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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bill Moyers smears....

Powerline takes Bill Moyers to task for his most recent smear of red staters in general and Christians in particular:

On January 30, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published as an op-ed the text of a speech by liberal commentator Bill Moyers. Moyers delivered the speech upon the occasion of his receiving an environmental award from a group at Harvard Medical School. Like pretty much everything Moyers writes, the article was an attack on the Bush administration. Specifically, he alleged that the Bush administration's policies, as they relate to the environment, are "based on theology" and therefore "delusional." Moyers' theme was that the Bush administration, and Republicans in general, don't care about the environment because they are crackpot Christians who believe that the world is about to come to an end. That being the case, why worry about future generations?

The "evidence" for this is based the "Left Behind" series of books, and two fraudulent quotation, one from James Watt and the other from Zell Miller.

Read the whole thing and don't forget that it was Moyers, as Lyndon Johnson's communications director who created the infamous "daisy ad" accusing Barry Goldwater of planning to blow up the world.

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