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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Obama leads to post racial America? How about a race obsessed America?

If the New York Times is the print edition of the Liberal establishment, PBS is the electronic media voice of state sponsored Progressivism. Having seen their saviour's popularity plummet like a meteorite hitting the earth's atmosphere, the denizens of PBS-land feel the need to point their man to serving their parochial desires. Having created a class of people whose education and attitude make them marginally employable. Combine that with an economy that's being suffocated by the Obama administration like a member of Hamas in a Dubai hotel room, and you have an unemployment rate among younger Blacks around 44%.

So Tavis Smiley wants some more of that delicious Kool Aid.

PBS host Smiley calls meeting to urge black agenda
By JESSE WASHINGTON (AP) – 4 hours ago

Two months after ending his annual State of the Black Union conference, Tavis Smiley is gathering African-American advocates to press the case for a "black agenda."

The decision was motivated by what Smiley called recent statements from some black leaders downplaying the need for President Barack Obama to specifically help African-Americans.

"I was compelled to do it because of this debate," the activist and PBS talk show host said Wednesday.

The panel discussion will be March 20 at Chicago State University. Panelists include advertising pioneer Tom Burrell, professors Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Bennett College President Julianne Malveaux.

It should be noted that all the panelists are highly compensated and have never been known to meet a payroll.

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