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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Is Obama a War Criminal?

Calling the President a war criminal is usually associated with the Left. To find a list of political commentators who accuse George Bush of war crimes one need only go to the Huffington Post, Mediaite, or any even Barack Obama himself. The question rarely enters the conversation from the Right or even from the center.

But it is a question that should be considered. Before we accuse someone of war crimes we should define our terms. Let’s be honest, “war crimes” are whatever the victors of a war decide. But since we have entered this politico-legal thicket, can we include in our list of war crimes the use of the “Wag the Dog” strategy? This time we're not covering up a sex scandal but facing falling poll numbers.  Is it a crime to create a fake “war” in which real people get killed for cynical political opportunism?  If the aim on the field of battle has no chance of succeeding but dropping bombs or firing rockets could shift a few votes in key districts?

Paul A. Rahe asks the question:

So the question in my title is, in fact, legitimate. Is killing people via bombing strikes a war crime if it serves no larger strategic purpose, if it is a feckless act apt only to enrage against us those Sunnis who desperately fear the Shia, if it is a cynical maneuver aimed solely at improving the President’s standing in the polls? It is, after all, one thing to seek victory and another to engage in aimless mayhem.

It will become clear over time whether Obama's actions have any effects other than enraging our enemies and getting some people killed. Air power does not win wars and the designated Arabs that Obama promised would supply the 'boots on the ground" are not going to be anxious to be used as cannon fodder.

Bill Clinton was accused of "Wag the Dog" but was far as is known, didn't kill anyone.  The Obama effort, whatever it's called, is real and people are going be killed.   And few on either the Left or Right thinks that it will accomplish its battlefield objective.  

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Fucking bullshit, morons. War crimes are clearly defined in the Geneva Conventions, and the past 5 American presidents and their neoconservative entourages are all guilty, as are those who've held leadership positions in Israel and the UK.
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