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Monday, February 21, 2005

Who is Maurice Hinchey?

Well, he is a Democrat, and a congressman from upstate New York. He also believes that Karl Rove created and planted the forged papers that Dan Rather used to crucify himself with the fake "Bush got favored treatment" story in the TANG.

Go to LittleGreenFootballs to hear the audio and read the transcript.

The Leftist blogosphere has been full of this kind of tinfoilhattiness for days, but for a member of congress to start spouting this stuff is incredible. And here's the point: there is literally no one in the Democratic party who will try to rescue its reputation for being serious. No one on that side of the aisle will say "he doesn't represent us." With increasing rapidity, this party is being revealed as the residence of moonbats. Just when you think that the left can't get any battier, they surprise you.

It is not good for this country that a major party is led by Howard "Yeaaaaaah" Dean, Teddy "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy, and that hosts such dim bulbs as McKinney, Waters, Sanchez, Rangel, Deutsch, Hastings, Nadler, Weiner, Lee, Stark, Lofgren and Waxman.

Partisan Republicans may get a huge amount of enjoyment out of this. But those who are serious about the future of the republic cannot rest easy in the knowledge that these people run a major party. Other countries have succommed to loons and nuts when times got bad. Are there no grownups on the Left?

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