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Sunday, December 13, 2009

NeoNeoCon has a new nickname for Obama: "Blame Duck"

He also coined the term "Press Pass" as in ...

Press pass: spread the word
I think it’s a phrase whose time has come: press pass

Definition: the strategic spiking of a story that, if properly investigated, would be likely to reflect poorly on someone the MSM considers a friend or a good guy.

Usage (examples):

“The NY Times gave a press pass to Eason Jordan for his Davos remarks.”

“The MSM gave a press pass to John Kerry on his failure to sign a form 180.”

We see it all the time in the Virginian Pilot. Latest example, giving a "Press Pass" to the Climategate scandal ... until it decided to print a front page story from the AP claiming that there was no scandal. Whiplash!

Hat Tip to American Digest's Gerard Vanderleun.

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