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Saturday, May 21, 2011


The War Powers Resolution was Meant to Apply Only to Republican Presidents.

The law, passed in 1973, requires that the president withdraw U.S. forces from hostilities after 60 days unless he secures Congress's approval or a formal declaration of war.

In the depths of the Vietnam War and Watergate era, a Democratic Congress enacted the War Powers Resolution over Richard Nixon's veto.

Obama says that the law doesn't apply to "limited wars kinetic actions." The president thanked the congressional leaders for not cutting him off at the knees for the support that they have “demonstrated for this mission and for our brave service members, as well as your strong condemnation of the Qaddafi regime.”

Well, I'm glad that's settled. Obama can't fight World War 3 for more than 60 days without congressional approval.


I can do anything I want and you can't stop me, or you're a racist.

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Unfortunately I don't see the brave GOP doing anything about Obama flouting the law? I mean just because our government tramples the Constitution with gay abandon why should a citizen expect the GOP to stand for principle or morality.

The courts say the police can search your home anytime they feel like it and crickets chirping.

The courts give a get out jail card to 50,000 felons and the GOP does it crickets imitation again.

Obama gets foreign donations and what did the GOP do?

Obama then luanches his own little war and the GOP does?

Exactly why do we need the GOP? What does it do any way except act as a sort of ugly shag rug to be trampled upon.
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