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Monday, June 23, 2014


Guilty, Guity, Guilty

The accumulation of circumstantial evidence the the Obama administration is involved in a massive cover-up that it used the IRS to illegally harass it's political foes is now overwhelming.  The coincidences stack up from the IRS official, Lois Lerner, taking the Fifth to the  disappearance of her e-mails due to an unlikely combination of a hard disk crash and the destruction of the back-up files.

That's the alibi that the Obama administration is offering for not providing Congress the information it asked for, and they're sticking to it.  Sorry, it does not pass the smell test even if Democrats in and out of government claim to believe it.

It does go to show how the ethics of Congress has fallen since the days when Richard Nixon was told he had to resign of face impeachment ... by members of his own party!  Today the Democrats are protecting a crook in the White House for base political purposes no matter what damage it does to the fabric of society and the loss of trust by the people that government will treat them fairly.

And the press, long the handmaiden of the Democrat Party is now an active participant of corruption and criminality at the highest levels. What a change a few decades have made.
At this point in the Watergate scandal, which ended with President Richard Nixon resigning rather than face the charge that he had unsuccessfully “endeavored” to use the IRS against his political foes, much of the media were already screaming “Guilty.”

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"Guity" ???
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