudent or wise. And yet it is his independence, his willingness to name facts however unpleasant, together with his great political courage, that can give us hope and even some confidence that he may be up to the job. Perhaps most important, he has proven that he is not intimidated by the generals and admirals who have up to this day had their unimpeded way with our wars and our budgets, to the immense loss of both.

Flawed as he may be, Trump is telling more of the truth than politician of our day. Most important, he offers a path away from constant war, a path of businesslike accommodation with all reasonable people and nations, concentrating our forces and efforts against the true enemies of civilization. Thus, to dwell on his faults and errors is to evade the great questions of war and peace, life and death for our people and our country. You and I will have to compensate for his deficits of civility, in return for peace, we may hope as Lincoln hoped, among ourselves and with all nations.

Truly, America first, last and always; for ourselves and for our posterity. These are the reasons why I will vote for Donald Trump for president.

Read the whole thing.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Chelsea bombing proof PC police stuck in pre-9/11 mindset

Another great column by Michael Goodwin.

The blood ran when the Chelsea blast injured 29 people, but now come reports that make the blood boil: The feds failed to connect the dots that might have prevented the weekend from hell.

The reports reveal several critical facts, starting with the most important. The father of alleged bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami, called law-enforcement authorities in 2014 and said his son was a terrorist.

The New Jersey police turned the information over to the FBI, and agents interviewed the father, The New York Times reports. But when the father recanted his charge, the bureau apparently closed the case.

Political correctness means that too many terrorist attacks are not prevented. the police are left to collect the bodies, gather evidence and try to arrest the killers.  There were clear signs in other atrocities before they resulted in mass death.

...too many innocent Americans have paid for that mistake with their lives. How many more must die from political correctness?

And just the other day the FBI told us that terrorism is a fact of life, the new normal, something we have to learn to live with ... or die.

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Ray Kelly’s Vindication

The ideologues who continue to argue that Islam does not represent a terrorist problem (which includes the press), or who view "...the sort who view the Constitution as akin to a suicide pact ..."

Former NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, and the cops who made up his superlative anti-terror unit, can stand a little taller in the wake of the weekend bombings in New York City and New Jersey. While much remains to be learned about the incidents, this much is clear: Kelly’s view of Islamist terrorism as a multi-state threat, and thus a legitimate subject for sophisticated law-enforcement attention, has been vindicated.

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On the Rumored Death of Hillary Clinton

Bud Norman is having some fun with Hillary's body-double. But gives himself away.

Our Bud is obviously buying in to the body double nutcake theory when he writes: “…she’s not the most physically fit women in the world…” using the plural of woman. It’s Freudian slip, and a sure tell.

That’s what you get when you spend months spreading nutcake theories and bizarre accusations against Donald Trump who is in the process of overtaking the “Weekend at Bernie’s” Democrat candidate.

But since she lives (we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead) we can remind Bud’s readers of the fact that the woman who started her corruption in Arkansas so many years ago taking a bribe for a mere $100,000 disguised as profits from trading cattle futures has grown into the corrupt witch that created a safe-haven for terrorists in Libya, left her ambassador and three other brave men to die in Benghazi, managed to turn the Arab spring into a disaster that has now caused the greatest refugee crisis since World War 2, has taken multi-million dollar bribes disguised as gifts to her “foundation” from the worst collection of crooks and dictators since the bar scene in Star Wars and transmitted all of our countries secrets via the internet to anyone who had the desire to hack into her private server while lying about it to everyone within the sound of her voice. All of this is offset by the fastidious who simply can’t vote against this ambulatory pile of political corruption because her opponent, who is not tied to the bipartisan cesspool that’s Washington, has been married three times. Having been married to the same woman for 47 years I understand Bud’s revulsion.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Obama led the world downward into chaos

We're just not sure if it was incompetence or a plan.

Meanwhile, in Syria, the eye of the refugee storm, America is losing its last trace of dignity. On Monday the Syrian army announced an end to that cease-fire declared just a week ago by Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

The Kerry-Lavrov pact was doomed from the start, but the death blow came late last week when US planes bombed forces loyal to Syria’s butcher-in-chief, Bashar al-Assad. The Obama administration rushed to apologize, swearing it was a mistake.

Remember when Team Obama said Assad must go? That policy, we learned over the weekend, secretly became a dead letter two years ago: It was back then, Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin disclosed, that the United States “committed,” in an agreement with Damascus, that our airstrikes in Syria “would not affect” Assad’s army.
We became, in effect, an accomplice of Assad, the world’s most prolific killer.

One chief reason: our desire to secure an agreement with his main regional backer, Iran.

And let's not forget Libya, the millions of refugees escaping from Obama's foreign policy and the deliberate destruction of America's health care system.



The Latest Round of Terrorism and the Race

On the subject of not seeing the links.

Bud writes: “No one was killed but dozens were seriously injured, and although one suspect has been arrested in both the New Jersey and New York incidents there’s not yet any link to the Minneapolis attacks and no definitive evidence that any of it is tied to international groups, but it’s all the scarier to contemplate that these sorts of things are just popping up spontaneously.”

Strange.  When I first heard about a man slashing multiple shoppers in a Minneapolis mall and a bomb going off in New York and more bombs found in New Jersey my first thought was that the thing that these events had in common was that they were probably terrorist attacks by Muslims rather than disaffected Anglicans.  The odds were good that one or both would be named Mohammad.   But I was wrong; neither of the perps was named Mohammad.  As for the rest I was right.  Does that make me a racist?  Or does that mean I can connect the dots that tell me that Muslims in our midst have been attacking Americans using knives, axes, guns and bombs and that when the news of a new attack of mass violence hits the airwaves we immediately understand that there’s a pattern here. 

Garden variety Americans are pretty good at murder and mayhem.  The black residents of Chicago have been killing each other in record numbers this year.  Ditto for residents of Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, Los Angeles and other urban areas that have been run by Democrats for decades.  Glenn Reynolds has been asking why Democrat run cities are such cesspools of crime and corruption.  But I digress.

People are shot or stabbed every day for any number of reasons: robbery, jealousy, a drug deal gone bad, gang violence.  But when we hear about these events our antenna don’t go up.  

The attacks by the followers of the Religion of Peace – those peaceful Muslims we hear so much about; the ones who the press and the politicians tell as the real victims of these attacks – stand out; they have a similarity.  They are similar in this respect: they are random; the victims are unknown to the attacker.  They have none of the motives that the garden variety criminals have.  They are attacks of ideology.  They can only be understood as the work of fanatics and their purpose is nothing but terror and death.

If you, like Bud, don’t find any link between the terror attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minneapolis you have not been paying attention, or you are blinded by your ideology.  You don’t want to understand because understanding means that you have to deal with the fact that there are a few million people in this country who, for religious reason, can go on a killing spree and you don’t want to have to think about that.  You don’t want to have to think of ways that will prevent the next attack because it will upset your preconceptions.   You can take comfort that the odds of your being killed in the next attack are low.  And – to paraphrase Hillary - what difference at this point are a few more or less of your neighbors in the grand scheme of things.  So you tell yourself that doing something effective means – in the words of Barack Obama and his friend Paul Ryan - “that’s not who we are.”  So you turn your head and pretend not to see the links.  

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Hillary health update: DRUDGE


MORE Stair Struggles...

Hollywood Panic Behind Scenes...

Election 'Depressing'...

POLL SHOCK: Nearly half now say Trump will win...

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Monday, September 19, 2016


ISIS Supporters Use Hashtag #ExplosionManhattan, Praise And Celebrate NYC Bombing On Social Media

Though authorities have yet to officially identify any suspects or conclude any motives in the investigation of the multiple bombs on Saturday, ISIS supporters wasted no time applauding the IEDs planted in NYC Saturday night, praising the harm done to freedom-loving Americans.

The press, the Obama FBI, the politically correct police all want you to know that this has nothing to do with Islam. In fact, they are unsure of the explosion is even a bombing and if people stabbing shoppers in the mall may just be expressing their dislike of Donald Trump. In which case, it's his fault.

Let's call exploding pressure cookers cookware violence. 

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Trump Tweets

Under the leadership of Obama & Clinton, Americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. Time to change the playbook!

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FBI puzzled; wonder what's going on. Nothing to do with Islam



'Allah' before rampage...

Asks victims if Muslim...

Just dripping with blood...

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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Former Pro-Hillary Journo Describes Sid Blumenthal's Slimy Rumor-Mongering in 2008

There will be more. You don't think that Team Hillary just contacted two reporters to spread the Birther rumors do you?

Another journalist --the second one in two days -- came out Saturday to confess that Sid Blumenthal aggressively shopped the rumor to him in 2008 about then-Senator Barack Obama being born in Kenya. Meanwhile, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau spent some time on Twitter today trying to stamp out the new narrative.

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Hillary's not looking well




Utah – Hispanic Activist Who Criticized Trump’s Mexican Rapist Comments Arrested for Raping Illegal Immigrant…

This week Tony Yapias has been arrested for rape. However, not only was Yapias arrested for rape – his victim was, …wait for it…, yep, an illegal alien.

Yes, it appears Mexican rapist Tony Yapias felt additionally empowered by the fact his victim was less likely to be able to contact law enforcement.

However, as Fox13 in Salt Lake City reports:

[…] Despite the woman’s fears concerning immigration issues, court documents state, she reported the assault the day after it happened. She was also examined by a forensic nurse who found she had multiple physical injuries consistent with her explanation of what happened (link)

Mr. Yapias threatened, raped and blackmailed his victim specifically because of her undocumented illegal immigration status.

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Mass Stabbing at Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota: Suspect Asked Victims if They Were Muslim

We're going to see more of this unless Trump is elected.

Police in St. Cloud, Minnesota, have just finished a press conference about a mass stabbing at the Crossroads Mall in that city. The suspect is dead and several people were injured in the attack.

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Clinton Crime Cartel



"[Pepe the Frog] has become a well-known symbol of the white supremacist movement," Stephanopoulos said

Do you know Pepe the Frog?  Do you know that, according to George Stephanopoulos that he is a symbol of White Supremacy?

Is George Stephanopoulos sane?  Questions we need to ask ourselves.

I am so proud to be one of the Deplorables

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Obama's Syrian Adventure - monumental screw-up

Syria army bids to recover losses to IS after deadly US-led raid

Beirut (AFP) - Syrian troops counterattacked against the Islamic State group around a key eastern airbase Sunday after a US-led coalition air strike killed scores of soldiers forcing a retreat, military sources said.

The Pentagon said that coalition pilots had believed they were hitting IS and had halted the raid as soon as Damascus ally Moscow informed commanders that army positions were coming under attack.

But Damascus reacted angrily to the deadly strike, which forced troops to pull back from two strategic hilltops overlooking the besieged airbase on the outskirts of the city of Deir Ezzor.

"The Syrian army has returned to the offensive," a military source told AFP on Sunday.

"After the American raids, it withdrew from several positions but now it has gone back on the attack."

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DRUDGE on European immigrant crisis

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Terrorists in NY

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Colin Powell hates everybody

18 things we learned from Colin Powell's leaked emails

7. Powell is a quote machine

This one has staying power: "Everything [Hillary Rodham Clinton] touches she kind of screws up with hubris," Powell wrote.

Colin Powell is a great example that affirmative action will only take you so far.  After that, if you are a dick, it shows.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016


Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants

What kind of a "charity" spends nearly 95% of it's budget on itself?

You won't find this story in the Virginian Pilot.

Just 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s massive 2014 budget actually went to charitable grants, according to the tax-exempt organization’s IRS filings. The rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and “other expenses.”

The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.

That number pales in comparison to the $34.8 million the foundation spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits.

Another $50.4 million was marked as “other expenses,” while the remaining almost $851K was marked as “professional fundraising expenses.”

The Clinton foundation is a criminal enterprise; is a way for the Clintons to enrich themselves and to create a political machine to further their ambitions by assembling a cadre of supporters and using foundation money to pay them. It explains why they worked so hard to sell access to her as Secretary of State for those who wanted her ear. It explains how they got rich by doing favors for the most corrupt and unsavory governments and individuals throughout the globe. We have yet to see how much they received from Russian oligarchs. If Hillary wins, the truth will never be known; the government and the press will collude in removing the evidence. if Trump wins there is a chance that we will see all the dirty details of the Clinton Crime Family.

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Miami Trump crowd frenzy...

From the Daily Mail:

Donald Trump unveiled a new visual campaign theme in Miami on Friday – a mashup of the Broadway musical 'Les Misérables' and an epithet Hillary Clinton leveled at his supporters one week ago.

He took the stage, introduced by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as the 'Les Mis' anthem 'Do You Hear the People Sing' blasted through loudspeakers.

The video screen behind the podium flashed to an artistic rendering of 'Les Deplorables,' complete with USA and 'Trump' flags replacing the French colors, and a bald eagle soaring over the revolutionary scene.

'Welcome to all of you deplorables!' Trump boomed as thousands screamed 'Trump! Trump! Trump!' and 'We love you!'

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David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald Trump

OTOH the Virginian Pilot is willing to lie about Trump for free.  Just doing  it's part to get "Crooked Hillary" elected.

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Trump: Clinton's bodyguards should drop guns and 'see what happens to her'

It's only fair.  NO! to one law for the Ruling Class and another for the people.

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Virginian Pilot Lies Again About Trump

In a front page story the Virginian Pilot lied about Trump and the birther controversy.  

You have to go to page 11 and to the 10th paragraph of the story accusing Trump of lying about the beginning of the birther story before you find that it started when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were competing for the Democrat Party's nomination for president.  

That's the point when supporters of Hillary began circulating rumors that Obama wasn't really an American.  It was also discovered that Obama's literary agents identified Obama's birthplace as Kenya, a detail that a supportive American press sends down the memory hole since it's inconvenient to the narrative they have created.

The April 3rd 2007 listing from Mr Obama's literary agents Acton & Dystel touts the then-Democratic junior senator from Illinois as 'born in Kenya'
The April 3rd 2007 listing from Mr Obama's literary agents Acton & Dystel touts the then-Democratic junior senator from Illinois as 'born in Kenya'

The fable that Team Clinton had nothing to do with an attempt to make Obama an alien is laughable to any intelligent person, but the editors of the Virginian Pilot are not intelligent people.  They are partisans who are determined to drag Hillary across the finish line on election day, dead or alive.

Democrats dressed as reporters in the press try to brush away the fact that Hillary and her team used Obama's heritage against him by claiming that her fingerprints can't be found on it. But that's not how political smears get out. They are always disseminated by third parties who the candidate can disavow, but the damage is already done and some people will believe. Mission accomplished.

Much of the insinuation that Clinton had a hand in birtherism traces to the role of her then-senior strategist Mark Penn, who issued a memo in 2007 suggesting that Clinton emphasize Obama’s upbringing in Hawaii and Indonesia and paint him as fundamentally un-American.

And then there's Hillary confidant Sidney Blumenthal who worked to spread the rumor that Obama was born in Kenya.

Journalist Says That Clinton Ally Blumenthal Once ‘Spread the Birther Rumor to Me’

"Crooked Hillary," as Trump truthfully labels her, is known for lying about her opponents, about her actions and about her health.  She lied about her e-mails.  she lied about selling her office to the highest bidder.  She lied about her health until an inconvenient video surfaced that showed her collapsing.  And the press, including the Virginian Pilot, in full cover-up mode, refers to the video of her passing out, going limp, and being loaded into her van like a side of beef as a "trip" or a "stumble."

That kind of shameless lying by the Virginian Pilot - and the other members of Hillary's partisans in the press - is what the voters of this country have to overcome as they decide who to vote for in November.  Thank goodness for the Internet where, among a cacophony of competing voices,  the truth can be found.

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