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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Youth sees diminished prospects, thanks to Obama.

They drank the Kool-Aid and voted to make Obama the President. What did they get for their support? The bill for the government employee’s retirement. The bill for Medicare and Medicaid for the “Baby Boomers.” They are going to see their taxes rise about 80% to pay for my benefits. And as they graduate from college with staggering loans to pay, they face bleak prospects. One recent engineering graduate finally got a job, ten months after graduation ... as a waiter.

From Harvard:
Thirty-three percent of Harvard’s graduating seniors had accepted a job as of commencement last year, down from 51 percent the year before. The survey results for this year’s class haven’t been released.
33% means that two-thirds of last year's Harvard's graduates don't have a job yet.

The "populist Left" characterizes Western youth this way: 

Many feel like there is no hope. Many feel like their countries have either betrayed them or simply become too old and infirm to care.

But Obama believes that he can still fool enough of the people enough of the time.   To hear him talk, and lie, to his audiences, there is always some rich guy to pay for all this. And because youth are woefully financially ignorant, many of them believe it.

But Obama’s not really talking to young people, he’s talking to the national media. He’s giving them sound bites about not spending more than you take in. This is laughable coming from the most profligate spender in American history, but it will be part of the TV news shows tonight and will be part of the effort to convince people that Obama’s actually cares about the level of spending. It is chutzpah on the level of the guy who murders his parents claiming for clemency because he’s an orphan.

This is not a serious proposal from a serious president. This is a campaign speech whose words are totally divorced from reality.

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Diminished Youth said...

"Accepted a job as of commencement" means 33% already had a job when they graduated last year, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Many feel like their countries have either betrayed them ..."

Poor souls, always somebody else's faults.

"Don't ask what your country ..." --Cicero (recycled by Warren Harding, re-recycled by JFK)

Anonymous said...

Sow what they reap...

Anonymous said...

Oboob has given Harvard a black eye.

Pa Deuce said...

Tell the young people not to despair. When the Democrats' War on Poverty spending, $220 billion per year, caused the DOW to flat-line for seventeen years resulting in three recessions including the Carter Catastrophe, Republican Reagan salvaged the situation and produced the greatest period of growth and jobs in history. Then when Clueless Clinton's Bubba Bubble popped almost exactly one year before Clinton left office, the resulting recession lasted less than three years before Bush's policies brought new records in growth, employment, and market highs. Unfortunately, the Democrats Unaffordable Housing Bubble derailed Bush's excellent recovery, and the Great Recession continues apace. Democratic Party policies have kept us in economic turmoil and loss for forty-five years, but Republican Party policies always pull us out. The solution seems obvious to me, and it may become obvious to young voters, at least temporarily until Democrats are again in position to buy votes with taxpayers' money..

Anonymous said...

Can you blame a guy for doing what he knows? I mean he got a RICH GUY to buy him land for his home, he got a RICH GAL to give him free advertising on her show, and he also got a RICH GUY to write his books (well, maybe).